oleander trees in a landscape

Oleander Tree

Nerium oleander

The hardy and delightful oleander tree thrives in a sunny spot wherever in South Florida.

oleander trees in a landscape

This decorative flowering tree begins life as an oleander shrub, which might be left to develop massive with a trimmed-up base because it turns into a multi-trunk tree. Or you should buy one educated to a single trunk for a extra basic tree-like look.

Vibrant, showy flowers in shades of white, pink and pink are commonest, showing on and off all 12 months, extra in hotter months.

Oleanders do not take lots of care – apart from common upkeep and a superb spring pruning – in the event that they’re planted in the fitting location.

They make a good selection as an easy-care tree for a small yard or as an accent for bigger landscapes.

Sadly, the oleander plant has developed a status as a plant to keep away from for 2 causes:

  • The
    plant is TOXIC if ingested – as are fairly a couple of widespread South Florida
    panorama crops, together with crotons.
  • Oleanders entice significantly nasty
    caterpillars that may defoliate it very quickly flat.

The toxins mostly trigger pores and skin irritations from trimming
and dealing with cuttings.

Not everyone seems to be affected by this, however sporting
good backyard gloves and protecting eyewear ought to maintain you from having
any hostile results, even when you’ve got delicate pores and skin.

Keep away from planting the place younger youngsters, pets or livestock would are available contact. If there is a
probability a toddler or animal will ingest leaves, stems or any a part of an
oleander, oleander poisoning isn’t any small matter. At all times place it in an
space the place this state of affairs cannot happen.

You possibly can outsmart the nerium
caterpillars by inserting the tree far sufficient away from any construction so
that the caterpillars have nowhere close by to cocoon.

That is their M.O. –
eat, then cocoon. The extra handy the cocooning spot, the extra
possible it’s that they’re going to feed in your oleander.

Yellow oleander tree

Generally known as “Fortunate Nut” (however do not eat the nuts!), this plant might be grown as a small tree of about 12 to 15 ft.

It is a cousin of nerium oleander, and blooms all through heat months. Botanical identify is  Cascabela thevetia – beforehand thevetia peruviana.

Plant specs

An oleander tree is a quick grower that may attain as a lot as 15 ft tall. It is best saved fats and bushy round 6 to eight ft tall, with a large crown.

These crops are chilly hardy – fantastic wherever in South Florida together with all of Zone 9. They’re reasonably salt-tolerant and reasonably drought-tolerant as soon as established.

The oleander is evergreen and blooms on and off all 12 months, with heaviest flowering throughout hotter months. It is also thought-about deer-resistant.

Plant care

Plant in full to partial solar in an space that drains properly.

Add prime soil to the opening while you plant – and including composted cow manure as properly will get your oleander tree off to an amazing begin.

Do a heavy pruning in spring (late March to early April) to encourage robust stems and bushy progress. Snip off new shoots across the base sometimes to maintain the look of a tree.

If caterpillars assault your oleander, spray with thuracide, a pure bacterial product. Even when many of the leaves have been munched off, trim the tree again and it ought to flush out once more.

Common watering is finest, although oleander timber desire to dry out between waterings.

Fertilize 3 times a 12 months – as soon as every in spring, summer season and autumn – with a high quality granular fertilizer. You possibly can complement feedings with bone meal to advertise heavier bloom.

'Calypso Pink' flowers

Plant spacing

Plant properly away from buildings to discourage caterpillars, ideally 10 to 12 ft or extra from the home, fence, or anything the place caterpillars can cocoon.

Should you’re planting a number of timber, they’ll go as shut as 6 ft aside, or, for a extra formal look, place them 10 to 12 ft aside.

Oleander timber will develop in massive containers whereas younger however at some
level you may have to switch the tree to a spot within the yard.

Panorama makes use of for oleander tree

  • anchor for a backyard mattress
  • single yard specimen
  • lining the facet of a driveway
  • in pairs flanking the open entrance (with no fence) to a drive or walkway

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