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  A.A. Milne

  with the unique color

  illustrations by E. H. Shepard



  We deliver tales to life


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  Hand in hand we come

  Christopher Robin and I

  To put this ebook in your lap.

  Say you’re shocked?

  Say you prefer it?

  Say it’s simply what you needed?

  As a result of it’s yours—

  As a result of we love you.


  In case you occur to have learn one other ebook about Christopher Robin, it’s possible you’ll keep in mind that he as soon as had a swan (or the swan had Christopher Robin, I don’t know which), and that he used to name this swan Pooh. That was a very long time in the past, and once we mentioned goodbye, we took the title with us, as we didn’t suppose the swan would need it any extra. Properly, when Edward Bear mentioned that he would love an thrilling title all to himself, Christopher Robin mentioned without delay, with out stopping to suppose, that he was Winnie-the-Pooh. And he was. So, as I’ve defined the Pooh half, I’ll now clarify the remainder of it.

  You’ll be able to’t be in London for lengthy with out going to the Zoo. There are some individuals who start the Zoo originally, known as WAYIN, and stroll as shortly as they will previous each cage till they get to the one known as WAYOUT, however the nicest folks go straight to the animal they love essentially the most, and keep there. So when Christopher Robin goes to the Zoo, he goes to the place the Polar Bears are, and he whispers one thing to the third keeper from the left, and doorways are unlocked, and we wander by means of darkish passages and up steep stairs, till ultimately we come to the particular cage, and the cage is opened, and out trots one thing brown and furry, and with a cheerful cry of ‘Oh, Bear!’ Christopher Robin rushes into its arms. Now this bear’s title is Winnie, which exhibits what a very good title for bears it’s, however the humorous factor is that we are able to’t keep in mind whether or not Winnie known as after Pooh, or Pooh after Winnie. We did know as soon as, however now we have forgotten. …

  I had written so far as this when Piglet appeared up and mentioned in his squeaky voice, ‘What about Me?’ ‘My pricey Piglet,’ I mentioned, ‘the entire ebook is about you.’ ‘So it’s about Pooh,’ he squeaked. You see what it’s. He’s jealous as a result of he thinks Pooh is having a Grand Introduction all to himself. Pooh is the favorite, in fact, there’s no denying it, however Piglet is available in for a very good many issues which Pooh misses; as a result of you may’t take Pooh to high school with out all people figuring out it, however Piglet is so small that he slips right into a pocket, the place it is extremely comforting to really feel him if you find yourself not fairly positive whether or not twice seven is twelve or twenty-two. Generally he slips out and has a very good look within the ink-pot, and on this method he has obtained extra schooling than Pooh, however Pooh doesn’t thoughts. Some have brains, and a few haven’t, he says, and there it’s.

  And now, all of the others are saying, ‘What about Us?’ So maybe the most effective factor to do is to cease writing Introductions and get on with the ebook.


  Desk of Contents

  Cowl Web page

  Title Web page


  To Her



  Chapter One

  Chapter Two

  Chapter Three

  Chapter 4

  Chapter 5

  Chapter Six

  Chapter Seven

  Chapter Eight

  Chapter 9

  Chapter Ten



  during which we’re launched to Winnie-the-Pooh and a few Bees, and the tales start

  Right here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the again of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It’s, so far as he is aware of, the one method of coming downstairs, however typically he feels that there actually is one other method, if solely he may cease bumping for a second and consider it. After which he feels that maybe there isn’t. Anyhow, right here he’s on the backside, and able to be launched to you. Winnie-the-Pooh.

  After I first heard his title, I mentioned, simply as you’ll say, ‘However I believed he was a boy?’

  ‘So did I,’ mentioned Christopher Robin.

  ‘Then you may’t name him Winnie?’

  ‘I don’t.’

  ‘However you mentioned—’

  ‘He’s Winnie-ther-Pooh. Don’t what “ther” means?’

  ‘Ah, sure, now I do,’ I mentioned shortly; and I hope you do too, as a result of it’s all the reason you’ll get.

