Palm Seed Germination, Growing Palm Trees From Seed

Palm Seed Germination, Growing Palm Trees From Seed




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>>Palm Tree Seed Germination

Tree Seed Germination

Rising Palm Bushes from Seed 
A Nurseryman’s Viewpoint 

by Phil

A abstract of
necessary factors to consider when germinating palm tree seeds

Collection of seeds
and Suggestions
Creating an excellent atmosphere
for germination and development 


Germination Tray Brahea moorrei




Brahea moorei

seeds germinating 




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Jubaea chilensis fruit

Jubaea seeds cleaned

Attalea brejihoensis seeds
Attalea brejihoensis seeds cleaned
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Determine Which Seeds To

  • Have a plan for what you are attempting to perform, and choose your seeds
    accordingly.  Palm tree care begins with selecting the correct
    species to develop. 

  • Choose species that can do properly in your locality. 
    Explicit consideration ought to be given to chilly tolerance in your space.

  • Acquire the suitable variety of seeds in your wants.

  • At all times establish the seeds by species, supply, and date while you gather or obtain them. Do not throw all the pieces right into a bag to determine later. You will undoubtedly neglect what’s what.

  • Be
    conscious that there are laws on the importing and worldwide
    sale and commerce of seeds.  Usually, phytosanitary permits are
    wanted.  Generally, with Endangered Species, a CITES allow would possibly
    be required, even on species of palms.  Assume it’s mandatory
    for cycad seeds and confer with particular CITES legal guidelines.  On some
    endangered species seeds, it is merely not doable to import these
    seeds into the U.S., so be cautious and cautious earlier than you try to
    import such seeds.

  • Replace Jan., 2016. 

    Due to an assortment of modifications in
    importation legal guidelines into the U.S., the worldwide industrial seed
    market, current time economics and different components,

    getting nearly inconceivable to search out top quality, uncommon palm seeds. 
    It is even worse with uncommon cycads.

     I’ve emails from
    fanatics each day about their incapacity to search out seeds. 
    Sadly, that is true.  Consequently, acquiring seeds usually
    requires connections to home seed sources or particular person backyard
    homeowners.  However, it is a lengthy and tedious course of and one has to
    usually wait fairly some time for seeds.  I’d say
    right now, I do know of just one dependable supply that provides seeds
    internationally.  There are one or two dependable home seed
    sources right here within the U.S.  If you happen to do buy seeds on the Internet,
    very cautious and take a look at opinions of your provider.
      It is
    simple to waste cash on seeds that do not germinate or aren’t as
    described.  Suppliers’ ethics might not match your expectations.


  • If you happen to name or electronic mail me, I can typically refer you to a good
    provider.  I’d, after all, prefer to promote you established
    seedlings.  This protects you normally two years of your time. 
    I’ve many tens of 1000’s of seedlings on the market of scores of
    species.  However, germinating is enjoyable and I perceive how individuals
    wish to germinate their very own seeds.

parajubaea sunkha seed
Parajubaea sunkha seed

Archontophoenix purpurea clean seeds
Archontophoenix purpurea 
– clear seeds

(click on to

Green Chamaedorea seeds
Instance of inexperienced palm seeds

Ripe Chamaedorea fruit
Instance of ripe palm fruit

Decide or
Buy Ripe Seeds – By no means Inexperienced Seeds

  • At all times attempt to decide seeds which are mature.  The fruit of such
    seeds are normally a outstanding coloration.  They are often black, brown,
    crimson, orange or yellow.  If the fruit is inexperienced, wait some time and
    they need to turn out to be colourful.  Then decide them.  See pictures
    right here to acknowledge inexperienced or ripe fruit.

