Iboza [tetradenia] riparia

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Iboza [tetradenia] riparia

Inventory Quantity: 41102

“Musk Plant” or “Misty Plume Plant” Engaging woody-stemmed shrublet with engaging small musk-scented leaves and creamy-white winter blossom panicles creating a wonderful whispy mist round Christmas time–thus its nice recognition with Victorian gardeners and continued fascination for at present’s pastime greenhousers. Ca…


Impatiens irvingii

Inventory Quantity: 53384

So like a 50’s sockhop; furry fuzzy foliage of wealthy inexperienced overlaid with daring stunning pink blossoms. This retro pairing of bloom and foliage is supported by impressively normally supine meandering succulent stems; excellent in any container in a shiny shiny spot and satisfactory water.


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Impatiens Kew

Inventory Quantity: 40401

An unidentified Asian assortment with plenty of lengthy Amaranthus-like fountains of slender brightly coloured leaves.  The flat confronted blossoms are salmon rose fading to dusky rose.  Very putting with different foliage in a summer time urn as it’s straightforward to develop.


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Impatiens Mini-Hawaiian Hawaii [hyb]

Inventory Quantity: 40388

Very tight mounds with ivory & wealthy rose purple bicolor blossoms with elfin spurs in stunning clusters utterly overlaying the stunning wee leaves so delecately designed. All the time a favourite in windowboxes and urns, but additionally a robust performer indoors with litegardeners.

Examine on availability mid summer time 2019


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Impatiens niamniamensis African King

Inventory Quantity: 42168

Succulent erect stems give a commanding presence; cornucopia formed blossoms of deep burnt scarlet with shiny scarlet lips seem in clusters alongside the thick trunk, each under and with the attractively rippled darkish puckered inexperienced leaves. Uncommon.


Impatiens niamniamensis African Queen

Inventory Quantity: 54496

Succulent upright stems with apple inexperienced curved leaves and odd yellow helmet-shaped blossoms with wealthy orange and saffron highlights, thus well-known because the shamelessly showy “Congo Cockatoo” with the colours and spurred “Tropical Contact-Me-Not” blossoms continually produced if given satisfactory gentle, humidity, porus soil and o…


Impatiens niamniamensis Frieling's Cream Rim

Inventory Quantity: 56561

Stout succulent erect stems are studded with creamy lime margined leaves, punctuated by the massive showy yellow and orange helmet formed blossoms toned crimson. Very uncommon choice by Ken from an previous cultivar with a slight lime midrib.


Impatiens repens

Inventory Quantity: 40384

“Ceylon Jewelweed” Cascading thick crimson succulent stems (which self department to kind a mat) populated by plenty of tiny coppery kidney formed leaves dramatically punctuated by occassional spectacular cornucopia formed yellow hooded blossoms. All the time in style with indoor litegardeners and with pastime greenhousers as a wonderfu…


Impatiens sodenii Zanzibar

Inventory Quantity: 53385

Massive daring “Skirted Snapweed” with impressively succulent stem skirted with toothed basil inexperienced foliage demanding very shiny gentle. Massive pale lilac pink flat confronted blossoms with darker eye liner and elongated tail. Initially we listed this as “Impatiens zanzibarensis,” whereas really this clone in all probability is a hybrid by …


Impatiens walleriana Kingwood

Inventory Quantity: 41747

Marvelous “Kingwood Contact-Me-Not” from Henry Ross: very low-growing lateral behavior with small leaves marbled grey and inexperienced with clear cream edges; flowers shiny crimson, or crimson and white bicolor (the game with crimson blossoms eyed white has been provided as ‘Kingwood Star’ nevertheless it in flip usually reverts again to the unique) a…


Ipomea batatas Ace Of Spades

Inventory Quantity: 55962

Putting blackish maroon spade formed (coronary heart formed) leaves are thickly set on succulent trailing stems; identical behavior as ‘Blackie’ with edible white tubers. Just lately has been “re-marketed” on East Coast as ‘Purple Coronary heart.’ Should mirror a time of battle. Fabulous in urns and baskets; very efficient when paired with the chartr…


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Ipomea batatas Blackie

Inventory Quantity: 40403

“Black Yam” or “Purple-leaved Candy Potato” Darkish palmate leaves overlap to create a starburst lacy impact whereas firmly anchored on sturdy maroon-stemmed vines; fabulous in hanging baskets. As in style now as after we first provided it some twenty years in the past with Carolyn Wilson in her Nation Hills greenhouse catalogue.


Ipomea batatas Bronze Beauty

Inventory Quantity: 41427

“Pumpkin Pores and skin Candy Potato” Wonderful trailing stems with the palmate outlined leaf of ‘Blackie,’ but richly toned bronzy pumpkin to dusky orange relying on gentle publicity. Very stylish colour for combined containers. The proper answer if ‘Ace of Spades’ is just too aggresively purple in your design, and ‘Margarita’ is sim…


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Ipomea batatas Freckles

Inventory Quantity: 49452

Fingered “Candy Potato Vine” with the whole floor softly splashed and streaked in yellow lime to create a showy tie-dyed impact. Finest variegation in cooler temperatures–in southern warmth this produces hydropnic inexperienced toned leaves. Not as vigorous as the remainder of the tribe.


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Ipomea batatas Gold Fingers

Inventory Quantity: 49451

A quick rising kind shiny yellow lime like ‘Margarita’ however with attractively fingered leaves like ‘Blackie’.


