My house plants are DYING!

My house plants are DYING!

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Do not panic should you begin your new 12 months off with your own home crops dying.
It is COLD! I hope you get pleasure from seeing a few of my home crops that will not be doing so properly, or near dying. It is OK. They’re simply crops.

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47 thoughts on “My house plants are DYING!

  1. I was about to leap in with a bunch of "helpful" tips and advice, but I stepped back and realised the point of this video – – you're sharing your struggles with your plants and normalising that life with plants isn't easy, especially in winter. Thanks for your video, it's definitely opened my eyes 🙂

  2. Thank you for destigmatizing the reality/dark side of plant parenthood!

    I'm going through the same… I am wondering if there was bacteria or fungus in my watering cans and/or humidifier because all my plants were fine and then out of nowhere 10 of them suddenly got spots and yellow rings. I use distilled water, haven't repotted anything or really changed any of the light, nutrients, etc. I feel like it's definitely environmental. I hope the copper fungicide I used works. I hope you find a solution!!

  3. Ten of my 26 plants are from propogations. Four of the ten are aloe vera babies that I rescued from a neglected plant. The most I’ve spent on a single plant is $10. So far I’ve only killed my polka dot.

  4. It’s good to know that it’s not just my plants that are struggling🤣🤣. Sometime I feel like it’s just my plants that are dying.

  5. Don't take this wrong, but STOP growing in leca. There are many "fads" online and products sold that do NOT live up to the hype and leca is one of them. Yes, there are certain plants that do not do well in leca: MOST of them. If we would all just stop and think about it, leca is an extremely un-natural way for the majority of plants to grow. Most plants evolved with differing root media needs, and there really are few that will sustain themselves for long in leca. They often appear to thrive initially, but then crash and die.
    Example of another un-natural product: remember the water gel? What these companies failed to know or disclose if they did know, is that plants cannot take up water in any other form than liquid. The gel is useless to them. That is a botanical/biological fact. Yet is was sold as hydration for ALL plants for when we went on vacation or neglected to water. The most the gel could do is provide a little humidity while still in gel form. Unfortunately, it would also dry up quickly as the soil it was in would dry out. When you went to re-water, it had the added joy of expanding again in such a way as to heave the plants right out of their pots.
    Most plants suffer in winter under un-natural light, low light, low humidity, etc. I actually use it as a trial by fire to tell me what plants are hardy enough for me to keep in my home. If they fail, I will not purchase that kind of plant again. I want joy from a hobby, not struggle and stress.

  6. How high is the temperature in the rooms where these plants are? Have the same kind of issue with some of my plants, and I suspect my plant room gets too cold, especially at night.

  7. Some of the problems could be fromreporting.There is a book called Dont repot that plant. By will Creed. I suggest. Checking it out. Relatively cheap on Amazon. I'm sure you are having other issues but alot of it is stressing the plant with repotting. Which you mention in like the first 4 plants you show. I know 2020 has been tough. Plants included. Good luck. Hope the book helps, it helped me alot.

  8. Plants go into dormancy during winter months. Depending on the amount of time the grow lights are on them may determine their stress level. You may need to lessen the amount of light you have on your plants so that they can oxygenate and do what plants do organically.

  9. Your alocasia could be going into dormancy 🙂 Let it dry off and rest for a couple of months, before planting it again – then it might come back stronger!

  10. I m sorry about that, I would also look into the leca, I don't remember who YouTuber I saw a few weeks back, that didn't recommend leca for certain plants…sorry I can't remember more, but maybe do some research about leca, some release some "stuff" forgot what was it . Good Luck.

  11. Could be a combo of issues, because as you know, plants often show the same symptoms for different causes. Spray for fungus, bacterial, and pests, just to make sure. Grow lights and humidity are good ideas, but I always run fans for the air flow. I'm also going soilless, so far transplanting 108 plants into a mixture of a course coco coir, sphagnum, and perlite. I'm using the coco coir and perlite (half and half) for my succulents. I always use a moisture meter. I'm no expert, but I try until they respond. The roots are now thriving.

  12. Thanks Nicole, I like what you said at the end of the video, "If you cannot safe, remember is just a plant". I agree with you, do the best you can and know when to let go, and be ok with it. Great video 💖

  13. Hi Nicole! I'm sorry some of your plants are struggling. Some of mine aren't real happy either. My Marble Queen, Neon and golden Pothos have the brown spots on the leaves. I didn't know what it was until I watched this video. I looked at them closer and think it is fungal, so will treat them for that and hope it helps. I lost all of my Syngoniums and they may have had fungal problems, too. What are you going to use for the fungus? I don't know whether to use Copper Fungicide, or the Fung-onil. Thank you so much for sharing this! Here's to hoping we can get our plants healthy in 2020! 🤞🤞🤞

  14. If it's a fungus then wash your hands after touching each plant. Wondering if it spread that way. Maybe go back to soil and skip on the leca. I don't think it's humidity.

  15. I see you got lots and lots of suggestions….just one more thing that crossed my mind, I wonder if some of those problems are due to too much light? I thought of this when listening to your latest podcast when you said that your grow lights are only off for a few hours a day. Maybe a few more hours of darkness a day would give them some resting and recovering time.

  16. That one cactus @ 4:21… opuntia cacanapa ellisiana looks similar to one that I have, & it looked like that a while back, but i left it be & it's doing fine with new growth😊

  17. I started planting in more of a gritty mix and getting away from peat products. At first I used fir bark instead of pine and got a lot of yellow bottom leaves. I found that fir bark would first zap the nitrogen it needed to start breaking down. I went to foliage pro fertilizer and a leaf on a Pothos that started to yellow has actually turned back green, which I thought never happened, and is putting out a new leaf🤗

  18. I know this is something that I used to do, and it may be something that you're doing. Over checking over fixing, over fertilizing , digging plants up to look at the roots and then potting them back up. I've been a lot more hands-off with my plants and they have been doing better for quite some time.#helicopter plant parents

  19. I love these videos. <3 It's so helpful to see the reality of plant ownership. It happens to us all! Is your lighting setup fairly new? I wonder if they're all just adjusting to the new lighting. And maybe the Alocasias are just going dormant for the winter. Hold onto them even if the leaves die off.

  20. Some of those plants looks like they're suffering from nutrient toxicity. Have you checked the EC levels of your pots?

    Also, check and see if your fertilizer has a high percentage of Ammonical Nitrogen which can buildup to toxic levels if your plants aren't utilizing it.

  21. Your water is toxic! Don’t drink your water from the tap. I would not even consider brushing my teeth with it. You should consider installing a high end water filter for your entire house! Your plants are showing signs of it being poisoned.

  22. The struggles are real, but I also think they help us learn. I'm not very experienced, but I wonder if your Fatsia is suffering from cold. I hope you figure out the problem. It can drive us crazy, not knowing.

  23. Thanks for sharing these struggles 😩 Hope you can work it out, you certainly got lots of helpful suggestions 🙂 Please keep us updated.

  24. 2 of My syngoniums (the more expensive ones🙄) my 4 foot tall money tree, 2 Hoyas shriveling up, and the only thing I was able to fix was my money tree and those black leaves I sprayed it with some fungicide and so far it seemed to have helped. I'll try to spray it on my other plants as well. If only plants could talk 😁😁

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