Tussy Mussy Wedding Bouquets

Tussy Mussy Wedding Bouquets

Within the Victorian period, a tussy mussy was a well-liked present to a girl from her suitor, and usually integrated the language of flowers to convey the suitor’s sentiments. Nonetheless, they had been first used as a nosegay—a method to beat back smells from the road earlier than common bathing was frequent. These nosegays integrated many herbs each for his or her scent and their medicinal properties. The phrase “tussy mussy” most likely comes from an older phrase, “tus,” which means a cluster of flowers.

Historically, the holder is manufactured from silver, though it can be produced from different metals. The famed Fenton Glass Firm even made some out of hobnail glass. You may even see it spelled as tussie-mussie, tussy-mussie, or tusee-musee.

What Is a Tussy Mussy?

A tussy mussy is a Victorian-style bouquet during which a small group of flowers is positioned in a steel vase particularly designed to be carried, reasonably than sit on a desk. The time period can refer to simply the steel holder or to the whole bouquet, together with the holder.

Utilizing It in Your Marriage ceremony

If you happen to’re having a Victorian marriage ceremony, you would possibly wish to use a tussy mussy as your marriage ceremony bouquet or as bridesmaids’ bouquets. They’re a good way to include one thing outdated if you’re following the fortunate saying “One thing outdated, one thing new, one thing borrowed, one thing blue.” It’s best to do not forget that these bouquets are naturally small; if you happen to’re a petite individual that may work to your benefit, however bigger brides might not really feel that they’re proportional.

The place to Purchase

Search for classic tussy mussy holders at vintage shops and on eBay, though beware of latest reproductions being offered as genuine antiques. Fashionable reproductions may be discovered by means of many floral accent sellers, like Amazon.

Many tussy mussies have an extended chain with a “finger ring” which allowed a girl to carry on to her posy whereas she was dancing. These examples even have a nail or pin which stored the posy contained in the holder even when held the wrong way up. Different tussy mussies simply have a hoop integrated into the tip or only a ornamental finial.​


For weddings, you also needs to search for a tussy mussy with a stand, in order that at your reception it may develop into a centerpiece. The stand is named an epergne or a posy stand. That is particularly handy you probably have many bridesmaids in order that you do not have to purchase any further centerpieces, permitting you to economize in your marriage ceremony flowers. If you happen to use a stand, be sure that your bouquet will not be too large and that it simply stands up.

You may also search for Victorian vase pins, which maintain a small nosegay in a brooch pin. Victorian gents wore a extra easy model, whereas girls had extra fanciful ones that held a barely bigger bouquet. These are nice for the groom and groomsmen boutonnieres, in addition to corsages for moms of the bride and groom, and even their grandmothers.


To rearrange flowers in a tussy mussy, begin with a ball of soaked floral foam. Securely match this within your tussy mussy, then begin by including greenery and base flowers such as you would for any bouquet. Hold the association kind and basic formal, in order to match the formality of the holder.

For a bridal bouquet, think about following Victorian custom and use specific flowers for his or her meanings. Use pink roses for real love, pink tulips for a declaration of affection, white child’s breath for innocence and purity, blue violets for faithfulness, lily of the valley for trustworthiness, and myrtle for hope and love. When Kate Middleton wed Prince William, she carried Candy William to symbolize her Prince and gallantry, lily of the valley for the return of happiness and trustworthiness, hyacinth for the fidelity of affection, ivy for constancy and marriage, and myrtle for hope and love.

For the reason that groom historically pays for the bride’s bouquet, you might additionally observe Victorian custom by having the groom resolve which flowers to incorporate as a message to his soon-to-be spouse. He might both ship the bouquet to her dressing room with a love letter, or, if they’re doing “first look” footage earlier than the ceremony, he might formally current the bouquet to her then. For same-sex weddings, each individuals might select the flowers within the different’s tussy mussy or vase boutonniere.

Nonetheless you select to make use of a tussy mussy in your marriage ceremony, it would add a degree of ritual, a nod to the previous, and a little bit of additional shine and sparkle.

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