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“My identify is Captain Olimar. Whereas touring via area, my ship was struck by a meteor… I should have blacked out, and I awoke on the floor of a bizarre planet. With so many components misplaced, the skeletal hull of my beloved Dolphin is a painful sight. The engine is gone… I am stranded.”


Captain Olimar is a spaceship pilot for Hocotate Freight who crash landed on the alien planet often called PNF-404. Regardless of being solely an inch tall, he rapidly found find out how to survive within the unusual new world: by making use of a useful species of vegetable-animal hybrids named Pikmin. After repairing his spaceship, he left the Pikmin with a brand new sense of teamwork, and returned to his house planet. Sadly, he needed to return to PNF-404 quickly after to hunt for treasures along with his co-worker, Louie, and repay a large debt. Making use of the Pikmin once more, Olimar and Louie gathered trinkets to promote as alien artifacts. Proving to be a horrible businessman for a second time, the President of Hocotate Freight accrued one other debt, and Olimar was despatched again to the planet for the third time. There, he was kidnapped by a gelatinous creature known as the Plasm Wraith, and Olimar wanted to be rescued by three different pilots.

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A number of feats on this RT are normal gameplay issues and are preformed by different characters

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  • SI = Customary Situation Pikmin 2 swimsuit

  • D = downgraded pikmin Three swimsuit

  • Ok = Pre-Z-armour Koppai swimsuit



(The sturdiness capabilities of the spacesuits should not differ in any respect, however are talked about as a result of completely different fashions of spacesuits are explicitly worn, so the argument could be made)






Psysiology + Biology













Direct Energy Scaling


Olimar has the pushing power of 1 pikmin, so listed below are the pushing feats for the pikmin which Olimar ought to be capable to match




Olimar’s Spacesuit acts doubles up as armour, and takes many of the injury from any assault.








Upgraded Spacesuit Sturdiness


Sturdiness feats which may solely be preformed with particular spacesuit upgrades


Improve Olimar’s notes Footage
Fireplace resistance (full hearth assault safety) Word Footage
Electrical resistance (full electrical assault safety) Word Footage
Elevated Sturdiness (Boosted max HP) Word Evaluate 1 , 2


Notable negatable electrical energy sources



Notable negatable Pyro sources


Spacesuit restore


Direct Sturdiness Scaling


As talked about earlier than, Olimar’s area swimsuit acts like a swimsuit of armour. He is implied to be just a little extra squishy with out it. Anyway, he is not the one one who wears spacesuits. In Pikmin 2 it is steered that Olimar’s spacesuit is commonplace subject for Hoticate Freight workersSI, So sturdiness feats for The President, Louie and Olimar ought to all be shared.

In “Pikmin 3” The President downgrades the spacesuits to a less expensive differentD, the brand new spacesuits have a in-built “Compelled sleep mode”D, however nonetheless functionally the identical. The S.S Drakes Spacesuits needs to be immediately corresponding to Olimars spacesuits in “pikmin 2” as an non-compulsory improve is the Z-armour set. Olimar beforehand used this spacesuit in pikmin 2SI, it is a modified “commonplace subject” swimsuit. Customary subject spacesuits are related sufficient to the Koppai spacesuit that they’re able to be swapped out no drawback, so the designs should not be too completely different














Spacesuit capabilities


any quirks solely displayed by a novel mannequin can be famous



















Pikmin orders

Olimar can provide orders to Pikmin to navigate the panorama, this is all of them

Pikmin Orders Olimar’s notes Footage
Can prepare them selves into colors Word Footage
Can all cost down one goal Word Footage
Could be instructed (by color) to be thrown by an explorer Word Footage
Could be instructed to move materials Word Footage
[Upgrade] Could be guided by the centre of the whistle noise N/A Footage
Will look forward to additional directions on the supply of fabric, if they’ve been ordered to maneuver materials to a non-spaceship/onion location and have completed their job Word Footage
Particular numbers of Pikmin could be known as out of the onion Word Footage
Can observe an explorer if the trail to the onion is unclear Word Footage
[Upgrade] Could be instructed to dodge roll Word Footage








Olimar’s very long time trusty Spaceship. Olimar works as an intergalactic deliveryman of kinds and he want an area worthy car. Through the years he is grow to be fairly good at piloting his ship, and grow to be moderately connected to it. Nevertheless because the spaceship is corporate property, it was offered off to repay the debt hocotate freight picked up from Louie’s antics. Olimar has talked about wanting to purchase the spaceship again along with his personal cash, however he hasn’t received spherical to that in the meanwhile so far as we all know.



Ignoring stuff which makes the ship operate, just like the engine



Vitality technology







Sturdiness Bought tousled by an asteroid



That is the Spaceship Louie makes use of for deliveries when he works at hocotate freight. It’s the solely piece of firm property which was not offered to appease the “All devouring mortgage sharks” solely as a result of it was found that Olimar’s junk which he introduced again from PNF-404 is definitely extraordinarily precious. It is solely ever known as The ship (Or The Hocotate Ship by Alph). Some assume it is precise identify is perhaps the S.S Angle as a result of emblem of an angle imprinted on it is facet


Additionally, it is probably a lot of the tech the Dolphin makes use of can also be utilized in The Hocotate Ship. throughout “Olimar’s comeback” Olimar and Louie should retrieve 5 ship items which broke off throughout Olimar’s third go to to PNF-404, the 5 ship items are also items of the Dolphins tech. Particularly.











The Dolphin 2 is the spaceship which Captain Olimar makes use of to journey the cosmos after the occasions of Pikmin 3. Evidently he was having some bother getting his outdated ship again as a result of identify… This ship crash-lands on a planet, and remarkably it is items do not get misplaced within the wilds (other than one) it is the gasoline which has gone bust this time.




Pilot’s seat





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