The House of Flowers (Series)

The Home of Flowers (La casa de las flores) is a 2018 Mexican Prime Time Cleaning soap distributed by Netflix, created by scriptwriter and director Manolo Caro.

Virginia de la Mora has all of it. A loving husband, three grown youngsters, and a well-known and profitable flower store in Mexico Metropolis’s most unique neighborhood, which she inherited from her mom. The flower store will quickly have a good time its 50th anniversary. Then, in the midst of her husband’s lavish birthday celebration, a lady hangs herself contained in the flower store, leaving a letter for Virginia, and the household’s soiled secrets and techniques begin coming to mild. Now the household should attempt to preserve themselves collectively whereas all of their worlds begin falling aside.

This collection comprises examples of the next tropes:

  • A Birthday, Not a Break: The primary episode takes place at Ernesto’s birthday celebration. His mistress hangs herself on the occasion. In season 2 we notice that it was additionally their eight-year-old daughter’s birthday the day earlier than, too.
  • Actor Allusion: Considered one of Paco Leon’s most well-known previous roles was additionally as a lady, Raquel on Homo Zapping.
  • Age-Hole Romance:
    • Diego is noticeably older than Julian.
    • Poncho is far youthful than Carmela.
    • Lampshaded by Alejo with Paulina, who’s not even that a lot older than him – however actually performed straight by his relationship along with her mom.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Although Paulina by no means comes out, she does get again collectively along with her ex-husband after she’s transitioned to be a lady (after a number of years of separation and thought), is sort of pleased referring to stated ex-husband as her spouse, is bodily interested in her after the transition, and viciously spurns homophobia in season 2 and particularly the funeral particular greater than sufficient to sound private.
  • And Starring: “And Cecilia Suarez. With Arturo Rios as Ernesto, and the particular participation of Paco Leon”. In season 2, with Suarez now listed first as the principle star, solely Rios, Leon and (new for s2) Mariana Trevino have this.
  • The Atoner: Paulina frames Diego for operating a brothel as revenge for his alleged treachery, however after discovering out that he was Good All Alongside, she turns herself in to the police as an alternative.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: Just a few conversations are half Spanish, half English, often for the good thing about Dominique. It’s clear that Elena and Paulina converse English nicely, and Dominique ultimately learns Spanish.
  • Name-Again: A self-reference for creator Manolo Caro. When Virginia has a dialog with the deceased Roberta, she says “I ought to have slit my veins” (she hung herself). Caro’s first characteristic movie was referred to as I do not know whether or not to slit my veins or go away them lengthy (feat. Cecilia Suarez, Juan Pablo Medina, Mariana Trevino).
  • The Cameo: What Maria Jose’s character was alleged to be, however she caught round for all of season 1 and have become so well-liked she grew to become a important character in season 2 and three.
  • Citizenship Marriage: A part of the rationale Elena is marrying Dominique.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Within the season 2 finale, Jenny Quetzal’s SUV simply occurs to collide with Elena’s automobile.
  • Cultural Translation: Bruno’s enthusiastic use of Spanish slang after residing in Madrid is became British slang within the English subtitles. Additional to this, within the hated English dub the Mexican characters are rendered US and the Spanish as British.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Virginia abruptly dies of most cancers between seasons 1 and a pair of.
  • Dump Them All: The love triangle between Virginia, Ernesto and Salomon is resolved this manner.
  • Everyone Has Requirements: When Paulina visits Diego’s dad and mom, she is horrified they’re extra involved with their son being homosexual than the truth that he has dedicated grand larceny.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: Implied to be the case with Virginia and Ernesto, since she acquired pregnant by Salomon, met Ernesto, and acquired married to him all earlier than Paulina was born.
  • Good All Alongside: Diego didn’t truly steal de la Mora household’s cash. He was masking up for Virginia and serving to her pay for her most cancers remedy in Houston.
  • Has Two Mommies: Bruno.
  • Hereditary Homosexuality: Of the three siblings on the middle of the present, two are bisexual.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Within the season 2 finale, Paulina turns herself in to the police with a purpose to defend Diego.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Every episode is called after a flower, the flower’s which means is expounded to the occasions within the episode.
