Neverwinter Summer Festival : Neverwinter

Neverwinter Summer Festival : Neverwinter

Greetings adventurers,

In case you have by no means participated to the Summer time Pageant earlier than, or in case you are searching for different data, here’s a full information with some recommendations on this seasonal occasion!


  • Overview

  • Currencies and rewards

  • Summer time Feast Contest

  • Troll Battle Contest

  • Water Battle Contest

  • Gathering Flowers

  • Summer time Provisioning

  • Sahha

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The Higher Goddess Sune is named “The Girl of Love”, or in older texts as “Sune Firehair” for the blazing purple locks she is commonly depicted with. Because the deity of affection and wonder, Sune is thought to have many varieties and has been worshipped below a number of names.

Sune is the mistress of all that’s lovely and thrives on the moster tender of feelings. It’s stated even different deities have develop into smitten along with her, however she reserves her love for the mortals who revere her title. Sune’s priesthood are often known as the Heartwarders, and are among the many most lovely individuals on Toril. She can be served by the Order of the Ruby Rose, a small band of warriors who search to protect all that’s lovely from the wickedness of the world.

The worship of Sune is most prevalent in civilized areas and among the many aristocracy, who’ve the time to provide correct consideration to values equivalent to romantic love and the preservation of magnificence. Nonetheless; even the roughest souls have been identified to whisper a fast prayer to Sune earlier than an encounter with the one they most want.

In the course of the Summer time Pageant occasion, there are two essential currencies: Favors of Sune and Fireblossom Petals.

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Favor of Sune

You may acquire as soon as a day a Favor of Sune (so a complete of 21) by finishing the each day quest “Favor of Sune” from the Excessive Priestess of Sune, Yina Morradi. This forex might be exchanged for presents within the Tribute retailer.

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Fungal Flail Snail

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Fireblossom Petals

Fireblossom Petals is the frequent forex that may be obtained by nearly any technique of the occasion:
Each day quests


  • Bronze reward: 15

  • Silver reward: 30

  • Gold reward: 45


These quantities are doubled over the last week of the occasion, referred to as “Top of the Summer time Pageant” (apart from the totals calculated on this foundation). Please word that it’s important to spend all Fireblossom Petals you’ve got as a result of it’s reset after the occasion. You may change it on the petal retailer from Midsummer Priestess for:

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Forest Flail Snail

  • Forest Flail Snail (5600)

  • Pig (4200)

  • Chef’s Toque (2600)

  • Chef’s Double Breasted Jacket (2600)

  • Chef’s Whites (2600)

  • Sunite Garb (2600)

  • Farmer’s weapons (1700 or 850*2)

  • Sunite weapons (1700 or 850*2)

  • Decanter of Limitless Water (700)

  • Eternal Water Bucket (700)

  • Bottomless Waterskin (700)

  • Piñata (50)

  • Small Fireworks (30)

  • Small Occasion Popper (15)

  • Watermelon Sorbet (15)

  • Squash Soup (15)

  • Caprese (15)

You are not going to get uninterested in all of the actions to do throughout the Summer time Pageant. Let’s speak first in regards to the three contests. Every contest lasts 15 minutes, adopted by a 5-minute break. Bear in mind, you’ll obtain 15 Fireblossom Petals as Bronze reward, 30 Fireblossom Petals as Silver reward and 45 Fireblossom Petals as Gold reward. You additionally might need an opportunity to win a binds on equip merchandise from occasion shops, principally Piñatas.

Summer time Feast Contest

Neverwinter’s Summer time Pageant hosts 1000’s of revelers throughout its celebration, and lots of will be part of within the feasting. Due to the largess of Lord Neverember the Pageant isn’t wanting for victuals, however latest occasions have left the complete area short-handed for farm staff.

With a view to maintain the competition fed, native farmers have created contests out of farm work to draw the assistance of the Summer time Pageant’s revelers. Thus the competition now sees ready bravos and adventurers chasing chickens and herding pigs. The Heartwarders say that Sune herself has blessed this alteration to the competition, and can generally ship a particular celestial chook as a reward for all of the arduous work and good enjoyable.

