How To Grow African Violet Plants [GUIDE]

Do you bear in mind the African Violet care your grandma gave the crops sitting on her kitchen windowsill? Don’t really feel unhealthy I don’t both.

flowering african violets

I do bear in mind they at all times had flowers and Grandma by no means appeared to spend any time caring for her African violets.

Although miniature African violet varieties exist, Grandma didn’t develop any. Learn extra beneath about rising African violets, these stunning flowering houseplants grandma cherished!

African Violets Not A Violet At All

The place do African violets originate from? Originating in East Africa the “Saintpaulia” really isn’t a violet in any respect however belongs to the household of Gesneriaceae just like the Episcia plant.

The frequent identify comes from the first flower colour – violet.

The botanical identify “Saintpaulia” honors Baron Walter von Saint Paul who first found them and introduced the crops again to Europe in 1893.

They adapt nearly completely to indoor life as houseplants and so they bloom nearly regularly. And everyone knows you can not have too many houseplants!

This low-growing, hairy-leafed plant holds darkish inexperienced leaves roughly oval in form.

Immediately the amount of Saintpaulia varieties quantity into the hundreds. Flower colours vary from pink to mauve to blue to violet.

The flowers produced typically get as massive as an inch and a half throughout however normally smaller, some miniature varieties additionally exist.

How To Care For African Violets Indoors

General African violets like zamioculcas zamiifolia adapt very properly to rising indoors however african violet plant care remains to be vital.

They’ll thrive in an setting of 70° to 75° temperatures throughout the day and nighttime temperatures not beneath 60°. T

They like a excessive humidity setting so low humidity situations could cause the plant some points.

Throughout winter if temperatures get down a lot beneath 60° transfer crops away from home windows for the night time.

In nature, they reside in a moist, African jungle with excessive humidity, and want much more humidifying than most crops.

pebbles in saucer with water below pot to create humidity

“Create” this humid rising situation by setting crops in a deep pan or saucer on an inch layer of pebbles full of water to only beneath the pot.

How To Water African Violets

A part of the care of African Violets includes watering. One “greatest follow” many observe in watering their violets incorporates using self-watering African violet pots that “waters” from beneath.

Nevertheless, many indoor growers water from above with a watering can and a protracted spout.


The lengthy spout permits you to attain contained in the foliage and moist the soil with out splashing the leaves.

One of many main troubles the house gardener runs into with Saintpaulia is the issue of white spots forming on the leaves.

The white leaf spots normally come from chilly water splashing on the leaves.

At all times use room temperature water or hotter. Utilizing a wick-type watering system helps remedy the issue.

What Is The Greatest Mild For African Violets Care

Their low necessities of solar are one motive these little crops have loved so many a long time of success indoors.

An east or west window is greatest, though many stunning crops develop properly in a northern publicity however normally solely in the summertime time.

Maintain the leaves freed from mud by cleansing them with a mushy brush – a small mushy paint brush will do the trick.

Africa Violet Soil

Most backyard facilities supply specifically designed and formulated African violet soil mixes like this one at Amazon. These commercially packaged soil or potting mixes are scientifically ready to actual specs for max development.

Make your personal particular African violet potting soil combine utilizing equal elements peat moss, vermiculite and perlite.

When potting or transplanting, don’t pack the soil too tightly as African violets like a well-aerated soil and thrive in a extra roomy pot.

African Violet Fertilizer

Identical to soil mixes created particularly for African violets suppliers additionally make specialty African violet plant meals like this – normally in liquid type.

Search for names like:

  • Miracle-gro
  • Schultz
  • Dyna-gro
  • Granny’s bloomers
  • Scott’s

… to call a number of

Apply the African violet meals periodically in quantities specified on the label and when repotting, transplanting or beginning new crops from cuttings.

Propagating African Violets

The commonest technique to propagate African violets is from leaf cuttings, ideally within the spring.

This manner new crops can profit from summer time climate to develop.

It’s going to typically take about ten or twelve weeks for the primary new leaves to look.

A profitable new plant will flower after 4 to 6 months.

That’s why you begin the propagating course of early within the spring and will have a grown and flowering plant by fall.

Learn The Full Article on Propagating African Violets From Leaf Cuttings and Divisions

Saintpaulia Pests and Ailments

African Violets are topic to assaults of mealy bugs and pink spider mite.

When you have an epidemic of those little creatures, use solely pesticides labeled to regulate them. We wish to use natural insecticidal cleaning soap or pure Neem oil for controlling pests.

Search for a pure insecticide for controlling pest in your crops as an possibility.

Leaf Edges Yellowing and Scorching

Throughout the summer time months, the leaf edges can flip yellow and turn out to be scorched when crops develop overexposed to an excessive amount of direct daylight.

Transfer the plant to an oblique gentle location or filter the sunshine with a curtain or sheer.

Yellowing Foliage

Foliage on African violets can yellow for a wide range of causes.

