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Phyllostachys aurea, golden bamboo or fishpole bamboo, is a bamboo species within the genus Phyllostachys native to Fujian and Zheijang in China. It’s a ‘operating bamboo’ kind.

Ecological menace in the us

Bamboos can kind very dense single-species thickets that displace native plant species and create dense shade that makes it tough for seedlings of native species to outlive. As soon as established, they are often very tough to eradicate.

Prevention and management

Don’t plant unique bamboos. Whereas guide management of bamboo by means of slicing and digging out of rhizomes is feasible, this can be very labor intensive and can must be continued over a very long time to make sure eradication. Management with herbicides is extra sensible and will be very efficient.

Fireplace administration issues

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Stopping postfire institution and unfold: Golden bamboo seedling institution is unlikely on burned websites, as a result of golden bamboo hardly ever produces seed. Nonetheless, sources point out that golden bamboo spreads quickly from rhizomes following disturbances [36,50]. If established golden bamboo clones happen in or close to burned areas, elevated clone measurement or rhizome unfold needs to be anticipated.

Stopping invasive crops from establishing in weed-free burned areas is the best and least expensive administration technique. This can be achieved by means of early detection and eradication, cautious monitoring and follow-up, and limiting dispersal of invasive plant seed into burned areas. Basic suggestions for stopping postfire institution and unfold of invasive crops embrace:

  • Incorporate value of weed prevention and administration into hearth rehabilitation plans
  • Purchase restoration funding
  • Embrace weed prevention schooling in hearth coaching
  • Decrease soil disturbance and vegetation elimination throughout hearth suppression and rehabilitation actions
  • Decrease using retardants that will alter soil nutrient availability, resembling these containing nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Keep away from areas dominated by excessive precedence invasive crops when finding firelines, monitoring camps, staging areas, and helibases
  • Clear gear and autos previous to getting into burned areas
  • Regulate or forestall human and livestock entry into burned areas till fascinating web site vegetation has recovered sufficiently to withstand invasion by undesirable vegetation
  • Monitor burned areas and areas of great disturbance or visitors from administration exercise
  • Detect weeds early and eradicate earlier than vegetative unfold and/or seed dispersal
  • Eradicate small patches and comprise or management massive infestations inside or adjoining to the burned space
  • Reestablish vegetation on naked floor as quickly as doable
  • Keep away from use of fertilizers in postfire rehabilitation and restoration
  • Use solely licensed weed-free seed mixes when revegetation is critical

For extra detailed info on these subjects see the next publications: [2,5,18,52].

Use of prescribed hearth as a management agent: Prescribed hearth alone is unlikely to regulate golden bamboo, since stems sprout after hearth [38], and rhizome progress is stimulated by disturbances [36,50]. Fireplace could also be helpful in getting ready a web site for herbicide therapies [38]. MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS SPECIES: Phyllostachys aurea


Data on state-level noxious weed standing of crops in america is out there at Crops Database.

As a result of main literature and authentic analysis on golden bamboo are missing, the next abstract relied closely on info offered in different evaluations [1,8,13,25,28,33,36,43,44,50,51]. Data in these evaluations typically lacked supporting documentation and particulars. Further analysis on golden bamboo is critical earlier than the knowledge on this and different evaluations will be correctly assessed for accuracy and completeness.

Birds and small mammals are reported to feed on bamboo seed (Tribe Bambuseae). Excessive ranges of seed predation are thought of a motive for mass synchronous seeding by bamboos [25]. Nonetheless, seed manufacturing by golden bamboo is uncommon [12,13].

Younger golden bamboo shoots are sometimes utilized as meals by people [13], however extra typically mature golden bamboo stems are utilized in building. Golden bamboo stems have been used to make canes, fishing poles, fishing nets, ski poles, javelins, irrigation pipes, musical devices, furnishings, and umbrella and fan handles [3,8,13].

Impacts: Most predictions and descriptions of golden bamboo’s impacts on native vegetation and riparian areas are anecdotal (e.g., [16,28,42]). Though many counsel that impacts are seemingly due to aggressive progress and unfold, detailed research and documentation are missing.

In lots of areas, golden bamboo continues to be primarily restricted to city areas and authentic planting websites. As a result of of golden bamboo’s fast progress, it has typically been used as a visible and noise barrier in landscapes [33]. Nonetheless, many states acknowledge golden bamboo as a menace to native habitat construction and performance as a result of progress and unfold of established clones will be in depth. In 2009, the Florida Unique Pest Plant Council ranked golden bamboo a Class II invasive plant, which is a nonnative plant that has elevated in abundance or frequency however has not altered plant communities extensively [15]. As of 2006, the Georgia Unique Pest Plant Council thought of golden bamboo a “average” downside primarily based on its invasion of native plant communities and displacement of native plant species [16]. In 2008, golden bamboo was listed as a “extreme menace” to the “composition, construction, or perform of pure areas in South Carolina” [42].

