Mixed composition in a flower garden - selection of flowers and design (photo) | With Your Hands

Mixed composition in a flower garden – selection of flowers and design (photo) | With Your Hands

mixed flower garden

A small backyard dictates its personal guidelines, for instance, it forces you to create blended compositions. On this case edible and wholesome backyard vegetation are planted along with fantastically flowering (and infrequently no much less helpful).

The backyard space can be used to the utmost, and appears like a backyard flower backyard cute.

Vegetation-neighbors can affect one another, it happens due to the allocation of foliage unstable and water-soluble substances, and roots – natural compounds, which may one way or the other have an effect on the encompassing vegetation. As well as, neighbors within the mattress can create for one another partial shading, elevated humidity.

So, greater cultures prettify salad and spinach.

mixed flower garden

Salad and hyssop scare off the flea from representatives of the household cruciferous, to allow them to be planted subsequent to the cabbage. Basil and marigold improves the style of tomatoes, tomatoes and peppers have a helpful impact on one another, however subsequent to dill tomatoes shouldn’t be planted.

Nevertheless, dill, positioned amongst cabbage heads, not solely improves cabbage style, but additionally repels pests. The berries of the backyard strawberries can be juicier and tastier if the sorrel grows close by.

The parsley is good-natured and versatile, it is a wonderful neighbor for many backyard residents.

Marigolds – safety of many cultures, their stems and leaves are even advisable to be laid out on beds to have an effect on the tender odor of pests.

Simply subsequent to the beans don’t want to put marigolds: the primary won’t be completely happy. Hyssop and basil entice insect pollinators, dill is a “nanny” (home, canteen) for predatory bugs that defend the backyard.

There are numerous such subtleties. Utilizing them, you may comfortably and profitably prepare a wise, scrumptious backyard and flower neighborhood.

mixed flower garden

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Blended flower garden-planting planting and plant choice

1. Aronia – Aronia melanocarpa.

2. Shiny rudbeckia – Rudbeckia nitida.

3. Cherry tomatoes – Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme.

4. Bulgarian pepper – Capsicum annuum subsp. grossum.

5. Aromatic basil ‘Yerevan’ – Ocimum basilicum.

6. Marigolds rejected – Tagetes patula.

7. Sorrel pink ‘Purple veins’ – Rumex sanguineus.

8. Strawberry ‘Ruyan’ – Fragaria elatior.

9. White cabbage – Brassica oleracea.

10. Hyssop officinalis – Hyssopus officinalis.

11. Dill backyard ‘Gribovsky’ – Anethum graveolens.

12. Dill ‘Northwind’ – Anethum graveolens.

13. Curly parsley – Petroselinum crispum.

14. Petiole beet – Beta vulgaris.

15. Violet Wittrock’s Viola x wittrockiana.

16. Sowing lettuce – Lactuca sativa.

TIP: when planning blended plantings, it is very important keep in mind that vegetation have an effect on one another, each positively, contributing to the expansion, style and aroma of the companion, in addition to negatively, “dangerous” and suppressing the event of their neighbors

© Creator: Design and drawings by Tatiana Dmitrieva


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