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SUMMARY: Despatched by her adoptive father to a prestigious faculty the place younger ladies are educated to grow to be dwelling artworks, Marrow is decided to grow to be the primary magical sculptress the Empire has ever identified. Earlier than her seventeenth birthday, she should current a contract of patronage signed by a rich sponsor to ensure reimbursement of her money owed. Regardless of her burgeoning renown, nobody will make her a suggestion.

Simply days earlier than her likelihood at fame and fortune vanishes ceaselessly, Marrow meets a mysterious benefactor whose patronage has however one situation — one that can hurl Marrow fully unprepared right into a realm of ruthless sabotage, harrowing revelations, and tortuous courtroom intrigue.


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The Third Day of Autumn, Yr Forty of the Fifth Period of Paltran Emperors

TRUE to his phrase, Artis despatched an escort to retrieve me exactly because the solar fell from the sky.

His villa was opulent in essentially the most unabashed sense of the phrase. The escort led me by means of a stone-walled vestibulum with mosaics of gorgeous and unique animals frolicking in all method of settings — product of the best Bizreti tile, the escort famous. The ceiling, most of it gilt with brass polished to a excessive gleam — an thought borrowed from Candrish royal palaces, as I used to be informed — appeared to have treasured gems embedded to replicate a rainbow of colors onto the white ground. Native vegetation held in ornate pots got here each few ft.

The nearer we drew the atrium, the louder the chatter. As he pulled open the doorways for me, he bowed.

“It was a pleasure, Woman Juniper,” he mentioned, leaving earlier than I may inform him I wasn’t an uzņika but.

I hovered close to the door and again wall, combating whether or not to strategy Artis or let him come to me. I spied Rutgita talking with a pair dressed most garishly; faces plastered with cosmetics and grins. The second earlier than I seemed away, she glanced at me, shortly excusing herself earlier than storming my method with the fury of a hurricane.

“What are you doing right here?” She hissed in my ear. “And what within the Void’s identify are you carrying? Does Woman Pearl have any thought what you’re as much as? Oh, we will be having phrases tonight.”

“Artis invited me,” I snapped again. “In the present day. Somebody he is aware of is occupied with providing me a contract of patronage. It is perhaps my solely likelihood.”

She paled and dragged me again into the vestibulum. “Take heed to me, youngster.” I’d by no means heard her voice so fraught and harried. “No patron is value what he shall ask of you. None. If you happen to by no means heed my recommendation once more in your life, heed this: don’t settle for his supply.”

“I want a patron. I’ll be kicked out and must reside on the streets. Moreover, you mentioned it your self: most women dream of turning into an uzņika.” I pulled my arm away and glued my sleeves. “Didn’t you?”

Her jaw tightened. “Don’t presume to know something about me or what I dream of. You realize nothing.”

“I do know that if this patron doesn’t settle for me, I’ll find yourself such as you.”

The second the phrases left my mouth, I regretted them. Deep, silent ache flashed in her eyes. With out one other phrase she turned heel and stalked away, black skirt hem sweeping throughout my sandals as she left.

I remained within the vestibulum till I had composed myself. The very last thing I wanted was for my potential patron to see me flustered — or for Rutgita to do one thing to attempt to preserve him from assembly me. I shortly smoothed my skirts and pulled the door open. Not two heartbeats later, a younger maid carrying a slave’s torc got here to me and bowed her head.

“Serkun Artis has requested me to take you to the powder room to organize,” she mentioned. “Please, comply with me.”

I walked behind her by means of the atrium and right into a small room solid off to the facet. She let me in with out one other phrase.

Regardless of clearly being meant for refreshing oneself, the powder room was no much less opulent than the remainder of the villa. An infinite spherical disc of volcanic glass held on the longest wall, reflecting my determine again at me. Throughout it embedded within the wall had been beads of silver linked with veins of cobalt; a map of the constellations mentioned the be the soul shards of every god.

I set to fixing what items of my hair had fallen misplaced and making sure my garb— borrowed from Viscaria so I wouldn’t be seen to have just one good costume — was draped, tied, and pinned in all the precise methods.

As soon as completed, I glanced over my ensemble as soon as extra. Briefly, I imagined myself draped in veils and layers of fabric.

I glanced away. Possibly I didn’t deserve this. That’s why nobody needed to supply patronage. I merely wasn’t ok. Viscaria mentioned it, Artis mentioned it, all of them mentioned it whether or not these blunt phrases had left their mouths or not. There was no work for uzņikalike me in Örös, and I’d be slaughtered by true Imperial artwork within the mainland.

