James vs Donic : DDLC

James vs Donic : DDLC

James vs Donic

(This isn’t a cannon entry in u/donic_vople ‘s story, nor mine. That is merely for leisure.)

Why haven’t I moved?

Sayori has launched him to me earlier than, I believe his identify was James. His face hidden by a white plastic masks, leaving solely his eyes and brow uncovered. Beneath the hat he wore was darkish purple hair with a shifting mild blue streak.

I virtually didn’t discover after I first met him, however there was a little bit of crusty blood round his jawline and underneath eye. His physique had a wierd grey, sickly look to it. His eyes, purple like his hair, watched me unflinchingly. Virtually like he was finding out me out of morbid curiosity.

The look in his eye when he checked out me or Monika unsettled me drastically. It jogged my memory of how a leopard would watch their prey.

When he known as Monika up whereas he was performing his poem, I knew one thing dangerous would occur. With every verse of the poem passing, the pit in my abdomen grew as I spotted why James had been so chilly and calculating.

He was doing every thing for Sayori. She should’ve advised him every thing she realized and he believes that Monika and I are evil!

Monika’s cry of ache introduced me out of my ideas and into the horrid actuality. James had kicked Monika within the abdomen as exhausting as he may. Natsuki, scared and wanting to assist her buddy, threw herself at him.

She tried grabbing his leg, the identical leg he used to kick my girlfriend. I couldn’t absolutely see James’ face, however I believe he was shocked.

Slowly, casually even, he put his hand round Natsuki’s throat and held her above his head. She flailed like a cat, nevertheless it was all in vein.

He is probably not any taller than me, in truth we’re the identical peak at 6 toes, however he towered over Natsuki.

“S…cease…!” Monika managed, attempting to face up. She gripped her abdomen, wincing continuously.

Why haven’t I moved?

Dropping the now unconscious Natsuki, James turned his again to me and towards Monika. “The snow falls slowly, the hail slower after, slowly slowly, a winter wonderland.” He sang quietly.

His knee collided along with her face, hitting her sq. within the nostril. She fell again towards the wall, blood gushing from her clearly damaged nostril.

Why haven’t I moved?

“Demons run when good males go to conflict. However what about dangerous males?” James grabbed Monika’s hair, pulling her up off the bottom solely to ship her proper again with a wild left hook.

I’ve to maneuver.

I really feel like I’ve no management over my physique anymore. I ran ahead, leaping on James’ again, attempting to tear out his eyes.

To be anticipated, he threw me off simply. I wasn’t graced with the ground although, I as a substitute hit a desk earlier than the bottom.

My again burned, however I wasn’t prepared to surrender. Earlier than I had the possibility to face, somebody was serving to me to my toes.

Yuri, sporting an unique knife, stared down James with a bloodlust that matched his. “James, step away from her.” She deadpanned, holding her knife out in entrance of her.

Laughter. I couldn’t consider what my ears have been listening to. This…this madman was laughing at Yuri!

He pointed on the knife. “Oh heavens no! Not your intercourse toy! I couldn’t naked the belongings you do to your self with that!”

Yuri froze, a glance of disbelief on her face. “H-how do you know that?”

The look in his eyes despatched shivers by way of my backbone. Amusement, for one, and pleasure. A sort of pleasure a prankster will get once they prank their buddies nicely. “Shocked to study the person you stalked was in truth stalking you? I’ve seen every thing you do, from right here to residence. I at all times preferred the way you narrated your fantasies whereas masturbating.”

Wait, James is getting nearer. “Yuri-“ Earlier than I may end, James grabbed Yuri’s knife from her palms. She put her palms within the air, signaling defeat.

“All that sexual rigidity,” James whispered hoarsely, “toughens your nipples, doesn’t it?”

I really feel sick listening to this. Why am I not shifting? I look over to Monika and see her struggling to face.

I run over to her, checking continuously to make sure James wasn’t coming to assault us. I took her arm and draped it over my neck, serving to her upright.

“If…ow…” Monika winced once more, holding her head. “If I can delete him…”

Oh my god, how did I overlook? “Ought to I distract him?”

“No.” Monika held me shut. “Simply, assist me stroll.”

I glanced at James and noticed him operating Yuri’s knife over her arm. They have been whispering to one another, however I couldn’t hear what they have been saying.

Monika and I have been just a few toes from the door when one thing heavy and steel hit us exhausting. Monika fell on high of me, worsening my fall.

Monika flew off me, hitting the chalkboard and crumpling like a wilted flower. “Silent evening, holy day, eternal hymn!” Rattled the vile voice of James.