Throughout this contest, your goal is subsequently to collect corn and to herd animals and bringing them to the farm. Gamers with a sooner mount could have a bonus for this contest.

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Summer time Corn

Gathering Summer time Corn: There are stalks of corn east and north of the farm that may be harvested. Every stalk will randomly between 1 and eight Summer time Corn. There isn’t any restrict to what number of Summer time Corn you’ll be able to carry, however you could flip in corn in bundles of 10 by interacting with one of many many containers and barrels contained in the farm.

Herding animals: To herd, stand close to and goal an animal. A yellow 30 second timer will seem above its head – if there’s a crossed purple circle, it signifies that this animal is already thought-about herded by one other participant. The animal will try to maneuver in the wrong way away from its present herder. If the timer is exceeded or if the space between animal and the herder turns into to nice, the animal runs away and turns into obtainable for herding once more at its preliminary place. Chickens are in all instructions across the farm, whereas pigs are additional north. Search for Henrietta the Golden Hen when she can be summoned by Sune someplace across the farm!

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival



Troll Battle Contest

The Summer time Pageant is historically a time of feasts and festivity to have fun bounty and convey good cheer to every one. Now that Neverwinter’s restoration is nicely underway, the Heartwarders of Sune are glad to return to this custom, and plan for a terrific feast at this yr’s Summer time Pageant.

Sadly, a neighborhood tribe of trolls has caught scent of the Midsummer Pageant’s grills. Trolls usually keep away from hearth and so eat their meals uncooked, however they’re identified to benefit from cook-fires to steal roasted meat for themselves. If not stopped by power, they may typically make a meal of the prepare dinner within the course of.

To fight this downside, the Heartwarders have revived one other Summer time Pageant custom: contests of martial talent. Now adventurers of every kind compete to defend the Summer time Pageant from troll raids.


  • 1 level for a Hungry Troll

  • 2 factors for a Ravenous Troll

  • 2 factors for a Ravenous Troll

  • 5 factors for a Gluttonous Troll

  • 10 factors for Gormengeena

  • 20 factors for Smorgengorg

Water Battle Contest

Summer time Festivals throughout the sword coast are sometimes mixed with contests of martial prowess. The Heartwarders of Sune had been desirous to implement the same contest as a part of Neverwinter’s Summer time Pageant, however the metropolis’s council of advisors voiced concern over their plans as a result of massive variety of adventurers who attend the competition, and the attainable mayhem they could trigger.

On the identical time, there have been quite a few complaints that the time frame chosen for the competition was just too sizzling, and celebrants wanted some technique to keep cool.

Working with the church of Sune and Neverwinter’s restored academy of magic, Lord Neverember devised a plan for a grand water battle, fixing each issues without delay.

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival


To take part to this water battle, you’ll be able to choose up Waterskin within the space, in addition to Water Bucket and Decanter of Restricted Water close to the lake. It’s also possible to use infinitely reusable variations of this stuff if you happen to already bought it on the petal retailer.


Along with these Three competitions, there are additionally different actions obtainable always!

Gathering Flowers

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Fireblossom Flowers

Gathering Flowers is a noncompetitive occasion the place anybody can collect Fireblossom Flowers at their very own tempo. Kobolds round these flowers additionally drop it. Fireblossom Flowers might be exchanged for:

  • 24 flowers: Flower Gathering Reward which incorporates: 15 Fireblossom Petals, 2 Summer time Fabric and a pair of Summer time Thread.

  • Three flowers: Tomato, Squash or Watermelon

Summer time Provisioning

Summer time Provisioning is the occasion occupation that means that you can craft occasion meals (Caprese, Squash Soup, Watermelon Sorbet, Grand Summer time Feast and Hero’s Feast), Sunite Vogue, Fireblossom Petals, and different gadgets to have fun.

