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Life is good. Eat more tomatoes!

In Lycopersicon Veritas ~ Laurel


We send
you big, lush, hearty plants, 8″ to 20″ tall, in 4″
pots, 100% organically grown outdoors in full
sun here in Los

plants do
not need hardening off or adjusting to your climate. Occasionally we will send a smaller plant if the root
system is well-developed. The husky dwarf plants are usually
shipped at about 5″.

IMPORTANT: Your plants must go into full sun as soon as
possible. They
cannot be kept indoors for more than a 4 or 5 days, they need
sunshine and heat — so it’s vital that we ship when it’s planting time.


See all the photos in the Big List below!



tall plants, ready to ship!





The new

Big List

of all our varieties for 2021 is waiting for you!



Shipping Periods For

The Early
Shipping List, Varieties for Feb – early March


Period A – February
15th – March 1st


Amy’s Sugar
Black Cherry
Brad’s Atomic
Dirty Girl
Dragon’s Eye
Sweet (Dwarf)
Green Giant
Goose Creek
Moby’s Cherry
Paul Robeson
Sun Gold
Super Sioux
Wild Fred



All varieties are
available for the following shipping periods:


Period B – March 1st –
March 16th


Period C – March 15th –
March 30th


Period D – March
29th – April 13th 


Period E – April 12th –
April 27th


Period F – April 26th –
May 11th


Period G – May 10th –
May 25th


Period H – May 24th
– June 8th


Summer List, 12 – 15 varieties:


Period I –  June
8th – June 21st or when we sell out.



To Order By
Telephone:  310 534-8611

Monday through Friday 9:00 to
5:00, Saturday 9:00 to 3:00, Pacific Time

             (We are in Los Angeles County next to Torrance.)


Shipping Costs:

Payment Information &
Shipping Costs


1. Take a
look at The Big List of tomato plants
below — or the categorized links. Make a list of the plants you need.

Minimum order is four
(4) plants. 

Orders of 64
or more plants
qualify for a volume

2. Go to the Growing Tips &
Garden Products link: 
Growing Tips and Garden Products
 to choose your fertilizers and garden products.

3. Choose
your shipping period from the list above.

ship nationwide via Post Office Priority Mail.

We ship
Global Logistics Services/Golden State Overnight
to the
Western States: Arizona, California, Nevada,
Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and parts of New Mexico.

you cannot receive post office packages on Saturdays please let us know
and we will be sure your plants do not arrive on a Saturday!

We do not ship UPS or

Phone order: payment is made when you place your order
by phone. We take all major credit cards, debit cards or Paypal. No
paper checks. E-checks are okay over the phone. 

About Phone
Orders During April & May: You may not get through right
away due to extremely high call volume, please try again, messages are
backed up about 15 days during April & May so call until you reach us.


Black Krim


To order by Email or FAX



[email protected] 



FAX #  310
494 0518   Our FAX
line is secure for credit card numbers.


Before you order, read our
‘Payment and Shipping Costs’ page for shipping and packaging info and
our guarantee: 

Payment Information &
Shipping Costs



Make a simple alphabetical list –
not a
– of your plants, along with fertilizers, SmartPots, etc. from our Growing
Tips and Garden Products page: 

Growing Tips and Garden Products  



Choose your shipping
period from the list above and email or FAX with:


1. Your name

2. Your billing and shipping address

3. Your
‘anytime’ telephone number

4. Your
best email address

5. Your preferred shipping period

6. The payment type you will be using: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American
Express, PayPal – we send you a handy Paypal invoice, E-Check by phone
or Cash if
picking up.

7. Your plant list in
alphabetical order along with some alternates and a list of the garden products you need.

8. Required: We need a list of several alternate plants you’d like in case one of your choices is
not available. This happens because seeds and plants do not
always grow on schedule



Please have Laurel choose an appropriate,
similar, delicious alternate for me if a plant is not available


If you
not want Laurel to choose alternates for you please select one option:

1. Please substitute from
my list of alternates.

2. Please send a second plant of
one on my list.


(We can’t accept orders without
a few alternate choices. Back orders add additional fees.)


