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The Legacy of Charlemagne (Part 15) : CrusaderKings

Emperor Julien II

ninth of June, 1325

With some skirmishes in Brittany we’ve succeeded in our first siege within the fortress Reze. Different insurgent armies are traversing the countryside and studies are saying they’re in Paris. Although if I can take the peninsula itself the remaining will crumble. I doubt Jasperts vassals are loyal sufficient to maintain by his aspect ought to he begin severely dropping this conflict. Contemplating his ailing reputation.

27th of November, 1325

With most of Jasberts household imprisoned and his capital now captured I’ve taken the majority of my military again to Paris the place he has been making an attempt a siege. As we cross the Seine we conflict in towards the insurgent military. Jaspert himself was nowhere to be seen although his troops collapsed within the left flank and shortly sufficient the remainder of their military fell aside as I lead a cavalry cost with arrow volleys after them. These traitors should be taught who their true monarch is.

20th of December, 1325

Along with his military damaged, his household imprisoned, and his lands underneath my management Jaspert lastly surrendered. As he was taken into my dungeons the levies lastly returned house as conflict was lastly over. I feel I’ve taken sufficient glory for one lifetime and I’ve proved myself the succesful warrior king I at all times dreamt of being. Now to show in the direction of punishments to those that wronged me together with that now Countess.

10th of April, 1327

With the lands redistributed I’ve determined to maintain Jaspert in my prisons for now. I simply bought phrase from one among my conspirators that they’ve organized for the Countess Valence to be poisoned throughout a banquet. How quaint. Both method hopefully she’ll die quickly and I’ll have some revenge for the corruption she gave my son Julien. Frankly, since he’s renounced his claims to the throne I’ve reduce all contact with him. What sort of prince abandons his Empire, his responsibility, and his individuals like this? I didn’t elevate such a coward.

23rd of April, 1327

Properly that is no good. King Jaspert died in my prisons it appears and his son had been the Duke of Flanders. Appears I need to revoke his lands like I had performed to his father earlier than him. I worry a second civil conflict would possibly spring up from this however it should be performed. Simply to be secure although I’ll name on the levies to verify that is correctly enforced.

eighth of Might, 1327

My spymaster knowledgeable me that the deed is completed and the Countess isn’t any extra. Good. Together with her lifeless justice has been dealt. I’m ashamed of my son, sure, however in fact he was at all times a sort and caring boy. To provide his life to the church does really feel inside his character irrespective of how unlucky. Both method, I am unable to tolerate such cowardice. Talking of which fortunately I used to be capable of retract the duchy of Flanders from King Hamelin, however there nonetheless stays the problem of northern Burgundy which he holds as his vassals. I have to retract them to correctly switch their vassalage to the Duke of Burgundy and hold the Dukes balanced.

2nd of August, 1327

My huge reforms to land distribution among the many the Aristocracy has been principally profitable. The final main reform wanted was passing the vassalage of the County of Gent to the newly appointed Duchess of Flanders. Although it appears Duke Hugues of Normandy in addition to King Hameling have determined to place up their final main resistance to those reforms. Such a disgrace as Hamelin had been so cooperative up till this level. Both method one other minor revolt even smaller than Jasperts. With my levies already raised and in Brittany this will probably be over shortly.

22nd of December, 1327

With some victories in sieges I lead my military to face the rebels in Anjou defeating them handedly and routing them off to the northwest. Vannes and Nantes are each underneath siege by the majority of my military although we’ll give chase to the Norman and Breton rebels. As soon as that is throughout they are going to be extra severely punished than if they only allowed my reforms to undergo.

19th of March, 1328

A hit like no different. We surrounded the enemy military earlier than crashing down on them, not a single man survived. The commanders had fled earlier than they have been encircled and left their males to die. With nearly all of the insurgent forces now lifeless, all that continues to be is to seize King Hameling and Duke Hugues themselves.