My hair was black, coarse, thick, and took ages to type and wash. I wasn’t ugly, however I wasn’t fairly, both. I used to be skinny, positive, but additionally lacked any form of curves due to it. My eyebrows had been bushy, I had the worst overbite of any aizņika I’d met, and my ft, regardless of Rutgita’s assertion, gave the impression to be rising sooner than the remainder of me. Regardless of how typically I waxed my limbs and armpits, the hair appeared to develop again thicker and sooner. My fingernails had been at all times bitten quick, ragged-edged, and that was to say nothing of the chubby fingers connected to them.

If I used to be not stunning, I used to be common: the antithesis of an aizņika who may discover a worthwhile patron. Voice, dance, music, calligraphy, all of it was effectively and good, however even essentially the most dishonest company would say that ability alone didn’t an uzņika make. The one particular factor about me was that I may metalweave.

I didn’t need to admit it, however I knew that wasn’t sufficient.

A knock on the door broke my consideration. I opened it to search out the identical maid standing there, ready.

“Serkun Artis has introduced your efficiency will start shortly. I’m to return you to the atrium.”

Once more, I adopted behind. She led me to the middle of the atrium, which was now laid out with divans, cushions, and chairs. Women and men lounged about, sipping wine and consuming from polished platters of finger meals: grapes, nuts, cheese, hemp truffles and different desserts. A harpist and a flautist performed delicate notes from the nook of the room to the beat set by a fairly restrained drummer.

“Presenting Aizņika Juniper of the Limhoriò Home of Butterflies,” the maid loudly introduced. “Glory to the Empress Ozelyga Petrys Sukilnus Klauds Marzrēvius Glaunys Maj Paltra Maj Impozars. Unite or Die!”

“Unite or Die!” A refrain of wasted cheers replied.

A pair of eunuchs set at my ft a small block of gold sat atop a deep violet pillow.

I’d seldom labored with gold. Fortunately, it was amongst essentially the most malleable metals — far simpler to bend and form than iron. I lifted my hand and let my Essence circulation.

The world melted away as I danced and wove, letting instinct information me. A crown of laurels. Artis was fortunate I had studied laurels earlier than.

As I danced, I seen a girl veiled head-to-toe in gold and black. Beside her, a younger man watched my efficiency intently from the again of the room. A younger blackblood man. His nostril leather-based was darkish because the Void; his eyes and hair, brown as autumn, and his pores and skin gray because the Moon of Vane.

Him. He was the potential patron. Nobody else checked out me with such depth. I quickened my tempo; dancing and weaving till the crown was full. Whereas Artis’s company cheered, I introduced the crown to the younger man and positioned it on his head.

He recoiled, eyes vast, glancing shortly on the lady beside him, whom I assumed was his spouse. I brushed my thumb down my nostril at each, exhibiting the palm of my hand.

“Juniper!” Artis’s acquainted voice sang from behind me.

I pivoted to greet him. Dressed so plainly, he was nearly unrecognisable. He wore robes of easy black and blue and a hat not not like the one he donned the day I met him.

“Why, that was pretty. Please, comply with me,” he mentioned.

We walked side-by-side to his examine. He sat behind a blocky picket desk. Total, the room was very neat. No stacks of papers or codexes laid about; the one factor on his desk was a clean sheet of vellum, an inkpot, and a reed pen.

After I took a seat on one among three chairs sat earlier than his desk, all of the breath I by no means knew I used to be holding got here tumbling out directly. My coronary heart pounded 100 instances sooner than ever earlier than. Blood pulsed by means of me with such depth I may really feel each vein from my head all the way down to my toes. My leg bounced with unbridled ferocity. Phrases tumbled out of me so quick I barely knew what I used to be saying. “Did he prefer it? Will he supply me patronage? Was I proper about who it was? Did I do it? What do you assume?”

Artis chuckled. “Did he prefer it? Most actually, however no, he’s not the one occupied with providing you patronage.”

I blanched. A leaden weight on my coronary heart pulled me down, down, down till tears bled from my eyes. “What?”

“If my affiliate needs to give you patronage, they are going to arrive right here shortly. Please simply sit tight — and attempt to cease crying, please, it’s unbecoming.”

“I need this,” I cried. “I requested to your assist as a result of I’ll find yourself on the streets. I don’t need to grow to be a prostitute or a beggar or a— ”

“And also you received’t.” His voice grew deep and stern. “You might be my daughter. I selected you. Do you assume I’m so inadept at selecting uzņika that you wouldn’t grow to be one? If you happen to can not preserve your composure, depart this room instantly and discover a patron by means of regular means.”

