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Basic Background:

Native to subtropical areas, this small sturdy plant is usually cultivated as a rock bonsai as a result of it develops mangrove like roots. The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is available in a dwarf model that makes an attractive bonsai. The truth is, this specific Bonsai tree might be one of many best to develop and preserve, making it good for inexperienced persons. 

Bushes Options:

Shiny inexperienced leaves are delicately divided and upright umbels produce orange-red to black berries. The leaves are miniature and formed like umbrellas, which collectively, type an attractive, inexperienced, and dense cover. The truck is comparatively skinny and doesn’t department out right into a crown as another tropical crops do and prolific root progress is attention-grabbing and really engaging.


The Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is a subtropical plant, and wishes temperatures between 64 and 71 levels. As a result of this plant craves heat, it may be positioned close to a warmth supply and may by no means be in temps beneath 59 levels. So long as the climate is above 59 diploma, it is going to take pleasure in exterior holidays within the full solar so long as you’re gradual about introducing it to the outside to stop leaf burn. As soon as temperatures go down within the autumn, remember to deliver it again indoors to maintain it heat.


Maintain indoors in a really shiny window. The extra gentle this Bonsai receives, the smaller the leaves shall be and the extra compact its stalk shall be. If the placement is just not shiny sufficient, the stalks will turn out to be leggy, and unsuited for the look desired in Bonsai.


Water this plant as little as doable with out letting the soil dry out to be able to preserve root well being whereas creating brief internodes and small leaves. While you do water, permit sufficient water so it truly runs out of the container’s drain holes stopping salt construct up. A humidity tray is a good way to extend humidity which is able to encourage air roots. These shallow trays are stuffed with small stones and have water within the backside of the tray. Ensure the water doesn’t attain the underside of the Bonsai pot to stop root rot. Because the water evaporates, it creates an acceptable degree of humidity mimicking its pure surroundings.


Feed each 4 weeks with a low nitrogen liquid Bonsai fertilizer. An excessive amount of nitrogen will result in massive leaves.

Pruning / Coaching:

When new shoots have reached a desired size, take away their suggestions. Additionally, take away massive leaves, however depart leaf stalks as they may fall of themselves. Older timber will develop what are referred to as “air roots” if the humidity is excessive sufficient which lends to their unique look. Wiring is feasible whereas shoots are nonetheless considerably inexperienced, however care should be taken to not injure the bark. They aren’t perfect for coaching into conventional Japanese kinds, however they are often made into casual uprights. Most frequently they’re skilled into a number of trunk or forest teams. This crops mangrove like roots are fantastically showcased by styling in dramatic air-root and the gorgeous root-over-rock fashion which grew to become widespread within the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. A rock cling is designed equally to an uncovered root, however requires a rock basis for the roots to wrap round and underneath. A rock cling bonsai in a shallow pot is an ideal image of yin and yang depicting the everlasting high quality of the universe.

Bugs / Pests:

Maintain leaves free from mud and examine often for pests or fungus. Taking excellent care of your bonsai’s hygiene will go a good distance in stopping bugs and ailments. Sadly, the Hawaiian Umbrella Tree is vulnerable to each illness and bugs. Subsequently, it’s best to examine your tree a number of instances per week to search for issues. Making certain good drainage and by no means letting your plant sit in water will maintain it free from rot and fungus. And in a circumstance of infestation, most circumstances point out {that a} good spray of the trunk is all it’s essential maintain the tree clear and wholesome. Yellow leaves, sticky leaves, off colour leaves and/or spider webs point out insect issues. Most kinds of insect infestations may be managed with a innocent answer of 1 tsp dish cleaning soap to 1 quart lukewarm water; Spray the whole plant down with combination to create run-off, repeat as wanted.


Seed propagation is finest fitted to the Umbrella Tree—sow in a mix of bonsai soil or loam, peat moss and sand at equal ratios instantly after acquiring the seeds at a temperature of about 68 to 86 levels. Cowl the seeds with sand or soil. These seeds germinate shortly.


Repot and vigorously prune the roots each two years within the spring, being certain to take away all the massive leaves.

Further Feedback:

Needless to say all components of the Hawaiian Umbrella Tree are toxic if ingested. Subsequently, you all the time need to maintain the plant out of attain of pets and kids and check out to not get its sap in your pores and skin.. 

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