Beautiful Purple Asters With A Visiting Bee.

The Daisy Flower Has An Amazing Secret. Now That’s Clever.

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The Daisy Flower jogs my memory of fields and meadows, daisy chains, and ‘he loves me, he loves me not’. We had no daisies method again then, so we used Clover flowers for a stupendous daisy chain. My favorite true daisy is the pale pink Marguerite, and the opposite is the gorgeous Aster. Cosmos Flowers additionally belong to the Daisy Household.

Daisies belong to most likely the most important household of flowering crops – Asteraceae – which has round 23,000 species. Some varieties are Annuals eg. the English Daisy and a few are Perennials eg. the Shasta Daisy and the Coneflower.  My splendid backyard would have each.

Beautiful Purple Asters With A Visiting Bee.The Easy, Elegant Aster Flower.

Some daisies are delicate and a few are robust. Even the frequent Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Gerberas and Calendulas belong to the identical household. Evolution: They’ve been round since 42 – 36 millon years in the past, however their direct ancestor might have been right here for as much as 49 million years.

The Daisy Flower’s symbolic that means is ‘childhood, innocence and purity’. So the Eternal Daisy would imply holding onto all of those qualities for all of your life – perpetually. The dry, papery petals on the Eternal (or Strawflower), final ‘perpetually’,  and are at all times out there as a dried association in a vase.

To see a 47 million 12 months previous daisy fossil click on proper right here.

The daisy is principally herbaceous – missing a woody stem –  however there are additionally some shrubs, timber and even climbers (now that might be good) with woody stems. Daisy crops largely have a faucet root however others might have fibrous roots. Which implies some are Monocots while others are Dicots. Their stems are often erect however then once more some will be spreading of their behavior and even climbing. I believe there’s a sort of daisy for nearly everybody.

Daisies might imply innocence and purity however they will additionally imply sturdy as a result of they’re usually so robust. The unique that means of the phrase Daisy comes from Day’s Eye – they open in the course of the day and shut up at evening. Our daisies outdoors have simply closed for the evening. Now I’m wondering why they do this? Really, it is to preserve treasured vitality for tomorrow.

‘Marguerite’ is the French phrase for daisy. Daisies had been as soon as used to deal with gray hair and return it to its unique color. Now that might be much like the concept that should you get enough minerals (as from the ocean) your hair won’t go gray in any respect. As if!

Previous saying: ‘Spring has not come till you may set your foot on twelve daisies’. One factor I can say concerning the daisy flower: it definitely is cheerful.

Scientists aren’t certain why the daisy flower grew to become so profitable. However it might be as a result of they developed a extremely specialised Capitulum – a particular sort of flower head – or as a result of they will retailer a relentless provide of vitality comparable to fructans (like fructose). Or was it a mixture of those and different elements?  (My guess is that it is each). Once you see their true intricate nature it is no surprise they did so nicely. Particularly while you discover out the variety of seeds they produce.

The daisy flower consists of a compact mass of very tiny stalkless flowers (the capitulum), as within the English Daisy. The yellow central portion of the capitulum of a daisy consists of ‘disk florets’ whereas the outer white, petal-like buildings are known as ‘ray florets’. Every ring of petals or sepals or florets are known as ‘whorls’, as in most flowers.

The specialised capitulum (or flower head) is shared by all flowers within the household Asteraceae. This superb sort of head consists of many particular person flowers which mature into seeds, typically within the hundreds.


Should you meet this time period when finding out flowers, it merely means ‘a flower cluster’ or a gaggle of flowers on the identical stem. They typically have particular traits which could be very evident within the Daisy Flower.

Bellis perennis. The English Daisy.


However there is just one true daisy flower, the English Daisy, Bellis perennis. Many daisies are lovely and extra common however nothing actually compares with Bellis perennis. Nevertheless, it’s a matter of private selection. After I was confronted with the Gerbera daisy, I used to be shocked. The place is the stigma, the model, the ovary and the place are the stamens? After trying to find info to reply these questions, I found their secret, and that goes for all the opposite daisies too. They do not have only one stigma, one model, or one ovary; they’ve lots of – every intricately positioned within the capitulum (flower head) – to make sure hundreds of seeds in order that copy is a certainty. This species shouldn’t be going extinct for a very long time but. 

The Magic of the Daisy Flower. A Composite Sort.

You see, while you have a look at a Gerbera daisy or an bizarre daisy flower, what you’re really seeing shouldn’t be a single flower, however an entire mixture of particular person flowers organized round a central Disk. (A composite of separate particular person flowers all borne, not on only one bush, however on each single flower on each bush). All of these little flowers are known as Florets. Florets closest to the centre are known as the ‘Disk Florets’ and people on the periphery are the ‘Ray Florets’. 