After we receive your emailed
order we will send an invoice within a day or so.

You then call or FAX payment information to reserve
your plants.


When you get your invoice, call with credit card or Paypal information right away to reserve your plants.
We do not accept mailed paper checks but e-checks are fine. With
e-checks you read your check info to me over the phone.



After payment is made, you will get a copy of your receipt by
email. Please check your receipt carefully to be sure the information is


If there is a mistake in
your shipping address and you have
not corrected it, we may have a wrong shipping address, your plants could get
lost and you will have to re-order.


If you do not get a receipt by
within 5 days of talking to Laurel or AJ and paying for your order,
please call or send urgent email to be sure we have your correct email address. 


Calling in your order is faster.
310 534 8611


We are in Los
Angeles. Telephone hours are Pacific Time

Monday through Friday 9:00 to
5:00, Saturday 9:00 to 3:00, Pacific Time.

If you call
at 9:00 from, say…New York, it’s 6:00 A.M. here.




Brown Derby,
Kellogg’s Breakfast & 1884




Need Tomato Seeds
instead of plants?


Here is the very best
place for heirloom seeds: 

Go To 




When Will My
Plants Ship?

Shipping begins with 
few varieties in late
February and continues with all of our plants throughout the spring and summer or until we sell out. (We
sometimes have a list of about 10 to 12 varieties for fall and winter, too,
but not every year.)

Your shipping time is scheduled during a
15-day period to suit your desired planting
time in spring or summer. 


This means your plants will ship during that period, not that they will
arrive during that period. They may ship on the very last day of that


EXAMPLE: You choose Period E, April
14th to April 28th, your plants will
ship sometime between April 14th to April 28th.


Your plants will be shipped
during the period you select — as long as that period is not fully
booked and the plants are big enough.


If your plants are not big
enough we delay shipping for more
growth and safe arrival.


We reserve the option to hold up
a shipment if temperatures en
route from our nursery to you are extremely cold. We want your plants to arrive alive. If
you still want them shipped during cold springtime
temperatures to cold areas, night temps below 39º, you
assume the entire risk of severe cold damage in transit thus we
will not be responsible for cold-damaged plants.


We do offer
the option of our Double-Box or Triple-Box Systems which will insulate
your plants. This increases shipping cost.


Expedited Shipping


(Please check
with Laurel. For May, expedited shipping gets booked early.)


For exact day
or exact week shipping services, we move your order into
expedited VIP status, first in line.


We take a limited number of
expedited orders each season, but we cannot guarantee exact varieties on
an exact day. You must have alternates.




To have
your plants shipped during an exact week, in addition to
regular shipping, please add:


$30.00 per order
of 1 to 5 plants

$40.00 for 6 to 10


$50.00 for 11 to
20 plants.


$60.00 for 21
to 30 plants.


More than
30 plants is $2.50 per plant.


To get a shipping slot into
a shipping period that has been marked closed’

plus $3.00 per plant.


To have your plants shipped on
an exact day :

$80.00 plus $2.00 per plant.


NOTE: Exact day
and exact week shipping may mean your first choices are not available.
If not, Laurel will choose alternates for you, no exceptions.


Questions? Just call me;
I’m glued to my desk

Laurel, 310 534 8611


 Heirloom Caprese Salad. Yum!

When To Plant

Your plants
should go into the garden during the best time for your USDA planting
zone, when nighttime and soil temperatures remain steadily and
reliably above 50º. 

If you want to plant earlier when it’s in the
30’s or low 40’s at night and are using hot caps or covers of some kind,
that’s great. 
But please be aware, your plants are likely to
encounter very cold weather, below 40º, on their way from Los Angeles to
your town, and may arrive dead.

