r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long) : TheAatroxMains

Hey guys, Huge Wank right here with that late merchandise information I promised you. Anyway, as a substitute of creating a information on Aatrox I simply figured I might present you guys the way to plot out your construct and assist you to from making errors or forestall you from shopping for noob entice gadgets (Sanguine Blade).

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

So I additionally wish to tackle that I noticed the pbe and they’ll nerf Aatrox, do not moist your self simply but, we now have individuals who will do the maths to see how huge of a nerf that is, all you’ll want to know for know is that AD will begin to have the next worth on Aatrox as a result of his E omnivamp is being elevated throughout ult however his therapeutic enhance is being decreased.

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

However actually, all that that is going to do is nerf the power of Goredrinker, and different therapeutic gadgets for when he ults, which I am okay with as a result of Aatrox is about having good positioning and figuring out when to interact and go for pokes or a combo, and preseason simply took all these ideas and threw them out the fucking window.

I hate Goredrinker as a result of it makes folks play recklessly after which when shit will get nerfed and other people really must assume after they’re taking part in their champs they begin to cry and say that the champ is dangerous (Riven gamers rn).


Okay, let’s speak about itemization.

Constructing round your mythic:

That is proper you dumb bitch, you’ll want to construct round your mythic merchandise, not simply rush your mythic then construct regardless of the fuck you need, that is the way you lose dumbass. Let me clarify as a result of it is really fairly simple when you consider it; 1 Mythic, four legendaries, 1 Boot.

With this mentioned you must break your construct into four sections:

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

You possibly can see how they construct in accordance with their strengths, however additionally they choose up extra utility/defensive choices to safe a secure mid/late sport.

Merely put, if the gadgets you are constructing does not make sense to the mythic merchandise you bought, then your entire construct is fucked.

For instance

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

Defend Bow is nice, it affords essential stuff to Yasuo reminiscent of maintain, injury, crit— bloodthirster provides to this together with rising his survivability. As soon as we get to the Black Cleaver then we begin to lose sensibility, it does give injury and survivability (HP) however Yasuo does not get a lot worth out of CDR, nor the built-in armor penetration. Afterward, the construct goes to shit with Collector and Rage Blade as Collector is an pointless and grasping merchandise, and Rage Blade simply undoes his whole construct with no supporting on-hit gadgets to justify the acquisition.

Now let’s take a look at your potential Mythic choices:

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

Goredrinker is Aatrox’s staple, it makes it troublesome to close you down in group fights whereas providing you with sufficient injury to nonetheless be a risk, the stats, scaling CDR, and clutch therapeutic will flip you right into a monster within the mid-game. This merchandise does are inclined to fall off in conditions the place a grievous wound merchandise is getting used towards you, with out the therapeutic from the energetic you lose a very good quantity of that survivability, you are principally caught with only a Tiamat energetic, the stats are nonetheless good however solely providing you with a flat 45 AD could make your injury fall off.

This merchandise will flip you right into a sponge in group fights, permitting you to absorb a number of well being bars value of harm. It is like being a type of huge sponges with the 1 scrubby aspect, you will not deal insane quantities of harm for constructing this merchandise however if you happen to’re left uncontested you’ll scrub folks out of the battle.


Eclipse thrives off of survivability, though Eclipse does make you squishier nevertheless it’s early entry to omnivamp and a built-in defend makes you troublesome to take down.

Eclipse struggles within the reverse scenario to that of Goredrinker, the place the merchandise is weak in group fights, however it might make it troublesome to 1v1 you even with grievous wounds for the defend, and further injury you get can simply overpower anybody that does not have sufficient stats to take care of Eclipse’s many passives, nonetheless, it may be fairly arduous to be within the middle of a group battle since you’re now extra susceptible to burst injury and chain CC.

In case you construct round this merchandise proper it should make you extremely arduous to 1v1, and if you happen to get forward you can find it fairly simple to 1v2 so long as you are retaining your injury excessive and retaining your dangers low.