  • Decide fruits which are of ample dimension.  This takes expertise to
    acknowledge.  Generally “duds” are made – small, immature seeds
    that can by no means germinate.  It is a waste of time to idiot with

  • Keep in mind that some single palm bushes, all
    by themselves, could make viable seeds.  That is referred to as a
    species.  It has each female and male
    flowers.  However, there are additionally dioecious palms
    the place each a female and male are wanted.  With out the male
    pollen, all seeds can be “duds”.

  • A number of examples of monoecious palms would
    embrace the Queen Palm, Dypsis, Veitchia, Syagrus, Butia and

  • Examples of dioecious palms would come with Chamaedorea, Bismarckia,
    Ravenea, Phoenix, Elaeis
    and Kerriodoxa.

Chamaedorea tepejilote green seeds
Chamaedorea tepejilote inexperienced seeds –
prepared to reap

Bismarckia nobilis
Bismarckia nobilis, a dioecious sort of palm


immature seeds.
(Click on picture to enlarge)


Butia capitata, mature seeds.
(Click on picture to enlarge)

Areca Ipot
Areca ipot inexperienced seeds
(Click on
picture to


Get Excessive High quality Seeds 

  • Finest outcomes normally come from contemporary seeds collected by the grower himself. Solely gather ripe seeds. Keep away from immature, inexperienced seeds. Ripe seeds have mature fruit coloration and are able to drop.

  • If bought, receive seeds from a good vendor. An unscrupulous dealer might deliberately or unwittingly give seeds a false or a extra sellable species identify to facilitate the sale. You may be unaware of this drawback for a while. Such errors have led to nice confusions with
    species of palm bushes, particularly with current introductions from Madagascar.

  • While you discover a good seed dealer, persist with him. He needs your repeat enterprise. 

  • If bought, inquire concerning the age of the seeds. Seeds from distant lands can take months to get into your fingers. Aside from his supply, a seed dealer will normally share info he is aware of.

  • Poor germination outcomes are normally the results of outdated,
    inexperienced picked or poor high quality seeds.

  • Acquire a USDA Import
    Allow should you plan to import seeds internationally

Carpenteria acuminata seed
Carpenteria acuminata
ripe seed

Jubaea chilensis seeds – seed exhibiting inside fruit
 (Click on
picture to enlarge)

Livistona saribus seeds with fruit
Livistona saribus seeds with fruit

Chambeyronia macrocarpa fruit
Ripe fruit of Chambeyronia macrocarpa.  This crimson fruit should be
eliminated for germination to happen


Clear Off The Seed’s Fruit

  • Earlier than your seeds are shipped to you, insist the fruit is eliminated to keep away from confiscation by the USDA.

  • Likewise, clear fruit from seeds you’re bringing into your state or into the

  • Rot issues might develop when stitching seeds if fruit is left on the seed. Dry the seeds previous to transport or transport.

  • Put on gloves when cleansing fruit on some species akin to
    Caryota and

  • Seeds germinate higher with the fruit off and there are much less fungal issues.

  • Fruit comprises sure germination inhibitors. Cleansing of the fruit eliminates these inhibitors.

  • To stop later rotting of seeds, make sure that all slime or remnants of
    fruit are eliminated so the seeds should not “slimy”.
      We do that whereas
    washing them in a metallic mesh sieve beneath operating water.  However, you
    may also use a round wire brush on a drill with the seeds in water
    in a drum.  Observe that simply eradicating the fruit shouldn’t be sufficient. 
    You could additionally clear off the skinny coat of remaining fruit! 
    Many agree that improper cleansing of seeds is the primary
    motive for failure in germinating palm seeds.


Caryota urens fruit
Caryota urens fruit

Howea f fruit
Howea f. fruit/tree

Checking Authenticity Of
The Seeds

  • This is without doubt one of the hardest issues to do. You wish to confirm that the seeds obtained are actually what you thought you have been buying. The identical applies to seeds collected in habitat.

  • In habitat, both on the time or later, strive your finest to establish the species collected.

