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Koelreuteria paniculata, The Golden Rain Tree; Friend or Foe?

Koelreuteria paniculata, generally often known as the golden rain tree is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s a wonderful panorama addition, sporting armloads of lemon yellow blossoms every summer time that cease visitors. However, it’s a short-lived tree that produces huge quantities of seeds that may flip into undesirable offspring in the precise circumstances. That is why it’s all the time finest to analysis any plant you plan to convey into your backyard.

This Asian native was launched to North America in 1763, so it was a well-recognized sight even earlier than the Revolution. It tolerates a excessive vary of circumstances as a result of it is not terribly choosy about soil and tolerates drought effectively as soon as it’s established. It likes a sunny spot, however will bloom with solely 6 hours of direct solar every day. Nevertheless, the perfect present is when the tree grows in reasonably fertile floor in full solar.

It’s a small to medium panorama tree, rapidly rising to between 30 and 40 toes tall, so is an effective alternative for quick shade. Cautious pruning whereas the tree is younger is essential. Practice it to a single trunk and preserve solely the facet branches that don’t type a decent ‘V’. The wooden is robust, however brittle, so storm injury is an actual risk with out correct care. That is a ‘strike’ in lots of gardener’s opinions. It is usually a brief lived tree with a life-span of about 50 years, which is one other ‘strike’. This powerful little tree does not thoughts warmth and car exhaust, in order that makes it a great candidate for a city avenue tree, nevertheless, the falling blossoms, dried seed pods and the laborious, spherical seeds additionally contribute to clutter on the bottom, so owners ought to web site it away from driveways and walkways.

We have now a spectacular specimen rising on the garden of the ‘courtroom sq.’ in our little city. It’s effectively over 40 toes tall and it places on an incredible present yearly. Yellow is such an uncommon colour for a flowering tree and this one is so large, it actually stops visitors when it’s in bloom. We’re a cool Zone 7 or a heat Zone 6 and there does not appear to be an issue with undesirable seedlings, nevertheless in hotter climates they are often an invasive drawback. We’re on the northern fringe of this tree’s hardiness space of Zones 6 by means of 9. That’s another excuse to examine earlier than you plant. The golden rain tree is taken into account invasive in quite a lot of areas as a result of prolific seed manufacturing and bazillions of offspring. Give it one other ‘strike’. However there are fairly just a few causes to plant one if this is not an issue. Early spring leaves are a pretty pinkish colour and the early summer time blooms are breathtaking. The roots aren’t invasive to plumbing and sewers and only a few pests appear to trouble it, though deer will brows younger timber if hungry. The 1000’s of lantern-shaped seed pods give the tree an uncommon look by means of the top of summer time and fall foliage is a surprising golden yellow. Bees adore the flowers, so this tree is useful to them and different pollinators.

rain tree

Koelreuteria paniculata has a few cousins that are usually even weedier and extra invasive, so if you are going to buy one, please accomplish that from a good supply to make certain of what you’re shopping for. Okay. bipinnata and Okay. elegans are much less cold-hardy, however produce many extra seeds and their offspring can begin a battle that may final for many years. They’ve the beautiful floral present, however the value in complications shouldn’t be price it.

The golden rain tree was a part of the Asian pure pharmacy with a tea that was used as an eyewash for conjunctivitis. The younger seeds have been roasted and eaten and the younger shoots and leaves have been boiled and eaten as a potherb. That is excellent news for anybody coping with undesirable seedlings, nevertheless, they have to be boiled by means of a few modifications of water to take away the traces of cyanide that they include. Apparently this was thought-about a famine meals and consumed when different choices have been unavailable. Nevertheless, Asians held this tree in excessive regard and it was usually planted over the graves of honored students.

Artists who love pure parts ought to observe that the flowers produce a yellow pure dye and the leaves produce a black pure dye. The laborious, spherical seeds are glorious beads for artists who make jewellery. The dried seed pods add texture and curiosity in floral preparations as effectively.

rain tree

In case your property meets the standards for a peaceable friendship with the golden rain tree, it’s best to plant it within the spring. Water effectively for the primary season and watch out with mowers and weedeaters as a result of the younger bark is straightforward to injure. In the event you admire a tree in your neighborhood, maybe the proprietor will assist you to take a slicing or two, since they’re straightforward to root. Barring that, the seeds germinate effectively (too effectively generally) They do want stratification (a interval of damp chilly) to germinate. Simply concentrate on potential issues and do your homework earlier than you plant. In the precise circumstances, the rain of golden blossoms falling from the tree every summer time makes for a spectacular present.

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