Unfold of established golden bamboo clones has resulted in a lack of native vegetation in Hawaii [44] and Texas. In Texas, golden bamboo may additionally disrupt riparian ecosystem processes [28]. Though grown in Hawaii for a few years, golden bamboo was not observed in native plant communities till 1992 when it unfold from a roadside planting in Kailua, Oahu. The clone got here to occupy greater than an acre of a hillside and excluded most different native vegetation [44]. In Texas, escaped golden bamboo crops are commonest in the Decrease Galveston Bay watershed close to Houston’s city and residential communities. The Texas Invasive Plant Pest Council (TIPPC) reviews that established golden bamboo clones have “aggressive” progress charges and sprouting skills. Unfold will be fast in all instructions from the purpose of firm. Though documentation and particulars are missing, the TIPPC means that golden bamboo clones can displace native vegetation, alter habitat construction, and influence litter-feeding stream invertebrates. Golden bamboo can also be thought to draw cockroaches in city areas [28]. For added details about the introduction and unfold of golden bamboo in its US vary, see the dialogue on Native unfold.

Management: Management of nonnative species is only when it employs a long-term, ecosystem-wide technique moderately than a tactical strategy centered on a person species [34]. When concentrating on a nonnative species for management, the potential for different invasive species to fill their void should be thought of, whatever the management technique [6]. As a result of golden bamboo grows and spreads most quickly after a clone is established [28,44], management is probably going only on new populations or plantings [31].

Fireplace: For info on using prescribed hearth to regulate this species, see Fireplace Administration Concerns.

Prevention: Growing public consciousness, limiting nursery gross sales, and setting up boundaries round established clumps could also be helpful in stopping golden bamboo institution and unfold. As of 2008, golden bamboo was nonetheless accessible on the market from backyard facilities and nurseries. The Middle for Aquatic and Invasive Crops recommends designing a program that educates the general public about golden bamboo’s aggressive progress behavior, discourages its planting and use in landscaping, and cautions folks about its potential to unfold into and negatively have an effect on native vegetation [33]. Unfold of established crops from panorama plantings could also be prevented or slowed by digging a 3-foot (1 m) deep barrier round golden bamboo clumps [28].

It’s generally argued that probably the most cost-efficient and efficient technique of managing invasive species is by stopping their institution and unfold by means of the upkeep of “wholesome” pure communities [34,41,49] and by continuous monitoring [26]. Sustaining the integrity of the native plant group and mitigating the components that improve ecosystem invasibility are prone to be simpler than managing solely to regulate the invader [21].

Weed prevention and management will be included into many sorts of administration plans, together with these for logging and web site preparation, grazing allotments, recreation administration, analysis initiatives, highway constructing and upkeep, and hearth administration [52]. See the Information to noxious weed prevention practices [52] for particular tips in stopping the unfold of weed seeds and propagules below completely different administration circumstances.

Cultural management: No info is out there on this subject (2009).

Bodily or mechanical management: Repeated slicing or mowing in golden bamboo stands could kill crops by exhausting rhizome nutrient shops. It is strongly recommended that stems be reduce near the bottom. Reducing or mowing needs to be repeated all through the rising season and can seemingly be crucial for a number of years [28,33,50].

Organic management: As of 2009, no bugs or pathogens have been launched to regulate golden bamboo, and reviews of organic management investigations have been missing.

Many components should be thought of and evaluated earlier than organic controls are launched. Refer to those sources: [54,55] and the Weed management strategies handbook [48] for background info and vital issues for creating and implementing organic management packages.

Chemical management: Reducing golden bamboo stems previous to herbicide functions could enhance herbicide effectiveness. Purposes are really helpful when sprouts are leafing out and out of doors temperatures exceed 65 °F (18 °C) [33]. Herbicides could also be only when utilized to the wounded bases of reduce stems [36]. Data on herbicides which may be efficient in controlling golden bamboo will be discovered within the following references: [10,33].

Whereas herbicides are efficient in gaining preliminary management of a brand new invasion or a extreme infestation, hardly ever do they supply an entire or long-term weed administration resolution [7]. See the Weed management strategies handbook [48] for issues on using herbicides in pure areas and detailed info on particular chemical substances.

Built-in administration: No info is out there on this subject (2009).

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