Though dried figs can be found all year long, there’s nothing just like the distinctive style and texture of contemporary figs. They’re lusciously candy with a texture that mixes the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their pores and skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds. California figs can be found from June via September; some European varieties can be found via autumn.

Figs develop on the Ficus tree (Ficus carica), which is a member of the Mulberry household. They’re distinctive in that they’ve a gap, referred to as the “ostiole” or “eye,” which isn’t linked to the tree, however which helps the fruit’s improvement by rising its communication with the setting. Figs vary dramatically in colour and subtly in texture relying upon the range. Nearly all of figs are dried, both by publicity to daylight or via a man-made course of, making a candy and nutritious dried fruit that may be loved all year long.

Figs, contemporary
1.00 medium
(50.00 grams)


This chart graphically particulars the %DV {that a} serving of Figs supplies for every of the vitamins of which it’s a good, superb, or wonderful supply based on our Meals Score System. Extra details about the quantity of those vitamins supplied by Figs might be discovered within the Meals Score System Chart. A hyperlink that takes you to the In-Depth Dietary Profile for Figs, that includes info over 80 vitamins, might be discovered underneath the Meals Score System Chart.

Well being Advantages

Figs Could Assist Decrease Excessive Blood Stress

Figs are a very good supply of potassium, a mineral that helps to manage blood stress. Since many individuals not solely don’t eat sufficient vegatables and fruits, however do eat excessive quantities of sodium as salt is steadily added to processed meals, they could be poor in potassium. Low consumption of potassium-rich meals, particularly when coupled with a excessive consumption of sodium, can result in hypertension. Within the Dietary Approaches to Cease Hypertension (DASH) research, one group ate servings of vegatables and fruits instead of snacks and sweets, and likewise ate low-fat dairy meals. This eating regimen delivered extra potassium, magnesium and calcium. One other group ate a “standard” eating regimen low in vegatables and fruits with a fats content material like that discovered within the common American Weight-reduction plan. After eight weeks, the group that ate the improved eating regimen lowered their blood stress by a mean of 5.5 factors (systolic) over 3.Zero factors (diastolic).

Figs Could also be a Candy Option to Lose Weight

Figs are a very good supply of dietary fiber. Fiber and fiber-rich meals might have a optimistic impact on weight administration. In a single research, ladies who elevated their fiber consumption with dietary supplements considerably decreased their power consumption, but their starvation and satiety scores didn’t change. Figs, like different excessive fiber meals, could also be useful in a weight administration program.

Fruit and Cereal Fiber—Which is Present in Figs—Protecting towards Postmenopausal Breast Most cancers

Outcomes of a potential research involving 51,823 postmenopausal ladies for a mean of 8.Three years confirmed a 34% discount in breast most cancers danger for these consuming probably the most fruit fiber in comparison with these consuming the least. As well as, within the subgroup of ladies who had ever used hormone substitute, these consuming probably the most fiber, particularly cereal fiber, had a 50% discount of their danger of breast most cancers in comparison with these consuming the least. Fruits richest in fiber embody apples, dates, figs, pears and prunes. When selecting a excessive fiber cereal, search for complete grain cereals as they provide probably the most bran (a mere 1/third cup of bran comprises about 14 grams of fiber).

Fig Leaf Could Have Insulin-Decreasing Properties

You in all probability don’t take into consideration the leaves of the fig tree as one among fig’s edible elements. However in some cultures, fig leaves are a standard a part of the menu, and for good motive. The leaves of the fig have repeatedly been proven to have antidiabetic properties and might truly cut back the quantity of insulin wanted by individuals with diabetes who require insulin injections. In a single research, a liquid extract created from fig leaves was merely added to the breakfast of insulin-dependent diabetic topics with a purpose to produce this insulin-lowering impact.

Figs’ Potential Cardiovascular Results

In animal research, fig leaves have been proven to decrease ranges of triglycerides (a kind through which fat flow into within the bloodstream), whereas in in vitro research, fig leaves inhibited the expansion of sure forms of most cancers cells. Researchers haven’t but decided precisely which substances in fig leaves are answerable for these exceptional therapeutic results.