Suspicion arose in me. I drew just a few shallow breaths and mentioned confidently as I may, “Why are you serving to me?”

He raised an eyebrow.

“You mentioned the Collegium may sue you for this. Why threat it?”

He scoffed. “You insult me. To assume I should have some ulterior motive for — ”

The door creaked open. Instantly, Artis stood. I did the identical.

The younger man I topped got here in, adopted by his spouse. I resisted the urge to shoot Artis a quizzical look.

“You might be seated. We’ve a variety of floor to cowl, woman, so maintain your tongue till I end talking. Reply me concisely and provided that I ask you a direct query. Am I understood?” The shrouded lady mentioned in Candrish.

I choked out, ‘Uhm, sure, Serkana.”

“You’ll handle me as Chobortsriya — none of this ‘Serkana’ nonsense. You sound like an Imperial; have you ever forgotten your roots already?”

“No, Chobortsriya.”

Talking Candrish after so lengthy of being locked within the Imperial tongue felt… unusual. I assumed in Candrish, dreamt in Candrish, prayed in Candrish, however the one phrases I spoke anymore had been Brisian. I sat down.

“I perceive you’re having hassle discovering a sponsor to complete your coaching as a — ” She squinted. “Uzn’yika. As I perceive it, you had been afforded this privilege since you are nezhdoya in our homeland. I additionally belief Uyr Melidi has defined that my patronage comes at a price. What I can do for you should be repaid with what you are able to do for me. Perceive, woman, that that is your one likelihood to go away. If you happen to keep, you can be certain to silence. If ever a phrase of this dialog or who you met on this room are uttered, I’ll have you ever overwhelmed, killed, and dumped off the coast of Örös.” The lady paused. “However I’m not with out kindness. I need you to know what you might be agreeing to do. I’m asking you, because the situation of my patronage, to be titled as an uzņika on the very day you flip nineteen.”

That was it? I sat on the sting of my seat. Absolutely that wasn’t what made Rutgita so apprehensive for me. It dawned on me, nonetheless, that I’d by no means heard of a girl providing a contract of patronage — not to mention a foreigner.

My eyes widened. Had I actually simply thought that? A foreigner? As if I belonged in Örös any greater than she did?

“In 12 months two-hundred-thirty of the Second Age, the Grand Duke of Brisia will flip twenty-one,” she mentioned.

I glanced at her, then Artis.

“The forty-sixth 12 months of the Fifth Period,” he clarified. “Six years from now.”

“He has no uzn’yika,” the Chobortsriya mentioned. “One thing he should purchase earlier than his accession or the courtroom will assume much less of him. Certainly, your complete courtroom is because of search 5 Imperial Uzn’yika. Together with,” she continued, “the Empress. Not lengthy after you flip nineteen, the Imperial Court docket will concern an invite to each one among your campuses; they’ll be anticipated to ship their two finest uzn’yika to the Imperial Province so they could compete to fill one among these 5 positions.”

I confronted Artis. “I — I’m sorry. I don’t perceive.”

The Chobortsriya’s voice remained easy. “Allow us to make this straightforward: you can be despatched to grow to be the Empress’ private uzņika not lengthy after you flip nineteen. Your entire bills can be taken care of, ceaselessly. Cash is not any object to me. Whenever you retire, chances are you’ll return to Kandrisev if you want, choose ninety acres of your selecting, and reside out your days in peace and with unimaginable wealth. Or, I’ll finance your retirement at an Imperial villa, should you want to stay right here.” She sat again. “That is the situation of my patronage. Do you settle for?”

“That may’t be the one factor you need me to do,” I stammered.

“Do you settle for?” Her phrases had been fast and fierce.

I stared helplessly at Artis. He crossed his arms.

“However what should I pay you for the privilege?”

“Your Grace, if I could — ” Artis stood. “Let me communicate along with her privately. I don’t doubt her eagerness or her potential to perform what you ask of her, however I feel a father-daughter chat will assist convey some readability.”

“Certainly. We’ll wait exterior. Pashzak,” she snapped.

He stood and adopted her out.

My head spun. “Who’s that?” I requested Artis in Brisian.

“Marrow, it’s time we speak concerning the Candrish Civil Warfare.”

I squinted at him. “The warfare? What do I care a few warfare? I need to know who she is and why that is what she desires from me.”