Photo 1.  Dan
Barnes with his plants growing in big cages….can you spot Dan? 

Photo 2.  Dan Miller’s big plants with lovely wife and hungry

Photo 3.  Dan Hornbaker and his 8 ft. Aunt Ruby’s German Green


For example, a
garden bed 6′ by 18′ will accommodate no more than 10 -12 plants — 2 rows
of 5 or 6 plants — depending on
plant size at maturity, while providing plenty of root
space, airflow, and room for lots of foliage and fruit.

Our dwarf varieties
remain quite small and compact, from 20″ to 4 ft. tall and can be spaced
18 to 20″ apart on center.

See the

Growing Tips page
for more detailed information.

Plant Prices, Minimum

organically grown tomato plants are priced from $6.25 to $6.95 each; a
couple of our very rare plants are priced higher. Plant prices are next to their names on The Big List
below.  Shipping
cost is not included in the plant price.

Minimum order is 4 plants. 

Price break begins at 64 plants.



Sun Gold

Very Important Information!

Sometimes we must substitute a similar plant variety if your first choice is not

Please list some alternates, if you do not list alternate choices, Laurel will personally choose a
very similar and delicious variety which will do well in your climate.

If you do not
choose a few alternates we cannot take the order.

Hey…Where’s the Shopping Cart?
Can I Order Online?


No, we do not have an online shopping cart
due to variable plant sizes, from 9″ to 20″ tall so shipping weight
will vary.

A plant can weigh from 12 oz. to 2 lbs. This means variable shipping
weights and package dimensions — this needs to be calculated individually.

Payment Information &
Shipping Costs
please read this page before ordering!

Be sure you know our prices, shipping method, packaging costs and our
guarantee before you order so you will
not be surprised/shocked/stunned at 2 to 3 day shipping costs for large, live plants from Los
Angeles. We don’t want you fainting.

(Shipping and packaging costs are not included in the plant price.) 

Your Privacy,

personal information, email, phone number, etc. is secure and never shared with anyone, ever.


The Biggest Tomatoes








78 days.


1884 is a superbly flavored old-time
tomato which grows on a strong vigorous plant and produces big luscious 1 lb. to 2
lb. deep dark pink fruit with
flavor and sets
fruit readily in hot weather. The original plant was discovered in
1884 by James Lyde Williamson growing in a huge pile of debris after the big Ohio River flood of
1884 in the tiny town of Friendly, West Virginia. 


grand fruit has taken top mention year after year in tomato tastings all over
the country. Easy
to grow and very productive. 





Amazon Chocolate,
see Chocolate Amazon







African Queen
75 days.




Here it is, everything you
hope for in a big, meaty, beefsteak heirloom.


Delicious 1 to 2 lb.
deep-jade pink fruits with red flesh have all the glorious flavor
and juiciness you expect from the old time varieties. A Laurel’s
Favorite and a real treasure.
Meaty, with elaborate, lingering
flavors, African Queen
is perfect for
fresh eating, makes a fabulous
sauce and unforgettable sandwiches.


This renown old family heirloom has been grown for
many generations on the steep hillsides of western North Carolina by the
Jack Maderis family and is said to have come with slaves from The
Caribbean just like Goose Creek tomato. 

Photo property of Adrienne





A Laurel’s Favorite!


Amish Rose

($6.95) 80 days.



This lovely old
Amish tomato that has been one of my favorites for more than 20 years.
With rich, Brandywine-like flavor, strong growth reliability and classic old time
nuance, it is a magical inhabitant for your garden.


This is a classic, fabulously
flavored tomato that I want you to grow so you will know what I know.


I have been getting requests for
Rose for years after it was featured in a PBS radio show years ago. The host spoke of how her late Mom,
named Rose, had always grown this tomato in Pennsylvania and that she’d
saved her Mom’s seeds for
40 years.


She lost the seed packet during a move and was devastated. I
called the station to leave a message that I knew of this tomato and could
help — that I had seeds.