  • On shipped seeds, make the most of references with seed morphology akin to
    Genera Palmerum to confirm authenticity of the seed you’ve obtained. 
    That is offered by the Worldwide Palm Society.

  • Because it takes months to get germination and
    even longer to see a rising plant, it is seemingly that it is going to be some
    time earlier than you acknowledge you do not have what you ordered or thought
    you collected.  This occurs.  A very good relationship together with your
    seed provider might resolve such points.  Do not be accusatory of
    the seed service provider.  Bear in mind, he has to belief his sources as to
    their accuracy in amassing seeds and errors do occur.



Genera Palmarum book



 floating palm seeds

take a look at
(Click on picture to enlarge)

Astrocaryum mexicanum seeds with inner hollow cavity
Astrocaryum mexicanum
seeds with inside hole cavity
(Click on to enlarge)

Gastrococos seed inner cavity
Gastrococos crispa seed with
inside cavity – no good
(click on to enlarge picture)

Checking Viability Of Seeds

  • Relying on the species, seed viability varies from a number of weeks to 6 to 12 months. Small seeds usually have shorter length of viability. Understory and extra tropical seeds likewise have a shorter time from ripening to lack of viability. As anticipated, seeds which are from extra arid habitats usually have longer viability home windows.

  • Examine the seeds common look. Good seeds look more energizing and really feel heavier within the hand. Outdated seeds look desiccated and really feel lighter.

  • Examine seed dimension. If you recognize what a seed is ought to seem like and seeds obtained are a lot smaller, both you’ve unhealthy seeds or one other species.

  • Pinch
    : Viable seeds by no means collapse when pinched between your thumb and forefinger. If the seeds do collapse, they’re both immature seeds or they’re outdated, desiccated seeds with inner air cavities from rot to the embryo or endocarp. Discard such seeds.

  • Minimize Open a Few Seeds:
    reduce them length-wise and search for inside hole cavities.  If you happen to
    see an empty or rotten middle, the probabilities are 99% that the seed isn’t any
    good.  (see picture of
    seeds to left)

  • Float
    : Viable seeds invariably sink to the underside when soaked in water and unhealthy seeds float for the explanations described above. That is offering that any outer fibrous masking layer of the seed has been eliminated. There are just a few exceptions, however floaters normally don’t germinate.

  • Chopping a consultant seed in half might reveal any early rot or desiccation issues.


Palm seed pinch text
Failed pinch take a look at
Seed collapsed on pinching

palm seed pinch test
Failed pinch take a look at
Click on picture to enlarge

Palm Seed Float Tesst
You will see practically 100% failure with palm seeds that float

Soaking The Seeds

  • Seeds
    of palm bushes not too long ago cleaned of their ripe, supple fruit don’t must be soaked.

  • Seeds shipped internationally or from a dealer invariably profit from a 24 hour soak in clear water. Some growers advocate chlorine free water for soaking.

  • Soaking previous to stitching provides the seed a bounce begin and helps revitalize older seeds. With short-lived embryo viability time-windows, such rehydration often is the distinction between success and failure.

  • Soaking could also be eradicated if one is using an efficient automated and intermittent misting system. With most standard methods, nevertheless, soaking will show advantageous.

  • Soaking might shield the seed from
    desiccation within the quick run.  However, as described beneath, you need to
    mist or water the seeds to maintain the medium moist.

  • Over-soaking will produce bubbles from fermentation of fruit remaining on the seeds. If longer soaking durations are used, change the water each day. 

palm tree care begins with germination

Neighborhood pot, palm
(Click on picture to enlarge)


germinating seeds
Coccothrinax seedlings


Germination Methods:
Neighborhood Pots Or Beds

  • This can be a technique by which seeds are sewn in a container or mattress, usually many seeds positioned facet by facet within the germinating soil.

  • That is the method we mostly use.  It’s extra space
    environment friendly for us.  We additionally use the “Baggie Method”
    described beneath.  It has sure benefits.

