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Red Maple Tree | Elfen Lied Wiki

If you knew that it was over had been you all of the sudden conscious? That the autumn leaves had been turning to the color of her hair!

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The Acer Rubrum Linnaeus, often known as the Pink Maple Tree, Swamp Maple Gentle Maple, additionally identified by the title Kaede, is a ravishing deciduous tree with gorgeous foliage first recognized in North America but in addition common from medieval occasions in Japan.

In Elfen Lied, each the principle protagonist and the central location and residential have their title supplied by this surprise of nature. Very like the depictions of Lucy’s hair, its shade varies between a pinkish purple and a a lot deeper purple. The principle selection identified in Japan is a extra compact, ornamental tree that’s nonetheless as identified worldwide because the bigger, faster-growing kind.

Parallels with Elfen Lied

The selection of maple tree for the principle character’s title attracts fascinating parallels not solely to Lucy however the Diclonius as a complete:

  • Acer, the Genus title, means “sharp” in Latin, and refers back to the blade-shaped leaves and their lobes. In a approach, the irregular paths of the Maple Leaf’s lobes give it ‘horns’ and are certainly distinctive to this sort of tree. Acer can also be the foundation of the time period “acerbic,” which can be utilized to explain Lucy’s unique persona in addition to the vectors Diclonii possess.
  • Acer Rubrum is extraordinarily adaptable and versatile as soon as replanted, however its roots could cause underground infrastructure harm. This facet may be likened to Lucy’s adaptability in new environments (i.e. Nyu), and the mayhem she inadvertently brings to the lives of these within the Maple Home. The tree can also be thought-about an invasive species in some areas, not not like the Diclonius.
  • The tree has a comparatively quick progress price, just like the short progress price of the Silpelits. The extra decorative Japanese Pink Maple, identified for the standard purple Acer Palmatum in addition to the purplish-tinged Acer Atropurpureum has a sluggish to a medium price of progress, nevertheless. Maybe unintentionally, the 2 essential sorts prevalent in Japan appear to replicate the hair shade of the 2 most well-known Diclonius characters, a minimum of within the manga for Nana, with the reddish hue retaining with Lucy’s anime hair coloration.
  • Acer Rubrum is fast-growing and bigger, whereas the Acer Palmatum and Acer Atropurpureum handle extra effectively and match higher into landscaping wants. Lastly, and least prone to have been on the writer’s thoughts, although we can not know for sure, is the harvesting of wooden and sap from Acer Rubrum, echoing the same therapy of a lot of the imperfect clones of Mariko Kurama distantly.
  • One characteristic widespread to all forms of Pink Maple Tree is they’re at their most lovely within the autumn when their leaves are at their most good. This characteristic could possibly be in step with the phases of Lucy’s life. Along with her dying in late winter, her calmest and happiest time would have been the six months following Mariko’s dying, when Lucy had in essence vanished. Nyu lived in peace and happiness with the one household she had ever identified, a household even Lucy got here to carry pricey (regardless of some very tough patches) virtually as a lot as she did Kouta.
  • The tree yields twin seeds certain at their tricks to a protracted, drooping stems. The seeds ripen in late spring and have hooked up wings which can be as much as one inch in size.

    Kaede – Japanese Maple Bushes

Kaede 2 – Japanese Maple Bushes


  • Whereas the kanji image 楓 is used to symbolize the time period/title “Kaede” (ex: 楓の木 or 楓の樹 ), it seems that the image is used to confer with maple bushes generally, as katakana symbols are used to confer with specific tree species in Japanese.

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