  Generally Winnie-the-Pooh likes a sport of some type when he comes downstairs, and typically he likes to take a seat quietly in entrance of the fireplace and take heed to a narrative. This night—

  ‘What a few story?’ mentioned Christopher Robin.

  ‘What a few story?’ I mentioned.

  ‘May you very sweetly inform Winnie-the-Pooh one?’

  ‘I suppose I may,’ I mentioned. ‘What kind of tales does he like?’

  ‘About himself. As a result of he’s that type of Bear.’

  ‘Oh, I see.’

  ‘So may you very sweetly?’

  ‘I’ll attempt,’ I mentioned. So I attempted.

  As soon as upon a time, a really very long time in the past now, about final Friday, Winnie-the-Pooh lived in a forest all by himself beneath the title of Sanders.

  (‘What does “beneath the title” imply?’ requested Christopher Robin.

  ‘It means he had the title over the door in gold letters and lived beneath it.’

  ‘Winnie-the-Pooh wasn’t fairly positive,’ mentioned Christopher Robin.

  ‘Now I’m,’ mentioned a growly voice.

  ‘Then I’ll go on,’ mentioned I.)

  Someday when he was out strolling, he got here to an open place in the course of the forest, and in the course of this place was a big oak-tree, and, from the highest of the tree, there got here a loud buzzing-noise.

  Winnie-the-Pooh sat down on the foot of the tree, put his head between his paws, and started to suppose.

  To begin with he mentioned to himself: That buzzing-noise means one thing. You don’t get a buzzing-noise like that, simply buzzing and buzzing, with out its that means one thing. If there’s a buzzing-noise, anyone’s making a buzzing-noise, and the one purpose for making a buzzing-noise that I do know of is since you’re a bee.

  Then he thought one other very long time, and mentioned: ‘And the one purpose for being a bee that I do know of is making honey.’

  After which he obtained up, and mentioned: ‘And the one purpose for making honey is in order I can eat it.’ So he started to climb the tree.

  He climbed and he climbed and he climbed, and as he climbed he sang a bit of music to himself.

  It went like this:

  Isn’t it humorous

  How a bear likes honey?

  Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

  I ponder why he does?

  Then he climbed a bit of additional … and a bit of additional … after which just a bit additional. By that point he had considered one other music.

  It’s a really humorous thought that, if Bears had been Bees,

  They’d construct their nests on the backside of timber.


; And that being so (if the Bees had been Bears),

  We shouldn’t should climb up all these stairs.

  He was getting quite drained by this time, so that’s the reason he sang a Complaining Track. He was practically there now, and if he simply stood on that department. …


  ‘Oh, assist!’ mentioned Pooh, as he dropped ten toes to the department beneath him.

  ‘If solely I hadn’t—’ he mentioned, as he bounced twenty toes on to the subsequent department.

  ‘You see, what I meant to do,’ he defined, as he turned head-over-heels, and crashed on to a different department thirty toes beneath, ‘what I meant to do—’

  ‘After all, it was quite—’ he admitted, as he slithered in a short time by means of the subsequent six branches.

  ‘All of it comes, I suppose,’ he determined, as he mentioned goodbye to the final department, spun spherical 3 times, and flew gracefully right into a gorse-bush, ‘all of it comes of liking honey a lot. Oh, assist!’

  He crawled out of the gorse-bush, brushed the prickles from his nostril, and started to suppose once more. And the primary particular person he considered was Christopher Robin.

  (‘Was that me?’ mentioned Christopher Robin in an awed voice, hardly daring to consider it.

  ‘That was you.’

  Christopher Robin mentioned nothing, however his eyes obtained bigger and bigger, and his face obtained pinker and pinker.)

  So Winnie-the-Pooh went spherical to his good friend Christopher Robin, who lived behind a inexperienced door in one other a part of the Forest.

  ‘Good morning, Christopher Robin,’ he mentioned.