  • Good for daily statement and provides a grower the chance to take away seedlings at will.

  • We like that seeds are simply seen and adopted when germinating and
    simple to take away from their pots.

  • Benefits: Simple statement, erect seedlings, good air circulation, simple software of chemical substances or fertilizer, software of backside warmth, and unbiased removing of seedlings as wanted.

  • Disadvantages: Considerably tougher to arrange, potential for much less warmth or humidity, higher desiccation threat, probability for collateral contamination by fungus
    or weeds.

  • Most steadily used method by industrial growers.

community flat seeds
Neighborhood Flats cycad seeds

Dypsis baronii germinating seeds
Dypsis baronii  group pots

Veitchia spiralis germinating seeds
Veitchia spiralis

Baggie Technique palm seeds
Baggie method for germinating palm seeds

Beneath, germinated palm seeds within a baggie

Germinated seeds baggie technique

Germination Methods:
“Baggie” Method

  • A simple strategy of putting seeds with some barely damp
    sphagnum moss (or different medium akin to perlite) right into a clear plastic baggie and placing the baggie in a heat atmosphere, akin to close to a water heater.

  • Benefits: improved humidity, cheap, easy, area environment friendly, cellular, and good for small numbers of seeds

  • Disadvantages: Poor visibility, twisted seedlings, potential for speedy fungal demise, lack of air flow, inferior gentle, threat of under-hydration with out warning, and wish for well timed removing when prepared or one will get seedling spaghetti.

  • Most popular method by some hobbyists.

  • Plastic Tubs:  In
    newer occasions, growers have been germinating in clear plastic
    tubs.  That is with out the utilization of plastic baggage.  You set the seeds right into a germinating combine and put the tubs
    right into a heat location.  Remember that, with this system, if
    one thing goes incorrect (fungus or rot), you may most probably lose the
    entire crop should you do not acknowledge it early.

  • New Article  – Baggie Method –
    Click on to Learn Article

Borassus species seeds on groundBorassus
species seeds beneath tree


Specialised Germination

  • This consists of particular procedures carried out to explicit species of palm seeds to enhance poor germination outcomes from normal methods. Though profitable for just a few species, normally these practices are by no means wanted for many species. 
    Nevertheless, there are some particular guidelines in palm tree care and
  •  Plucking out the attention of a big coccoidal seed of species akin to
    cafra. In expert fingers, this system has been reported as profitable.
  • Using very excessive warmth for selling germination of some genera akin to
    Acrocomia and
  • Germination of
    Borassus species in extraordinarily deep containers to have room for the big and deep root radical.
  • A very good notice: 
    Howea forsteriana,
    right here in Southern California, are gradual to germinate however do properly with
    good outcomes should you simply cowl the seeds within the backyard with an inch of
    backyard soil.  Anticipate a batch to take about 18 months to point out

Howea forsteriana fruitHowea
fruit on tree – numerous
levels of ripening
Germinating Chamaedorea seedsChamaedorea
seeds germinating in group pot

Placement of
the seeds

  • A
    widespread query is “how deep do I bury the seeds”.  That is
    truly fairly necessary.

  • Depth of placement of
    the seeds is dependent upon the dimensions of the seed.  For palms, I’d
    nearly by no means advocate putting the seeds solely on high of the
    germination combine.  Such seeds normally dry out and by no means germinate. 

  • For small seeds, I would
    normally advocate placing them a few quarter of an inch beneath the
    floor of the potting combine.  This retains a moist atmosphere
    across the seeds so they do not dry out. 

  •  For bigger
    seeds (an inch lengthy or extra), I normally advocate placing the seed
    submerged in order that concerning the higher third of the seed is uncovered. 
    Thus, many of the seed is beneath the floor of the combination. 

  • Irrespective of how deep you set the seeds, keep in mind
    that you need to hold the germination combine barely damp. 
    In any other case, seeds will desiccate.   