Ipomea batatas Ivory Jewel

Inventory Quantity: 59237

The outstanding “Variegated Candy Potato” choice made by Doug Lohman with fluted heart-shaped leaves richly splashed with creamy lime & vanilla jade tones accented by ivory veins–difficult however outstanding A lot prized by growers of something however inexperienced. That is the one collector cultivar not prone to maintain its personal i…


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Ipomea batatas Margarita [chartreuse]

Inventory Quantity: 55616

The “Golden Candy Potato Vine” produces ranks of shiny yellow-ochre coronary heart formed leaves, changing into extra halbert-lobed because the plant expands & matures, even forming a superb purple rim in sun–obviously the proper companion for ‘Ace of Spades’ in addition to ‘Blackie’; if grown through the winter in your greenhouse, will p…


Ipomea batatas Purple Tuber

Inventory Quantity: 59194

“Purple Yam” (though technically a “Candy Potato” and never even associated to the yam gang) Hawaiian clone with purple fleshed tubers (mentioned to be at their most yummy when ready along with your deep pit roast pig); very ornately minimize clean-green cookie cutter considerably palmate foliage on self branching meandering stems. Amazin…


Ipomea batatas Tricolor [Pink Potato]

Inventory Quantity: 55564

Exceptional slate inexperienced sharply lobed “Candy Potato” leaves with shiny pink margins setting to rosy cream. An amazingly stunning cultivar initially shared with us by Doug Ruhren who had inherited it from Yinger’s Asian peregrinations; and certainly, underneath the unique clone title of ‘Tricolor’ it was a 1980s introduction …


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Ipomea Lady Fingers [Species Unidentified]

Inventory Quantity: 56564

Extraordinarily vigorous “Fingered Candy Potato” with sturdy stems holding aloft gorgeous darkish leaves, with seven deep fingered lobes accented with darkish purple raised veins on the reverse. Loves aquatic situations; however thrives equally properly cascading dramatically from a windowbox or urn; wants a big basket if grown in a han…


Iresine herbstii

Inventory Quantity: 40404

“Blood Leaf” Brilliant purplish-red “Beet” or “Beefsteak Plant” so named in Victorian occasions for the attractive waxy oval puckered leaves, with notched ideas, on red-maroon stems forming dense bushes. Conventional window-sill plant, the Achyranthes verschaffeltii of elaborate Victorian bedding design. We is not going to ship till w…


Iresine herbstii acuminata [versicolor]

Inventory Quantity: 42023

“Painted Bloodleaf” Sharply pointed blood crimson leaves with carmine & liver-lilac veins and stems; an previous favourite nonetheless a lot in demand–this might be the cuotivar ‘Brilliantissima’ as pinkish tones seem in sure situations. We is not going to ship this till climate is reliably heat.


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Iresine herbstii aureo-reticulata

Inventory Quantity: 40405

“Rooster Gizzard Plant” Brilliant yellow-veined apple-green rounded leaves, with odd notched ideas, accented by red-magenta petioles and stems–due to the delicacy of this foliage, not as vigorous as the opposite cultivars in bedding designs–for the identical colour qualities we suggest you utilize ‘Formosa’ as an alternative. Quaint p…


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Iresine lindenii formosa

Inventory Quantity: 40406

“Blood Vein Plant” Outdated favourite with yellow & straw foliage. In contrast to ‘aureo-reticulata’ this one has pointed leaves with colourful veins. Like all its kin, is not going to tolerated prolonged chill.


Jasminum beesianum

Inventory Quantity: 42025

“Rose Jasmine” from Western China. Zone 7 willowy shrub to clambering vine (relying on the place you web site it) with pairs of sharply pointed lance leaves and darkish rose pink aromatic blossoms. Should have full daylight to carry out properly. Our inventory crops have fortunately lived open air in an uncovered coldframe for a few years, bloom…


Jasminum floribundum

Inventory Quantity: 41428

Pink tinted aromatic blossom clusters on vine with clouds of shiny reverse small pinnate leaves giving a lacy look. Straightforward in containers. If given rootrun within the subtropics will quickly clamber up a wall or fence. A seasonal bloomer like the same a lot bigger statured J. polyanthum.


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Jasminum leratii [ligustrifolium]

Inventory Quantity: 54007

“New Calidonian Jasmine” or, for its foliage, the “Privet Jamine” with upright maroon-blushed shrubby stems presenting cluster of shar-shaped aromatic white blossoms solely after this shrub has reached maturity.


Jasminum multiflorum [pubescens]

Inventory Quantity: 41887

“Angel Hair Jasmine” from India to China: Freely spreading shrub with downy cordate leaves and clusters of intensely candy scented white starlike flowers on the ideas and alongside the stems when given full solar, satisfactory humidity and a wealthy medium. This “Downy Jasmine” has lengthy been often known as J. pubescens within the Florida trad…


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Jasminum nitidum magnificum

Inventory Quantity: 40417

The gorgeous darkish shiny (“nitidum means “shiny”) leaves sport pure white aromatic blossom clusters sequenced in flushes of blooms across the calendar 12 months so long as receives full solar, dependable moisture and natural fertilizer. Behavior greatest described as a vining shrub. Native to the Admirality Islands, this can be a species…


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Jasminum officinale frojas Solid Gold

Inventory Quantity: 40446

“Spanish Jasmine” Western Chinese language species with tubular white flowers produced maily through the winter season in showy aromatic clusters; in contrast to ‘Variegatum,’ the brashly shiny chartreuse gold foliage is strong, not mottled. Dramatic “Fiona Dawn”.


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