Larkspur – Types of Larkspur Flowers


Do you know? Larkspur is the flower of the month of July and its which means denotes Fickleness.

Larkspur (Delphinium consolida) belongs to the buttercup household – Ranunculaceae. Larkspur flowers are nearly as advanced because the Orchids. The colourful Larkspur blooms cowl a spectrum from white to blue to violet. Larkspur Flowers are irregularly formed and bloom in a free, vertical grouping alongside the higher finish of the plant’s fundamental stalk. Larkspur is definitely a really advanced flower consisting of each petals and sepals.


Baker’s Larkspur (Delphinium bakeri) and Yellow Larkspur (D. luteum), native to some areas of California, are endangered species. Delphinium is a genus of about 250 species of annual, biennial or perennial flowering crops. The frequent identify, shared with the carefully associated genus Consolida, is Larkspur.

Larkspur flowers are available in quite a lot of colours together with spikes of purple, pink, violet and white. On account of their usually comparable floral construction, in addition to the absence of genetic boundaries to intercrossing, species of Larkspur are identified to hybridize in many alternative combos.


  • Larkspur, with tall spikes, make wonderful Cutflowers. Two forms of Larkspur are best as minimize flowers – Consolida ambigua and Consolida orientalis.
  • The Larkspur Rose (Consolida ambigua) has tall spires of rose coloured flowers. The 1/four to half of inch rose coloured flowers are densely packed on tall stems.
  • The marketplace for high quality Larkspur is powerful from a few years. The alluring flower form, big selection of colours, and the interesting foliage mix to make Larkspur a preferred, marketable minimize flower.
  • Larkspur flowers are usually fragile and comparatively brief lived within the vase (beneath 7 days), making manufacturing for native markets extra profitable.
  • Larkspur develop to their full potential in climates with cool, moist summers.
  • The Larkspur plant is poisonous. The stem and seeds comprise alkaloids.
  • Apparently, home sheep are usually not affected by the toxins in Larkspurs. So, typically sheep are used to assist eradicate the plant on cattle vary.
  • Larkspur look equivalent to perennial Delphiniums.
  • Sow Larkspur seeds immediately in backyard within the spring.
  • Sow them within the location you need them to develop as Larkspurs don’t prefer to be transplanted.
  • Larkspur crops must be spaced about 6 to eight inches aside.
  • Degree with the soil floor. Fastidiously fill in and agency the soil gently.
  • Water the Larkspurs deeply to encourage root growth, however ensure the roots don’t stand in water or they are going to be in danger for root rot.
  • Larkspurs are finest began from seed in spring or fall.
  • Apply a skinny layer of compost every spring, adopted by a 2-inch layer of mulch to retain moisture and management weeds on Larkspur beds.
  • Water Larkspur crops throughout the summer time if rainfall is lower than 1 inch per week.
  • Soil ought to by no means dry out for the Larkspurs.
  • Stake tall forms of Larkspur to forestall hole flower stalks from snapping within the wind, and deadhead after flowering to encourage rebloom.
  • After the primary killing frost, minimize the Larkspur’s stems again to an inch or two above soil line.
  • Divide crops each three to 4 years as new progress begins within the spring, lifting crops and dividing them into clumps.
  • Take away spent Larkspur flowers as wanted. Trim again to the bottom in late fall after foliage dies again.

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