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From Center English tomorwe, tomorwen, from Previous English tōmorgen, tō morgenne, tōmergen (tomorrow, adverb), from (at, on) + morgene, mergen (dative of morgen (morning)), from Proto-Germanic *murganaz (morning), maybe, from Proto-Indo-European *mergʰ- (to blink, to twinkle), equal to to- +‎ morrow.



tomorrow (not comparable)

  1. On the day after the current day.
    • 1855, Charles Dickens, The Holly-Tree
      It was eight o’clock to-morrow night after I buckled up my travelling writing-desk in its leather-based case, paid my Invoice, and bought on my heat coats and wrappers.
  2. Sooner or later sooner or later; in a while
    If you do not get your life on monitor at present, you are going to be very sorry tomorrow.
  3. (presumably out of date) On subsequent (time period aside from a day, comparable to per week or a month), following the current (time period).
    • 1664 March 28, debate in Nice Britain’s Home of Commons, printed in 1803 within the Journals of the Home of Commons, web page 538:
      Resolved, &c. That the Home be Referred to as over once more on Tomorrow Month, being the Six-and-twentieth Day of April subsequent.
    • 1840, Melancholy Demise of Amelia V, in The Christian Guardian (and Church of England journal), web page 60:
      ‘You shall go to it on to-morrow week, so make haste and get properly!’
  4. (out of date) On the subsequent day (following some date up to now).
    • 1717 October 8, Robert Wodrow, in a letter to Mr. James Hart, printed in 1828, Robert Wodrow, The Historical past of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland, web page xxii:
      To forestall this, a committee for peace was proposed for to-morrow, who heard the ministers and Mr. Anderson upon the heads of the affair, however in useless; when their grievance was given in in Synod, and referred to the subsequent Synod []
    • 1817, James Kirkton, The Secret and True Historical past of the Church of Scotland, web page 126:
      [] after he hade drunk liberally within the Advocate’s home that very same day, went to mattress in well being, however was taken up stark lifeless to-morrow morning; and such was the testimony of honour heaven was happy to permit Montrose’s pompuous funerals.




tomorrow (plural tomorrows)

  1. The day after the current day.

    Tomorrow shall be sunny.



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  1. Different type of tomorwe


tomorrow (uncountable)

  1. Different type of tomorwe


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