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Quercus cerris Turkey Oak, European turkey oak


Quercus cerris Turkey Oak, European turkey oak

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Bodily Traits

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Quercus cerris is a deciduous Tree rising to 35 m (114ft) by 25 m (82ft) at a quick fee.
It’s hardy to zone (UK) 6. It’s in flower in Could, and the seeds ripen in September. The species is monoecious (particular person flowers are both male or feminine, however each sexes will be discovered on the identical plant) and is pollinated by Wind.
Appropriate for: medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils and might develop in heavy clay soil. Appropriate pH: acid, impartial and fundamental (alkaline) soils and might develop in very alkaline soils.
It could actually develop in semi-shade (gentle woodland) or no shade. It prefers moist soil. The plant can tolerates robust winds however not maritime publicity.

UK Hardiness Map
US Hardiness Map


Q. lanuginosa.


Woodland Backyard Cover;

Edible Makes use of

Edible Components: Manna  Seed
Edible Makes use of: Espresso

Seed – cooked. As much as 2.5cm lengthy. It may be dried, floor right into a powder and used as a thickening in stews and so forth or blended with cereals for making bread[183]. The seed incorporates bitter tannins, these will be leached out by completely washing the seed in working water although many minerals may even be misplaced. Both the entire seed can be utilized or the seed will be dried and floor it right into a powder. It could actually take a number of days and even weeks to correctly leach entire seeds, one methodology was to wrap them in a material bag and place them in a stream. Leaching the powder is faster. A easy style take a look at can inform when the tannin has been leached. The standard methodology of making ready the seed was to bury it in boggy floor overwinter. The germinating seed was dug up within the spring when it could have misplaced most of its astringency. The roasted seed is a espresso substitute. A candy fluid exudes from insect harm on the stems and solidifies[2, 61, 105, 177]. That is edible and is offered as a manna in native markets in Iran[46]. It may be boiled down right into a syrup and used for sweetening meals[183].


Medicinal Makes use of

Crops For A Future cannot take any duty for any antagonistic results from the usage of vegetation. All the time search recommendation from knowledgeable earlier than utilizing a plant medicinally.

Any galls produced on the tree are strongly astringent and can be utilized within the remedy of haemorrhages, power diarrhoea, dysentery and so forth[4].


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Different Makes use of

Buttons  Repellent  Tannin  Wooden

The seed cups are used as buttons[95]. A mulch of the leaves repels slugs, grubs and so forth, although recent leaves shouldn’t be used as these can inhibit the expansion of younger vegetation[20]. Oak galls are excrescences which might be typically produced in nice numbers on the tree and are brought on by the exercise of the larvae of various bugs. The bugs stay inside these galls, acquiring their nutrient therein. When the insect pupates and leaves, the gall can be utilized as a wealthy supply of tannin, that will also be used as a dyestuff[4]. The leaves, bark and wooden are used commercially as a supply of tannins[223]. Wooden. It’s valued by wheelwrights, turners and cupboard makers[4]. Of little worth[1, 11]. It doesn’t climate nicely[100].

Particular Makes use of


Cultivation particulars

Prefers a very good deep fertile loam which will be on the stiff facet[1, 11]. Grows nicely on chalk[98], even when the soil is shallow[188]. Younger vegetation tolerate cheap ranges of facet shade[200]. Tolerates reasonable publicity, surviving nicely however being considerably stunted[200]. Grows nicely close to the coast[98]. Illiberal of root disturbance, bushes needs to be planted of their everlasting positions while younger[11]. A really decorative tree[1], it grows very nicely in Britain and is the quickest rising of the oaks in cultivation on this nation[1]. The seed ripens in its second yr[200]. Timber transplant badly except they’re moved usually[11]. Hybridizes freely with different members of the genus[200]. This species is notably proof against honey fungus[88, 200].