27th of Might, 1328

This can actually vilify me within the eyes of the the Aristocracy. After apprehending the Duke and King I known as on the the Aristocracy to collect in Paris the place I launched one other set of sweeping reforms. “The lands in France have turn out to be chaotic of their administration with some nobles unfairly extra highly effective than others. The Dukes are supposed to function governors of provinces for the Empire and as such I will probably be revoking all of the titles held by King Hamelin for his treachery, and I may also be naming a brand new Duke of Normandy. Together with that the duchy of Savoy will probably be completely managed now by Duke Orson somewhat than be held by the royal demesne.” I defined the opposite modifications made within the Duchy of Flanders, Normandy, and naturally the truth that I used to be utterly redistributing all land in Brittany anxious all of them. Murmurs of my tyranny may already be heard. “The best change nonetheless is I’ll from henceforth maintain the title of King of Brittany simply as I’ve held the titles of Kings of France, Aquitaine, Navarra, and Arles. It appears there may be no correct King of Brittany with out a sense of rebel.” I must organize for wealth to be distributed among the many the Aristocracy in addition to recompense for these modifications and to maintain them quiet.

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Provinces of France c.1328

24th of June, 1328

Properly this was stunning information certainly. As I used to be internet hosting courtroom right now a person got here inside with a translator, he launched himself as Duke Beltrano of Kuyavia, a polish noble. “Your grace.” he bowed as I gestured for him to rise “What brings you all the way in which to Paris, Duke Beltrano?” he then started to clarify the scenario that had arisen in Poland. My Uncle, King Baudouin, died some eight years in the past leaving the throne to the primary born of his twin sons, King Karol who was pretty in style however died solely three years later. The throne was left to his youthful, crueler twin the ‘Regent and Co-King Bohemond’ alongside the late Karol’s daughter Nadzieja who additionally held the title of Co-King. Both method Nadzieja who was however a baby and Bohemond have been hated by the the Aristocracy. “Sufficient with the historical past lesson Beltrano, are you able to get to the purpose?” I interrupted having heard sufficient. He nodded with a gulp “Sure your grace. Properly I lead a rebel among the many the Aristocracy and efficiently overthrew the 2 of them. Although now we’re left with the query of who the subsequent King shall be. To stop infighting we felt that you simply had a rightful declare to the throne and so I come asking in the event you shall bear the crown as King simply as your father had?” I raised a forehead although I used to be in whole shock. A rebel launched and now the Poles want to title me their King? I mulled it over and realized I had sufficient issues as it’s right here in France to fret about one other Kingdom all the way in which within the east. However on the similar time I don’t need Poland to fall into chaos and infighting as actually the Holy Roman Emperor would attempt to retake the Kingdom. “I’ll settle for your crown Duke Beltrano, although let or not it’s identified that that is solely short-term. I’ve little interest in maintaining the Kingdom to myself. I’ll maintain the place of King till a correct candidate presents itself.” The duke bowed as soon as once more. “After all, thanks, your grace.” he bowed out of the chamber. I suppose this makes me King Julien II of Poland. I greatest discover a appropriate candidate quickly.

2nd of August, 1328

I’ve made my determination. After reviewing the political scenario in Poland and the way land is distributed I’ve determined maybe it’s best to nominate a neighborhood lord as King. A number of the the Aristocracy are fairly various, talking German and Italian, little doubt from the Kingdoms days within the Holy Roman Empire. Both method if I give the Kingdom to an outsider or a noble with little land it can actually create instability. I made a decision to call Duke Bogumil Bogorski of Lesser Poland as the brand new King. To assist legitimize him I’ve additionally organized him to marry my eldest daughter Eve. Not solely tie the Polish Royal Household to my very own however legitimize them as descendants of myself and Charlemagne. Maybe my father was mistaken in pondering he may merely invade your complete Kingdom and easily title his brother because the King and be performed with it. Clearly these Polish nobles favor to have one among their very own lead them. Within the dinner with the now King Bogumil, Princess Eve and the courtroom I raised a glass “To the prosperity of your loved ones, your kingdom, and your individuals!” “Right here right here!’ all of them shouted as we drank collectively.