  ‘Good morning, Winnie-ther-Pooh,’ mentioned you.

  ‘I ponder in the event you’ve obtained such a factor as a balloon about you?’

  ‘A balloon?’

  ‘Sure, I simply mentioned to myself coming alongside: “I ponder if Christopher Robin has such a factor as a balloon about him?” I simply mentioned it to myself, considering of balloons, and questioning.’

  ‘What would you like a balloon for?’ you mentioned.

  Winnie-the-Pooh appeared spherical to see that no one was listening, put his paw to his mouth, and mentioned in a deep whisper: ‘Honey!’

  ‘However you don’t get honey with balloons!’

  ‘I do,’ mentioned Pooh.

  Properly, it simply occurred that you simply had been to a celebration the day earlier than on the home of your good friend Piglet, and also you had balloons on the social gathering. You had had an enormous inexperienced balloon; and considered one of Rabbit’s relations had had an enormous blue one, and had left it behind, being actually too younger to go to a celebration in any respect; and so that you had introduced the inexperienced one and the blue one house with you.

  ‘Which one would you want?’ you requested Pooh. He put his head between his paws and thought very fastidiously.

  ‘It’s like this,’ he mentioned. ‘Whenever you go after honey with a balloon, the good factor is to not let the bees know you’re coming. Now, you probably have a inexperienced balloon, they could suppose you had been solely a part of the tree, and never discover you, and you probably have a blue balloon, they could suppose you had been solely a part of the sky, and never discover you, and the query is: Which is more than likely?’

  ‘Wouldn’t they discover you beneath the balloon?’ you requested.

  ‘They may or they may not,’ mentioned Winnie-the-Pooh. ‘You by no means can inform with bees.’ He thought for a second and mentioned: ‘I shall attempt to appear like a small black cloud. That can deceive them.’

  ‘You then had higher have the blue balloon,’ you mentioned; and so it was determined.

  Properly, you each went out with the blue balloon, and also you took your gun with you, simply in case, as you all the time did, and Winnie-the-Pooh went to a really muddy place that he knew of, and rolled and rolled till he was black

  throughout; after which, when the balloon was blown up as large as large, and also you and Pooh had been each holding on to the string, you let go all of the sudden, and Pooh Bear floated gracefully up into the sky, and stayed there – degree with the highest of the tree and about twenty toes away from it.

  ‘Hooray!’ you shouted.

  ‘Isn’t that high-quality?’ shouted Winnie-the-Pooh right down to you. ‘What do I appear like?’

  ‘You appear like a bear holding on to a balloon,’ you mentioned.

  ‘Not,’ mentioned Pooh anxiously, ‘—not like a small black cloud in a blue sky?’

  ‘Not very a lot.’

  ‘Ah, nicely, maybe from up right here it seems totally different. And, as I say, you by no means can inform with bees.’

  There was no wind to blow him nearer to the tree so there he stayed. He may see the honey, he may scent the honey, however he couldn’t fairly attain the honey.

  After a short while he known as right down to you.

  ‘Christopher Robin!’ he mentioned in a loud whisper.


  ‘I feel the bees suspect one thing!’

  ‘What kind of factor?’

  ‘I don’t know. However one thing tells me that they’re suspicious!’

  ‘Maybe they suppose that you simply’re after their honey?’

  ‘It might be that. You by no means can inform with bees.’

  There was one other little silence, after which he known as right down to you once more.

  ‘Christopher Robin!’


  ‘Have you ever an umbrella in your home?’

  ‘I feel so.’

  ‘I want you’d deliver it out right here, and stroll up and down with it, and search for at me now and again, and say “Tut-tut, it seems like rain.” I feel, in the event you did that, it could assist the deception which we’re practising on these bees.’

  Properly, you laughed to your self, Foolish previous Bear! however you didn’t say it aloud since you had been so keen on him, and also you went house on your umbrella.