“Or what? You’ll stroll?” he chortled. “Who she is doesn’t matter. However I need you to consider one thing. You might be my daughter, however you had been born in Rahvesk. In Kandrisev. You’ll at all times be Rahvi at coronary heart.” His voice softened. “This warfare has gone on so long as you’ve lived. Have you learnt which areas have been ravaged? Razed? Which have had extra clans slaughtered and extra souls shattered than another? Rahvesk. Ochetsk. The areas within the center. Your clan, your loved ones — they’re those ensnared within the jaws of this battle, Marrow. They’ve been for years and years. Don’t you need to assist them?”

Listening to my true identify despatched a thunderbolt by means of my coronary heart. He was severe. This wasn’t one thing achieved on a whim. I picked at my cuticles. “However how will this assist them? How does this have something to do with turning into the Empress’ uzņika?”

“The Chobortsriya won’t ask a lot from you. All you’ll want to do is… effectively, interact in slightly palace gossip. Who sees who, who the Empress counts amongst her mates, the place her animosity lies. What defences or weaponry they could be creating. In the event that they’re sending help to any Candrish queens — or affirmation that they aren’t.”

I giggled regardless of feeling unwell. “You need me to spy.”

“I need you to reside a cheerful, fulfilling life engaged within the artwork you’re keen on for an viewers that can love you ever extra dearly,” Artis mentioned. “In case you are chosen to grow to be Uzņika Impozars — which I imagine you will have a great opportunity of conducting due to your uniqueness— you’ll by no means need for something in your life ever once more. You’ll attend events, banquets, tournaments, with Brisian elite — much more elite than most uzņika ever obtain, even the most effective. You’ll be on the Imperial payroll and rich past your loftiest goals. Maybe you’ll even journey the countryside and carry out for all method of fascinating people.”

“I could dream, however I’m not delusional. I’m far, far, removed from the most effective uzņika within the Empire, not to mention ok to seize the eye of the Empress. I’m not even Brisian. I’m Candrish, such as you mentioned. Why would she need me?”

“Look, Juniper, that is quite simple. You aren’t hurting anybody by collaborating in regular palace gossip. Everybody does it. You assume mainland uzņika truly abide by your foolish little codes and preserve each phrase they hear inside their head? You’d be totally naïve.”

I bit my lip. So many ideas. A lot hazard. If I went by means of with this, would I nonetheless be an uzņika? Or wouldn’t I be a spy? One other masks. A masks for my masks for 3 masks beneath that one. Was I by no means meant to indicate my face?

My abdomen churned.

If I failed, I’d by no means be Marrow. I’d be the maid or the prostitute or the whelp. I didn’t have the privilege that allowed Rutgita to go about her life. At the least as an uzņika, somebody might love me sufficient to like me.

“I’ll do it,” I mentioned.

My confidence caught him off guard. He cocked his head.

“Draw up the contract. I’ll do what she desires.” My coronary heart beat in my throat.

Artis referred to as the Chobortsriya and Pashzak again inside and returned to his desk. “Very effectively. Now we have reached a choice,” he mentioned.

The butterflies in my abdomen grew to become a swarm of hornets.

“Congratulations, woman,” the Chobortsriya mentioned in Candrish. “Your father and I’ll write the contract. It is going to be delivered tomorrow morning to your campus. Earlier than you might be in your method, do me a favour.”

I appeared to maneuver sooner than the world round me as I turned to face her. “Sure, Chobortsriya?” My voice appeared indifferent from my physique.

“Consider your tongue.”

It felt swollen. Sore. Too massive for my mouth.

“Now think about having it torn out by the basis with a sizzling, sharp knife.”

I winced, drawing again from her.

“I make no false claims, Juniper, and I can’t hesitate to eliminate you should you grow to be a legal responsibility to me.”

“I perceive, Chobortsriya,” I chattered out.

“Good. Now, return to the occasion. An escort will convey you again to your private home shortly. Don’t be shocked if you don’t hear from me once more till it’s time to your titling.”

“In fact, Chobortsriya. Thanks.”

“You might go.”

Shaking, I virtually ran out the door, down the corridor, and to the atrium door, breaths onerous and fast. This was what I needed for. A patron. A patroness. The worth was steep, however not unreasonable. Everybody gossiped, identical to Artis mentioned. An uzņika for the Empress. However what if I failed? Then what? Would I be killed, maimed, imprisoned anyway?

I attempted not to think about it any longer lest terror swallow me complete. All I wanted to do now was grow to be an uzņika. My ideas escaped me. No. Not simply an uzņika.

The most effective.

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