How to Care for a Bird of Paradise Plant

How to Care for a Bird of Paradise Plant

How to Care for a Bird of Paradise Plant

The chicken of paradise flower (Strelitzia reginae) is a plant of tropical origin, particularly from Baja California (the Mexican state). It’s visually placing and well-known for its distinctive orange sepals and blue petals which give the plant its identify. It is because it seems just like the beak of sure birds, additionally the explanation it’s typically referred to as the crane flower. As an unique plant, it requires sure primary care to assist it flourish. These embody temperature, gentle, watering and fertilization.

On this oneHOWTO article, we clarify take care of a chicken of paradise plant. We additionally present you ways inserting the plant indoors or open air impacts its care.

What gentle and temperature does the chicken of paradise plant want?

Mild and temperature are two parts of important take care of a chicken of paradise flower. With out the proper ranges of each, they won’t obtain optimum ranges of well being and progress. Contemplating the plant is of tropical origin, the chicken of paradise flower wants extra gentle than most to assist it flourish. In whole, it ought to obtain at the least three to four hours of direct daylight to develop and flower.

For that reason, the chicken of paradise is not well-adapted to shaded areas and should not be positioned in the midst of different foliage. If they’re stored open air, it is very important know they won’t survive nicely in low temperatures or in the event that they expertise extreme frosts. The best temperature for a chicken of paradise plant ranges between 12 ºC and 25 ºC (53 ºF – 77 ºF).

In case you stay someplace with a cool local weather, you’ll possible have to preserve the chicken of paradise flower as an indoor plant. Even higher, you could need to select from our listing of cold-weather-resistant vegetation.

Finest location for a chicken of paradise plant

As defined above, the perfect location for a chicken of paradise flower will rely upon various factors. If you’ll be able to preserve the the plant open air, you’ll nonetheless want to contemplate the quantity of sunshine and solar it’s going to obtain. This implies an outside chicken of paradise flower ought to be situated in part of the backyard uncovered to direct daylight. For indoor vegetation, this can possible imply it must be positioned beside a window with direct daylight.

In case you stay someplace chilly with little direct daylight, you would possibly need to select an indoor plant better-suited to low gentle.

How to Care for a Bird of Paradise Plant - Best location for a bird of paradise plant

water a chicken of paradise plant

Watering a chicken of paradise plant is one other of its primary care necessities we have to imply if we wish it to be wholesome. The crane flower wants fixed humidity, one thing which mimics its native tropical local weather. Nonetheless, the quantity of watering it requires is barely reasonable. The proper steadiness is to have a substrate which is damp, however by no means to have swimming pools of water within the pot or flower mattress.

With these issues, you’ll be able to set up a watering schedule whereby the plant is flippantly watered day by day or each different day in the summertime months. Within the winter, we might want to enable extra time between waterings, roughly as soon as each 72 hours. In fact, if the plant is open air the quantity of watering will rely upon rainfall.

fertilize a chicken of paradise plant

The most effective fertilizer for the chicken of paradise flower is one that’s wealthy in potassium and nitrogen. These present the vitamins required to assist its flower bloom. Magnesium is one other essential mineral, one thing which helps to supply the brightness and depth of its sepals and petals. The bloom of the chicken of paradise flower is between aumtun and late spring, however it’s going to solely flower after 5 years of age.

Offering fertilizers for the plant has a optimistic impression on its possibilities of flowering. It ought to be utilized each 15 days, particularly throughout the pre-flowering stage.

transplant a chicken of paradise plant

Spring is the perfect season to transplant the chicken of paradise flower. You want an annual transplant till it’s 5 years outdated. After this time, you’ll solely must take away three cm of the higher a part of the substrate in summer time and alter it for a brand new combination.

In a scenario the place you do not know when the chicken of paradise plant may be transplanted, we suggest you do it in early spring. That is higher than doing it within the warmest months of the 12 months which could make it tough for the plant to regulate. You have to a pot which is just a little bigger than the earlier, growing the circumference till you every about 30 cm in diameter.

In case you do not need to take care of a plant which has as many necessities, you would possibly need to try take care of Satan’s Ivy. That is a neater plant for newbie horticulturists.

Comply with these steps to transplant a chicken of paradise plant with out damaging its roots:

  1. To keep away from inflicting harm to the roots, attempt to extract the foundation ball with particular care. That is the mass of earth caught to the roots.
  2. Take away the items of soil caught within the roots together with your fingers.
  3. Take the brand new pot and put together the substrate combination. We suggest utilizing manure mulch and coarse sand to supply good drainage. This fashion you’ll forestall it from flooding simply.
  4. End the method by planting the chicken of paradise within the new pot and masking the roots.
How to Care for a Bird of Paradise Plant - How to transplant a bird of paradise plant

propagate a chicken of paradise plant

The very last thing it’s good to learn about caring for the chicken of paradise plant is the keys to its propagation. As with transplantation, the perfect time to propagate is in early spring.

The chicken of paradise is a plant that produces ‘kids’, which signifies that it generates a couple of bud on its sides. From a single plant you’ll be able to take two or extra to develop individually. Comply with these directions in order that the chicken of paradise plant propagates and you may have many extra flowers in your backyard or dwelling (indoor or outside):

  1. Take a seedling from the plant and place it in a brand new container. Do it with a trowel, digging in vertically and deeply. It will enable you to carry it later with out damaging its roots.
  2. Water the newly planted plant within the new pot abundantly. Additionally water the remainder of the plant, however with out waterlogging.
  3. Maintain your full consideration on the state of the separated vegetation as they propagate and take care of them based on the directions above.

In case you determine that taking good care of a chicken of paradise plant is not for you, there are lots extra to select from. Our information to the perfect outside vegetation for partial solar is likely to be useful find what’s best for you.

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