  • An excessive amount of fertilizer could cause yellow foliage – scale back fertilizing can lower the applying price.
  • Crops rising in clay pots can expertise a soluble salt construct up within the pots – flush the pots and soil totally earlier than resuming fertilizing.
  • Underwatering – Slowly water and saturate the soil floor till the surplus water runs out the pots drainage holes. Enable soil to dry earlier than totally watering once more.

Crown Rot And Root Rot

Permitting water to gather within the crown of the plant may additionally flip leaves brown. Water instantly and keep away from getting water on the leaves.

Make certain to not overwater. This causes roots to suffocate and die to introduce crown rot and/or root-rot.

At all times apply fertilizer to well-moistened soil. Making use of fertilizer to dry soil might burn the feeder roots, inflicting the leaves to droop suggesting crown rot.

Powdery Mildew

Grey or White Coating on Foliage, Leaves shrivel and Curl – The trigger Powdery Mildew

Crops rising in areas with very excessive humidity permit powdery mildew to type which blocks the sunshine leading to leaves shriveling up and curling.

Present good air flow for management. Take away leaves on crops severely affected.

How To Care For An African Violet & Get It To Bloom


The strategies beneath have been despatched in by BG Butterfield. Take pleasure in!

In case your African violet care grows good crops and you continue to have hassle getting your crops to bloom, attempt these strategies.

Transfer them to the place they may get a lot of gentle. Two or three hours of shiny or filtered daylight by a curtain won’t damage them. No direct daylight! Mirrored daylight can be good.

Combine 1/2 teaspoon of a great all objective plant meals like this one in one-half gallon of water – rain water when potential or use distilled.

Lower a bit of plastic or wax paper bigger than the highest of the flower pot; lower a gap within the middle and slit from aspect to middle.

Put the plastic over the pot, beneath the leaves and across the stem and maintain in place to maintain the soil from falling out.

Utilizing a big bowl with the water and plant meals combination. Dip the leaves within the water, dousing it over them, washing the leaves and on the similar time giving them a foliar feeding.

Set the crops in a shady spot to dry. Repeat as soon as per week for 3 or 4 weeks. The reward won’t solely be flowers, however extra stunning foliage and younger crops will flower a lot earlier.

Thanks BG for sharing… It’s at all times nice when customers share their experiences!

Extra on different forms of indoor crops on your house.

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Miniature African Violets Little Crops With Enormous Enchantment


Amongst African violet fanciers, a miniature doesn’t develop bigger than six inches throughout, from leaf tip to leaf tip.

Flowers additionally fluctuate significantly in measurement and could also be small or regular.

One other class, troublesome to tell apart from miniatures, is the semi-miniature.

Though a miniature should measure lower than six inches throughout, if it grows bigger to eight inches, it’s classed as a semi-miniature. Culturally, each are handled as a single group.

Good Blooming Miniatures

Miniatures are good bloomers that compete with common varieties (like your grandma grew).

Due to their measurement, a number of can develop instead of one massive specimen. On a number of glass cabinets, a dozen or extra can develop in a single window.

Producing massive flowers, or small ones if you happen to desire, colours embrace royal purples, deep blues, rosy pinks, pastel lavenders and orchids and vivid plum pink. White brings out the depth of the opposite colours.

The “Girlie” Miniatures

The leaves of miniatures fluctuate in form and colour.

  • “Plain” leaves could also be pointed, spherical or wavy.
  • “Woman” leaves typically scalloped and waved, with a deep cream or white splotch the place the leaf blade attaches to the stem.

The primary “woman leaf” discovered years in the past, was named Blue Woman. Now varieties with leaves of this kind are sometimes called merely woman leaves.

The leaves, whether or not plain, or woman, fluctuate in colour from chartreuse by medium greens to deep greens.

The undersides of some leaves are ruby pink, and on others all levels of pink seem. Usually the leaves are as engaging because the flowers.

Miniature Blooms

Some miniatures show frilled and fringed flowers, cupped like a sweet-pea or doubled like a gardenia or rose.

You’ll discover strong colours or combos of purple and white, blue and white and tints of lavender or orchid.

Origins of Miniature African Violets

A part of studying African violet care, is discovering the place the miniatures come from?

The “miniatures” originate from two sources. When propagating customary varieties, some small crops refuse to develop. If sick, crops are destroyed.

In the event that they refuse to develop and never bloom the dwarf crops are normally discarded. The remaining few are regular in all respects, aside from miniature measurement.

The second supply is from seedlings. With seedlings the identical happens.

Some wholesome crops develop extra slowly than others, and once they bloom they’re replicas, in miniature, of bigger varieties.

These are then named and bought as miniatures. Since miniatures in a single space will develop bigger than in one other, we’re at all times looking for crops that stay small.

Forms of Straightforward To Develop Miniatures

What forms of miniatures are best to develop?

Miniatures develop as simply because the bigger varieties. Nevertheless, smaller pots and instruments, every thing scaled down. Crops require much less water however use the identical soil because the bigger varieties. I desire the bagged African violet mixes.