  • By way of horizontal spacing of seeds, do not cram too many into your
    container.  Seeds which are too tightly packed in will compete and
    some won’t ever germinate.

Germinating palm seedsPalm
seeds on this container have loads of room to develop.
  Pots for germinating palm seeds
Pots for germinating seeds.  On left six inch,
proper eight inch.  Each have good depth.

Measurement or
Depth of Pot Used for Germination


  • To reply this query, you could think about
    what species you are attempting to germinate.  We by no means like shallow
    trays for germination.  Occasionally we’ll make the most of a 3 to
    4 inch tray on some species.  However, it is uncommon to germinate palms which do not
    ship their roots down no less than three to 4 inches.  So, a brilliant
    shallow two inch tray shouldn’t be ones first selection for positive. 

  • For species that
    do not have deep and aggressive root techniques, a pot six inches
    ought to be ample.  Examples of such species would possibly
    embrace Chamaedorea, Calamus, Coccothrinax, some Dypsis,
    Licuala, Pinanga
    and Roystonea Rhapis and

  • For species which have
    aggressive roots of a really deep faucet root, a pot eight to 10
    inches deep
    is a lot better.  Examples of such species
    would possibly embrace Archontophoenix, Bismarckia, Brahea, some
    Caryota, Chambeyronia, Veitchia,
    and  Sabals.

  •  FIf you aren’t
    positive, it is higher to make use of a deeper pot than yet one more shallow.


Zamia lodegessii
A dwarf cycad we germinated in a Three inch deep flat.  This was nearly 
too shallow and we should always have used a six inch deep pot.  


Germination Setting

  • A temperature/humidity managed greenhouse atmosphere is right. This provides extra warmth, greater low temperatures, and extra constant humidity. There may be additionally much less threat of predators, weed contamination and weather-related issues.

  • A merely constructed germination field made out of Styrofoam
    with a plastic lid will be constructed cheaply and work properly. It’s superb for the hobbyist. A easy warming gadget akin to a lightweight bulb will be utilized.

  • If not using a greenhouse or germination field, present your seeds with the warmest space doable with good humidity and away from direct, sizzling daylight. 
    Filtered gentle is most popular for germinating palm seeds. 

  • Palm seeds can germinate in darkish environments – i.e.
    with out daylight.  BUT, very quickly after germination, gentle is
    wanted.  So, should you use the Baggie Method, be ready to
    rapidly repot new seedlings which have germinated and transfer them into
    filtered gentle.

  • Humidity ranges of 60 to 70% are superb. Keep away from overly damp areas or rot will develop.


(Click on picture to enlarge)



Utilization Of Backside Warmth

  • This can be a system of using synthetic warmth beneath the group pot to perform or speed up germination.

  • Industrial heating mats can be found with thermostat controls.

  • Advantageous for many species. Speeds germination. Is just not cheap to make use of.

  • Backside warmth requires a flat floor to perform. It’s best to defend lack of warmth from the underside of your mat. The space from the seeds to backside warmth is crucial. If too shut it could overheat seeds.

  • For species from colder pure habitats, backside warmth might diminish germination charges and be completely pointless.

  • It’ll will increase water necessities and/or frequency of misting.

  • A thermometer ought to be utilized to confirm optimum medium temperature.

  • Be
    conscious that outdated mats current a fireplace hazard.  Mats ought to be
    changed when they’re outdated or present indicators of decay.

high-low thermometer

(high-low) thermometer.
(click on picture to enlarge)




Easy Outside Germination

  • This implies germinating outside in a small pot or the backyard, nothing fancy. This may be profitable with many species in you reside in an space that will get ample warmth and never too chilly. One ought to keep away from direct daylight on most species and hold the soil considerably damp.

  • One follows lots of the tips outlined elsewhere on this article. This may be carried out merely beneath a mattress of mulch within the backyard.