We had a very emotional conversation
when we realized her Mom and I both loved of this extraordinary tomato
and that I had seeds for her.


It brought to mind my Mama, Marge
Garza  —
who brought me my first heirloom tomato, Anna Russian, more than 30 years


So here is Amish Rose for you.





Amy’s Sugar







65 days.

huge, sprawling plant produces heavy clusters of golf ball sized, incredibly
delicious, deep red ambrosial fruit with tiny golden jewel-like sparkles within
the red skin. Very sweet! It was one of my absolute favorite tomatoes at TomatoFest in September–j
knocked me out.

Candy-on-the-vine, not to be missed.
Developed by Jeff
McCormack, it is a cross of Red Cherry and Tappy’s Finest. Named for Amy
Boor Hereford whose Grandma Tappy introduced Jeff to heirloom tomatoes more
than 20 years ago.





Ananas Noir (aka Black

($6.95)  85 days.




A hugely popular tomato,
Ananas Noir, French for Black Pineapple, is a stunning fruit —
incredibly beautiful. But what about flavor? 10 ounce. What good is all that
flashy gorgeousness if the flavor is dull?
Well, it’s not!  IT’S


Fragrant and sweet, juicy, ambrosial with lingering notes of
tropical fruit and sunshine, luscious, unending flavor that lingers
on the palate.  One of my all-time favorites, I want you guys
to try this one.  It will blow your mind.








August 24, 2016. Anna Banana, one day’s harvest in my garden, from a
plant grown in a 25 gallon Smart Pot, 10.5 lbs in the basket.


Anna Banana Russian



 65 days.


I’ve been waiting a long
time for a tomato like Anna Banana. For me this is tomato heaven; a

bull’s-heart shaped fruit growing on a beautiful wispy plant which
produces like crazy.


I’ve told anyone who’ll
listen that Anna Russian was the first heirloom tomato I ever tasted
— and ultimately the reason I’m in this business.


To be able to
offer this spectacular, accidental yellow version with its dazzling deep
yellow skin and dense sweet flesh is beyond thrilling for me.
Balanced flavor, sweet with just a little tang in the background and growing on
wispy vines just like the original red Anna Russian.


Reaching 8 to
12 ounces and producing abundantly in all climates, this lady is a
radiant winner.  Some fruits are heart shaped, some
beefsteak, right there on the same plant. This trait is part of the charm
of the heirlooms. Inside you’ll find a stunning little pattern of
scarlet streaking.


think Anna Banana is the wispiest tomato plant in existence. On the
young plants, possibly the most delicate looking foliage of any
tomato on Earth — but as she gets bigger her foliage gets heartier and
the tomatoes grow like crazy.
Keep that in mind. Hang in there.


This variety was grown out
and stabilized by Michael Walker of Ellensburg Washington. 
Yay, Michael!




41xnGNhuh+L.jpg (300×300) 

Anna Russian




was the very first heirloom tomato I ever tasted and one of the finest of the oxheart tomatoes.
The plant has very
delicate, wistful foliage as do many of the Russian varieties. Don’t let that fool you!
Anna is easy to grow and bears heavily during hot
and cool weather.


Years ago my mom brought me some perfect heart-shaped Anna Russians from her
garden. She had gotten the seeds from a friend. I tasted; I swooned. From 8 to
12 ounces, the fruits she brought had grown in beautiful clusters of 2 or 3–I wouldn’t be without it.


Still in my
top 5 favorites after
all these years, Anna Russian is always among the first few plants I set out in
my home garden every spring in a little Tomato Love ceremony. Its perfect heart
shape in colors ranging from pink to red make it very special indeed.


Anna Russian seeds came to Craig Lehoullier from Brenda
Hillenius of Oregon, who got the seeds from her grandfather, Kenneth Wilcox. Years earlier


been given
the original seeds from a Russian immigrant friend–a genuine example of the
intriguing history these grand old tomatoes carry with them.



