Greek Flowers

Greek Flowers

Throughout our go to to Greece
we had been
eager about seeing all of the
antiquities however we spent almost as a lot time having fun with the flowers that
lined the fields and gardens in every single place we appeared.  We do not
know the names of most of them.  The few that we do know or
feedback about are right here on the high of the web page.  The remaining are
right here to get pleasure from.  For those who occur to have the ability to determine any of
others tell us.  Our e-mail is on the backside of the web page.

wild orchids we
discovered alongside a woodland path behind one of many lodges the place we stayed.
The primary is an Ophrys spruneri
the second is unidentified.

There have been orange timber
in yards and
alongside the streets within the cities lined with buds and blossoms.

And we additionally noticed some
blossoms.  Although they weren’t almost as frequent.


A wild iris.

Poppies had been a typical
sight among the many

These lavender crops, Lavandula
had been frequent
alongside the roadsides of the island of Evia and the bees had been frequent on
their flowers.
Thanks Saskia, that is now accurately recognized.

The island of 
Santorini is definitely a hoop of islands surrounding a volcanic
Kameni is the island
within the heart of the crater that shaped because the eruption that created
the crater. 
discovered a couple of rugged crops that  handle to outlive regardless of
rain and soil that has little
capability to carry moisture.

Nic visited this web page and was capable of determine the following three and fairly a couple of extra as you will notice additional down this web page.

Umbilicus horizontalis, Navelwort

Lamarkia aurea, Golden Canine’s-tail.

 This one she recognized as a
kind of

That leaves solely this one from
Kameni nonetheless unknown.

For those who can determine it please

This one will not be a plant.
It’s an Epilithic Crustose lichen an organism composed of algae or cyanobacteria in symbiosis with a fungus.

The positioning of the unique
Olympic video games was lined with blooms.


Borage, Borago officinalis we discovered rising

Succulents weren’t
unusual rising
among the many rocks.

Grape hyacinths, Muscari lined
this area at

Arugula flowers, Eruca sativa, an herb
within the
mustard household.  One lined with
morning dew.

Anemone had been among the many
flowers we noticed.

These could also be anemones


Daisies had been additionally



Wild lupine, Lupinus

A vinca blossom.

One other anemone and a companion I had not been capable of determine.
When Nic visited this web page and acknowledged
the companion. .
She advised me that it’s a
Picris hieracioides
Thanks Nic.

Malva sylvestris, Widespread Mallow recognized by Anna

Thanks Anna

This one was recognized as Euphorbia, Spurge by a customer to this
web page.

Thanks Grace.  I recognize your assist.

And this one was recognized as a
Calendula flower,
Calendula officinalis by one other customer.
She advised me “Calendula flowers vary
from yellow to deep orange.

These crops have excessive medicinal
worth and are broadly utilized in Homeopathy.”

Thanks Mitalee.

Nic, who recognized a number of of the flowers above additionally put names to the following
15 that had been as soon as within the unidentified group.
Thanks, Nic.

Golden Drop, Onosma frutescens

Teucrium fruticans


Tragopogon – almost definitely porrifolius
From Wikipedia I discovered that its
frequent identify is Salsify and it has an edible root that tastes like


Nic advised me that these all appear like variations of Vicia, Fodder Vetch

Oleander seeds,
Nerium oleander
This plant could be fairly poisonous
with a dying reported from ingesting oleander ‘tea’

Polygala Nic advised me that this seems like a
cultivated model.
The frequent identify is milkwort or
snakeroot, from Wikipedia.


Nic tentatively recognized this as Tordylium.
A picture search reveals that it’s
fairly related however most that Google discovered had the big petals cut up
into two lobes.

Asphodeline lutea, Yellow
The Wikipedia entry about it says
that it was launched into the College of Oxford Botanic Backyard in

One of many curators of the backyard at
the time stated the plant was “not… utilized in Physicke (medication) for any

The locals from the place it had been
obtained stated that that plant had “no… propertie acceptable unto it
however knavery,”

The entry leaves open precisely what kind of knavery was doable.

Orlaya grandiflora, Minoan Lace

Mignonette probably reseda alba or luteola
One other medicinal plant used as a sedative.

One other tentative identification by Nic

, Branched Asphodel
Armed with a reputation for it I did a picture search and I’d say there may be
little doubt she is true..

Acacia Cyanophylla, Blue-leaved Wattle or A.pycnantha, Golden Wattle
(launched from Australia).

Thanks once more Nic, your
identifications are an incredible addition to this web page.

The remainder of these stay
If , or have guess, as to the id of any of them
tell us.

7 8 9
11 12 
15 16
21 22 24  27  30 3132 34

I actually recognize it when somebody
takes the time to assist with the identifications.

As you’ll be able to see I get pleasure from flowers however I
am no knowledgeable, in order that they make this web page extra helpful  to others who
go to.

For footage of flowers from our different
travels click on right here.

different locations now we have visited
right here.

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