How to Winter a Tree Fern | Home Guides

How to Winter a Tree Fern | Home Guides

Do not let the wintery scientific title of the Tasmanian tree fern (Dicksonia antarctica) idiot you; although this prehistoric-looking plant is marginally extra hardy than the lacy tree fern (Cyathea cooperi), each of those large-scale ferns recognize some safety when temperatures drop. The Tasmanian tree fern grows from 15 to 20 ft tall in U.S. Division of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 by way of 11 and might bounce again from temperatures all the way down to 20 levels Fahrenheit. A lacy tree fern, which reaches 25 ft tall in zones 10 and 11, suffers beneath 50 F.

Potted Tree Ferns

Water your potted tree fern nicely, soaking the soil and spraying the fronds and trunk to discourage any bugs from hitching a experience indoors.

Transfer the plant to a sheltered location as temperatures begin to drop. Depart it open air in the course of the day and convey it indoors in a single day, leaving it inside for an extended interval every day for per week to transition your potted tree fern to the decreased mild and humidity indoors.

Put the plant in its winter house in a spot the place it receives filtered mild and is cool, however not chilly. Hold a humidifier working close by if the plant is in a heated room. Central heating makes the air too dry for a tree fern to thrive.

Hold the soil of your potted tree fern evenly moist; mist the trunk and fronds commonly to keep up humidity.

Transition the plant again open air to a shaded space when night temperatures are again above 50 F.

In-Floor Tree Ferns

Placed on gloves to guard your palms from the tiny hairs on the fronds, which might irritate the pores and skin.

Loosely fill the crown — the purpose on the high of the trunk the place the fronds emerge — of your tree fern with straw when temperatures begin to drop in late fall or early winter. Keep away from packing the straw in, as this might injury the crown.

Fold all of the fronds straight up so that they meet excessive of the crown, and bundle them loosely along with twine. This helps maintain within the straw and supplies an additional measure of safety to the crown in opposition to the chilly.

Insert 4 bamboo plant stakes, about as tall as your tree fern’s trunk, round its perimeter, about an inch away from the trunk.

Wrap the trunk in an insulating materials reminiscent of row cowl cloth, weed block cloth, burlap or bubble wrap topped with burlap. The canes maintain the insulating materials barely again from the trunk to stop moisture from increase between the layers and inflicting rot. Burlap over bubble wrap prevents the clear plastic from overheating the plant on sunny days.

Tie the insulation in place across the trunk with twine.

Take away the wrap, lower down the previous fronds on the base and take away the straw when temperatures are safely heat within the spring.

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