  • Outside germination will be profitable on lots of the cooler rising species of the genera
    Howea, Chamaedorea, Butia
    and Parajubaea.

peat moss.
(click on picture to enlarge)


sand, # 12 grit
(click on picture to enlarge)




Germination Medium/Soil

  • It should present a root substrate, moisture, vitamins and aeration.

  • It’s ideally free sufficient for simple penetration of germination

  • It ought to settle for water simply and never dry out too rapidly.

  • There are numerous opinions on the perfect combine. The combination will be made by hand or bought as germination combine. Usually used are mixtures of perlite and peat moss in a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio.

  • Wetting brokers are sometimes added to medium to assist with watering.

  • Pure peat moss can be utilized however can flip into a tough block if ever allowed to totally dry out.

  • Different mediums: Sphagnum moss, sand, shavings, and many others.

  • As seedlings germinate and develop, a special
    development medium is required.  The mix of solely peat moss and
    perlite is not ample.


(click on picture to enlarge)


Peat Moss
Peat moss

watering wand
Watering wand with a comfortable move of water

  • Watering as soon as
    each few days in a greenhouse atmosphere is normally ample. When
    the climate is sizzling and dry, extra frequent waterings are wanted.  Open air, hold the medium mildly moist.

  • Water with a fantastic move of water – we use
    watering needs as proven right here.  Misters are fantastic too however ship
    much less water.  Watch out of hose ends as they’ll disturb your

  • Watering frequency varies with water holding capability of medium and the ambient temperature/humidity. Sand wants much less frequent watering whereas pure perlite extra frequent watering.

  • Automated misting techniques can be found however not usually wanted. Watch out for over-watering which may result in rot issues and damping off of the brand new leaf. 

  • Water necessities are elevated with backside warmth.

  • If doable, use distilled water or reverse
    osmosis water.  It places much less salt into the germination soil. 
    Proven to the suitable is our reverse osmosis unit at our nursery. 
    All crops get “RO Water”.

Reverse Osmosis Jungle Music
This can be a picture of the reverse
osmosis unit at Jungle Music

Cold Palm Clip Art
Ultimate Temperature For

  • For many species, soil temperature of 80 to 85 levels Fahrenheit appears to be superb. This may be achieved utilizing backside warmth or a heated greenhouse.

  • Chilly temperatures (day or evening) can gradual or forestall germination.

  • Extreme backside warmth will be damaging to a seedlings roots.

  • As soon as then first leaf spear is exhibiting, seedlings will be faraway from the underside warmth if you want. Nevertheless, repotting ought to wait (see beneath).

  • There are species from colder areas that desire cooler germination temperatures.

  • General, chilly climate slows or might forestall palm
    seed germination

  Germinating Chamaedorea benziei
Germinating Chamaedorea
simply exhibiting their spears and
making an attempt to set first

leaves The
First Indicators of Germination

  • For many species,
    the primary signal of germination (in pots) is that you will see factors or
    spears breaking the floor of the soil.  They’re like spikes
    pointing upwards.  Often there are roots beneath that you would be able to’t

  • Over time these spikes will slowly produce a leaf which is able to open. 

  • As talked about elsewhere, while you see these spikes it isn’t but time to
    take away and repot the seedlings.  Allow them to no less than develop one
    leaf that has hardened off. 

  • As soon as then first leaf spear is exhibiting, seedlings will be faraway from the underside warmth if you want. Nevertheless, repotting ought to wait (see beneath).

Howea belmoreana seeds just germinating
Howea belmoreana seeds simply germinating with
their tiny spears breaking by the soil floor

Palm Fertilizer
See hyperlink for palm tree fertilizer
Not all fertilizers are the identical
finest “NPK” is 3/1/3

(ratio, not precise numbers)
Click on to enlarge picture
Fertilization Of Seedlings

  • This may be useful after germination has occurred. 
    However, to germinate seeds, fertilizer shouldn’t be wanted.  You solely
    fertilize “crops”, not “seeds”.

