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The Story Behind the New Hydro Artifact Set, Heart of Depth : Genshin_Impact

The Story Behind Coronary heart of Depth

Maybe, I’m not the one one who questioned why, of all of the locations, does the brand new Hydro artifact set seem in Dragonspine. In spite of everything, I’m positive Liyue with Osial, and all, would’ve been a fantastic place to have a site with Hydro artifacts. However, however, the brand new Hydro artifacts, Coronary heart of Depth, seem at Peak of Vindagnyr. Now — let me inform you the story of Parsifal.

So. . . I hope you take pleasure in this piece of Genshin lore! ʕ·ᴥ· ʔ

Let me observe, I have no idea every bit of lore within the recreation so I’m sorry for something incorrect. Be happy to appropriate me within the feedback if there’s something mistaken and, don’t fear, I promise I received’t be offended (ᴗ ͜ʖ ᴗ). And, earlier than I get into this, I wish to say that this wasn’t what I used to be planning to write down about. At the very least this shall be a shorter write-up, for people who like shorter write-ups!


  • Earlier than Vanessa’s riot Mondstadt was dominated by the Lawrence Clan and different clans that adopted after them. Eberhart was the inheritor to 1 such clan.

  • Eberhart wished to alter the corrupt methods of the aristocracy, renewing the nobles’ former glory. He would do something to realize this aim, which, finally, led him to driving out his step-brother, Parsifal, and killing a bunch of nobles within the coronary heart of Dragonspine.

  • Parsifal, after being pushed out by his brother, turns into the phantom thief. Throughout this era of his life he met the witch who wields the Crescent Pike. Later he goes to Liyue and turns into the Chief Mate, crusing the seas with Skipper.

  • The witch who wields the Crescent Pike fell in love with the previous phantom thief, now the Chief Mate, by means of music and this love, her deadly flaw, results in her demise. The Chief Mate goes on to avenge the witch, killing a beast of the ocean, however solely to by no means return to Liyue.

Phrase Rely: 2005

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Mondstadt’s Aristocracy

Our story begins on the peak Mondstadt’s aristocracy.

The Lawrence clan, one of many many clans in Mondstadt, was the primary to beat the frigid winter that had as soon as plagued Japanese Mondstadt. They went on, within the years after, to change into corrupt.

“Within the far-flung previous, they used it to reenact their clan’s courageous victory over the frozen wilderness. The primary act of the ceremony informed the story of their forebears conquering the land by means of their knowledge and energy. Over their lengthy historical past. . . they continued to play the identical position. However this position turned corrupted. Step by step, their view of themselves shifted from conquerors, to overlords, to kings. . . they strayed into the trail of depravity, and misplaced the love of Mondstadt’s winds” (Sacrificial Bow).

The Lawrence clan dominated over Mondstadt, as in the event that they have been kings, and lots of the different corrupt nobles adopted swimsuit. Vanessa, and her whole folks, have been slaves owned by the Lawrence clan. The nobles’ leisure was a gladiator ring. Each Vanessa and the Dawnlight Swordswoman have been stated to have fought on this ring.

In Mondstadt’s aristocracy, birthright and lineage mattered above all else.

r/Genshin_Impact - The Story Behind the New Hydro Artifact Set, Heart of Depth

(Prologue: Songs of the Wind)

*NOTE: Noblesse Oblige, your complete set, additional describes and compares the Mondstadt’s the Aristocracy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We all know of 1 different particular person from the sector — the male gladiator spoken of in Gladiator’s Finale**.**

This gladiator was a slave to the aristocrat Eberhart, as informed by the outline of Deathmatch. Eberhart was from one such clan, although the clan stays unnamed. It’s stated in Historic Investigation Journal: Half III that Landrich was planning to bestow Eberhart, unbeknownst to him, his clan identify.

Eberhart was stated to be “sort and mild” (Historic Investigation Journal: Pat III). That is additionally supported by Gladiator’s Longing.


