lime sulfur | Orlando Bonsai

lime sulfur | Orlando Bonsai

I wrote the next article for the Bonsai Societies of Florida Journal, revealed in 2009 concerning the protected use of Lime Sulfur. Nevertheless lately I posted a video as properly, and I wished to convey the 2 of them collectively on Orlando Bonsai.

An effective way of making drama in a Bonsai is thru the creation of jins (stripped branches) and Shari (carved trunks). By exposing deadwood the Bonsai artist can convey on the looks of superior growing older of a tree, and add extra curiosity. To be able to improve the jins and shari a chemical/pesticide named Lime Sulfur (additionally Lime Sulphur) is utilized. Nevertheless that is no peculiar chemical compound.

The truth is the MSDS (Materials Security Information Sheet) that accompanies these things is sufficient to make even probably the most seasoned Bonsai Artist run for the hills, or a minimum of it ought to. Along with its foul “rotten egg” scent, it’s a corrosive pores and skin irritant (irritation and blistering), a corrosive eye irritant (can lead to corneal harm or blindness) and with extreme over-exposure or ingestion could even be deadly.

Nevertheless when used correctly the advantages are huge. Along with the nice whitening impact that Lime Sulfur creates on uncovered wooden, it really works as a preservative, a pesticide, a fungicide, and a robust sterilizer.

For Bonsai Lime Sulfur is to be utilized outdoor with a comfortable brush on to the uncovered wooden. I specify a comfortable brush as a result of a stiff brush may cause the compound to flick off the ends which can spatter on pores and skin or the eyes. To help in lowering publicity to Lime Sulfur some precautions must be taken. Lengthy sleeve shirts must be worn, together with eye safety (glasses or goggles), and rubber gloves.

Making use of Lime Sulfur is fairly easy and is simple as portray the uncovered wooden. For greatest outcomes apply on a scorching sunny day when it isn’t forecasted to rain. Often the primary coat could be finished in Might – June and the second coat a pair months later within the July- August timeframe. As soon as utilized place the tree in direct daylight so the Lime Sulfur can soak in and dry. When accurately utilized the colour of the compound will flip to a lightweight chalky yellowish shade. This shade will stay till rinsed away by watering or rain on subsequent days.

Some occasions tougher woods (Buttonwoods, Junipers, and so forth.) is not going to take in straight away, and the Lime Sulfur will “bead” on the wooden floor. In these instances it’s higher to spray your complete tree with water after which let it set for about 15 minutes earlier than making use of. The presoak will enable for higher absorption of the Lime Sulfur. Nevertheless the additional water will even trigger the Lime Sulfur to “run” a bit simpler, due to this fact apply slowly in order that it doesn’t drip down the tree on to the bark, cambium or roots. I typically place a fabric over the soil to soak up any drips or runs throughout utility. Drips on uncovered leaves will lead to unhealthy burns to the leaves. To be able to keep away from absorption of the Lime Sulfur into the plant I take away any leaves that are available in contact with the chemical.

Within the years that observe the whitened wooden will generally boring, or start to cowl with algae or moss. At which period further coats of Lime Sulfur could also be utilized. Nevertheless many occasions a easy spray of a White Vinegar (utilized full power) can be sufficient to revive the deadwood again to its unique white look.

Please remember the fact that Lime Sulfur is a good device for Bonsai when used correctly. Nevertheless this chemical compound is harmful and have to be dealt with, saved and utilized with the best of care. Every of the parts in itself is dangerous and as soon as mixed the hazard will increase. Take the time to learn the labels in your particular model, or seek for it on the Web

Good luck and comfortable Bonsai!

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