  • It’s best to make the most of dilute fertilizer options. Some would mix a fungicide with the fertilizer.

  • Bear in mind, palms want a special fertilizer. 
    The “N/P/Ok” ratio is as proven to the left.

  • We advocate soluble fertilizer for seedlings.  However, you need to
    dilute it out, about 1/Three common energy.  See picture to proper.

  • “Model X” low-cost fertilizers will most probably
    burn your new seedlings.  Watch out what you purchase.

  •  By no means
    apply fertilizer to seedlings whose soil has turned dry. 
    Pre-water seedlings previous to making use of fertilizer. 

  • See article on palm tree fertilizer

Soluble Fertilizer
Soluble fertilizer

Damping off palm seedlings
On these Carpenteria in a group pot, notice
how the 2 seedlings on the left have damped off

Fungal Issues With

  • This may happen at any time
    and is the primary menace to profitable germination of seeds.  It is named
    “damping off” and will be acknowledged by seedlings rapidly turning brown and wilting.

  • Can happen abruptly and destroy a complete crop of seeds.

  • Can journey rapidly to adjoining seedlings or from pot to pot.

  • Requires well timed use of applicable fungicides. I take advantage of a product named Daconil,
    however it’s tough to acquire these days.

  • Prophylactic utilization of fungicides can forestall.


Management Weeds

  • If you’re doing all the pieces proper, particularly with out of doors
    germination, weeds will discover there method to your germination containers. 

  • Weeds will in all probability develop quicker than your germinating seeds and might
    forestall germination or overwhelm new seedlings

  • Study to acknowledge what’s a weed and rapidly take away them when younger. 
    Ignoring this suggestion might lead to very low or no germination.

    Repotting a new Veitchia seedling
A brand new Veitchia seedling eliminated fastidiously from
group pot of seedlings

Veitchia seedling
Discover good roots

Veitchia seedling
Identical seedling in a single gallon pot.  Observe we waited till it had 4
hardened leaves.

Repotting Of New Seedlings

  • Usually when no less than one absolutely fashioned leaf exists. Ideally, I watch for the second or third leaf.

  • Most weak time for seedling demise is when doing the preliminary transplant. 
    So, make sure that the seedling is way sufficient alongside earlier than you take away it
    and pot it up.  With the “Baggie Method”, you need to repot
    earlier than with different methods.  

  • Seeds usually geminate sporadically. Due to this fact, one may have to reap seedlings which are prepared and place remnant seeds again into the group pot for additional germination.

  • When first repotting the brand new seedling, introduce it into a really open seedling combine that provides simple penetration of the brand new roots.

  • Look ahead to desiccation with transplanted new seedlings. Usually
    newly potted up palms want frequent misting to reestablish. Use of anti-transpirants
    or B nutritional vitamins could also be helpful

  • After eradicating from a group pot is
    essentially the most difficult and dangerous time for seedlings.
    Do not be shocked should you lose some.  Usually, if we take away and
    pot up fifty seedlings, we’ll lose about 5 within the first few weeks

  • The identical applies to reveal rooted seedlings you
    have shipped off the Web.  However, the loss of life charges are greater. 
    Anticipate dropping no less than 25% of naked root shipped seedlings.

  • Due to the issue above, we solely ship
    seedlings of their pots with soil after they’ve stabilized and are

repotting of seedling
Repotting a tiny seedling.  We normally like
to attend longer to get a stronger seedling.

New Rhopalostylis seedlings repotted into band containers

Archontophoenix alexandrae tub of germinated seeds
Archontophoenix alexandrae –
 tub of germinated seeds – Click on
to enlarge picture

Time Wanted For Germination
A number of variables

  • Even for one species, germination occasions are so variable that predictions and generalizations are nearly meaningless. At finest, one might state that some genera or species germinate extra rapidly than others. Germination occasions are depending on all components mentioned above and fluctuate from one batch of seeds to the subsequent. 
    Picture to the left reveals sturdy seedlings of

     These are the outcomes after one yr. 

