What Is Soursop Good For?

What Is Soursop Good For?

Soursop: Surprisingly Candy
Botanical identify: Annona muricata

Soursop Nutrition Facts

Soursop, the fruit of the Annona muricata broadleaf evergreen, is a well-liked deal with in Central and South America. The tree is native to the Americas, however is cultivated in tropical climates around the globe right this moment.1

Soursop could be eaten by itself, however it’s extra generally integrated into drinks, syrups, smoothies, desserts, ice lotions and sweets.

The flavour of soursop is kind of distinctive, and regardless of its identify, it’s really a candy fruit. It’s usually in comparison with an apple crossed with a strawberry, however with an underlying bitter citrus taste.2

What Is Soursop?

Soursop is a member of the custard apple household, so named due to its creamy mouthfeel, which is akin to a banana or a coconut. The Annona muricata tree can attain 20 ft in top and the fruit it bears is bodily imposing.

Soursop can simply weigh 10 to 15 kilos. Oval in form, this unusual-looking fruit can attain up to a foot a size.3 Soursop pulp is loaded with potassium, vitamin C and dietary fiber. Sadly, it packs a sugary punch. One cup of soursop pulp comprises 30 grams of sugar, which is why it needs to be consumed moderately.4

Soursop Advantages You Ought to Know About

The candy soursop pulp is a key ingredient in lots of tropical desserts, however the leaves of the Annona muricata tree are what curiosity most cancers researchers most.  Soursop leaves have been discovered to comprise a big selection of annonaceous acetogenins (AGE). These are a singular class of metabolites derived from long-chain fatty acids and have proven super promise as a pure most cancers remedy.5 AGE could be extracted by boiling the leaves right into a tea, which is normally known as graviola or paw paw tea.

The distinctive phytochemical composition of soursop leaves gives different well being advantages as effectively. When utilized topically, soursop leaf extract helps improve wound therapeutic and scale back irritation. Scientists have tried to isolate the bioactive compounds of the extract, which has been proven to be efficient at lowering the frequency and period of tonic seizures.6  

Extracts created from soursop leaves have proven superb potential, however the fruit itself has a lot to supply as effectively. Researchers have discovered that the pulp comprises the identical chemotherapeutic properties because the leaves, seeds, roots and shell. Furthermore, even after being frozen for a 12 months, the pulp retains the highly effective cancer-fighting acetogenins.7  

The fruity pulp additionally packs a critical dietary punch. Soursop is wealthy in antioxidant compounds, which hold free radicals in test and assist combat irritation. An in vivo research discovered that this superb fruit possesses anti-arthritic properties.8 Scrumptious soursop is also laden with vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and beta carotene. This potent mixture can probably shield you from eye illness and promote imaginative and prescient well being.9

Soursop Substitutes

Soursop just isn’t extensively obtainable, however there are a number of options. Cherimoya, described by Mark Twain as “the most scrumptious fruit identified to man,”10 is one other member of the custard apple household. The fruit itself is smaller than soursop, however has the same dietary profile. Sadly, cherimoya does not seem to own the identical cancer-fighting properties as soursop. A research trying to find soursop options reported that cherimoya didn’t exhibit acetogenin bioactivity.11

In case you wouldn’t have entry to soursop or cherimoya, a combination of equal components strawberries, bananas and pineapple can function a viable alternative.

Research Help Soursop’s Makes use of for Agriculture and Well being

Researchers have confirmed that soursop can successfully fight parasites, tumors and a variety of frequent well being complaints. In tropical Africa, soursop is used to assist deal with coughs, ache and pores and skin illness. A 2015 hypertension research discovered {that a} tea created from soursop leaves decreased blood strain with out adversely affecting coronary heart fee.12

Soursop leaves are maybe most well-known for his or her cancer-fighting potential. A groundbreaking research printed within the journal Most cancers Letters examined how pancreatic most cancers (PC), which is notoriously troublesome to deal with, responded to soursop leaf extract in vitro.

The outcomes had been fairly spectacular. Soursop, referred to by the frequent identify of graviola within the research, killed PC cells by inhibiting their mobile metabolism. The research concluded that “Graviola extract inhibited a number of signaling pathways that regulate metabolism, cell cycle, survival, and metastatic properties in PC cells.”13

A tea brewed from soursop leaves was proven to be efficient at killing parasitic larvae and their eggs. Soursop tea was additionally proven to be efficient towards debilitating protozoal infections. This might be an necessary breakthrough, as pharmaceutical remedies have change into much less efficient because of antibiotic resistance and may have a damaging impression in your well being.14

Extracts created from soursop seeds may also act as a potent botanical insecticide. It’s particularly helpful on smaller scale farms and may be used to guard grains from weevil infestation. The larvae of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, the first vector of dengue, are weak to soursop seed extract. It can also kill fruit flies and different bugs. In a world awash in pesticides, this potential use deserves additional research.15

Extracts derived from Annona muricata leaves are a conventional remedy for malaria, and analysis has confirmed the knowledge of this follow. In Ghana, soursop can also be utilized as a remedy for jaundice.  Research have proven that this highly effective plant not solely protects the liver, however can probably restore perform as effectively. It has proven specific promise in reversing liver injury from acetaminophen.16

