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The Sundrop Flower was a phenomenal, glowing, lily-like flower featured in Disney’s 2010 animated function movie, Tangled.


A very long time in the past, a cosmic occasion created a single drop of daylight, which fell “from the heavens” and grew the golden flower. It had the power to heal any illness or accidents, even mortal wounds, as demonstrated by Rapunzel, delay getting older, as demonstrated by Gothel, although that capability requires fixed use of the ability.

Someday, Mom Gothel found the flower, and selected to hoard its therapeutic energy for herself. She used it to maintain herself younger for lots of of years, and all she needed to do was sing a particular tune. It seems that when the tune is sung, the flower releases pollen which is breathed in. Despite the fact that Mom Gothel had hidden the flower, different individuals knew of its existence, suggesting that this flower was not the primary of its variety.

The golden flower has been thought of to be probably the most highly effective object in “the Seven Kingdoms” in line with Corona’s historical past. Within the years after the flower was picked, the spot the place the flower grows turned a sacred and forbidden web site, with a small pedestal as an alternative and enormous, indestructible thorn-like rocks surrounding it. Just like the flower earlier than them, these rocks have magical properties, as demonstrated when Rapunzel touches one in every of them and resulted in her beforehand lengthy, magical golden locks to regrow, and on this case inheriting the rocks’ indestructibility. In keeping with the analysis of Lord Demanitus, the cosmic occasion that created the Sundrop additionally created a single drop of moonlight, which took the type of an opal. From this opal had been the black rocks created.



Centuries after the flower bloomed, a kingdom throughout a lake from the place the flower grew got here into being. The dominion was dominated by a benevolent King and Queen. The queen was about to have a child, however fell critically ailing. Figuring out that she and her unborn baby would absolutely die if a treatment was not discovered quickly, your complete kingdom went looking for the flower.

When Gothel left the flower in plain sight accidentally, one of many kingdom’s troopers discovered the flower, and it was uprooted and introduced again to the citadel, the place it was made into an infusion for the queen. Afterwards the queen recovered, and gave delivery to a wholesome child woman: Princess Rapunzel who was born with the remainder of the flower’s capability. Rapunzel gave a drop to Eugene to heal his stab wound that he acquired from Gothel, however nonetheless has a lot of the flower inside. Maybe as a due to the flower for saving the queen and Rapunzel, at the price of its personal existence, Corona adopted the solar as its image.

Tangled: The Sequence

Season One

In “The Alchemist Returns”, it’s revealed that the flower nonetheless existed however was light, and it had been saved locked away in Corona Fort’s heavily-guarded vault, by orders of King Frederic. Varian, an alchemist wanting to make use of the flower’s legendary properties for his personal agenda, manipulated Rapunzel into breaking into the flower’s chamber. After stealing it, he used one of many flower’s petals for an experiment, and found that its magic had lengthy dissipated and transferred to Rapunzel. In anger, he crushed what remained of the flower into powder.

In “Secret of the Solar Drop”, after Varian abducts Queen Arianna, King Frederic confesses to Rapunzel that on the night time of her delivery, he was warned by Quirin that eradicating the flower from its resting place would reap unimaginable penalties and awaken a darkness, ensuing within the progress of the Black Rocks.

Season Two

In “Misplaced and Discovered”, Lord Demanitus, whose spirit was inhabiting the physique of Vigor the Visionary, reveals to Rapunzel and Eugene that the Sundrop is one half of an historical energy searching for to reunite with its different half, the Moonstone Opal.

In “Destinies Collide”, Adira warns Rapunzel that touching the Moonstone whereas she’s nonetheless bonded to the Sundrop may induced her immense hurt.

Season Three

In “Cassandra’s Revenge”, Varian found a hidden fourth incantation on the Graphtic Scroll, enabling Rapunzel to unlock the Sundrop’s full energy, which she used towards the Moonstone-wielding Cassandra. The conflict of energies from two opposing cosmic forces inadvertently allowed Zhan Tiri to flee her otherworldly jail.

In “Plus Est En Vous”, as an eclipse loomed over Corona, the Sundrop’s energy coalesced right into a golden jewel very like the Moonstone, whereas on the similar time, induced its energy to weaken. By the point the eclipse was in its prime, Cassandra managed to separate Rapunzel from the Sundrop inflicting her hair to revert to brown. Subsequently, Zhan Tiri betrayed Cassandra and took each components for herself, reworking into her true demonic type with the intent to destroying Corona. Nevertheless, Cassandra handed Rapunzel the shard of the Moonstone, quickly restoring her golden hair and so they each fought towards Zhan Tiri. Utilizing Rapunzel’s hair, they united the Sundrop and Moonstone, restoring the Final Energy and destroying Zhan Tiri within the course of. Rapunzel then used the Final Energy to heal an unconscious Cassandra in addition to all Corona residents affected by the Decay Incantation earlier than releasing it into the cosmos.

Sofia the First

The Solar Drop Flower is featured as a part of the Depraved 9, a group of objects which have the potential to unleash unspeakable energy if introduced collectively.

As soon as Upon a Time

The flower first seems within the episode “Eloise Gardener”. When Gothel is trapped by the tower’s blood magic concealment, she disguises herself as Rapunzel, and duties the Want Realm’s model of Hook to retrieve it for her. When he efficiently obtains it, she seduces him, and the pair have intercourse. Gothel’s encounter leaves her pregnant, and he or she makes use of the flower’s magic, to speed up her being pregnant in a single day, so she will be able to depart her child, in her place, as a prisoner of the tower. Gothel used a powdered type of the flower to initially entrap Rapunzel within the tower, as proven in “One Little Tear”. The flower is talked about, in “Sisterhood”, when Gothel duties Drizella in retrieving it, to hitch her coven.


  • Within the authentic fairy story, Rapunzel’s mom didn’t ingest a golden flower, however a rampion plant (Campanula rapunculus), a species of bellflower and a root vegetable just like parsnip. The rampion had no mystical properties nor ties to Rapunzel’s delivery, however Rapunzel was named after it.
    • The form of the golden flower appears to be based mostly on the flower of rampion.
    • Each the Campanula rapunculus and the Valerianella locusta are generally known as rapunzel.
  • In Moana, the flower briefly seems close to the epilogue, when the digital camera zooms into Tui and Sina inspecting the island’s recovering flora.
  • It’s implied that extended publicity to the flower (and later Rapunzel’s hair’s) magic could cause the consumer’s physique to turn into depending on its magic to outlive, as Mom Gothel, who has used the flower’s magic each instantly and througth Rapunzel’s hair continually for many years, turned to ashes when Rapunzel’s hair was minimize and its magic destroyed, whereas Flynn Rider and Pascal, each of whom had been solely uncovered as soon as to its magic througth Rapunzel’s hair, had been unaffected by it.
  • In Kingdom Hearts III, the Sundrop Flower doesn’t make an look nor was it addressed on the earth “Kingdom of Corona”, however seems as a part of the deal with for the “Ever After” keyblade.


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