Plum, Cherry, and Peach Blossoms - The Differences Between Them | MATCHA

Plum, Cherry, and Peach Blossoms – The Differences Between Them | MATCHA

Translated by Lester Somera

Written by Mami Wakamatsu



Plum timber, cherry timber, and peach timber belong to the identical plant household, so it is easy to confuse their flowers. Use these hints to tell apart between them and luxuriate in your hanami events to the fullest.

Spring Flowers in Japan – Cherry, Plum, and Peach Blossoms

Should you needed to choose a flower to characterize Japan, it might be the sakura (cherry blossom). Sakura timber bloom in all places within the spring, with their pink flowers giving Japan’s streets a model new complexion.

Plum (ume) timber and peach (momo) timber additionally produce equally pink flowers within the springtime. As a result of these timber are all a part of the Rosaceae household of crops, even Japanese folks have a tough time telling them aside, and it’s possible that worldwide guests may have an identical problem.

Nevertheless, as a way to get pleasure from Japan’s spring surroundings, we advocate that you simply memorize learn how to distinguish between these timber. All of them have their very own traits, charms and blooming seasons. Should you can spot the variations, you’ll be able to respect them much more.

Sakura Timber and Cherry Blossoms

sakura tree

When somebody mentions Japan, cherry blossoms are one of many first issues to spring to thoughts. They’re intrinsic to Japan’s nationwide picture. Within the spring, well-known sakura viewing spots throughout the nation are all bustling with exercise.

After they bloom:
Between March and April

Break up-tipped petals that type coronary heart shapes
・Lengthy stems and plenty of flowers blooming on one department, giving off an ostentatious air

Well-known locations to see them:
Hokkaido, Goryokaku Tower
Tokyo, Sumida Park
Kyoto, Daigoji Temple
Hiroshima, Senkoji Park
Kumamoto, Kumamoto Citadel

Among the sakura varieties can have extra petals, lending them much more flamboyance. You will notice pale pink flowers probably the most typically.

Plum Timber and Blossoms


Plum timber bloom sooner than sakura, and flower-viewing events and occasions are held in locations like Japanese gardens. They begin blooming whereas it’s nonetheless chilly, and plum flowers are a pleasing herald of the approaching spring.

After they bloom:
From January to round March

Spherical-tipped petals
・No flower stems; the flowers bloom near the department

Well-known locations to see them:
Ibaraki, Kairaku-en Park
Tokyo, Imperial Palace East Gardens
Kyoto, Kitano Temmangu
Fukuoka, Daizaifu Temmangu

One bud blooms on every spot on a plum tree department, so they offer off a subdued impression in comparison with sakura or peach timber. They will have white or pale pink flowers, and you may additionally see deep pink flowers.

Peach Timber and Blossoms

peach blossoms in japan

Peach tree flowers are often known as a ornament in the course of the Japanese spring custom of Lady’s Day, celebrated on March third. Traditionally, this was when peach flowers started to bloom, so the event is also called Momo-no-Sekku, or “peach blossom competition.” Peach flowers had been initially stated to work as charms to keep at bay evil spirits, in order that they turned used as ornamentation throughout Lady’s Day, a competition to want for the well being and improvement of ladies.

After they bloom:
Early to mid-April

Petals that taper to sharp factors
・The flowers bloom alongside the very brief stems

Two or extra flowers bloom from the buds on both sides of a peach tree department, giving them a flashier look than plum timber. There are numerous vivid pink peach tree flowers.

Well-known locations to see them:
Ibaraki, Koga Park
Yamanashi Togenkyo, Southern Alps
Nagano Chikumagawa Seashore

These three flowers lend a colourful aptitude to the Japanese springtime. Should you can inform them aside, you can benefit from the spring surroundings much more.

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