 Be sure to note that Anna Russian (and Anna Banana) have droopy, wispy,
delicate foliage as do so many of the heart-shaped tomatoes. There is
nothing wrong with your plant; it’s supposed to look that way. One
of my customers was convinced by a well-meaning neighbor to rip out her
Anna Russian plants.  “There’s something wrong with them plants,
Hildy, better rip ’em out…” And she did, then called me to tell me the
bad news.
I gave her the other bad news; her heart broke. “Oh no! I murdered them!”

It was too late for her to replant
that season but she ordered Anna Russian the following year and got a beautiful crop!





Top Seller in 2020

Anthony’s Passionate

78 days





Big, red heart shaped 1 lb.
fruits on a plant that withstands every type of weather. A marvelous
tomato with rich, bold, fruity-sweet flavors and a perfect balance
of acidity.


This is our premier presentation for
2020 in honor of Tony’s legacy: Food will always bring families,
neighborhoods, cities and countries together, gathered at the table. Nothing to fight about, everything to love.


In our garden it kept
producing through prolonged heat waves in the high 90’s when other plants gave up the ghost.
Now it continues to grow as cooler weather arrives. No
cracking, high production, dreamy texture, disease free. A real


In the words of Gary Ibsen
of Tomatofest who developed it, “Anthony Bourdain was an
American celebrity chef and author who
explored the cuisines, culture, joys and essentials of human
existence around the world. He was an icon to me, and many others,
who love food and cooking as a most enjoyable way of gathering
people together to celebrate our humanity.”


Seeds are available here: 





Aunt Ruby’s German





)75-78 days.

You’re going to love this
beautiful Tennessee tomato. Medium to large, sweet
beefsteaks, bursting with a fragrant, complex, spicy-sweetness with a touch of

A gorgeous
green-when-ripe color with a delicate pink blush inside, this much sought after variety is a real treat to have in your
garden, and is said
to be the very best tasting green. Reaching up to one pound, Aunt Ruby’s
German Green grows in clusters of 2 or 3.

With its intricate, earthy, unforgettable flavor
and chartreuse flesh this one will broaden
your tomato horizons. Top favorite of our friend and customer Tom Wopat. Very adaptable, and easy to grow with good disease resistance.
From Ruby Arnold of Greeneville, Tennessee who passed away in 1997.




plant, huge tomatoes!

Bear Claw 

 ($6.75) 75 days






The tomatoes
in the second photo, from 2019, weighed 2.9 lbs and 3.2 lbs.


fabulous tomato in every way you can measure. A huge tomato with
some of the most outstanding flavors I’ve ever known. These plants
grew so big so fast it felt like a time warp.


The huge plants had stems like
tree trunks. Give it extra support!  I always plant mine a
couple of feet from a palm tree in the front yard. As it grows it
leans toward the palm tree and I lash it to the tree trunk. True


The first tomatoes of the
season are usually about one pound. After that, with proper care,
they get bigger and bigger and bigger and grow tons of fabulous
deep, rich, crimson fruits with incredible flavor.


If you want
to win first place for size but you treasure flavor even more,
this is the one for you.  Do you want to have the most tomatoes
ever grown on a vine? Then this is the plant for you!” 


: Plant in deep rich soil. Feed every 3 weeks

without fail,

using a granular organic
fertilizer like our Happy Frog, and don’t over-water.


Photograph Dianna Theyssen
of Ingalls, Indiana.  Used here with her kind permission.





Image result for berkeley tie dye tomato


Berkeley Tie Dye ($6.95)
80 days.




half-pound treasures!


This rare and exotic fruit with big, bold, luscious flavors looks just like its name implies
with showy streaks and swirls of green red, yellow and orange patterning inside and out. From 8 to 12 ounces, chefs
nationwide are ordering these plants for their restaurant gardens  — tomato
lovers are clamoring for this fabulous variety.