Each is an ideal tiny flower and is able to being fertilized, and that is why daisies have so many seeds – thousands- every daisy able to producing as much as 26,000 seeds per plant, relying on its measurement and the variety of flowers on the plant. So the daisy flower is known as a ‘composite’ flower. Smaller daisies might ‘solely’ handle a thousand or two seeds.

As with the wild roses, daisy flowers will be thought-about pests, relying on the place you reside. The Gerbera daisies are very particular as you’ll quickly discover out. They’re greater and extra showy, subsequently their particular person elements are extra readily recognized. A complete new world opens up underneath the microscope. 

The Proof.

This needs to be seen to be believed. The Secret of the Gerbera Daisy and all of the others.

Pale pin old-fashioned gerbera daisy flower.

Conventional pale pink Gerbera. Picture Credit score: Sakurai Midori.

Gorgeous Red, Deep Pink and Yellow spidery mutant Gerberas. Modern.

A little bit extra fashionable. Mutant Gerberas.  Picture Credit score: Paebi.

The Chrysanthemum is one other sort of Daisy flower. It’s utilized in Australia for Moms’ Day as a result of it’s at all times in flower at that very particular time of 12 months (early Autumn). Completely different nations have their very own distinctive flowers for Moms all over the world. 

Extra Daisy Varieties.

There are three extra members of the daisy flower household that are my favourites: The Aster Daisy, the Seaside Daisy and the Paper Daisy (or Eternal Daisy).

The ultimate pale blue Aster Alpinus Daisy Flower.

Blue Aster Alpinus. Picture Credit score: BotBin.

The Asters – Asteraceae household –  come from the Greek phrase that means star. They’re common due to their many types of color. They’re very robust and might dwell virtually wherever. There are two native asters within the UK: Goldilocks, which could be very uncommon, and the Sea AsterAster alpinus is one other aster daisy native to North America. 

Single seaside daisy. Erigeron glaucus.

The fragile Seaside Daisy. Precisely as I bear in mind it.

Erigeron glaucus is a species of flowering plant within the daisy household recognized by the frequent identify seaside fleabane, seashore aster, or seaside daisy. I’ve grown this magnificence. It has small flowers, at all times appears to be in flower and could be very robust. A should should you love daisies. Just about this lovely Seaside daisy flower, which grows madly right here in Australia, I’ve at all times recognized them to be lined in various shades of pink. They remind me of the Fairy Rose which at all times appears to have flowers on the bush in numerous levels of pink. Stunning for daisy lovers. This needs to be your primary plant for 12 months spherical flowering.

The delicious Sea Aster.

The Sea Aster  – Aster tripolium – is a plant of northern Europe that’s confined to salt marshes, estuaries and infrequently to inland salt works. (An ideal instance of various colors on the identical bush).

In case you are into edible flowers, it’s possible you’ll similar to this recipe: ‘Buttered Sea Aster’. Mix it with a few crabs and it will make a scrumptious seafood meal. Now I would like to strive that!

The Sea Aster grows as much as 50cm tall with fleshy leaves and purple ray florets (the skin layer of the capitulum – particular flower head). They flower from Summer time via to Autumn however they are typically short-lived. So that is the place the particular capitulum is useful – every of the ray florets is a separate full flower – so the plant produces hundreds of seeds earlier than it dies.

There are ‘rayed’ in addition to ‘rayless’ varieties (Sea Asters), however it’s the rayed sort which have lengthy blue or white florets. The rayless kind is white. They’re an exquisite supply of vitality for the late butterflies such because the ‘Painted Woman’ and the ‘Crimson Admiral’.

Xerochrysum strawburst

‘Strawburst Yellow’ (above) bred in California.

The Paper Daisy ( Xerochrysum bracteatum). The Strawflower.

This magnificence is often often called the golden eternal. It is a flowering plant within the household Asteraceae native to Australia. Everlastings really feel similar to stiff paper and are available in many pleasant colors. As you may think about, they final perpetually’ as reduce daisy flowers and supply a riot of color in any backyard. They’re additionally known as Strawflowers.

The Paper Daisy happens in all Australian mainland states and territories in addition to Tasmania. But it surely has even been reported rising in disturbed soil, alongside roadsides and in fields in the New England area in the US.

Xerochrysum bracteatum'Dargan Hill Monarch'

Dargan Hill Monarch Eternal. SE Queensland. Australia.

Bracteantha bracteata

Wild Paper Daisy (above).

Different Sorts of Everlastings:

Flower 228

Pink eternal from Europe.

Pink everlasting daisy flower hybrid.

A pink eternal hybrid daisy.

Xerochrysum bracteatum cultivar

Beautiful eternal hybrid.

Helichrysum bracteatum 1

An orange-red cultivar (cultivated selection) eternal daisy flower.

Weird green and yellow daisy flower.

Not all daises are equal.

Dwelling. Return from the Daisy Flower to Sorts of Flowers.

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