  • “He made a brooch with it and pinned it on the gladiator’s chest, it got here to represent his gentler facet. Earlier than the gladiator turned a residing legend, he as soon as strolled along with his younger grasp within the backyard. The grasp picked a flower and gave it to the silent slave” (Gladiator’s Nostalgia).

  • “The grasp allowed him to hitch the feast and introduced him with this goblet. It was an beautiful goblet, made specifically for him. An emblem of how a lot his grasp cared” (Gladiator’s Intoxication).

However Eberhart’s kindness was a façade to the true sly man that hid beneath — Eberhart was resolved and would do something to tear down Mondstadt’s aristocracy and recapture the glory of historical clans as soon as extra.

“An illegitimate youngster, Eberhart dreamed of recapturing the glory and delight of historical the Aristocracy. But, he wanted better energy so as to destroy these rotten foundations. . . ‘So what if those that got here after ought to despise me? I’ll do something to realize my targets’” (Favonius Lance).

“And but which, like this youth, may by no means earn the favor of his household. . . No, not with out the spilling of blood. If that youth wished change to return, they wanted energy. Even when it meant utilizing a weapon seen as ignoble. Even when it meant that their spear-wielding shadow may by no means see any mild however that of the deep evening’s moon” (Royal Spear).

His aim finally led him to influence his step-brother’s, Parsifal’s, departure, earlier than killing a bunch of nobles within the coronary heart of Dragonspine — all for Landrich’s clan identify.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Thief who Turned a Sailor

Who was Parsifal, except for being Eberhart’s step-brother?

The author of Historic Investigation Journal: Half III goes on to say, “Now I give it some thought, Grasp Parsifal’s disobedience, love of chivalric play-acting, and eventual departure should certainly have been inspired by him behind the scenes. . .”

That is additional expanded on within the description of Favonius Lance: “Whether or not it was to instigate his legit brother to pursue his dream of changing into a phantom thief, earlier than deceiving him and forcing him to flee, in order that he would possibly usurp that legitimacy”.

Parsifal’s dream of changing into a phantom thief appears to have come to fruition.


  • . . . the flames of fury already burned vivid, and sometimes the flickering flames had shone by means of the thick smoke of secrecy: The phantom thief praised in secret by the folks. . .” (Royal Bow).

Parsifal, because the phantom thief, had made an try to overthrow the aristocracy, however failed and, in the end, fled for Liyue. Then, because the story goes, Vanessa with the assistance of the Barbatos defeated Ursa the Drake and the led the ultimate riot towards Mondstadt’s aristocracy.

As of now, there’s additionally been a sword datamined titled The Alley Flash, however the lore behind it’s nonetheless lacking. For what has been datamined, the sword is alleged to have “belonged to a thief who roamed the benighted streets”.

How does this all tie to the Coronary heart of Depth artifact sequence?

  • “The cynical Chief Mate was no native of Liyue. Reasonably, he got here from a grey land dominated by an aristocracy. All stated that he, too, was as soon as such a noble, however that he should have disgraced his home and been turned out because of this. That was however baseless rumour, nevertheless, for when he first got here to the harbor, he carried naught however a slim sword, and a small sapphire-blue feather pinned to his mantle” (Gust of Nostalgia).

  • “What had he encountered amidst the silent alleys, earlier than the bars of the flower-inlaid home windows of a secret tryst?” (Goblet of Thundering Deep).

May it’s doable that the slim sword carried by the Chief Mate was The Alley Flash?

Regardless if it was or wasn’t The Alley Flash, the Chief Mate, more than likely Parsifal, was a noble of Mondstadt earlier than he fled, more than likely, fleeing from his demise. The Chief Mate additionally tells of a narrative of a scoundrel who gave up his household identify and his brother who couldn’t change into an inheritor, very like Eberhart.

