The 2020 Garden Tour || Best Plants & Changes

The 2020 Garden Tour || Best Plants & Changes

Goodbye 2020! With the yr coming to an finish, I wished to look again on the backyard excursions of 2020 and discuss what stood out most to me. Every backyard tour is mostly round an hour lengthy, so I solely picked just a few key areas to speak about and present how they grew via the yr. The largest most impactiful components of the backyard for me this final yr have been the laurel burm with the large tropical wanting Petasites japonicus. These monster leaves impressed and intimidated me each passing month. The banana bushes have been enjoyable to look again on and see how these progressed month to month, similar with the bikini tini colocasia. These elephant ears grew and grew, filling within the backyard mattress inside a matter of weeks from the warmth of summer season kicking in. The addition of the brand new ginger backyard which embrace the chilly hardy palms was a giant space for me, I’ve wished to get that space planted up for years! Likewise, the backyard mattress with the tradescantia and lemon coral sedum was a present stopper. With the again drop of the sunpatiens, chinese language fan palms, croton and cordyline fruticosa, was a wall of shade and distinction! My favourite planters of the yr needed to be the pool planters with the rainbow of petunias below the adonidia palms with these fairly pink variegated ti vegetation(C. fruticosa Kiwi) and the windmill palm planters with their beautiful candy potato vines and double impatiens. I might have gone on for hours about all of the vegetation within the backyard from 2020, particularly if I had included the tropical vegetation and houseplants. I would do a distinct video on my prime vegetation of 2020. I might do prime houseplants of 2020, prime backyard vegetation of 2020 and prime tropical vegetation of 2020. Let me know what you wish to see!

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45 thoughts on “The 2020 Garden Tour || Best Plants & Changes

  1. Hi Jeff! Welcome back! It's so good to see a video from you, and I would have watched a much longer video of yours! You sound good, so I'm hoping you really are. Isn't it amazing the difference just a month makes in the growth of plants?? I really enjoyed seeing the changes at your place. My two favorites of yours is theI could do top houseplants of 2020, top garden plants of 2020 and top tropical plants of 2020. Let me know what you want to see!" All of these, please! LOL! It was nice seeing Pumpkin and Toby and the fish! Thank you so much for sharing! Happy New Year! 🥂 🎉 And I hope you had a wonderful Christmas (considering) with your family!

  2. Ooo I love having a way to look back like this! I imagine it took a lot if work to put everything together.
    I have a spider plant that recovered from near death this year and I'm so proud of the tough little guy

  3. Happy New Year Jeff, looking forward to seeing what you doing in your garden next year. My new project is revamping my drive way next to the house with wooden planter holders, got petunias on my list of plants as it’s very sunny there , not sure of what I’m putting in as a focal point in the pots, got 5 to make up so that should be fun! Take care, stay safe. 🇬🇧🐾💕⛄️🍸🍸🍸

  4. Loved this recap video! Hands down, my favorite area were those adonidia planters. They really showed off well, and drew your eye in.
    Once those sabals and needles get good and established that is going to look so tropical with the gingers worked in! Can't wait to see that!

  5. Happy New Year!!! Did the thorny, contorted lemon/orange thing next to your window (sorry i forgot what it's called) survive? I remember you had to relocate it somewhere else.

  6. Thanks Jeff. Even when you were broken your garden was amazing. If mine looked even as 1/4th as good I would be very happy.💚🙃

  7. I'm loving the flashbacks. Gives me hope for my zone6a banana trees. The ginormous tall palm tree in the potter did you say you couldn't save it? Do you plant a new one up each year? Thx

