How to grow peonies | Better Homes and Gardens

How to grow peonies | Better Homes and Gardens

How do I develop peonies?

Local weather

Herbaceous peonies solely develop in cool climates with chilly winters corresponding to Tasmania, Victoria and mountain districts –  they want chilly to assist set off the event of the flower bud. Tree peonies additionally favor chilly climates however can even develop in cool temperate areas.  


Place herbaceous and tree peonies in full solar and shelter from robust winds. In climates with scorching summers, a calmly shaded spot is preferable.




Plant in deep, moist and well-drained soil enriched with well-rotted compost and manure. A impartial soil pH is desired by herbaceous peonies however tree peonies favor a extra alkaline soil, so add dolomite lime and fork in effectively earlier than planting.


Hold soil moist, however by no means moist. In summer season, water to maintain soil cool and guarantee it doesn’t dry out. As soon as established (1–2 years), tree peonies are fairly drought tolerant, however profit from common watering all through the rising and flowering season.


In late winter, feed herbaceous peonies with a well-balanced fertiliser and take away surrounding weeds. Apply fertiliser once more in summer season after peonies have completed flowering and you’ve got deadheaded. For tree peonies, feed in winter and late spring with a fertiliser low in nitrogen however excessive in phosphorus and potassium. This may assist encourage robust root development and flowering.


Whereas it’s doable to transplant peonies, usually talking they don’t wish to be disturbed, so select your location fastidiously. Put together the soil by incorporating well-rotted compost and manure (and dolomite lime, if wanted) every week previous to planting.

 Herbaceous peonies are offered as naked root rhizomes with a couple of buds or ‘eyes’ and are finest planted in autumn. Dig a shallow gap not more than 5cm deep and agency the bottom of the outlet. Place rhizomes with buds dealing with upward, backfill and calmly agency soil, then water completely. Plant at the least 60cm aside – they like somewhat house between crops.

• Tree peonies are offered in pots. Dig a gap twice the width of the pot and a little deeper. Take away plant from pot, gently tease out roots and place in gap. Backfill and water completely.




 As herbaceous peonies develop, use a three-legged metallic wire body to assist assist the stems. Search for them at your native backyard centre. Don’t be shocked if there are few or no flowers within the first 12 months – the plant remains to be creating and can flower as soon as it grows right into a wholesome bush. In late autumn, permit foliage to naturally die down earlier than pruning. When the bush flowers, lower lengthy stems for indoor show or deadhead recurrently as flowers fade to encourage extra blooms.

 Tree peonies solely want pruning to take away lifeless or damaged branches – they need to solely be pruned because the rising season begins. Apply a beneficiant dose of dolomite lime to the soil each three years and water in effectively.

Herbaceous vs tree peony

Herbaceous peonies, also referred to as Chinese language peonies (Paeonia lactiflora), are probably the most generally grown. They develop from rhizomes, which type a bush about 1m excessive and flower from late spring into summer season, earlier than dying down in autumn. Tree peonies (Paeonia suffruticosa), are a shrubby deciduous plant that grows about 1m tall. They will take as much as 10 years to achieve full top and don’t die down like their herbaceous cousins. Each kinds of peonies favor cool to chilly climates.



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