Apart from their potassium and fiber content material, figs emerged from our meals rating system as a very good supply of the hint mineral manganese.

Figs’ Potential Safety towards Macular Degeneration

Your mom might have informed you carrots would preserve your eyes vibrant as a baby, however as an grownup, it seems like fruit is much more vital for retaining your sight. Information reported in a research printed within the Archives of Ophthalmology signifies that consuming Three or extra servings of fruit per day might decrease your danger of age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the first reason for imaginative and prescient loss in older adults, by 36%, in comparison with individuals who eat lower than 1.5 servings of fruit day by day.

On this research, which concerned over 100,00 men and women, researchers evaluated the impact of research contributors’ consumption of fruits; greens; the antioxidant nutritional vitamins A, C, and E; and carotenoids on the event of early ARMD or neovascular ARMD, a extra extreme type of the sickness related to imaginative and prescient loss. Meals consumption info was collected periodically for as much as 18 years for ladies and 12 years for males.

Whereas, surprisingly, intakes of greens, antioxidant nutritional vitamins and carotenoids weren’t strongly associated to incidence of both type of ARMD, fruit consumption was undoubtedly protecting towards the extreme type of this vision-destroying illness. Three servings of fruit might sound like rather a lot to eat every day, however by merely tossing a banana into your morning smoothie or slicing it over your cereal, topping off a cup of yogurt or inexperienced salad with a few diced figs, and snacking on an apple, plum, nectarine or pear, you have reached this objective.


Figs are usually not solely the principle ingredient in a very fashionable cookie, the fig bar, however are a culinary delicacy par excellence. A part of the marvel of the fig comes from its distinctive style and texture. Figs are lusciously candy and have a fancy texture that mixes the chewiness of their flesh, the smoothness of their pores and skin, and the crunchiness of their seeds. As well as, since contemporary figs are so delicate and perishable, a few of their mystique comes from their relative rarity. Due to this, the vast majority of figs are dried, both by publicity to daylight or via a man-made course of, making a candy and nutritious dried fruit that may be loved all year long.

Figs develop on the Ficus tree (Ficus carica), which is a member of the Mulberry household. They’re distinctive in that they’ve a gap, referred to as the “ostiole” or “eye,” which isn’t linked to the tree, however which helps the fruit’s improvement, aiding it in communication with the setting.

Figs vary dramatically in colour and subtly in texture relying upon the range, of which there are a couple of hundred and fifty. A few of the hottest varieties are:

  • Black Mission: blackish-purple pores and skin and pink coloured flesh
  • Kadota: inexperienced pores and skin and purplish flesh
  • Calimyrna: greenish-yellow pores and skin and amber flesh
  • Brown Turkey: purple pores and skin and crimson flesh
  • Adriatic: the range most frequently used to make fig bars, which has a lightweight inexperienced pores and skin and pink-tan flesh

Historical past

Figs can hint their historical past again to the earliest of occasions with mentions within the Bible and different historic writings. They’re thought to have been first cultivated in Egypt. They unfold to historic Crete after which subsequently, across the ninth century BC, to historic Greece, the place they grew to become a staple foodstuff within the conventional eating regimen. Figs have been held in such esteem by the Greeks that they created legal guidelines forbidding the export of the highest quality figs. Figs have been additionally revered in historic Rome the place they have been considered a sacred fruit. In keeping with Roman fantasy, the wolf that nurtured the dual founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, rested underneath a fig tree. Throughout this era of historical past, at the least 29 forms of figs have been already identified.

Figs have been later launched to different areas of the Mediterranean by historic conquerors after which dropped at the Western Hemisphere by the Spaniards within the early 16th century. Within the late 19th century, when Spanish missionaries established the mission in San Diego, California, additionally they planted fig timber. These figs turned out to be inferior in high quality to those who have been imported from Europe, and it wasn’t till the event of additional cultivation strategies within the early 20th century that California started targeted cultivation and processing of figs. As we speak, California stays one of many largest producers of figs along with Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Spain.