Divine Sunderer is statted like Goredrinker however with the addition of Sheen, this provides much more constant injury. The Sheen impact offers 10% of the enemies Max Well being in your subsequent auto-attack, that is certainly one of it is best qualities because it makes you actually troublesome to 1v1, it is like getting a botrk auto each 2 seconds. Whereas the therapeutic is simply okay, in contrast to Goredrinker your Mythic does not lose it is utility whenever you’re confronted with grievous wounds. This Mythic nonetheless is not so good as Goredrinker with regard to group combating, you would possibly nonetheless be a very good frontline from all of the well being this merchandise provides you however with out the energetic of Goredrinker your therapeutic might be lackluster.

The potential injury output of this merchandise is above Goredrinker and under Eclipse, it is the right combination of an merchandise that stuffs you with nice stats and makes you actually troublesome to commerce into as a result of its passives are overloaded.

This merchandise is overloaded as fuck and it is a disgrace that folks do not construct it or do not know the way to use it correctly.


Stridebreaker provides you no maintain, however it’s a good merchandise towards hypermobile champions who you’ll have a tough time touchdown Qs on in any case, whereas the energetic cannot be used in the course of your Q, it should sluggish the enemy simply lengthy sufficient so that you can hole shut sufficient to comply with with Q3. Whereas the stats would possibly look dangerous at first due to the assault velocity, you can find that it does assist you to with stacking conqueror and getting a number of additional autos off each commerce. The difficulty with this merchandise is that it is all utility and no maintain and low injury.

In case you’re questioning the way to correctly use Stridebreaker and when to construct it, it is best in matchups the place your combos are not possible to land, matchups the place your W is ineffective and touchdown Q3 feels not possible. Utilizing your W to power out the enemy’s escape choice will help you comply with up with Stridebreaker and get a second likelihood at touchdown your Qs. This merchandise is efficient towards Irelia, Akali, Gnar, Quinn, Vayne, matchups the place you spend plenty of the sport splitting, and trades are greatest saved quick.

One other Mythic that’s fully overloaded and affords means an excessive amount of utility for an merchandise statted this excessive.


Subsequent, constructing round your Mythic:

So let’s speak about these Mythics and why it is essential to make use of Runes to pregame your construct.

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

One of the best ways to interrupt this down is to consider the primary/standout merchandise of your Mythic:

Goredrinker and Stridebreaker the centerpiece merchandise is Iron Whip, an merchandise with a Tiamat energetic that can provide you 2 stacks of conqueror and utilized in combos or between autos.

Divine Sunderer builds out of Sheen, an merchandise that offers you a giant injury buff in your subsequent auto after utilizing a capability, this synergizes effectively together with your passive and Grasps of the Timeless, each amplify the injury, and maintain in your subsequent fundamental assault.

Eclipse builds out of Serrated Dirk, an merchandise that offers you lethality, this makes your Qs hit lots more durable because it cuts by a flat quantity of resistances which could be fairly devastating to squishier champions. The passive to Eclipse requires that you just land three assaults inside fast succession, doing so offers 6% of the enemies most well being to them, this synergizes effectively with Electrocute as touchdown three assaults inside fast succession offers a considerable amount of injury to them. This setup is nice whenever you’re attempting to get a kill in 1 capability rotation.

So, with all this mentioned, we now know that Ironwhip gadgets are most well-liked for DPS, Dirk is for Burst, and Sheen is for buffing auto-attacks, now let’s return to what I used to be saying about constructing Supporting Gadgets that synergize together with your Mythic.

Within the image under you will note all four Mythics adopted by three gadgets primarily based on the function that the Mythic ought to fulfill: 2 Supportive gadgets and 1 defensive choice on the finish.

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

Ofc you possibly can combine and match however I wish to get a good suggestion of what you ought to be wanting to construct together with your selection of Mythic.

For instance, Titanic’s cleave is means stronger then Ravenous’s, however Titanic’s cleave can solely be activated on fundamental assaults, Divine Sunderer is a Mythic merchandise that rewards you for having a extra fundamental attack-oriented playstyle— whenever you construct Divine Sunderer you are already accepting the truth that your objective is to not play as an AD caster however as a tanky AD bruiser.

Divine Sunderer is a superb merchandise for transitioning right into a tank because the 10% Goal Max well being injury it should deal will assure that you just at all times hit like a truck together with your auto-attacks. Shopping for gadgets that reward extra of a caster type of playstyle will find yourself going towards your Mythic and thus lower the worth of it, so keep away from Ravenous and lethality and focus extra on getting tanky and scaling your injury from Titanic.