  • If It is You, It is Okay: Paulina decides this within the season 1 finale.
  • Within the Blood: Julián believes he inherited his dishonest was from his father. Contemplating the large quantity of infidelity within the household, he may need a degree.
  • New Outdated Flame: Paulina and Maria Jose had been married, acquired divorced, and married once more in Season three Finale.
  • Mama’s Child, Papa’s Perhaps:
    • Paulina is not Ernesto’s little one; Virginia was already pregnant when she met Ernesto. She’s truly the kid of Dr. Cohen.
    • ‘Namibia’ is not Julián’s daughter; Lucía advised him and two different guys that to gather little one assist after the true father refused to acknowledge her.
  • Significant Title:
    • ‘de la Mora’ – it’s a simple and in-universe pun on ‘de la ethical‘, and means that the household has lengthy had inexperienced fingers as a result of it suggests they arrive from berry farming.
    • ‘Jenny Quetzal’ – Quetzal is the title of a uncommon Central American chook, which explains why her cult is known as The Flock, and a chook that historically symbolizes freedom by is proscribed to its native habitat, which can be why her claims to present folks freedom from their troubles with out important adjustments was believed. It is also the title of the foreign money of Guatemala, which tells of the cash rip-off that the cult truly is.
    • ‘Alejo Salva’ – salva clearly which means like a savior or a balm, and he was Virginia’s consolation as she was dying. Additionally appears to be an compulsory title for Spaniards on Netflix?
  • The Mistress: Roberta.
  • Nosy Neighbour: Carmela. The household should go to nice lengths to maintain her from discovering and divulging the household secrets and techniques.
  • Noodle Incident: Virginia’s funeral after being always referenced in season two. Only some weeks later, a funeral particular was launched.
  • Mother and father as Folks: Regardless of their many, many flaws, all of the dad and mom in the principle solid are proven to deeply care about their youngsters and do what they sincerely consider is greatest for them.
  • Posthumous Narration: Roberta
  • Product Placement: Oh, a lot. Typically the commercial comes within the type of a literal billboard taking over your entire display for a scene.
  • Race for Your Love: Paulina chases María José to the airport to ask to get again collectively, surprisingly on the encouragement of her mom.
  • Actuality Ensues: Every time somebody tries to be a Manipulative Bastard it often backfires as a result of folks actually aren’t that predictable and manipulation is a poisonous factor to do in what’s alleged to be a loving relationship.
  • Rip-off Faith: Season 2 introduces Jenny Quetzal’s Flock, the place Ernesto joins this pseudo-religious cult.
  • Secret Different Household: Roberta and their daughter Michaela are this to Ernesto, notably while you discover out that Michaela wasn’t the results of a contraception slip-op—they did costly fertility therapies to have her.
  • Shout-Out: The unusual title of Lucía’s daughter, Namibia, is lampshaded an entire lot, however earlier than it is even stated proper by anybody Elena first unintentionally miscalls her ‘Nairobi’, the pseudonym of one other well-known Spanish-language Netflix character, and one who’s additionally concerned in a cash rip-off, presumably exhibiting some foreshadowing.
  • “Shut Up” Kiss: Paulina to María José when she tries to counsel causes they cannot be collectively.
  • Sobriquet Intercourse Change: Born José María, after popping out as a trans lady she flipped it round, making it María José.
  • Communicate Now or Ceaselessly Maintain Your Peace: Subverted. It would not truly occur, however Michaela encourages Claudio to object to Elena’s Marriage ceremony.
  • Begins with a Suicide: Roberta hanging herself within the flower store is what kickstarts the plot.
  • Shock Automotive Crash: Within the final episode of Season 2, whereas getting chased by the police, Jenny Quetzal’s automobile crashes with one other automobile whose passenger is Elena
  • Staff Mother: Paulina.
  • “The Purpose You Suck” Speech: Julián receives a devastating one from Diego, whereas the latter is taking off with the household’s cash.
  • Waxing Lyrical: Twice, first when Poncho is making an attempt to seduce Carmela. She instantly notices and rebuffs his advances. The second is when Elena talks Michaela into retaining her secret. She deliberately makes use of Selena’s lyrics, realizing the lady will acknowledge them and be swayed by them.

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