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The Kingdom of Poland

23rd of September, 1331

The political scenario has been rising ever extra tense right here in France. The the Aristocracy are extra irritated than ever resulting from my land reforms and now from what I perceive they’re organizing factions to oppose me. So I’ve determined to begin appointing new Dukes to manipulate the provinces. Dukes Lothaire of Bourbon, Richard of Penthierve, and Anton of Toulouse have all banded collectively in rebel. Appears that this can shortly turn out to be the brand new norm right here in France.

11th of December, 1331

I’m main a military right here in Penthievre as I lead a cavalry cost into battle with what little little bit of the rebels is left right here. I’ve despatched out orders for armies to siege territories close to Paris in addition to start sieging Toulouse. With the insurgent territories being so unfold out they will’t sufficiently collect as much as problem me. From the ashes of this time of dysfunction will rise a larger Empire religious and dependable to the Emperors.

22nd of April, 1332

A battle broke out in Beauvais. I used to be main a siege right here when phrase arrived about 20 thousand rebels crossing the seine from the south as I known as for reinforcements I took command of one among our flanks serving to lead the cost. We’ll make the most of their poor positioning to crush them. I observed one of many commanders making an attempt to flee. “Coward! Struggle me!” I dismounted my horse simply as he turned and snickered. A big man with an extended and curly golden beard. He drew out an ax as I swung my sword and in a flash he caught my blade so I countered with a twist of my wrist. Nonetheless, I left myself weak and I noticed a swing of his fist because it struck me within the eye. I stumbled again with a yelp earlier than the subsequent factor I do know he shoved me onto the bottom and swung his ax into the aspect of my chest. The fad of battle round me I may solely scream in agony. Seeing their Emperor on the bottom another males rushed in to help. At the same time as I bought away and mounted my horse I may really feel that some ribs had been damaged. “Who was that commander?!” I shouted out as one among my males joined subsequent to me “That was Mayor Clotaire of Moulins. Fairly the famed veteran he’s.” I gritted my enamel and clicked my tongue to go have my wounds taken care of. My joints from my gout ached and floor although for as soon as the ache was numb compared to my ribs. “As soon as this rebel is crushed I’ll discover that bastard and grasp him myself.”

third of June, 1332

I used to be within the medical tent being handled for my wounds when a few of my commanders approached inside “Your grace! Fantastic information.” I turned to them as they defined “We’ve caught one of many enemy commanders!” the battle had been gained and the rebels have been in retreat I’d given orders to provide a full chase. “Glorious was it the Mayor Clotaire? I’ll have that weasel hanged for what he did.” The commander shook his head “Er no your grace, it was Duke Lothaire himself.” he gestured as a number of troopers carried the duke into the tent. His face swollen, bruised and crushed, scarred with pus and wounds all throughout totally disfigured. Items of bone have been poking out of his flesh and his jaw and nostril have been out of alignment. Appears the battle had actually performed a quantity on him. “Properly effectively effectively, appears to be like just like the mighty Duke Lothaire of Bourbon has lastly gotten justice.” He spat blood at my ft as my wounds have been being cleaned. “With the chief of this revolt captured this conflict is now over. You’ve misplaced and I’ll ensure you are correctly punished for it you cretin” I rose up strolling over as my royal doctor reached out “Your grace! You shouldn’t your accidents are quite-” As I approached I swung my head in right into a full headbutt into his already broken and damaged face as he fell backwards unconscious I stumbled again almost collapsing myself. Black spots appeared in my imaginative and prescient and I felt horribly dizzy from that. I waved the troopers off to hold him away. As soon as I’ve rested I’ll resolve what to do with him and his co conspirators.

