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From off- +‎ set, used to assemble the noun type of the verb to set off.


  • Noun:
  • Verb:
    • (UK) IPA(key): /ɒfˈsɛt/, /ˈɒf.sɛt/
    • (US) IPA(key): /ɑfˈsɛt/, /ˈɑf.sɛt/


offset (plural offsets)

  1. Something that acts as counterbalance; a compensating equal.

    Right now’s victory was an offset to yesterday’s defeat.

  2. (worldwide commerce) A type of countertrade association, through which the vendor agrees to buy inside a set time-frame merchandise of a sure worth from the shopping for nation. This sort of settlement could also be utilized in giant worldwide public sector contracts reminiscent of arms gross sales.
  3. (out of date, c. 1555) A time at which one thing begins; outset.
  4. (printing, usually attributive) The offset printing course of, through which ink is carried from a metallic plate to a rubber blanket and from there to the printing floor.

    offset lithographs

    offset course of

  5. (programming) The distinction between a goal reminiscence deal with and a base deal with.

    An array of bytes makes use of its index because the offset, of phrases a a number of thereof.

  6. (sign evaluation) The displacement between the bottom degree of a measurement and the sign’s actual base degree.

    The uncooked sign information was subjected to a baseline correction course of to subtract the sensor’s offset and drift variations.

  7. The space by which one factor is out of alignment with one other.

    There’s a small offset between the swap and the indicator which some customers discovered complicated.

  8. (surveying) A brief distance measured at proper angles from a line truly run to some level in an irregular boundary, or to some object.
  9. An abrupt bend in an object, reminiscent of a rod, by which one half is turned apart out of line, however almost parallel, with the remaining; the half thus bent apart.
  10. (botany) A brief prostrate shoot that takes root and produces a tuft of leaves, and so on.
    • 2014 September 26, Charles Quest-Ritson, “The Dutch backyard the place tulip bulbs dwell endlessly: Hortus Bulborum, a volunteer-run Dutch backyard, is devoted to conserving historic varieties earlier than they vanish for good [print version: Inspired by a living bulb archive, 27 September 2014, p. G5]”, in The Every day Telegraph (Gardening)[1]:

      [] [I]nfected tulips are weakened by the viruses that trigger the very patterns and swirls that fascinated horticulturists and traders within the first place. Such bulbs are inclined to dwindle away as an alternative of fattening up and producing offsets.

  11. A spur from a spread of hills or mountains.
  12. (structure) A horizontal ledge on the face of a wall, shaped by a diminution of its thickness, or by the weathering or higher floor of an element constructed out from it; a set-off.
  13. (structure) A terrace on a hillside.



offset (third-person singular easy current offsets, current participle offsetting, easy previous and previous participle offset or offsetted)

  1. (transitive) To compensate for, by making use of a change in the other way.

    I will offset the time distinction domestically.

    to offset one cost towards one other

    • 1960 February, R. C. Riley, “The London-Birmingham companies – Previous, Current and Future”, in Trains Illustrated, web page 103:

      So as to achieve first-hand expertise of the operation of the brand new companies I made a footplate journey on the one down two-hour prepare within the present timetable, the 8.30 a.m. Paddington [to Birmingham], a brand new specific placed on to offset the withdrawal of the 8.40 a.m. from Euston.
    • 2017 October 2, Jess Cartner-Morle, “Stella McCartney lays waste to disposable vogue in Paris”, in the Guardian[2]:

      The corporate mentioned its rising manufacturing and gross sales have been largely offset by reductions within the impression of uncooked materials use, for example by changing virgin cashmere fibres with regenerated cashmere that had beforehand been thought-about a waste materials.

  2. (transitive) To kind an offset in (a wall, rod, pipe, and so on.).


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offset m (plural offsets)

  1. (programming) offset (byte distinction between reminiscence addresses)
  2. (printing) offset (a printing methodology)

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