Tips on how to Choose and Retailer

Since contemporary figs are some of the perishable fruits, they need to be bought solely a day or two upfront of if you find yourself planning on consuming them. Search for figs which have a wealthy, deep colour and are plump and tender, however not mushy. They need to have agency stems and be freed from bruises. Smelling figs can even provide you with clues into their freshness and style. They need to have a mildly candy perfume and shouldn’t scent bitter, which is a sign that they could be spoiled.

For probably the most antioxidants, select absolutely ripened figs:

Analysis performed on the College of Innsbruck in Austria means that as fruits absolutely ripen, virtually to the purpose of spoilage, their antioxidant ranges truly improve.

Key to the method is the change in colour that happens as fruits ripen, the same course of to that seen within the fall when leaves flip from inexperienced to crimson to yellow to brown—a colour change attributable to the breakdown and disappearance of chlorophyll, which supplies leaves and fruits their inexperienced colour.

California figs can be found from June via September with the precise timing various with the range. Some European figs are sometimes obtainable all through autumn. When buying dried figs, guarantee that they’re nonetheless comparatively smooth, freed from mould, and have a mellow, nice scent. Dried figs can be found all year long.

At WHFoods, we encourage the acquisition of licensed organically grown meals, and figs are not any exception. Repeated analysis research on natural meals as a gaggle present that your chance of publicity to contaminants reminiscent of pesticides and heavy metals might be drastically decreased via the bought of licensed natural meals, together with figs. In lots of circumstances, you might be able to discover a native natural grower who sells figs however has not utilized for formal natural certification both via the U.S. Division of Agriculture (USDA) or via a state company. (Examples of states providing state-certified natural meals embody California, New York, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington.) Nonetheless, in case you are procuring in a big grocery store, your most dependable supply of organically grown figs may be very prone to be figs that show the USDA natural brand.

Ripe figs ought to be stored within the fridge the place they are going to keep contemporary for about two days. Since they’ve a fragile nature and might simply bruise, it is best to retailer them both organized on a paper towel-lined plate or shallow container. They need to be lined or wrapped with a purpose to be sure that they don’t dry out, get crushed or choose up odors from neighboring meals. If in case you have bought barely under-ripe figs, it is best to preserve them on a plate, at room temperature, away from direct daylight. Dried figs will keep contemporary for a number of months and might both be stored in a cool, darkish place or saved within the fridge. They need to be properly wrapped in order that they aren’t over uncovered to air that will trigger them to develop into laborious or dry.

Ideas for Getting ready and Cooking

Ideas for Getting ready Figs

Earlier than consuming or cooking figs, wash them underneath cool water after which gently take away the stem. Gently wipe dry.

Dried figs can merely be eaten, utilized in a recipe as is, or simmered for a number of minutes in water or fruit juice to make them plumper and juicier.

Tips on how to Take pleasure in

A Few Fast Serving Concepts

When making ready oatmeal or every other complete grain breakfast porridge, add some dried or contemporary figs.

Poach figs in juice or crimson wine and serve with yogurt or frozen desserts.

Add quartered figs to a salad of fennel, arugula and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Contemporary figs full of goat cheese and chopped almonds might be served as hors d’oeuvres or desserts.

For a few of our favourite recipes, click on Recipes.

If you would like much more recipes and methods to arrange figs the Nutrient-Wealthy Means, it’s possible you’ll wish to discover The World’s Healthiest Meals guide.

Particular person Issues

Dried Figs and Sulfites

Commercially grown dried figs could also be handled with sulfur-containing compounds throughout processing to increase their shelf life. For particulars about potential antagonistic reactions to sulfites, please see our article An Overview of Antagonistic Meals Reactions

Dietary Profile

Figs are a very good supply of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, copper, potassium, manganese and pantothenic acid.

