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Sansevieria phillipsiae [hort]

Inventory Quantity: 68144

Cylindric grooved dangerously inflexible leaves type a stiff fountain outline–appearance of a S. cylindrica changing into a trunked miniature tree. Good-looking weapon. Now we have noticed many diverse crops beneath this identify; our Kew Gardens clone stays distinct from any others we maintain–little settlement amongst “consultants” might be exp…


Sansevieria pinguicula

Inventory Quantity: 68147

Silvery-gray thick sexy wedge leaves, channeled on high with rounded swollen underside, tipped with sharp spine–looks like an Agave making an attempt to morph right into a punk sausage. Kenyan native with odd paniculate horizontally branched inflorescence of swollen tube flowers. A formidable, but simply grown, presence in any acquire…


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Sansevieria robusta x bagamoyensis

Inventory Quantity: 68372

(Pf 1951; Kew 600-73-19550) Extensive open followers of olive inexperienced woody leaves with slim horned rims As this matures, the behavior turns into distischus because the heavy, very powerful succulent leaves attain spectacular dimensions. A long run challenge. This hybrid originated within the Pfennig assortment in Germany; it was additionally donated later to…


Sansevieria schweinfurthii

Inventory Quantity: 68153

LIMITED AVAILABILITY. Rigidly stiff, terete leaves, shiny deep inexperienced, type tight distichous followers; additional distinguished by its unspined flattened leaf suggestions and keeled bases; and typical lack of banding. Very lovely uncommon Eritrean native. And of such a deliberate development fee as to stay all the time uncommon!


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Sansevieria senegambica [cornui]

Inventory Quantity: 68154

Brief upright curved leaves flattening towards the tip finish with a slim level, the floor a matte-green with faint banding. Good compact waxy leaved species with reddish rhizomes & violet-white flowers (the species identify tells of its international locations of origin). If grown in a moss or coconut fiber basket, it likes to ship f…


Sansevieria socotra [hort] x fisheri

Inventory Quantity: 68579

Enticing hybrid: brief (in full solar by no means greater than a foot in size) outarched thick leaves, obtriangular in cross part, with darkish bands and distinct rim type an open armed “rosette”–perfect in a moss basket as new stolons plunge by. We aren’t conscious of the origin of this modestly engaging cross–but woul…


Sansevieria sp. Koko Crater

Inventory Quantity: 68271

Initially from the late Ed Eby who collected this from an deserted USDA planting on this Hawaiian crater. Vibrant avocado inexperienced very inflexible leaves with irregular chevrons in inflexible followers punctuating a thick stolon. It is a cylindrica type that has runners that zigzag straight over the pot and over the sides. Like a hef…


Sansevieria sp. Zebra Fountain

Inventory Quantity: 68284

“Zebra Sansevieria” Unidentified species with lengthy semi-terete, keeled thick leaves arched in rayed rosettes; deep inexperienced banding & sienna edges lined white. This vintage clone, from Ruth Crane who acquired it from a Japanese pal, appears to be intently allied to roxburghiana and intermedia.


Sansevieria spicata (hort: a dwarf concinna?)

Inventory Quantity: 68157

“Tea Spoon Hemp” Manda’s compact houseplant with distinctive spatulate brief leaves of deep inexperienced ending in “spoon deal with” bottoms; pale aromatic tubular flowers. Actually one of the vital engaging and interesting of the small statured “Hemps” even when its botanic identification stays in limbo. Actually a lot too compact and dar…


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Sansevieria stuckyii

Inventory Quantity: 68159

“Serpent Plant” USDA & Koko types: Erect tall furrowed darkish inexperienced terete leaves–juvenile crops are multi-leaved like S. cylindric with out arched fats leaves, with age every “head” turns into a single large tusk looming over capitate flowering stalk produced at a basal node.


Sansevieria subspicata [hort]

Inventory Quantity: 68162

This clone we’ve got is from Manda’s assortment, representing essentially the most simply grown type commonest in USA–Deep green-black undulate extensive leaves on slender petioles, with vivid horned edges; the very brief leaves overlap in irregular tostled rosettes. Tolerant of a lot neglect. Some prospects get pleasure from beginning this in a m…


Sansevieria trifasciata Bantel's Sensation

Inventory Quantity: 68434

White and ocher-cream stripes with occasional yellow and darkish inexperienced furrows accent the very erect succulent leaves; the “White Snakeplant” sometimes has a slim inexperienced edge. 1940s laurentii sport originating in St. Louis. As a result of it is a trifasciata cultivar, the leaves are much more erectly inflexible, of thicker substanc…


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Sansevieria trifasciata Black Futura Goldedge

Inventory Quantity: 55999

Massive lovely “Bowl Hemp” European import with unusually extensive leaves completely darkish inexperienced and banded vivid yellow. Good-looking and really dependable houseplant of the primary order. It is a beautiful plant. Presumably not a trifasciata sport , however in all probability a hybrid. Newly launched.


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Sansevieria trifasciata Black Magic [hort]

Inventory Quantity: 61094

Erect very darkish emerald leaves with dramatic gold edge; similar to the extra dramatic ‘goldiana’ clones–perhaps shorter.