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13th of February, 1333

My wounds have lastly begun to heal each in thoughts and physique. It’s been over 6 months because the finish of the rebel and as my wounds heal and a horrible scar is left behind France is equally scarred from these rebellions however like me it can push onward. The entire rebels had their lands revoked, typically left as petty Barons or counts who misplaced their positions as Dukes to new coming nobles. Although as I returned to palace life right now I obtained information that just about despatched me proper again to mattress. Empress Brandimena died in her sleep final evening. To be misplaced so younger. I do know she struggled after giving start to our 4 youngsters however nonetheless. As I mourn I really feel the hatred boiling in me. Hatred and anger. My ultimate weeks with my spouse weren’t spent in loving embrace or collectively however as a substitute with me being handled for horrible wounds and her continually fretting over if I’d reside or not. And right here I’m alive, but she is not. It’s that Mayors fault. He had introduced me this damage and he’s the one felony from the conflict left unpunished. He was a Mayor of some place in Bourbon, what was it? Oh proper Moulins. I’ll draft a letter difficult him to a duel. A ultimate rematch for the disgrace he introduced me on the battlefield.

16th of February, 1333

A fast reply it appears the blasted mayor has refused my duel! I’ll destroy this man even when it means damning his everlasting soul. Utilizing my connections with the papacy I’ll ship a letter to the Pope himself and get him to excommunicate Mayor Clotaire. If nothing else at the least his popularity will probably be ruined and his soul damned for eternity.

27th of July, 1333

After the demise of Empress Brandimena my advisors have been pressuring me to remarry and discover a new spouse. They introduced me some noble ladies earlier than I lastly settled on a 17 yr previous woman named Beatrice de Hainaut. A lesser noble, however she was enticing if a bit younger and inexperienced. Since I solely have one viable son for inheritance I should remarry and take a look at for extra sons simply in case one thing occurs to younger Baudouin. Even in her grave that bitch nonetheless mocks me at any time when I get a letter from Julien. I don’t open them anymore, I inform my servants to toss them in a drawer in my research so I’m not tempted to learn by them. I noticed him at his mom’s funeral although we didn’t share any phrases. Since then no letters. Maybe he lastly obtained the trace. Both method because the ceremony was underway in Notre Dame I used my cane to hobble to the altar earlier than we have been lastly wed. Regardless of my previous age and growing pained and feeble physique I nonetheless really feel as robust as in my youth. As the wedding was underneath method she actually didn’t look all too happy to be wedded to a person a lot older than her. I swore my vows as soon as once more however I may really feel the spirit of Brandimena evident at me from heaven. I’m sorry my love, you’re the just one for me. I will probably be with you once more.

22nd of December, 1334

The snow fell over Paris as we traveled into Notre Dame. In the present day was the day of my sons marriage ceremony. Prince Baudouin was to be married to Beleassez de Saone, a French noblewoman from the Latin Empire. She was stunning, however greater than that I may inform she had a wit about her one that would in all probability run circles round Baudouin. Granted he was way more clever than his older brother, lots much less simply manipulated. Both method maybe Julien did make the precise selection, it did actually depart the Empire in additional succesful fingers.

4th of December, 1335

It’s unusual to have my spouse and my daughter-in-law each be pregnant on the similar time. Particularly because it means Baudouins baby will probably be across the similar age as their uncle. Nonetheless right now proved to be the day. The courtroom gathered to observe Baudouins spouse give start after which it was introduced to be a boy! A grandson, and an eligible inheritor to the throne. First Baudouin took the kid as I requested “So what is going to he be named?” To which he turned to me with a smile “I’d like to call him after you father, Prince Julien.” I smiled to him patting his again “Elevating the boy will probably be tough however don’t depend on the maids for every thing. That’s the way you make certain a prince finally ends up successful such as you” he smiled again as I took the newly born Prince Julien, the longer term Emperor of France. I can really feel it, this Empire is in good fingers.