I braced myself for a devastating blow, however by no means felt something. Rolling over, I may see James swaying backwards and forwards, one thing dripping from his mouth.

“Dei quod reliquum est, nolite metuere. Et ossa tua liberabit, exspectans…” James murmured, virtually like he was in a trance.

Seizing the chance, I crept my means over to Yuri. What I discovered scared me, disgusted me, and made me really feel horrible for Yuri.

She was sitting on the ground, her arms lower to smithereens, and an orgasmic look on her face. She checked out me for a second earlier than opening slicing her arm once more.

I rigorously walked round her, going for her bag. Pushing books round, I discovered what I used to be on the lookout for.

An equally unique knife.

I forgot mine this morning, so I’ll need to make due with this.

Now armed, I rotated, prepared and capable of battle James. He hadn’t moved. This needs to be simple.

In a single fast motion, I slit James’s throat from behind him. He jerked, like he had the falling sensation when attempting to go to sleep. He rotated, going through me.

Blood spilled from the skinny lower that ran throughout his throat. The white masks hid his lips and cheeks, however I may by his eyes that he was smiling ear to ear.

“Am I insane in your thoughts?” James cocked his head like a demonic pet. He stayed in place, his again, perhaps shoulder blade, jerking downward violently.

I nodded, I didn’t need to make dialog, however couldn’t cease myself from answering his questions.

“Do you like her?” He facet stepped, permitting me to see the state of my girlfriend.

Blood coated her face, her hair frazzled, and her uniform torn and stained with blood. A vile yellow and inexperienced liquid trailed down her lips to her chest. Was that vomit?

“Do you suppose I’ve misplaced my virginity?” James’ eyes held a bewildering happiness in them as he requested me this query. I shivered.

I shook my head.

“I don’t appear to be it, however I’ve achieved this many instances.” What…? “She at all times tries the identical issues.” No… “Her sweat and tears style wonderful… typically I virtually suppose she’s a masochist.” Cease… “The way in which she by no means throws a punch, it’s virtually like she is aware of she deserves each final fucking punch.”

“SHUT UP!” I roared, throwing a wild proper hook proper to his jaw. His head recoiled, the masks dropping to his toes.

The room went silent, the one sounds being my ragged respiration and Yuri’s whimpers. Why hasn’t James vanished but?

I meant to solely look at James, however what I noticed locked my eyes to him. His cheeks have been gone. His face was the identical colour and look as uncooked meat, the one different colour being his pearl like enamel that caught out like a sore thumb towards the purple environment. Some have been sharp, some have been blunt.

The look on James’ face confused me probably the most. He didn’t look offended or upset, simply scared. His eyes snapped from me to the masks for what felt like endlessly. Lastly, his eyes landed on me. He virtually appears to be like like a toddler on the verge of tears, if it wasn’t for the little speckle of ferocity that hid like a tiger able to pounce.

“Bara bara ni…gucha gucha ni…” James gibbered. Regardless of missing lips and cheeks, I knew he was smiling. Not a smile of pleasure nor pleasure, however a nervous smile. The sort of smile one has once they don’t know what they’re gonna do. However I believe he knew what he was going to do.

“Don’t. Fucking. Transfer.” James choked, bending down to select up his masks.

With out pondering I threw myself at him. I attempted to overpower him, solely to finish up on my ass. Trying up, I may solely watch in horror as James opened his mouth.

Chunky, thick vomit drained out of his mouth, onto me. It was scorching, hotter than might be wholesome. I screamed in ache, frantically wiping it off myself.

“You don’t know when to cease, do you?” James growled, although his growl lacked the hatred it had when he was commanding Monika. “You received, get it? Simply let me go away.”

Wait, what? What did he imply I received?

I attempted to face, however ended up towards the wall, gasping for air after James kicked my windpipe.

“Fuck you. Fuck you a lot.” James sobbed. He was taking a look at me, however I don’t know if he was speaking to me or not.

With out one other phrase, James left. I wished to face and verify on Monika, however couldn’t. Earlier than I knew it, I used to be out chilly.


“I wanna go residence now.”

“Why? One thing go flawed?”

“Sure. Please don’t ask questions.”

“You gonna be okay man? Want me to get you something?”

“No, god, simply go away me alone please.”

“Okay. Deal with your self. Name me when you something bro.”

(The entire references James made shall be discovered right here. Snow falls slowly, Demons run, Toughened your nipples, Silent evening, Holy day, Eternal Hymn, dei quod and so forth., Am I insane in your thoughts? (spoilers for AOT), Bara Bara ni (spoilers for AOT))

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