Introduction to Meals Score System Chart

So as to higher aid you determine meals that characteristic a excessive focus of vitamins for the energy they include, we created a Meals Score System. This method permits us to spotlight the meals which are particularly wealthy particularly vitamins. The next chart exhibits the vitamins for which this meals is both a superb, superb, or good supply (under the chart you’ll discover a desk that explains these {qualifications}). If a nutrient shouldn’t be listed within the chart, it doesn’t essentially imply that the meals does not include it. It merely implies that the nutrient shouldn’t be supplied in a adequate quantity or focus to fulfill our score standards. (To view this meals’s in-depth dietary profile that features values for dozens of vitamins – not simply those rated as wonderful, superb, or good – please use the hyperlink under the chart.) To learn this chart precisely, you may have to look up within the prime left nook the place you’ll discover the title of the meals and the serving measurement we used to calculate the meals’s nutrient composition. This serving measurement will inform you how a lot of the meals it’s essential to eat to acquire the quantity of vitamins discovered within the chart. Now, returning to the chart itself, you possibly can look subsequent to the nutrient title with a purpose to discover the nutrient quantity it affords, the p.c Every day Worth (DV%) that this quantity represents, the nutrient density that we calculated for this meals and nutrient, and the score we established in our score system. For many of our nutrient rankings, we adopted the federal government requirements for meals labeling which are discovered within the U.S. Meals and Drug Administration’s “Reference Values for Vitamin Labeling.”
Learn extra background info and particulars of our score system.

Figs, contemporary
1.00 medium
50.00 grams

Nutrient Quantity DRI/DV
World’s Healthiest
Meals Score
fiber 1.45 g 5 2.5 good
vitamin B6 0.06 mg 4 1.7 good
copper 0.03 mg 3 1.6 good
pantothenic acid 0.15 mg 3 1.5 good
World’s Healthiest
Meals Score
wonderful DRI/DV>=75% OR
Density>=7.6 AND DRI/DV>=10%
superb DRI/DV>=50% OR
Density>=3.4 AND DRI/DV>=5%
good DRI/DV>=25% OR
Density>=1.5 AND DRI/DV>=2.5%

In-Depth Dietary Profile

Along with the vitamins highlighted in our rankings chart, right here is an
in-depth dietary profile for Figs. This profile consists of info on a full array of vitamins, together with carbohydrates, sugar, soluble and insoluble fiber, sodium, nutritional vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and extra.