Find out how to Eat Soursop

The soursop fruit’s inexperienced leathery pores and skin is roofed in small thorns, however you’ll discover that it’s surprisingly tender. Regardless of its considerably extreme look, with a couple of well-placed cuts, soursop could be peeled with little effort. The pulp is fibrous, milky white and comprises distinctive black seeds, whereas the pores and skin is bitter. I counsel you, nonetheless, to take away the mildly poisonous seeds earlier than consuming.17  

Soursop could be eaten with a spoon, however it’s usually used as a blended ingredient. You may extract soursop juice by urgent the deseeded pulp via a sieve, colander or cheesecloth.18

Soursop Recipe: Strive This Scrumptious Smoothie
Soursop Smoothie

It’s best to get pleasure from this fruit whereas avoiding any added sugar. You may create your individual soursop mix by including wholesome components to soursop juice or do this smoothie recipe from Allrecipes: 

Soursop Healthy Recipes


1 cup soursop fruit, peeled and reduce into chunks

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1 half of cups of coconut milk, or to style

half of teaspoon floor cinnamon

2 teaspoons of vanilla extract

1/Four teaspoon of floor nutmeg

2 tablespoons of monk fruit sweetener, to style




  1. Press soursop items via a colander or strainer with a spoon to extract the juice into bowl.
  2. Whisk coconut milk, monk fruit, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg into soursop juice till sweetener dissolves utterly. Pour right into a pitcher and refrigerate till chilled.

Soursop Diet Details

The USA Division of Agriculture Nationwide Nutrient Database estimates that 1 cup of uncooked soursop comprises over 30 grams of sugar and seven grams of dietary fiber. Soursop comprises little or no fats however is loaded with potassium.19 The desk under gives extra info on the essential dietary profile of soursop:

Soursop Diet Details

Serving Dimension: 1 cup — (225 g), uncooked

Energy 148 kcal  
Energy from Fats 5.6  
Complete Fats 0.7 g 1%
Saturated Fats 0.1 g 1%
Trans Fats    
Ldl cholesterol Zero mg 0 %
Sodium 31.5 mg 1%
Complete Carbohydrates 37.9 g 13%
Dietary Fiber 7.Four g 30%
Sugar 30.5 g  
Protein 2.Three g 5%
Calcium 3% Iron 8%

*% Each day Values are primarily based on a 2,000 calorie food plan. Your each day values could also be greater or decrease relying in your calorie wants.

Soursop Enjoyable Details

If you’re skeptical of soursop because of its identify, you aren’t alone. In 1951, Professor Clery Salazar, a serious proponent of soursop cultivation, advised that the fruit wanted a extra interesting identify.20
He felt the opposite frequent identify on the time, guanabana, was more likely to be mispronounced, however he was unable to provide you with a very good various. 

The weird identify just isn’t the one factor maintaining soursop off of retailer cabinets — this fruit has a really restricted shelf life. Even so, it stays the solely member of its genus with industrial functions. Until you reside within the tropics, don’t plan on rising your individual soursop. Even a quick frost or freeze can kill the Annona muricata tree. Efforts to domesticate soursop in the USA have had little success and are restricted by local weather to southern Florida.21

In Central and South America, the soursop tree is a fixture on the panorama. The tree can thrive in poor-quality soil and prospers in low-lying areas. In some areas, soursop is taken into account an invasive species.22 This may increasingly change as extra individuals change into conscious of soursop’s extraordinary and distinctive disease-fighting potential. 

A Soursop by Any Different Identify Would Nonetheless Style as Candy

Soursop is most frequently used as an ingredient in sweets, however the leaves comprise the very best concentrations of the doubtless cancer-fighting annonaceous acetogenins. Nevertheless, teas and options created from soursop leaves are extraordinarily potent and may intrude with any drugs you could also be taking. Issues have been raised concerning the toxicity of extracts derived from the leaves of this superb plant,23 so should you intend to make use of a soursop extract, please seek the advice of with a well being skilled first.

Continuously Requested Questions (FAQs) About Soursop

Q: What does soursop style like?

A: The identify soursop is deceiving as a result of it isn’t bitter or acidic like a lemon or a lime. The taste is commonly in comparison with a combination of pineapple and strawberry24 or apple and strawberry with an underlying citrus taste.25

Q: What’s soursop used for?

A: The dried leaves of the soursop tree are used to make tea. Usually offered underneath the identify graviola, the tea has been the topic of intensive analysis because of its potential as a pure most cancers various. The pulp of the soursop fruit could be eaten recent or integrated as an ingredient. The juice is concentrated and canned to increase the shelf life.26

Q: The place can I buy soursop?

A: In case you stay in a tropical space, chances are high that uncooked soursop is offered regionally. In colder climates, soursop is extra of a rarity. Until you wish to pay a premium or have it shipped, you might be restricted to frozen, vacuum-sealed or concentrated soursop pulp. Leaves could be dried and are extra far sturdy, and could be made into teas.

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