  • Generally accepted gradual genera to germinate embrace
    Acrocomia, sure
    Howea, Attalea, Jubaea, Jubeaopsis

  • Rapidly germinating genera/species would possibly
    Archontophoenix, Caryota, Chamaedorea,
    Ptychosperma, Veitchia
    and plenty of others.

  • With no success for six to 12 months, it’s best to test your seeds with a pinch take a look at. Usually it’s discovered that every one the seeds are rotten and must be discarded.

  • An instance of slower germination is proven to
    the suitable with
    Jubaea chilensis seeds.  The primary picture
    reveals no ends in six months.  The second picture was taken about
    18 months after setting the seeds down.  Observe how there’s some
    germination,  maybe 10%.  These have been from home seeds. 
    It is an instance of how, with some species, you simply do not get excessive
    germination charges.

  • Do not be dismayed when you have a complete failure and completely no
    germination with a batch of seeds.  This may and can happen with
    all growers.  Simply transfer on and take a look at once more.  

Jubaea chilensis seeds not germinated in flat
Jubaea chilensis seeds not germinated
in flat after six months
Click on picture to enlarge.

Jubaea chilensis seeds some germinating after more than a year
Jubaea chilensis seeds some

germinating after about 18 months

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Astrocaryum mexicana
Astrocaryum mexicana,
A traditionally tough seed to germinate
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Tough Seeds To

  • This drawback is magnified if outdated, marginally viable or immature seeds are used.

  • As you get extra expertise, you may discover genera
    which are simply plain tough to germinate.  Getting excessive
    high quality, contemporary seeds (collected by you) will certainly enhance your

  • Many seeds have a “shelf life”.  So,
    getting outdated, dry seeds will gradual issues down or offer you no outcomes.

  • Difficulties are seen with lower than optimum germination methods.

  • Examples of Tough Seeds to Germinate:
    Parajubaea typically

    Jubaea, Parajubaea


Acocomia totai
Acocomia totai, a tough seed

to germinate
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King Palm
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, the King Palm
– Very simple to germinate
Simple Seeds To Germinate

  • Some seeds are positively simpler to germinate than others. 
    This would possibly embrace species that you just gather on a road facet just like the
    widespread Queen and King Palms.

  • Examples embrace genera akin to
    Sabal and

Veitchia joannis
Veitchia joannis, a simple seed to germinate  

Archontophoenix maxima seedlings
Archontophoenix maxima seedlings in a deep tray.  We bought about 80%
germination, an excellent end result!

General Outcomes

  • Most depending on getting contemporary, viable seeds.

  • Additionally depending on method and diligence of nurseryman or hobbyist.

  • If one actively makes an attempt to germinate many species and will get seeds from all around the globe, an general germination price of 25% or higher could be thought of

  • For some species close to 100% is the rule.

  • For others, 10% could be phenomenal.

  • Do not get annoyed with failures.  It
    occurs to everybody.

  • Higher outcomes will come from good seed
    suppliers who supply top quality seeds.  And, as talked about above,
    you may have the perfect outcomes with seeds you gather your self, clear
    completely and pot
    up rapidly.

Neighborhood pot, palm
seedlings (older).
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Encephalartos ferox seeds
Encephalartos ferox
seeds faraway from cone with fruit
Different Varieties of Seeds

  • These similar primary principals do apply to many
    different forms of plant seeds, though
    sure modifications are wanted for some forms of seeds.  An
    instance of cycad seeds are proven to the left.

  • Hopefully quickly we’ll supply an article on
    germination of cycad seeds within the close to future.


Dypsis dark meal bug band
Dypsis darkish mealy bug in band dimension










For many who want to save just a few years and
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We have now lots of of species on this dimension on the market.



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