Iron Spike whip is nice as it should apply grievous wounds on whoever you hit, together with a stack of black cleaver, 2 stacks of conqueror and it’ll activate Ravenous Hydra providing you with bonus maintain, it should additionally apply the sluggish from Serylda’s Grudge, you may get plenty of utility from each Stridebreaker and Goredrinker so long as you are constructing round it. In case you construct Stridebreaker, then one thing like Sterak’s proper after you’re momentarily lowering the worth of the Stridebreaker buy in comparison with if you happen to have been to seize a Black Cleaver or Hextech Chainsword as a substitute.

Eclipse separates Aatrox from that commonplace bruiser playstyle and turns him into extra of a excessive burst, AD caster, (like Jayce). So that you auto-attack fairly sparingly as you do not wish to put your self in a susceptible place by sticking inside melee vary. You possibly can maximize the injury of this merchandise by shopping for MORE DAMAGE (loopy proper?). Yeah, the injury scales excessive with this merchandise and the passive armor pen and lethality be sure that your injury is being effectively used.

So let’s take a look at gadgets that you could possibly in idea construct on Aatrox, we’ll separate them between their offense and protection capabilities.

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

So, when you could have a Mythic that’s all about being aggressive, you have a tendency to purchase principally aggressive gadgets, it is very important be aware that each one lethality gadgets are probably the most aggressive gadgets whereas tank gadgets are way more defensive.

Let me speak about a number of of this stuff which might be much less talked about.

Fringe of Evening is a superb merchandise that gives you with a spell defend, some well being, and a good quantity of harm, this merchandise prevents enemies from utilizing any capability on you as will probably be blocked immediately, this can be a turnoff to catch champions like Blitzcrank, Amumu, Leona, and so forth…

Serpent’s Fang immediately breaks any defend you hit and offers a small quantity of further injury to any champion whose defend you break, this merchandise is nice towards Riven, Sett, Sion, Urgot, Volibear, and so forth…

Umbral Glaive immediately clears wards, it is good if you happen to’re attempting to get plenty of roams off and also you wish to management the map or take away imaginative and prescient that can assist you gank and management goals.

Deadman’s Plate permits you to abuse the poor macro of dangerous gamers by providing you with the power to fly across the map and management lanes and goals or to steal jungle camps from the enemy.

Randuin’s Omen and Gargoyle provides you very excessive situational tankiness and utility, it turns you right into a Giga tank for a number of seconds in battle so you actually gotta observe timing it proper.

Silvermere is your go too merchandise to get tenacity now, it is such as you lined your self in child oil, the enemy time is attempting to catch you however you are too oily and also you simply begin slipping round and sloshing in all places and it begins to piss folks off.

Serylda’s is an non-obligatory merchandise that permits you to kite folks higher, it is extra suited that can assist you towards low injury tanks like Zac, Rammus, Mundo, and it is also good towards excessive mobility lowish injury champs like Hecarim, Rek’sai, Poppy. Mainly, it is good towards champions who cannot one-shot you for constructing it.

Maw, DD, and Sterak’s, gadgets that give you survivability with out costing you injury. This stuff have very clear identities with regard to when they need to be constructed. DD counters heavy AD groups and offers you plenty of sturdiness in the direction of bodily injury champs. Maw counters heavy AP groups and offers you an enormous defend that protects you towards AP injury solely. Sterak’s is the in-between the place it provides you plenty of well being, mid-fight maintain, and a defend in case your well being will get too low.

Now with all of this mentioned, I made just a little pattern merchandise and set with the keystones that you could possibly flex.

r/TheAatroxMains - Itemization, for Aatrox and just in general (New Season, New Items, New Guide) (Long)

I do not know if there are any Stridebreaker Comet customers however fuck it, it is sensible to me. The entire level of Stridebreaker is to be annoying as fuck anyway, so why not add to it? I will not even trace at the opportunity of you profitable a sport with that setup however do it in a norm and piss folks off or one thing.

That is it, that is the entire information and this submit is lastly completed, go away.

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