The Chief Mate hummed a crappy shanty of his personal composing, forming a refrain with the whales and the waves. ‘The scoundrel who gave up his household identify and the witch who hunted him (by no means) reached the ocean! The sensible step-brother who couldn’t be an inheritor turned head finally (or did he?)’. (Gilded Corsage)

There was another person concerned in Eberhart’s and Parsifal’s debacle — the witch who wields the Crescent Pike**.**

This unnamed witch was the particular person to have taught Eberhart his abilities with the lance. The outline of Favonius Lance reads: “Or whether or not it was pledging himself as a sure spear-wielding witch’s disciple to study the deadly loophole in her artwork, all the higher to slay her with. . .”

It isn’t clear whether or not or not the witch died by Eberhart’s palms, however regardless she died because of the deadly flaw of affection.

r/Genshin_Impact - The Story Behind the New Hydro Artifact Set, Heart of Depth

(Description of Crescent Pike)

The witch, who wielded the Crescent Pike**, titles the person she liked — that thief, as within the phantom thief** ( I suppose, all alongside, he was actually stealing hearts(>﹏<)).

She had fallen in love with Parsifal by means of music.

There was a greatsword-wielding captain in these days who loved ingesting and making merry earlier than a voyage. When folks questioned him, he laughed and stated: ‘I do know myself. What’s wine and track to me? Fear not. As soon as the ocean and winds are proper. . .’ However he would by no means end that assertion. He would solely increase his mug, and name for throughout to have one other drink. . . ‘When the ocean and winds are proper, I’ll go forth to sea and avenge her. O maiden charmed by the tidal track. So what if I sleep with the fishes? That approach, I can ship my sea shanties into the deep the place she dwells’. (Serpent Backbone)

Although the captain’s title, within the description of Serpent Backbone, stays unsaid, the outline mentions the Chief Mate’s companion, “Skipper”. Serpent Backbone additionally describes the captain as a person who “loved ingesting”, which is in-line with Chief Mate’s description of “hard-drinking” from Wine-Stained Tricorne.

Parsifal additionally appeared to harbor emotions for the witch. He had been fascinated by the proud, boastful witch. In Goblet of Thundering Deep, the Chief Mate thinks of the witch’s countenance as “lovely”, regardless of the ugly scar she had given him. The 2 of them assembly, the witch and the previous phantom thief, appears to have been in an alleyway in Mondstadt.

As we all know, the witch died however, ultimately, what turned of Parsifal?

The Coronary heart of Depth lore ends with the Chief Mate and Skipper discovering the beast which “haunts and gnaws” (Wine-Stained Tricorne) on the Chief Mate even in his desires. They go on to kill stated beast, as informed by Serpent Backbone, however solely to by no means return.


  • And finally, neither the singing skipper nor his ship would ever return to the harbor ringed by mountains. After many days, the corpse of a sea monster from the deep was beached upon the shore by the waves. Good white bone shone out from a fantastic gash torn into it by a greatsword. Its blood had lengthy been washed clear. (Serpent Backbone).

The person, who drowned his reminiscences and sorrows in wine, discovered his finish on the depths of the ocean, after taking vengeance, alongside his buddy and crewmate.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –



Like I stated, this wasn’t going to be a protracted write-up, and, as I stated, this isn’t really what I deliberate to write down right this moment, however, properly, right here we’re. I’m really working/started on one other idea put up, which is what I used to be going to work on since that write-up would possibly take me a while.

I actually advocate everybody go learn the weapon and/or artifact descriptions, when you’re into the lore after all. It’s a disgrace we’ll by no means see these characters, similar to Vanessa, the Dawnlight swordswoman, and Eberhart and Parsifal. I feel I’d pay Mihoyo to see a model of Arundolyn and Rostam within the recreation. It’s a disgrace that most individuals most likely don’t learn about these characters (I wouldn’t doubt it, seeing the quantity of instances I’ve seen wHat’s ThAt BuIlDiNg In ThE sKy???) (ノ﹏ヽ)

Anyway. . . I hope you loved the story of the drunken Chief Mate, Parsifal!

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