Pygmy Date Palm Trees For Sale Online

Pygmy Date Palm Trees For Sale Online

The Pygmy Date Palm is really one of the vital stunning palm bushes obtainable, and it has the good benefits of remaining small, and of rising in decrease gentle than most different palms. Larger palms change into too giant for many residence, and wish a number of gentle, however the Dwarf Date Palm by no means outgrows its welcome, and it’ll thrive indoors for many years. Place it in reasonable gentle, water when dry, fertilize infrequently, and it is going to be pleased. It has the basic ‘palm tree’ look, with a tough brown trunk and round crown or arching leaves, every with a central stem and lots of slender facet leaflets. This palm tree suits into any form of room, from basic antiques to ultra-modern, and all the things in-between. It is going to develop properly in any room with vivid to reasonable gentle, and it’s usually pest-free and simple to develop.

  • Swish dwarf palm tree
  • Appropriate for decrease gentle ranges
  • Slender, arching inexperienced fronds
  • Hardy outside to beneath freezing
  • High-pick palm tree for inside or out

Open air the Dwarf Date Palm will be grown from zone 9b and hotter, so there are giant areas of California and Arizona, in addition to Florida and southern Texas, the place this tree can grace your backyard, even whether it is too chilly for different palms. It is going to develop in full solar or partial shade, in nearly any form of well-drained soil. As soon as established outside it’s drought resistant, and pest resistant too. It is going to develop solely to 10 or maybe finally 12 toes tall, so it suits properly into the smallest backyard, or it may be grown in a container when you’ve got no backyard in any respect. In truth, when you’ve got someplace to maintain it within the coldest months, this is a perfect container plant to offer that tropical look to any backyard.

Many palm bushes rapidly develop too giant for atypical indoor areas, however the Pygmy Date Palm is the very best measurement for even a small room. It grows slowly to round three toes tall indoors, so it’s sufficiently small to suit nearly anyplace, but giant sufficient to make an actual assertion, and provides that basic ‘palm tree’ look. As properly, this can be a tree that grows naturally within the shade of taller bushes, so it’s way more shade tolerant than different palms. This implies it grows properly within the decrease gentle ranges discovered indoors – one other huge plus for this stunning plant. Not solely that, it’s a highly effective air-filter, eradicating benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and xylene from the air. This makes your house a more healthy surroundings, particularly in winter when pure air flow could also be decrease.

Rising Pygmy Date Palm Bushes

Straightforward to develop indoors, but additionally very stunning, the Dwarf Date Palm has a brief trunk, and a plume of gorgeous palm leaves on the high. Every leaf is 18 to 24 inches lengthy, with a central stalk and lots of small facet leaflets, every one pleated right into a ‘v’ the place it joins the stalk. These leaves radiate out from the highest in a circle, every one rising up after which arching over, giving a sleek and engaging look to this pretty plant. The trunk is slender and roughly-textured, so the tree is concurrently rugged but elegant. It suits properly into any form of inside décor, from classical to fashionable, and likewise in Chinese language conventional or Zen fashionable adorning. This eye-catching plant merely appears good anyplace.


The Dwarf Date Palm can be one of many hardiest palms for rising outside, the place it might survive brief durations of chilly all the way down to 26 levels. Which means that within the hotter a part of zone 9, it’ll develop properly outside, and naturally in any areas hotter than that too. So in central Florida, and coastal California, in addition to southern Texas and far of New Mexico, this tree thrives outside. There it’ll keep small, finally reaching 6 toes tall, after which maybe 10 to 12 toes, with a crown of leaves four to six toes throughout. This is without doubt one of the smallest and neatest palms you may develop that has the basic lengthy palm leaves, quite than the rounder leaves of some palms.

Rising Open air

Open air it’ll develop in solar or partial shade, and in shade it’ll profit in winter from the safety of bushes overhead. It is going to develop in most soils, so long as they’re well-drained, and as soon as well-established it’s drought-resistant. Use a palm fertilizer which could have a big final quantity (for Potassium), resembling 8-2-12. The fertilizer must also have supplementary Iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg).

Rising Indoors

In cooler areas, you may in fact develop this plant indoors all 12 months spherical, or carry it inside when the temperatures attain 50 levels, and place it again exterior when it’s safely again to that stage once more. Indoors, select a location with gentle ranges from vivid to medium – it’s extra shade tolerant than nearly another palm tree. Close to an east-facing window is an efficient location, and naturally greater gentle ranges will fit your tree as properly. Develop it in a pot with a drainage gap, utilizing common houseplant soil to plant it in.

If in case you have an ornamental pot that doesn’t have drainage, use a plastic pot fitted inside it, however after watering at all times take away extra water, in order that your tree isn’t left standing with moist toes. Use a foliage houseplant fertilizer often from spring to fall, and in winter cut back watering, and hold the soil nearly fully dry. If attainable, use a high-Potassium palm fertilizer.

Historical past and Origins of the Pygmy Date Palm

The Dwarf Date Palm (Phoenix roebelenii) grows naturally in southwestern China, Laos and Vietnam, as a decrease tree below jungle giants. It’s a relative of the palm tree which produces edible dates, Phoenix dactlyifera – cultivated for millennia all through the Center East. The fruit of the Dwarf Date Palm can be edible, however it’s small, and solely produced outside on older bushes. Our bushes are produced from chosen seed taken from solely the perfect specimens, and can’t be in contrast with cheaper seedlings grown from poor-quality seeds.

Shopping for Dwarf Date Palms at The Tree Heart

The Dwarf Date Palm is a perennial favourite as a houseplant internationally, so we don’t anticipate our top-quality inventory to be at our services for very lengthy in any respect. If you need an attractive and easy-to-grow indoor or outside palm tree for a smaller house, order now to keep away from disappointment. You might also wish to contemplate different common palm varieties, just like the Areca Palm Tree or the King Sago Palm Tree.

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