Wollemia nobilis

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Wollemia nobilis
male cone releasing pollen in wind
Wollemia nobilis
feminine cone
Wollemia nobilis
Wollemia nobilis

Wollemi Pine

Wollemia nobilis W.G.Jones, Ok.D.Hill & J.M.Allen

Wollemia nobilis is a conifer within the plant household Araucariaceae
with its closest family members being the Kauri, Norfolk Island, Hoop, Bunya and
Monkey Puzzle pines. The invention of the Wollemi Pine in 1994 created nice
pleasure within the botanical neighborhood as a consequence of its resemblance to conifer fossils like Dillwynites and Agathis jurassica.

Wollemia nobilis distributionWollemi
Pines are restricted to roughly 40 grownup and 200 juvenile Wollemi Pines
rising within the Wollemi Nationwide Park of New South Wales, 200 km north-west of
Sydney. The uncommon nature of the Wollemi Pine has seen it listed as endangered
beneath the Atmosphere Safety and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Federal). The 2 websites that the bushes develop in are situated between altitudes of 670 –
780 m in a deep, shaded sandstone gorge.

The Wollemi Pine is a tree, which may develop as much as 40 m within the wild with a trunk
diameter reaching as much as one metre. The bark of the tree is bubbly in look,
chocolate brown color in color. It’s monoecious, which means that every plant
has each female and male sexual reproductive cones. These cones seem on the
finish of branches, the feminine cone at all times rising above a male. The Wollemi Pine
has two forms of branches, one which grows upright wanting like a trunk arising
generally from the bottom of the tree, and one other that grows laterally and
bears sessile leaves. One wonderful attribute of the Wollemi Pine is that
of each plant rising within the wild has the very same DNA, making the species
much more particular.

cultivation of the Wollemi Pine is much like different conifer species. Crops
will be grown from seed or struck from tip cuttings. If rising crops from cuttings
then a powerful breeding hormone is really helpful (5,000-10,000 gms/litre) to advertise
root development. Hanging crops will be positioned in cells or tube pots crammed with
river sand. Most crops will take six months to strike however that is variable
relying on sort of inventory plant, season, and rising setting. As soon as the
plant has struck, pot it in a regular conifer combine (70-80% pine bark; 20% river
sand) and water it in accordance to the time of yr. An fascinating be aware about
hanging the Wollemi Pine is that cuttings taken from the highest of the tree will
produce a vertical rising plant, while cuttings taken from the underside of the
tree will produce horizontal development.

Wollemi Pines will be grown open air in most climates of Australia. Given the
dimension of grownup bushes it’s not really helpful for small yards until it’s grown
in a pot. Within the first couple of years it needs to be grown in half shade nonetheless
after this time interval it may be grown in full daylight. Sandy soil with good
drainage is really helpful. Be cautious of waterlogged soil, both via over watering
or poor drainage. Watering needs to be elevated in the summertime months particularly
when the tree breaks (opens it new leaves) round November-December, though
this will range relying in your location in Australia. The Wollemi Pine can
deal with frosty circumstances and within the wild often has to deal with snowfalls.
The tree will be fertilized yearly with any basic fertilizer reminiscent of Aquasol.
Fungal an infection can happen, particularly Phytophthora, that is extra doubtless
when grown in a pot.

The Wollemi Pine was first launched to the overall
public in 2006. For extra details about when and tips on how to acquire a Wollemi
Pine, go to the official web site at:
One other helpful hyperlink is thru the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney:

Authentic textual content by Andrew Thornhill (2004 Pupil Botanical Intern); up to date on-line

Derivation of the identify: Wollemia nobilis

Wollemia – That is the Latin type of the phrase Wollemi,
the identify of the Nationwide Park in New South Wales the place the bushes is

nobilis – The species epithet is a tribute to David
Noble who found the primary stand of Wollemi Pines on an abseiling
journey in 1994.



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