  ‘Oh, there you might be!’ known as down Winnie-the-Pooh, as quickly as you bought again to the tree. ‘I used to be starting to get anxious. I’ve found that the bees are actually undoubtedly Suspicious.’

  ‘Shall I put my umbrella up?’ you mentioned.

  ‘Sure, however wait a second. We should be sensible. The vital bee to deceive is the Queen Bee. Are you able to see which is the Queen Bee from down there?’


  ‘A pity. Properly, now, in the event you stroll up and down along with your umbrella, saying, ‘Tut-tut, it seems like rain,’ I shall do what I can by singing a bit of Cloud Track, akin to a cloud would possibly sing … Go!’

  So, when you walked up and down and questioned if it could rain, Winnie-the-Pooh sang this music:

  How candy to be a Cloud

  Floating within the Blue!

  Each little cloud

  All the time sings aloud.

  How candy to be a Cloud

  Floating within the Blue!

  It makes him very proud

  To be a bit of cloud.

  The bees had been nonetheless buzzing as suspiciously as ever. A few of them, certainly, left their nests and flew all around the cloud because it started the second verse of this music, and one bee sat down on the nostril of the cloud for a second, after which obtained up once more.

  ‘Christopher – ow! – Robin,’ known as out the cloud.


  ‘I’ve simply been considering, and I’ve come to an important choice. These are the unsuitable type of bees.’

  ‘Are they?’

  ‘Fairly the unsuitable type. So I ought to suppose they’d make the unsuitable type of honey, shouldn’t you?’

  ‘Would they?’

  ‘Sure. So I feel I shall come down.’

  ‘How?’ requested you.

  Winnie-the-Pooh hadn’t considered this. If he let go of the string, he would fall – bump – and he didn’t like the concept of that. So he thought for a very long time, after which he mentioned:

  ‘Christopher Robin, you will need to shoot the balloon along with your gun. Have you ever obtained your gun?’

  ‘After all I’ve,’ you mentioned. ‘But when I do this, it is going to spoil the balloon,’ you mentioned.

  ‘However in the event you don’t,’ mentioned Pooh, ‘I shall should let go, and that may spoil me.’

  When he put it like this, you noticed the way it was, and also you aimed very fastidiously on the balloon, and fired.

  ‘Ow!’ mentioned Pooh.

  ‘Did I miss?’ you requested.

  ‘You didn’t precisely miss,’ mentioned Pooh, ‘however you missed the balloon.’

  ‘I’m so sorry,’ you mentioned, and also you

fired once more, and this time you hit the balloon, and the air got here slowly out, and Winnie-the-Pooh floated right down to the bottom.

  However his arms had been so stiff from holding on to the string of the balloon all that point that they stayed up straight within the air for greater than every week, and each time a fly got here and settled on his nostril he needed to blow it off. And I feel – however I’m not positive – that that’s the reason he was all the time known as Pooh.

  ‘Is that the tip of the story?’ requested Christopher Robin.

  ‘That’s the tip of that one. There are others.’

  ‘About Pooh and Me?’

  ‘And Piglet and Rabbit and all of you. Don’t you keep in mind?’

  ‘I do keep in mind, after which when I attempt to keep in mind, I neglect.’

  ‘That day when Pooh and Piglet tried to catch the Heffalump—’

  ‘They didn’t catch it, did they?’


  ‘Pooh couldn’t as a result of he hasn’t any mind. Did I catch it?’

  ‘Properly, that comes into the story.’

  Christopher Robin nodded.

  ‘I do keep in mind,’ he mentioned, ‘solely Pooh doesn’t very nicely, in order that’s why he likes having it informed to him once more. As a result of then it’s an actual story and never only a remembering.’

  ‘That’s simply how I really feel,’ I mentioned.

  Christopher Robin gave a deep sigh, picked his Bear up by the leg, and walked off to the door, trailing Pooh behind him. On the door he turned and mentioned, ‘Coming to see me have my tub?’

  ‘I’d,’ I mentioned.

  ‘I didn’t harm him once I shot him, did I?’


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