27th of December, 1335

Two princes born throughout the similar month. Beatrice , the younger stunning morsel she is, gave start to our first baby collectively and it’s a son. I’ve chosen to call him Louis actually a robust child as he was greedy my fingers and pulling on them. It’s uncertain Louis could have a fief to name his personal or ever be Emperor. However both method I’ll pray and hope he finds his personal method and happiness in his life.

ninth of October, 1336

I lastly had my likelihood. As a result of my persistence Mayor Clotaire lastly gave in and agreed to duel with me. After years since that rebel I’d by no means forgotten what Clotaire had performed to me. The scar upon my face and the ache I suffered by. Each different enemy I made in that rebel is locked away or residing in squalor, the one one deserving justice but is Clotaire. As soon as he arrived it was within the Palace of Guise within the dueling room. “It’s a pleasure to see you once more Clotaire, when was the final time we met? 4 years now?” He stroked his golden beard earlier than brandishing his blade “My Emperor. Judging by the scar upon your face I’m guessing you’re not as completely satisfied to see me as you declare.” I may really feel my lip twitch earlier than shaking my head taking maintain of my household spear handed down since King Eudes II. “Oh quite the opposite, I’ve been wanting ahead to this for a few years.” Clotaire visibly rolled his eyes “Sure pester an previous soldier now feeble and weak to a rematch simply because he bested you in fight.” I shook my head, taking a stance “You’re not the one one whose grown previous, however not like you I’m not a fats and lazy slob.” Clotaire grit his enamel earlier than charging in elevating his blade after which in a blur of actions there was a scream. Blood. A lot blood. I wiped the blood from my face as I noticed Clotaires blade on the bottom together with one among his fingers stubbornly gripping it by no means letting go. Utilizing the blade fringe of my spear I chopped his hand clear off. He checked out me although I may inform he was about to move out. “You haven’t any thought how lengthy I’ve waited for this previous man.” I raised my blade earlier than working it by his chest between his ribs and thru his lungs and out the opposite aspect. I noticed the blood cough and ooze out of his mouth as he twitched holding the shaft of the spear along with his remaining hand. I noticed his eyes slowly closing as I put my boot on his face pushing him again to tug the spear again by because it was caught within his physique. After some twisting and pulling I bought it by because the mangled bloody mess was now staining the dueling room ground. I walked over taking a fabric to wash my face armor and my spear. The deed is completed and my hatred has been settled.

27th of March, 1337

One other son has been born from Beatrice. What a lovely younger lady and so fertile and effectively developed to ship. This child boy is wholesome as may very well be. We’ve named him Leon, a brand new group of younger princes. If nothing else this can assist with succession. I ought to do one thing for these boys, some type of titles or fiefs to provide them when they’re older.

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27th of January, 1340

It’s unusual at my age to be having extra youngsters. However with the huge age distinction between me and my spouse it’s not stunning. Beatrice gave start to a different son but once more, we determined to call him Prince Geoffroy. Elevating them alongside my grandsons is sort of the expertise. Although as I held Geoffroy in my arms I noticed the poor sickly toddler’s situation. Both method with so many boys being born between me and Baudouin, succession will probably be secure for a really very long time.

29th of August, 1340

It appears the Holy Roman Emperor is inflicting chaos throughout Europe as soon as once more. Maybe the Pope ought to name for an additional campaign to place him in his place. His topics are attacking Sweden whereas Emperor Ehrenfried III is attacking Italy making an attempt to take Milan. I’ve despatched a proper request to King Lattanzio of Italy to hitch within the conflict. With levies now raised it’s time to as soon as once more go to conflict. I wouldn’t assume I’d have to steer armies in my previous age with gout consuming away at me however as soon as once more the service to my Empire calls on me.

seventh of April, 1341

I lead my armies into Brescia to intercept a retreating German military led by the Emperor himself. As we met we drastically outnumbered him as I led the middle cost. The Germans have been fast to fold and additional retreat into the chilly mountainous lands of the alps. Regardless of their early successes on this conflict I appear to have are available in simply in time to assist safe a victory for the Italians. However the actuality is evident, the German risk continues to be ever current regardless of the Seventh Campaign. In actual fact from what I perceive the van Loons have managed to abolish the elective monarchy. With the Empire correctly centralized the Emperor could have the authority and attain to pose a critical risk to their catholic neighbors. I must see what I can do to persuade the Pope to both name for a campaign or I’ll should launch one myself.