Figs, contemporary
(Observe: “–” signifies information unavailable)
1.00 medium
(50.00 g)
GI: medium
nutrient quantity DRI/DV
Protein 0.38 g 1
Carbohydrates 9.59 g 4
Fats – whole 0.15 g 0
Dietary Fiber 1.45 g 5
Energy 37.00 2
nutrient quantity DRI/DV
Starch — g
Complete Sugars 8.13 g
Monosaccharides — g
Fructose — g
Glucose — g
Galactose — g
Disaccharides — g
Lactose — g
Maltose — g
Sucrose — g
Soluble Fiber — g
Insoluble Fiber — g
Different Carbohydrates 0.01 g
Monounsaturated Fats 0.03 g
Polyunsaturated Fats 0.07 g
Saturated Fats 0.03 g
Trans Fats 0.00 g
Energy from Fats 1.35
Energy from Saturated Fats 0.27
Energy from Trans Fats 0.00
Ldl cholesterol 0.00 mg
Water 39.55 g
nutrient quantity DRI/DV
Nutritional vitamins
Water-Soluble Nutritional vitamins
B-Complicated Nutritional vitamins
Vitamin B1 0.03 mg 3
Vitamin B2 0.02 mg 2
Vitamin B3 0.20 mg 1
Vitamin B3 (Niacin Equivalents) 0.25 mg
Vitamin B6 0.06 mg 4
Vitamin B12 0.00 mcg 0
Biotin — mcg
Choline 2.35 mg 1
Folate 3.00 mcg 1
Folate (DFE) 3.00 mcg
Folate (meals) 3.00 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 0.15 mg 3
Vitamin C 1.00 mg 1
Fats-Soluble Nutritional vitamins
Vitamin A (Retinoids and Carotenoids)
Vitamin A Worldwide Items (IU) 71.00 IU
Vitamin A mcg Retinol Exercise Equivalents (RAE) 3.55 mcg (RAE) 0
Vitamin A mcg Retinol Equivalents (RE) 7.10 mcg (RE)
Retinol mcg Retinol Equivalents (RE) 0.00 mcg (RE)
Carotenoid mcg Retinol Equivalents (RE) 7.10 mcg (RE)
Alpha-Carotene 0.00 mcg
Beta-Carotene 42.50 mcg
Beta-Carotene Equivalents 42.50 mcg
Cryptoxanthin 0.00 mcg
Lutein and Zeaxanthin 4.50 mcg
Lycopene 0.00 mcg
Vitamin D
Vitamin D Worldwide Items (IU) 0.00 IU 0
Vitamin D mcg 0.00 mcg
Vitamin E
Vitamin E mg Alpha-Tocopherol Equivalents (ATE) 0.06 mg (ATE) 0
Vitamin E Worldwide Items (IU) 0.08 IU
Vitamin E mg 0.06 mg
Vitamin Ok 2.35 mcg 3
nutrient quantity DRI/DV
Boron — mcg
Calcium 17.50 mg 2
Chloride 9.00 mg
Chromium — mcg
Copper 0.03 mg 3
Fluoride — mg
Iodine — mcg
Iron 0.19 mg 1
Magnesium 8.50 mg 2
Manganese 0.06 mg 3
Molybdenum — mcg
Phosphorus 7.00 mg 1
Potassium 116.00 mg 2
Selenium 0.10 mcg 0
Sodium 0.50 mg 0
Zinc 0.07 mg 1
nutrient quantity DRI/DV
Omega-Three Fatty Acids 0.00 g 0
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 0.07 g
Monounsaturated Fat
14:1 Myristoleic 0.00 g
15:1 Pentadecenoic 0.00 g
16:1 Palmitol 0.00 g
17:1 Heptadecenoic 0.00 g
18:1 Oleic 0.03 g
20:1 Eicosenoic 0.00 g
22:1 Erucic 0.00 g
24:1 Nervonic 0.00 g
Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids
18:2 Linoleic 0.07 g
18:2 Conjugated Linoleic (CLA) — g
18:Three Linolenic 0.00 g
18:Four Stearidonic 0.00 g
20:Three Eicosatrienoic 0.00 g
20:Four Arachidonic 0.00 g
20:5 Eicosapentaenoic (EPA) 0.00 g
22:5 Docosapentaenoic (DPA) 0.00 g
22:6 Docosahexaenoic (DHA) 0.00 g
Saturated Fatty Acids
4:Zero Butyric 0.00 g
6:Zero Caproic 0.00 g
8:Zero Caprylic 0.00 g
10:Zero Capric 0.00 g
12:Zero Lauric 0.00 g
14:Zero Myristic 0.00 g
15:Zero Pentadecanoic 0.00 g
16:Zero Palmitic 0.02 g
17:Zero Margaric 0.00 g
18:Zero Stearic 0.01 g
20:Zero Arachidic 0.00 g
22:Zero Behenate 0.00 g
24:Zero Lignoceric 0.00 g
nutrient quantity DRI/DV
Alanine 0.02 g
Arginine 0.01 g
Aspartic Acid 0.09 g
Cysteine 0.01 g
Glutamic Acid 0.04 g
Glycine 0.01 g
Histidine 0.01 g
Isoleucine 0.01 g
Leucine 0.02 g
Lysine 0.01 g
Methionine 0.00 g
Phenylalanine 0.01 g
Proline 0.02 g
Serine 0.02 g
Threonine 0.01 g
Tryptophan 0.00 g
Tyrosine 0.02 g
Valine 0.01 g
nutrient quantity DRI/DV
Ash 0.33 g
Natural Acids (Complete) — g
Acetic Acid — g
Citric Acid — g
Lactic Acid — g
Malic Acid — g
Taurine — g
Sugar Alcohols (Complete) — g
Glycerol — g
Inositol — g
Mannitol — g
Sorbitol — g
Xylitol — g
Synthetic Sweeteners (Complete) — mg
Aspartame — mg
Saccharin — mg
Alcohol 0.00 g
Caffeine 0.00 mg


The nutrient profiles supplied on this web site are derived from The Meals Processor, Model 10.12.0, ESHA Analysis, Salem, Oregon, USA. Among the many 50,000+ meals gadgets within the grasp database and 163 dietary parts per merchandise, particular nutrient values have been steadily lacking from any specific meals merchandise. We selected the designation “–” to signify these vitamins for which no worth was included on this model of the database.


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