How To Care For Your Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai Tree — Love My Bonsai

How To Care For Your Brazilian Rain Tree Bonsai Tree — Love My Bonsai

Pithecellobium Tortum Bonsai Care

About The Brazilian Raintree Bonsai Tree

The Brazilian Rain Tree is a hardwood that is native to the rainforests of Brazil. The rain tree has delicate branches and tiny gentle inexperienced leaves and spines. The leaves will fold up at evening and open up once more come morning.

Its grows aromatic fuzzy flowers.

The distinctive look of the rain tree make it one of the crucial fascinating rainforest bonsai’s.

This tree will tolerate temperatures within the higher 30’s, however not for very lengthy. Though they develop in full solar in nature, Brazilian Raintrees as bonsai appear to understand some shade through the hottest days of tropical summers.

This can be a tree that may survive, and thrive, indoors as a houseplant all yr lengthy.



The Brazilian Raintree can dwell indoors all yr, however would like to be open air so long as the temperature stays above 45 levels.  It loves gentle, and may get loads of it on a south (or east, or west) going through windowsill whereas indoors — although it does nicely in decrease gentle circumstances.


The Brazilian Rain Tree, like most bonsai timber, will die if it dries out.  It enjoys loads of water in nicely draining soil. By no means let it dry out utterly.


The Brazilian Rain Tree loves humidity, however will likely be simply positive in drier air.


Since your Brazilian Rain Tree bonsai is in a small pot, and never the bottom, it wants vitamins.  A sluggish launch (pellet primarily based) fertilizer is ideal for this, and might be added sparingly each 1-2 months through the rising season.

Pruning & Trimming

Trim again the brand new progress to the farthest secure level that appears good to you — however by no means take away the entire new progress.

A daily trim will assist preserve your Brazilian Rain Tree bonsai tree brief, whereas serving to the trunk develop thicker.


Repotting should be carried out periodically in your bonsai, Brazilian Rain Tree included, when its root system has crammed the pot.  In case you can clearly see the roots popping out of the underside of the pot, it’s time to repot your bonsai.

Usually, this implies each 2-Three years for a deciduous tree and each 4-5 years for an evergreen.  Brazilian Rain Tree, being tropical, will must be repotted round each 2-Four years relying on its atmosphere.

Repotting must be achieved in mid-summer, when the tree is at it’s least fragile state.

Your Brazilian Rain Tree bonsai, together with all of its soil, must be faraway from the pot.  From there, you’ll be able to trim away not more than 1/third of the foundation mass (1/4th is most well-liked.) 

Then you’ll be able to repot the tree in the identical pot, or give it a more moderen / larger pot to thrive in.

After repotting, your bonsai Brazilian Rain Tree must be totally watered.

Ailments, Bugs & Different Pests

Your Brazilian Rain Tree bonsai might be handled for pests like a standard Brazilian Rain Tree.  Simply bear in mind, your tree is miniature and can want a a lot smaller and extra gentile dose of remedy.

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