Miniatures additionally require the identical quantity of sunshine. Maybe they want extra gentle, and we really feel that daylight will produce higher crops, and extra flowers, than beneath a fluorescent develop gentle.

They develop greatest in an east or north home windows. Generally a skinny curtain helps defend crops throughout the summer time months. When inserting crops in west or south-facing home windows, use curtains to control the quantities of oblique daylight.

Though many develop miniatures beneath we pure “daylight”, crops grown beneath a develop gentle system setup in a basement ship good outcomes.

The 40-watt fluorescent develop lights fixture is the best to acquire.

Utilizing a single tube fixture and place the fluorescent tube 6″ to 12″ inches above the leaves.

9 to 12″ inches appears to swimsuit extra crops than the 6″ inch distance.

Lights burn from breakfast till bedtime. Don’t hold lights on 24 hours a day.

Watering Miniature African Violets

Anybody can simply be taught the artwork of watering miniature African violets correctly. Bear in mind, smaller crops and small pot sizes don’t require as a lot water as bigger African violets.

Though you’ll use much less water, you’ll must water extra typically. Environments fluctuate, and every grower should be taught by trial and error how a lot to water. Any methodology that produces fascinating outcomes is right for you!

The sizes of pots, and the categories, are each vital. Most desire to begin planting younger crops in 2 1/4″-inch after which shift to 2 1/2″-inch pots.

A mature plant requires a 3-inch pot. Previously, every thing grew in clay pots, right this moment most develop in plastic pots. Nevertheless, I nonetheless love the look of the easy terra cotta clay pot.

Waterproof plastic pots don’t lose water as quickly as clay pots. Thus African violets won’t require watering as typically, or as a lot.

Soil additionally stays moist longer, and crops develop extra uniformity. Nevertheless, watch out for extra water. You may simply over crops rising plastic pots!

Scale back watering much more with miniatures in plastic containers.

Some growers like to plant their miniatures in teacups and demitasse cups. Take further care to not overwater since these “cups” haven’t any drainage holes.

Rising A Mini African Violet From Leaves

African violet propagation isn’t any totally different on “minis” or the bigger varieties. Nevertheless, the small leaves typically require toothpicks to assist and maintain the leaf upright till rooted.

With so many “miniature” African violets accessible to develop and luxuriate in. Why wait? It’s time to go mini!


African Violet Issues

Query: Does an African violet bloom extra if saved root-bound?

Reply: Although many frequent houseplants, similar to geraniums (Pelargonium), bloom extra freely if saved root-bound, African violets bloom higher if considerably overpotted. Younger flowering crops do properly in 3, 4, or 5-inch pots.

Query: Though I’ve had success in beginning African violet crops, this winter most of the leaves developed gentle markings like these on columbine leaves attributable to leaf miner. Nothing else seems mistaken with them. Is the situation attributable to pests, an excessive amount of gentle or too little gentle? SJH, New Hampshire

Reply: I’ve seen African violets with leaves as you describe. The trigger? My guess – an excessive amount of solar or solar hanging leaves when moist. Maybe a shift in place will remedy your downside because the crops appear wholesome in any other case.


Query: I’ve a number of African violets that are thriving fantastically however by no means bloom. I’ve adopted all instructions rigorously however get solely an abundance of wholesome leaves. Any Concepts? LV, New York

Reply: There are numerous variations of the African violet plant. I’ve noticed a number of vigorous crops that have been gradual to bloom however did finally. A unique window would possibly assist.

Query To my dismay I discover some whitish spots on the petals of my beautiful African violets. What causes them? OW, Ontario

Reply I’m not aware of something that assaults the flowers of African violets. The injury you describe makes me consider thrips as a potential trigger. Study a flower beneath a magnifying glass to see if the tissue has been rasped. Attempt standing crops in saucers with naphthalene flakes unfold over the underside.

Query: What causes African violets to die within the coronary heart of the plant? The brand new development is huge, distorted, twisted, and stems arduous and brittle. LL, Illinois

Reply: Cyclamen mite might be the wrongdoer. Mites are too small to be seen by the bare eye. One drenching of the soil with a systemic miticide, will give a number of month’s safety from cyclamen mites.

There are two different potential causes for the situation of your African violets. Fertilizer burn is typically confused with injury attributable to cyclamen mites. When you assume you may need over fertilized, drench the well-drained soil with plain water.


Withhold fertilizer till the plant seems regular, then liquid feed at half-strength no more typically than as soon as a month.

When you develop African violets beneath develop lights and typically overlook to show off the lights at night time, repeated forgetfulness might induce bunched up middle development.

Since you understand the care your violets obtain, it is possible for you to to diagnose which of those is your downside.

Query: Are plastic pots good for African violets? SW, Pennsylvania.

Reply: Sure – they’re good for all potted crops. Contrasted with clay pots, these fabricated from plastic don’t take in moisture from the soil in them.

Subsequently, crops rising in plastic pots don’t require as frequent watering as do these rising in clay pots beneath the identical situations.

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