How to Dry or Preserve Eucalyptus for Decor

How to Dry or Preserve Eucalyptus for Decor

Drying or preserving eucalyptus takes a wonderful plant and makes it final even longer. Eucalyptus is a hearty and aromatic plant that’s used for all the things from important oils to home made cough drops to decor in all types of craft initiatives. Utilizing preserved eucalyptus as a substitute of fake eucalyptus is just not solely cheaper but it surely additionally will be sure that the fantastic odor of eucalyptus stays with all of your initiatives if you use them.

You need to use your dried eucalyptus in plenty of other ways! It may possibly look beautiful merely put in a vase by itself. You’ll be able to add it in with different dried flowers to make an association or perhaps a wreath. You’ll be able to even nonetheless use the leaves after they’re dried to make important oils. The chances actually are infinite. 

  1. Choose a Container

    Choose a jar or vase that is tall sufficient to carry your eucalyptus with out it falling over. You may need to be sure that the underside of the eucalyptus stem touches the underside of the container if you put it in. This may be sure that it is going to absorb the entire resolution that we’re about to make.

  2. Trim the Eucalyptus

    Reduce the eucalyptus branches to the size that you really want your dried eucalyptus to be. Additionally, take this time to take away any useless leaves or stems from the branches.

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  3. Smash the Eucalyptus Stems

    Take your hammer and smash the underside inch of the eucalyptus stem. This may permit the combination that can dry them to extra totally soak into the plant.

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  4. Boil the Vegetable Glycerin

    In a small cooking pot, mix two elements water to 1 half vegetable glycerin. Convey this resolution to a boil, stirring with a spoon till the glycerin has totally dissolved into the water. The quantity of resolution you’ll need to make will rely on the dimensions of your container. You need to just remember to make sufficient in order that the ends of the stems will totally be the answer. We used two cups of water and one cup of vegetable glycerin for the chosen container.

  5. Pour the Vegetable Glycerin Resolution into the Container

    Fastidiously pour the vegetable glycerin and water resolution into your chosen container. Permit it to chill for a couple of minutes within the container in order that it’s cool to the contact.

  6. Add the Eucalyptus

    Put within the eucalyptus stems into the answer, ensuring that every of the ends is being submerged into the vegetable glycerin and water combination by about two to a few inches. Don’t fear in regards to the tops of the stems drooping down, that is the pure form of eucalyptus and it’ll look pure as soon as it’s dried.

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  7. Permit the Eucalyptus to Dry

    Retailer the eucalyptus in a darkish, cool, dry spot to let it protect. Ensure that it is not in direct daylight. The eucalyptus will take two to 6 weeks to totally dry.

    You may need to verify in your eucalyptus each few days. You could discover that it has soaked up all of the liquid within the container. If this occurs, repeat the directions above to make extra of the answer and add it to your container. If the liquid has turned brown and is trying slimy, you will need to make extra of the answer and exchange the liquid.

    When the eucalyptus is dry, you will see it flip from inexperienced to darkish purple and even silver. The leaves can be clean and comfortable and will probably be drier than the recent eucalyptus that you simply began with.

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  8. Take away the Eucalyptus

    When you’re pleased with how dry your eucalyptus has gotten, it’s time to take away them from the vase. Take away the branches and pat dry with a paper towel. You’ll be able to permit them to air dry for a few days or you need to use them immediately in your subsequent undertaking.

Various Technique

It’s also possible to air dry eucalyptus with out utilizing the vegetable glycerin. Merely trim up your branches and tie the underside of the bunch along with string. Cling them the other way up in a cool, darkish, and dry place whereas they protect. This may take six to 12 weeks should you use this methodology. The eucalyptus will dry equally to the strategy above however can be straighter in size since you might be hanging it the other way up. 

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