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15th of October, 1341

After a sequence of setbacks, Kaiser Ehrenfried III lastly surrendered and with that me and my males returned house. However the actuality is easy, the Holy Roman Empire because it has unified and due to its refusal to denounce its vile heresy is a risk to all of Christendom. If the Pope won’t name a campaign, I’ll wage my very own.

seventh of January, 1342

I’ve issued out a letter to the German Princes to desert their Emperor and their heresy or they are going to see their lands revoked and seized. An ultimatum to the Emperor himself “You’re a menace to the Christian world, your Empire exists to problem the heirs of Augustus reject the entire traditions of the civilized world. Surrender your foul heresy, resign your declare to the title of caesar, and abandon your delusions of grandeur.” my letter included. I name for the levies to be raised with a brand new yr comes a brand new conflict. Throughout the provinces troopers stand up able to crush the evils of the Kaiser. The lands of Lotharingia have been the capital holdings of Charlemagne centuries in the past and what’s extra are rightful French lands. That is the right alternative to do precisely what is critical.

20th of September, 1342

My armies have totally occupied the area of Alsace as my different armies are transferring into Decrease and Higher Lorraine. As soon as these areas are extra firmly underneath management the Kaiser must give up. But I’ve obtained no studies of German troops anyplace. Much more suspicious is that the Kaiser will not be preoccupied in some other wars. Maybe the Kaiser has merely surrendered to desert Lotharingia.

25th of November, 1342

With out a single struggle Kaiser Ehrenfried III supplied a full give up of Lotharingia together with Alsace to me. In my youth I’d name him a coward for not assembly me in battle as soon as. However now, I’m grateful I didn’t should. With my gout plaguing me I may barely get my foot in my boot nonetheless correctly lead a battle. Both method as I return house I resolve that maybe I ought to divide up the spoils amongst my sons and grandsons. Give them their very own fiefs and provinces to manipulate.

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France the HRE Border c.1343

11th of January, 1343

My Campaign is now full, I’ve ordered for my Court docket Chaplain to start the method of sending missionaries throughout Lotharingia to assist root out the Fraticelli nests within the area. I’ve additionally needed to divide up the brand new provinces of the Empire deciding to grant most to army commanders who’ve served underneath me for a few years. Although I did title my sons Louis and Leon as Dukes of the provinces of Decrease Lorraine and Trier respectively. Since they’re nonetheless youngsters they are going to have regents performing as short-term governors of their stead, however I’ve made positive they’ve fiefs for when they’re older.

27th of March, 1344

One other baby born to me and Beatrice, when she gave start I used to be not excited as I as soon as was however mournful. I used to be nearly 60 years previous, and to have one other baby is grasping. How am I presupposed to relaxation understanding I will probably be absent from their lives? What’s worse is she gave start to twins, a lady we named Cecile, and a boy we named Edouard. Because the twins have been born I smiled however hobbled out of the room. I gained’t be capable of see all of my youngsters develop up, I’ll find yourself abandoning them whether or not I need to or not. That feeling hurts, the helplessness. I’ve by no means felt that earlier than. I hurried sooner and sooner till my cane slipped and I fell over my uncovered foot ached with the swelling bulges alongside the toe. Gah!