Sansevieria trifasciata Black Sport/Form

Inventory Quantity: 68221

Very gradual rising “Ebony Hemp” Tough floor of blackish-green. Very distinctive rugose surfaced extraordinarily vertical foliage makes this a curosity in any assortment. Ken Frieling discovered this distinctive curiosity in a random heap in a central Florida roadside nursery too a few years in the past for him to confess the date. If anybody has…


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Inventory Quantity: 68205

Lengthy versatile creamy yellow, practically translucent leaves with gray-green milky middle and slim darkish inexperienced rims. Common upright rosettes of trifasciata–not the irregular wavy foliage of guineensis though the coloration is comparable! Astounding. Our clone was purchased at Manda’s Greenhouse a long time ago–an heirloom totall…


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Sansevieria trifasciata Crane's Black Sport

Inventory Quantity: 68223

Outstanding erect tulip-shaped rosette of black-green leaves with vivid gold rim. Behavior much like nelsonii or to an enormous incurved ‘Loops’s Delight’ however extra ornate than both of those. Distinctive very gradual rising treasure from Ruth Crane’s outstanding assortment.


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Sansevieria trifasciata Daria

Inventory Quantity: 68415

Juan Chahinian’s clone: Darkish out arched thick leaves with central bundle of vivid lime pinstripes alongside billowing groves set off with wealthy buttery yellow margins displaying barely a hint of crossbands. Considerably compact in stature, simple to develop by nature although fairly gradual to ascertain, and really nice on the eyes….


Sansevieria trifasciata Futura

Inventory Quantity: 68227

Massive lovely “Bowl Hemp” European import with unusually extensive leaves richly mottled and banded yellow. Good-looking and really dependable houseplant of the primary order. Initially an European import of obscure origin (though reportedly bought in Italy initially by Tony Falco); generally distributed as S. gigantea. Possi…


Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Gilt Edge

Inventory Quantity: 68226

Clone from Ed Eby with tight rosettes of enormous extensive waxy leaves rimmed with golden cream edge–no extensive border. That is an unusually gradual rising clone with few offsets. Typically sports activities a stripe showing in mid-leaf. Not as showy or quick rising as the essential ‘Futura’ however of curiosity to the collector. The second pictur…


Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Gold Flame

Inventory Quantity: 60923

Extremely variegated and really thick leaves are inclined to arch out in correct mild. Within the basic “Futura group” maybe as brazenly vase forming leaves (the Dutch would say “tulip formed”) are extra open and shorter than typical trifasciata cultivars. The inside rising leaf on mature crops might be completely golden. Practically the oppo…


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Sansevieria trifasciata Futura Twisted Sister

Inventory Quantity: 68432

Barely slimmer than common ‘Futura,’ the brilliant olive leaves with goldbanded edges type an distinctive sideways twist. At all times a severe visible tweak in any assemblage of Sansevieria cultivars.


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Sansevieria trifasciata goldiana Slipped Stripes

Inventory Quantity: 68172

Choice from Ruth Crane who claimed to have named it thus earlier than she traded it with different collectors: The defuring distinction of this cultivar is that golden-yellow banding on both facet of the thick waxy leaves doesn’t match. `Lillian True’ (a outstanding California collector with whom Crane traded crops) could also be …


Sansevieria trifasciata goldiana [hort]

Inventory Quantity: 68171

Very darkish inexperienced thick lance leaves with broad butter yellow marginal bands & faint marbled banding; widespread for colour distinction and erect behavior. Our type is from the Manda’s Nursery’s essential assortment of authentic cultivars, clearly much like ‘laurentii compacta’ which can merely be considered one of a number of new Florida …


Sansevieria trifasciata Grandmother Seibert

Inventory Quantity: 68343

Typical trifasciata behavior with very erect darkish toned slim leaves–no grey tones appear–distinguished by furling tops & wealthy thick (however very slim) creamy gold rims; not a typical laurentii sort. Now we have elevated our inventory block in an effort to accomodate the rising orders for this fairly distinctive tall cultivar…


Sansevieria trifasciata Gray Lady

Inventory Quantity: 68230

Slim upright leaves of gray-green (not silvery) often edged in darker inexperienced; compact upright; not ‘Silver Queen’– Manda’s `Plumbea’ and the Florida `Silver Parva’ seem like apparently various commerce names. Among the finest smaller types, however gradual to offset.


Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii

Inventory Quantity: 68173

The unique “Birdsnest Plant” Cup-shaped tight rosette of broad spiral leaves darkish inexperienced with paler crossbanding; freely suckers to type a clump. Present in New Orleans in 1939 and thought of to be trifasciata trapped in a juvenile type. Widespread as grime, however nonetheless completely dependable and cute as a button.


Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii Crosby's marginata

Inventory Quantity: 68179

Slim fringe of creamy white to yellow on very open rosette of skinny leaves. Not extensively margined as is the much more vigorous and showier ‘Hahnii Margined.’ Unusual as is gradual to offset and thus for the collector targeted on having a “full set” of the dishy hahnii tribe.


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Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii Golden hahnii

Inventory Quantity: 68187

“Golden Birdsnest.” Develop in a porous combine and keep away from chill. That is the clone originating in Hahn’s Pittsburg greenhouses ages in the past with extensive creamy yellow variegation on an open widespreading rosette. Fairly lovely.


Sansevieria trifasciata hahnii Jade

Inventory Quantity: 68413

“Jade Birdsnest Plant” Some of the distinctive of the Hahni group because the foliage shows no markings or chevrons on the attractive deep jade surfaced thick substanced leaves of deep mahogany green– the considerably sheened pointed leaves thickly overlap to type tight upright cups.


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