Berkeley Tie Dye is another
fabulous variety from talented tomato breeder Brad Gates of Wild
Boar Farms here in California. Brad has forever changed and
enlivened the world of heirloom tomatoes.


Photograph of hand holding Berkeley Tie Dye courtesy
of David Tucker.

Photograph of
cut-open Berkeley Tie Dye is the property of Brad Gates/  
Go see Brad’s incredible varieties!












($8.95) 80-85 days. (H)








The biggest tomato of all! This gigantic and very delicious tomato normally reaches
4 lbs.,
and can reach 5 to 7 lbs., with luscious meaty fruits growing on a hearty
disease-resistant plant. Big Zac is very
easy to grow and reliably produces gigantic tomatoes in all climates.


In the photograph
are Thomas and Dawson, a couple of Kentucky gardeners enjoining the
harvest, Big Zac and Hawaiian Pineapple!


Big Zac was
developed by Minnie Zaccaria of New Jersey, a kind and kindred spirit, who has been growing
big championship tomatoes for more than 20 years and has won the biggest tomato
contest 7 times. Minnie, shown in the photograph with a 5.2 lb. Big Zac fruit, worked tirelessly to create this
humungous fruit by crossing the largest heirloom tomato varieties she could find
and finally came up with this amazing and yummy whopper of a tomato. Some Big
Zac fruits look like 3 or 4 huge tomatoes sort of melted together.


Please order
early to reserve your plants; Big Zac is grown in limited quantity and sells out quickly. 




The World’s Darkest

Black Beauty
($6.75) 85 days.



Beautiful to look at, the
flavor of Black Beauty is deep, rich and complex. Combined in a
tomato salad with red, orange and yellow tomatoes – a real

Be sure and wait for true
ripeness! Black beauty takes a while to ripen but is definitely
worth the wait.

These photographs are
from our home garden and have not been
retouched. The fruits and the stems are deep dark
indigo-black. Inside, blood red. The first photo is a not quite ripe
fruit, the second and third photos show the color change indicating

So dark that some tomatoes turn
solid blue-black on the skin. Deep red flesh is among the best
tasting of all tomatoes. Rich, smooth and savory with earthy tones.

A dark, meaty, very rich-fleshed
tomato with extreme anthocyanin effect, the same antioxidant in
blueberries and blackberries. The emerging little fruits are deep
black from the time they are tiny until big and almost ripe, then
you will see some color changes as you can see in the photographs.

Keeps well on the
vine and stores very well, and the flavor improves with
room-temperature storage.

Baker Creek’s Dave Kaiser tasted it at the
2015 National Heirloom Exposition and proclaimed it as the BEST
tomato he had ever eaten!










65 days.


A perfectly
round 1″ cherry tomato with classic black tomato flavor, sweet, yet rich, smoky and complex. Fruit
picks easily from the stem and is produced in abundance on vigorous, tall plants.


Bred by Vince Sapp, these cherries are irresistibly delicious: look like a  black cherry, taste like a
sweet cherry– a unique addition to the color and flavor spectrum of cherry tomatoes for your garden, along with our other cherries, it makes an arresting display for any table. 


Just outstanding. These
guys got eaten moments after the photograph was taken. 





Black Krim

75 days




much sought after variety is unique and unforgettable,
originally from Krim (Crimea) on the northern coast of the Black Sea in
Ukraine, Black Krim has a superb smoky sweetness with a delicate lingering touch of
tang in a 4-6″ slightly flattened, mahogany-colored fruit with lovely,
deep green shoulders.


Setting fruit at higher temperatures, it is superb
and very easy to grow.


This gorgeous photograph of a 10.5
ounce Black Krim is courtesy of Damon Webber
Yay, Damon!




New for 2021!


Black Mamba


78 days





New to our list this season, Black Mamba is a big,
bodacious, purple/black beefsteak tomato.

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