21st of September, 1344

Phrase simply arrived {that a} huge conflict had damaged out within the north. It appears the King of Sweden together with a big a part of the the Aristocracy had returned to their previous pagan traditions in secret. When it was found the Papacy issued a requirement Sweden returned to Christian fingers and naturally King Erling refused. Now the Teutonic Order of Knights is waging a campaign of the north to root out what stays of those pagan traditions. As I learn the studies I dismiss it as one thing of little relevance to me. Although how did the Swedes handle to in secret converse with their previous false gods proper underneath the Teutons noses? I had been dropped at consider the Teutonic Knights had in depth lands and fortresses all through Sweden. Irrespective of I doubt these pagans will be capable of final towards the would possibly of Christendom.

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The Northern Campaign c.1344

4th of October, 1347

Throughout courtroom right now my chancellor Duke Geraud of Franche Comte approached “Your grace, it appears we now have a message from the Holy Roman Emperor.” I raised my hand in acknowledgement “In all probability one other risk” I commented as he then continued “Truly it’s an invite. It appears Emperor Ehrenfried III had handed again in November with none sons so his brother Amadeus is to be topped Holy Roman Emperor. He needs so that you can attend.” I cocked a forehead “What sort of nonsense is that this? To attend the illegitimate coronation of a heretic Emperor?” The chancellor then continued “Truly your grace, it appears Amadeus doesn’t subscribe to the heretic Fraticelli religion. He’s a loyal Catholic and desires to revive church ties.” I used to be shocked. The Germans had embraced the Fraticelli heresy so a few years in the past and reduce ties to the church. Appears this Amadeus is sensible past his years and understands the destruction it’s introduced on his individuals. “If that’s the case then I’ll attend. Start making the suitable preparations. We journey to Rotenburg.”

13th of November, 1347

The ceremony was right now with a bunch of vassals throughout. As most have been talking German I couldn’t perceive their chatter however the air within the room was tight. One among my translators advised me most of the German nobles appears displeased with Emperor Amadeus and his wanting to fix ties with the Church. Because the Pope positioned the crown upon the Emperors head for the primary time in generations the Holy Roman Empire was again in Catholic fingers. Because the ceremony got here to an finish the Emperor requested me particularly to satisfy with him as our translators have been at work.

“I’m grateful you selected to attend.” “It was a stunning ceremony although lots of your visitors didn’t appear as grateful as you Kaiser.” He nodded with a small giggle “Certainly, I’m the one one among my brothers who doesn’t embrace the Fraticelli. The the Aristocracy see the church as corrupt, useless, although I perceive the fact of this case. The trail the Empire is about is one among destruction.” I nodded “I could not agree extra.” As we drank collectively he defined additional that he needed to equally make amends with France and settle the feud between the Empire and France. I mulled it over earlier than answering “Properly how about we betroth your daughter and my youngest son Edouard? A method of sealing a proper non-aggression pact.” we clinked our drinks in settlement earlier than sipping it down. He’d be fortunate to outlive to my age with what number of enemies he’s making. Both method I’ll stand by his aspect if it means making certain a safe border and extra importantly undermining these Fraticelli.

third of Might, 1348

I’ve been providing my treasury to numerous Bishops of their bids to marketing campaign and be chosen as Cardinals. Ideally I’ll line the papacy with French cardinals and hold the Papacy underneath my affect. Although these campaigns are proving costlier. What higher option to pay them than with another person’s coin. I’ve turned to the newly ascended King Lattanzio II of Italy and demanded he submit as my tributary and pay us part of his revenue. In spite of everything, if he may afford to fund a army marketing campaign towards the Andalusians he may afford to pay coin to the rightful Emperor of the Romans.

fifth of August, 1248

Studies have are available in from a significant battle that broke out in Elna as the majority of the Italian military was making ready to invade Barcelona. We took benefit it appears as I despatched in 30 thousand males surrounding them over three to 1. Over half of the Italians have been crushed and defeated, I’ve despatched tens of 1000’s extra males in the direction of Italy itself to start some sieges. I can’t be main the armies myself this time as my age has caught as much as me. Hopefully I don’t have to do an excessive amount of harm to get King Lattanzio II to give up and settle for being my tributary. If not there may be about to be many extra lifeless Italians.