Please word that it is advisable have accomplished the occupation tutorial quests and go to your workshop to just accept the appliance of the Summer time Artisan. The Summer time Artisan is degree 1 and you’ve got 69% likelihood to efficiently create the Sahha Ticket-Ball. If you happen to use this implies, we advocate you to degree up the Summer time Artisan till degree 6 so as to have 100% likelihood to efficiently create it.


All the best way from Amn, the favored 5 vs. 5 team-based sport sahha has come to the Sword Coast! This needs to be some of the vital actions for you as you might need an opportunity to acquire fabulous rewards, just like the legendary Tenser’s Floating Disk of your desires!

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Origins of Sahha

Layfolk the world over have performed some variation of handball since time immemorial. Till not too long ago, no variation has ever gained a lot in the best way of recognition outdoors of its regional roots. The origin of sahha, subsequently is an sudden story of the sport’s fast rise to favor.

That story takes us to Amn, the place after years of regular decline, Home Bessail – a rich service provider household – was its loss of life throes. Having inherited the home from his business-challenged, late father, Valenti Bessail was determined for a monetary breakthrough. In a bid to keep away from chapter, Valenti wager on a enterprise enterprise impressed by his eldest sister’s eccentric pastime, a neighborhood variation of handball.

Valenti commissioned his most trusted sailmaker the younger Rhaal Voleau, to make a ball utilizing sailcloth embellished with lavish ornamentation. In contrast to frequent handballs produced from low cost, heavy leather-based and animal bladders, this ball was to be as lovely because it was light-weight.

Accompanied by his eldest sister Tche, Valenti took vacation at a household pal´s property on Lake Esmel the place probably the most prosperous Amnian households spend midsummer. His wager was that the class and novelty of those new balls would show too tantalizing to the avant-garde sensibilities of the rich for them to withstand investing. Valenti was proper and the younger and trendy among the many excessive homes clamoured to order their very own paraphernalia, every desirous to be forward of the pattern and promote their standing.

Only some summers later, the variation of handball performed with the sailcloth balls, dubbed “sahha” had develop into a mainstay of summer season response at Lake Esmel. Many excessive homes started sponsoring groups and the end result of video games grew to become a preferred topic in betting parlors. Due to its recognition in excessive society it quickly gained traction amongst all lessons of Amnian society, due in no small a part of the spirited campaigning of Valenti and his sisters.

Introductory quests (degree 15 and above)

1/ Take the hunt Summertime Sahha from Yina Morradi and go communicate to Tche Bessail about sahha.
2/ Take the hunt Enchiridion of the Volley from Tche Bessail after which buy and be taught Enchiridion of the Volley.
3/ Take the hunt For Love of the Recreation from Tche Bessail and go communicate to Rhaal Voleau.
4/ Take the hunt Your Very Personal Sahha Ball, and after finishing it it is possible for you to to obtain it once more as a each day quest.

Be aware: The each day quest gives you the chance to decide on between accumulating flax flowers so as to acquire supplies used to craft a Sahha Ticket-Ball through the occupation “Summer time Provisioning”, or taking part in a match of sahha so as to acquire straight a Sahha Voucher for a free Sahha Ticket-Ball within the ZEN Market.

Sahha queue

In the course of the Summer time Pageant, a brand new occasion queue is offered: the Sahha queue. You could play at the very least one match to finish your fourth introduction quest. As soon as onto the pitch, your powers can be swapped out with sahha-based powers like “Volley” with extra unlockable powers. The target is easy: 2 groups of 5 gamers, and it’s important to rating by bringing within the Sahha ball within the opponent’s aim.

Sahha ticket-ball

Be aware: one shouldn’t confuse Sahha ticket-balls and easy Sahha balls which might bought to have the ability to play all yr spherical.

It is time to name in your mates and guild mates as a result of ideally, a gaggle of 5 gamers will essentially deliver you extra rewards. As soon as your social gathering is prepared, place your Sahha ticket-balls in your motion bait so as to summon it. The aim is that the ball, as soon as thrown, it’s important to hit it so it does not contact the ground once more.

