Passion Fruit Vine: How to Grow Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit Vine: How to Grow Passion Fruit

Passionfruit tree


Local weather

Passionfruit vines are versatile however are finest suited to subtropical and temperate climates, supplied there may be safety from frost when younger.


Place your passionfruit vine in full solar with safety from robust winds. In colder climates, select a spot in entrance of north going through wall to utilise to radiated warmth.

Passionfruit vines develop intensive root methods so make sure the spot you select to plant has loads of house, free from weeds, competing crops and grass. They may also unfold as much as 10 metres squared so select or construct a construction that may accomodate it.  Passionfruit vines will be skilled to develop alongside your fence, on a picket or wire trellis, or over an arbour. Simply set up some wire or mesh to assist its tendrils.


The perfect soil for passionfruit vines is wealthy in natural matter and well-drained with a pH of 5.5 to six.5.




The perfect time to plant a passionfruit vine is within the spring season. Earlier than planting, put together your soil by incorporating compost and hen manure to an space round one to 2 metres huge. Dig a gap twice as huge and simply as deep as the foundation ball, gently tease the roots, plant the vine and water effectively. Mulch across the base with sugarcane, bark chips or pea straw, however don’t let it construct up across the stem.

Passionfruit vines can be grown in giant pots so long as they’ve an satisfactory assist construction.


Passionfruit vines require common watering, particularly when the vine is younger and when it’s flowering and fruiting. Water deeply a few instances every week, relying on climate circumstances and local weather. Bear in mind to unfold your watering over all the root system, not simply across the stem of the vine.

Passionfruit tree



Feed your passionfruit vine with well-watered-in citrus meals or a hen manure twice a yr, in spring and autumn. Make sure you unfold the fertiliser over all the root system. Keep away from over-feeding or utilizing fertilisers which can be excessive in nitrogen, this may encourage leaf progress on the expense of flowers and fruits.


Flowers normally seem in mid-spring earlier than fruiting in early summer time. Your first fruit will seem round six to eight months after planting however have endurance – the perfect crop will are available round 18 months. Passionfruits want to totally ripen on the vine and can drop off after they’re able to eat. They can be picked off the vine when their color is absolutely developed and are available away from the vine simply.

passionfruit flowers



The perfect time to prune a passionfruit vine is in late winter or early spring. Slicing the vine again by a few third will encourage vigorous progress and extra fruit.


The passionfruit vine will be propagated from cuttings however is finest grown from seed.




Not fruiting: A standard grievance of passionfruit growers is an absence of fruit. There are a variety of things that might be responsible, however poor pollination is the commonest. The important work of bees will be impacted by adjustments in climate reminiscent of constant, heavy rain, and fluctuating temperatures. Over-fertilization also can trigger your vine to develop however with out flowers and fruit.

Fruit dropping: In case your passionfruit is fruiting however the items are dropping off the vine, it might be attributable to irregular watering, fungal ailments or fruit flies.

Yellow leaves: Questioning why your passionfruit leaves are going yellow? The most typical trigger is woodiness virus, but it surely is also right down to magnesium or nitrogen deficiency, or “winter yellows” introduced on by chilly, windy climate.

Spots: In the event you’re noticing spots in your vine’s leaves and fruit, it’s almost definitely attributable to fungal ailments reminiscent of alternata spot or brown spot.

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