Growing Italian Dandelion | Superfood | Cold + Heat Tolerant

Growing Italian Dandelion | Superfood | Cold + Heat Tolerant


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Author: Dan Permaculture Food Forest

35 thoughts on “Growing Italian Dandelion | Superfood | Cold + Heat Tolerant

  1. Dandelion leaves, or “greens” are nutritionally potent with just as much iron as spinach, and four times as much vitamin A. One cup of dandelion greens also contains 535% of the recommended allowance of vitamin K and is a good source of vitamin C, calcium, iron, fiber, and potassium!

  2. It kinda surprises me more people don't eat dandelions. I know for us you have to get them early in the season or they are biter. I never heard of Italian Dandelions before

  3. Much more ornamental than the regular weed dandelion here which is of course edible but not popular in the garden 😂

  4. Good info for sure Mr D, I've never tried dandelions before but I hear their really good for you and as you said in a salad, I'm all about salads lol!!! Y'all have a good week over there sir!! Dan

  5. Great information on this, I learned something from this video. It’s also a beautiful plant! Thanks for sharing!🤗🌱

  6. It looks very pretty ! I'm not to sure if I would like the flavor . Will spread all over the place if it goes to seed ? Thanks for sharing !

  7. Blessings be with both you and your gardens down there brother Dan, thanks for introducing me to this plant, I hope to grow this up here in my gardens this year.

  8. I am obsessed with greens, especially now that I can juice them. It’s beautiful!!! Wow! Thanks Dan. Heat and cool tolerant is awesome !

  9. Happy Monday my good friend How was your weekend? Very happy we stopped by again to start our week .;; )))) have a great day and like #7.  from us..

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