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seventh of December, 1348

It appears the small detachment of levies despatched to Catalonia have succeeded in crushing the Italians and their native garrisons. Although nearly all of my forces are dealing with resistance in Italy itself. Each the Pope and the King of Sicily have chosen to hitch the conflict to defend the King of Italy from turning into my tributary. Sicilians arrived to assault my armies and not one of the native armies have been capable of reinforce in time. eight thousand males misplaced. I want I used to be on the entrance strains main these armies. I’m positive I may have made the distinction. Both method I’ve issued orders for the armies to break down on the Sicilians from all instructions. They are going to be crushed and despatched again and hopefully King Lattanzio II will lastly submit and give up.

22nd of July, 1349

After a number of sieges of their northwestern territories the King has lastly submitted and agreed to tributary standing underneath the French empire. The conflict was fairly bloody and expensive, actually it may need really squandered Italy’s conflict with Andalusia to retake Catalonia. However with Italian tributes now filling the coffers I can begin extra actively funding the election campaigns for my cardinals and take a extra strong management of the School of Cardinals and the Papacy as an entire.

23rd of January, 1356

It was throughout a small feast when one among my males approached and whispered to my ear “Your grace it appears there’s a messenger from the Vatican. He’s ready for you in your research.” I excused myself from the desk earlier than heading upstairs to see what was taking place. I used to be greeted by Cardinal Raimond-Berenguie, one of many French Cardinals. “Your grace” he bowed as I shortly waved him off. He rose again up as I poured every of us a drink. Sitting down I set my cane leaning towards the wall. “Have a seat and a drink.” “I hope I didn’t interrupt something.” to this I shook my head sipping from the goblet “Mm, so what brings you to Paris?” The Cardinal then defined “Properly I got here to let you know that again in December Pope Hadrianus IV had handed away. The School has elected Cardinal Farhan, an Egyptian, who has taken the title Pope Sergius VI. I nodded “That’s unlucky, having a French Pope was fairly helpful.” He appeared to grimace as I set the goblet down leaning ahead “What’s the matter, Raimond?” He set his personal drink down after which defined “His Holiness, Sergius, apparently is intently tied to the Arabian Emperor. Solely a month into being elected Pope and he’s calling a campaign on the behest of Emperor Chrysogonos.” he defined as I tapped my chin “and the place will this campaign be? The Holy Roman Emperor has returned to Catholicism, the heretical King of Sweden transformed after the Northern Campaign.” Cardinal Raumon scratched at his jaw as he then defined “It appears the Arabian Emperor needed the Ppe to name a Campaign towards one among his neighbors far to the east within the lands of Khorasan. My guess is that he hopes to create a Crusader Kingdom to function a buffer between him and different neighbors such because the Mongols.” I shook my head ending my drink “Utilizing the mantle of a campaign to justify political development. My predecessors lead righteous wars to assist curb the assault on Christendom. Restoring christianity to Egypt and the jap Meditteranean. Now right here they’re eager to assault, what was the place known as?” “Khorasan?” “Sure, attacking Khorasan a spot most Christians had by no means heard of only for the advantage of some distant Emperor. Shameful.”

19th of July, 1358

It’s actually a miracle of Christ himself. After many years of Gout plaguing my physique making each step I took a ache it handed. Nobody else in my household file ever survived lengthy sufficient to recuperate from Gout. Because the swelling disappeared it by no means appeared to come back again and I’ve lived in consolation as soon as once more. It’s wonderful that regardless of my superior age that I’m able to beat such an sickness, clearly my prayers have been answered. A celebration is so as. I’ve issued a decree to host a summer season honest in Paris to rejoice.

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