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Yamadori Scots Pine


Hawthorn Bonsai

Shimpaku Juniper

Yamadori Sabina Juniper

An previous Yamadori Juniper

Yamadori sabina juniper

Wild Olive

A Terrier Carving Software might be bought right here.

 Japanese Larch


Mugo Pine

Hemlock (tsuga)

Juniper from Japan

Yamadori Juniper

Giant Oleaster

Jumiperus squamata Meyeri

Quercus suber

Mugo pumillio

Japanese juniper

Olive (olea oleaster)

An Attention-grabbing Little Juniper

San Jose Juniper

Caledonian Pine

A Basic Bonsai

MUGO PINE – Magnificence in a beast!

A Taiwanese shimpaku juniper

“An eventful day within the lifetime of a scabby juniper”

City Yamadori

Massive Thorn Pot


‘Previous Gold’ Juniper

Stuart’s Little Stump

‘Tree-beard bites the mud’

BIG Olives

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