  8. Oh my !!! What to say about my gardens..!! It’s my PT as well as my mental therapy. If it’s too cold outside to be in my gardens, I’m inside “ messing “ with my collection of over 300 plants, some of which I never ever would have guessed I would spend so much $$$ on! I guess this awful Pandemic has turned a lot of us into crazy plant people, but I’ve loved and grown plants for decades. My house is a 100 year old farm house that sure wasn’t built to house a lot of plants so I’ve had to adapt, and when it’s warm enough, the majority of them will go outside under a long row of old stately Cedar trees. If I could include pictures I would. But I recently started with Instagram as well as a YouTube channel “ Caroles Enchanted Forest”. I really truly appreciate all the knowledge that you’ve shared Jeff, including your sharing with the world your adored furry family. I too love animals and currently have 3 cats, 1 peacock ( it’s parents flew the coop) and 4 Alpacas. Hope you will have a very Happy New Year!

  9. I’m happy to see you cheerful and enjoying your gorgeous plants and furry family. Your happy voice and enthusiasm always give me a happy boost.. Carole ( Margaret Carole)

  10. Thanks for helping me get through another rough year. Whenever I go to Lowe’s I think of you and say to myself “WWJD?”
    I said that tonight and came home with a Hinoki tree that was sad that I didn’t buy it on my previous Lowe’s excursion. 😁 I’ve been wanting one for years, and now I finally have one.

  11. This is such a great video idea! And well executed! Hmmm. My standout plants… My ‘Jack’s Giant’ Colocasia is one of them not at all because it grew huge, but because it sat there while I wasn’t giving it TLC and took off when I started caring for it. Of course the hardy bananas were fantastic, growing as big as they ever have, and this will come as no surprise, but my aureosulcata bamboo made the transition from immature growth, looking like a giant fargesia, to stunning upright and strong culms; which influenced me to pivot the design & not plant a larger tropical in front so the attention went mostly to the bamboo. I think the ‘wanvisa’ water Lily has to be mentioned too. It got planted in spring and was pretty steady blooming even in a shadier pond.

  12. Nice recap Jeff! I don't know about you but I'm already dying to get back into spring gardening and winter has only started 😭 Happy New year 🎉 my friend and I hope we get over this damn Covid thing sooner than later 😁👍🇨🇦❤️

  13. I always love seeing how your garden changes from year to year. It’s beautiful Jeff. This year I tried cannas (the dark ones like you have, can’t remember the name) so fun to watch and grow. I dug them and my elephant ears up I had it pots (in townhouse can’t plant in ground and I’m 4b) so hopefully they will come back for me again next year. Happy New Years my friend♥️

  14. This was so very nice to see the look back can give me a very clear look at the changes I need to make next year and plan ahead .thank you for everything it is always my special time and it is still a great time to learn and grow.Most of all just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and a better one than last year. Happy planting keep on growing see you next time prayers still going out to you..

  15. Happy New Year Jeff! Looking forward to continue to be inspired by you & your love of the tropics in your zone 6 area! Amazing!

  16. Hmm, what stood out in the garden this year? Well, the Clotilde Soupert shrub rose was looking fantastic. Bushy with flush after flush of blooms all summer. Then Tropical Storm Sally went by and, in two days, every leaf fell off and two days after that the canes turned black. I don't know what happened with it. Wasn't a lack of drainage, I know that. So then I bought those hibiscus because I was going to pot them up in that container and they were so damn small that just wasn't going to work. So, this year in the garden, not the greatest.

  17. Happy new year! I have been inspired by you this year. I love color and am already planning for next spring. ♡

  18. 💚 I am hoping to see the ginger garden, sounds very pretty! Definitely looking for bigger and better for my herb garden. The garden tour is beautiful to watch in this winter weather and snow is coming down now. Hope you got your plants inside! 😊

  19. Oh look.. you can see your neighbours. 😳. I’d say your garden did really great .. all things considered. Pumpkin looks so cute 😻. It’s the first time I’ve seen her for more than 2 seconds. 😂. Happy new year Jeff. 🥂

  20. Hey Jeff …thank you for your time & efforts with posts this year . Hope you're still stretching and healing 😁I'll be in bed before midnight new years eve …LOL 😂

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