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Seed – it shortly loses viability whether it is allowed to dry out. It may be saved moist and funky overwinter however is finest sown as quickly as it’s ripe in an outside seed mattress, although it have to be protected against mice, squirrels and so forth. Small portions of seed will be sown in deep pots in a chilly body. Crops produce a deep taproot and should be planted out into their everlasting positions as quickly as potential, the truth is seed sown in situ will produce the most effective bushes[11]. Timber shouldn’t be left in a nursery mattress for greater than 2 rising seasons with out being moved or they’ll transplant very badly.

Different Names

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Discovered In

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Weed Potential

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Please word {that a} plant could also be invasive in a single space however could not in your space so it’s price checking.

Conservation Standing

IUCN Pink Record of Threatened Crops Standing :

Associated Crops
Latin Title Frequent Title Behavior Top Hardiness Development Soil Shade Moisture Edible Medicinal Different
Quercus × schuettei Schuette’s oak Tree 18.0 4-8 F MH N MWe 3 0 3
Quercus acuta Japanese Evergreen Oak Tree 25.0 6-9 M MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus acutissima Sawthorn Oak Tree 5.0 5-9 M MH SN M 2 2 3
Quercus agrifolia Encina, California stay oak, Coast Stay Oak Tree 15.0 8-11 S MH SN M 3 2  
Quercus alba White Oak, Hybrid oak Tree 20.0 3-9 S MH SN DM 3 2 4
Quercus aliena Oriental White Oak Tree 20.0 4-8   MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus aucheri Boz-Pirnal Oak Shrub 5.0 7-10 S MH SN DM 4 2 1
Quercus bicolor Swamp White Oak Tree 25.0 4-8 M MH SN MWe 4 2 3
Quercus brantii Barro, Brant’s oak Tree 8.0 7-9 F LMH N DM 3 2 3
Quercus chrysolepis Stay Oak, Canyon stay oak Tree 25.0 8-11 S MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus coccifera Kermes Oak Shrub 4.0 5-9   MH SN M 3 2 3
Quercus coccinea Scarlet Oak Tree 25.0 4-8 M MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus dentata Japanese Emperor Oak, Daimyo oak Tree 20.0 4-8 F MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus douglasii Blue Oak Tree 12.0 8-11 S MH SN DM 3 2 4
Quercus durata California Scrub Oak, Leather-based oak Shrub 4.0 7-10   MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus ellipsoidalis Northern Pin Oak Tree 20.0 4-6 M MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus emoryi Black Oak, Emory oak Tree 12.0 6-9 S MH SN M 3 2  
Quercus engelmannii Evergreen Oak, Engelmann oak, Mesa Oak Tree 10.0 8-11 M MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus falcata Southern Pink Oak, Cherrybark Oak, Spanish Oak, Southern Pink Oak Tree 25.0 7-9 M MH SN M 1 2  
Quercus floribunda   Tree 0.0   MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus frainetto Hungarian Oak, Italian Oak, Forest Inexperienced Oak Tree 30.0 5-8 F MH SN M 4 2  
Quercus fruticosa   Shrub 2.0 7-10   MH N M 3 2 2
Quercus gambelii Shin Oak, Gambel oak, Rocky Mountain White Oak Shrub 4.5 4-8 S MH SN DM 3 2 3
Quercus garryana Oregon White Oak, Garry Oak Tree 18.0 7-9 S MH SN M 2 2  
Quercus glauca Ring-cup oak , Ring Cupped Oak, Blue Japanese Oak Tree 15.0 8-9 S MH SN M 3 2  
Quercus hispanica   Tree 20.0 6-9   MH SN M 3 2  
Quercus ilex Holly Oak, Evergreen Oak Tree 25.0 4-10 S LMH SN M 5 2 3
Quercus ilex ballota Holm Oak Tree 25.0 6-9 S LMH SN M 5 2 3
Quercus imbricaria Shingle Oak, Northern Laurel Oak Tree 20.0 4-8 M MH SN M 2 2  

Development: S = sluggish M = medium F = quick. Soil: L = gentle (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). pH: A = acid N = impartial B = fundamental (alkaline). Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = moist Wa = water.


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