The tip is is to position your self below a bridge, subsequently the ball will keep above your head, and also you solely must hit it. You have got the selection between hitting the ball alone, it should take longer, however you’ll be able to hit it 30 occasions (so you should have 30 volleys per ball), or a number of members of your group can hit it on the identical time, it is going to be sooner, however you’ll solely get between 20 and 25 volleys. If you’d like extra problem, attempt to do that with out utilizing a bridge by forming a circle with your folks 😉

As you’ll be able to see from the outline of the Sahha ticket-ball, you would possibly obtain Fireblossom Petals and Copper Tickets each time you hit it. As soon as you probably did greater than 150 hits (volleys), subsequently you may as well acquire Silver Tickets, and Mithral Tickets after 300 volleys.

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival
r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Copper Tickets

Copper Tickets might be traded for:

  • Flowers for Everybody! (15)

  • Favor of Sune (30)

  • Enchiridion of the Volley (48)

  • Codex of the Verify (48)

  • Fundamentals of the Spike (48)

  • Compendium of the Set (48)

  • Physique Paint “Dancing Clouds” (240)

  • Physique Paint “Barbed Flames” (240)

  • Physique Paint “Gilded Wire” (240)

  • South Sea Coutrements (320)

  • South Sea Sarong (320)

  • Ornate Sahha Ball (240)

  • Brown Boo Sahha Ball (320)

  • Crimson Dragon Sahha Ball (320)

  • Blue Beholder Sahha Ball (320)

  • Stress-free Summer time Chair (500)

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Silver Tickets

Silver Tickets might be traded for:

  • Jadeite (12)

  • Preservation Ward (10)

  • Azure, Silvery, Radiant, Darkish, Draconic, Brutal, Merciless, Vicious, Savage, or Black Ice Enchantment, Rank 7 (10)

  • Crescent Insignia of Evasion, Regal Insignia of Braveness, Barbed Insignia of Ability, Illuminated of Mastery, Enlightened Insignia of Ability, Crescent Insignia of Braveness, Regal Insignia of Prosperity, Barbed Insignia of Aggression, Illuminated Insignia of Aggression, or Enlightened Insignia of Mastery (40)

  • Crescent Insignia of Evasion, Regal Insignia of Braveness, Barbed Insignia of Ability, Illuminated of Mastery, Enlightened Insignia of Ability, Crescent Insignia of Braveness, Regal Insignia of Prosperity, Barbed Insignia of Aggression, Illuminated Insignia of Aggression, or Enlightened Insignia of Mastery (4)

  • Golden Bell (30)

  • Strongbox of Affect, Surplus Tools or Gems (15)

r/Neverwinter - Neverwinter Summer Festival

Mithral Tickets

Mithral Tickets might be traded for:

  • Midsummer Artifact Raffle (1)

  • Midsummer Epic Mount Raffle (1)

  • Midsummer Legendary Mount Raffle (1)

The information is sort of completed, let’s take one other have a look at the achievements and the ZEN Market.

  • Hen Chaser: Take part within the Summer time Feast Contest 10 occasions.

  • Florist: Collect 120 Fireblossom Flowers.

  • Shark and Nautilus: Play on Group Shark and Group Nautilus.

  • Troll Wrangler: Take part within the Troll Battle Contest 10 occasions.

  • Summer time Celebrant: Full the each day quest “Summer time Celebration” 1 time.

  • Summer time Knight: Full the each day quest “Summer time Celebration” 10 occasions.

  • Summer time Lover: Full the each day quest “Summer time Celebration” 25 occasions.

  • Summer time Sensation: Full the each day quest “Summer time Celebration” 50 occasions.

If you happen to want slightly enhance, you can see within the ZEN Market:

One very last thing: do you want Watermelon Sorbets to get extra Energy and Accuracy? Put together it simply for actual!

As soon as you realize all this, you need to be absolutely capable of survive any heat summer season!

We hope this information was useful and you’ll benefit from the Summer time Pageant.

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