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View during a safari walk in Chitwan.jpg

Requirement 1[edit]

Clarify the necessity for chook research and why birds are helpful indicators of the standard of the setting.

Requirement 2[edit]

Present that you’re acquainted with the phrases used to explain birds by sketching or tracing a perched chook after which labeling 15 completely different elements of the chook. Sketch or hint an prolonged wing and label six sorts of wing feathers.

Requirement 3[edit]

Exhibit that you understand how to correctly use and look after binoculars.

A. Clarify what the specification numbers on the binoculars imply.
B. Present the way to alter the eyepiece and the way to focus for correct viewing.
C. Present the way to correctly look after and clear the lenses.

Requirement 4[edit]

Exhibit that you understand how to make use of a chook subject information. Present your counselor that you’ll be able to perceive a variety map by finding within the e book and stating the wintering vary, the breeding vary, and/or the year-round vary of 1 species of every of the next sorts of birds:

A. Petrel
B. Plover
C. Falcon or hawk
D. Warbler or vireo
E. Heron or egret
F. Sparrow
G. Nonnative chook (launched to North America from a overseas nation since 1800)

Requirement 5[edit]

Observe and have the ability to determine a minimum of 20 species of untamed birds. Put together a subject pocket book, making a separate entry for every species, and document the next info out of your subject observations and different references.

A. Be aware the date and time.
B. Be aware the situation and habitat.
C. Describe the chook’s important feeding habitat and record two sorts of meals that the chook is more likely to eat.
D. Be aware whether or not the chook is a migrant or a summer time, winter, or year-round resident of your space.

Requirement 6[edit]

Clarify the perform of a chook’s music. Be capable of determine 5 of the 20 species in your subject pocket book by music or name alone. For every of those 5 species enter an outline of the music or name, and notice the habits of the chook making the sound. Be aware why you assume the chook was making the decision or music that you just heard.

Requirement 7[edit]

Do ONE of the next:

A. Go on a subject journey with a neighborhood membership or with others who’re educated about birds in your space.

1. Preserve a listing or fill out a guidelines of all of the birds your group noticed throughout the subject journey.
2. Inform your counselor which birds your group noticed and why some species have been frequent and a few have been current in small numbers.
3. Inform your counselor what makes the world you visited good for locating birds.
B. Through the use of a public library, the Web, or contacting the Nationwide Audubon Society, discover the identify and placement of the Christmas Fowl Depend nearest your own home and procure the outcomes of a latest depend.

1. Clarify what varieties of knowledge are collected throughout the annual occasion.
2. Inform your counselor which species are commonest, and clarify why these birds are ample.
3. Inform your counselor which species are unusual, and clarify why these have been current in small numbers. If the variety of birds of those species is lowering, clarify why, and what, if something, might be performed to reverse their decline.

Requirement 8[edit]

Do ONE of the next. For the choice you select, describe what birds you hope to draw, and why.

A. Construct a chook feeder and put it in an acceptable place in your yard or one other location.
B. Construct a birdbath and put it in an acceptable place.
C. Construct a yard sanctuary for birds by planting timber and shrubs for meals and canopy.

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