Potted ficus tree

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Potted ficus tree

With greater than 800 species accessible, ficus bushes are one of the vital standard ornamental bushes grown indoors. Nevertheless, they’re additionally relatively delicate crops, so get tips about the way to look after them correctly and assist them thrive.

Primary Ficus Tree Data

Ficus bushes are a part of a classification of woody fig bushes that exist naturally in tropical or temperate climates. Their lush, richly coloured foliage, together with the truth that they’re simply skilled into fascinating shapes, makes them one of the vital widespread indoor tree varieties for each novice and skilled houseplant fanatics. The weeping (Ficus benjamina) particularly is without doubt one of the hottest species.

Caring for ficus bushes requires fixed vigilance as a result of these crops might be very delicate to environmental situations and adjustments. Correctly cared for, they’ll simply flourish and might present years of magnificence to enhance any dwelling décor.

Care Suggestions for Your Ficus

Caring for any houseplant begins lengthy earlier than the plant takes up residence in a kitchen, workplace or den. From correctly selecting the very best plant to understanding why a ficus tree loses leaves, the following tips may also help preserve your plant wholesome and vibrant.

Selecting a Ficus

Ficus bushes are very temperamental and might turn out to be confused from easy actions equivalent to being moved from one room to a different, so it’s important to decide on a wholesome specimen from the nursery earlier than taking it dwelling and immersing it in a very new setting.

When selecting a ficus, search for the next traits.

  • The tree ought to have a straight, sturdy trunk free from scars or warping.
  • A ficus must also have wealthy inexperienced leaves with no indicators of browning or yellowing, and no rips or tears.
  • The soil needs to be moist, which signifies a well-watered plant.
  • There needs to be no bugs within the leaves or soil.
  • There needs to be no indicators of latest leaf loss that may point out plant stress.


Ficus bushes have vigorous root development and should simply turn out to be pot certain. Replanting the tree is straightforward, and needs to be finished each one to 2 years relying on its development. Select a pot no less than two inches wider in diameter than the earlier pot to make sure loads of house for the tree to develop. For a lot of bushes, this can must be finished quickly after they’ve been bought as they’re moved to a brand new dwelling.


Ficus under a grow light

The one most necessary key to your ficus ongoing well being is the place you place the plant.

  • The tree needs to be positioned in a location that receives some shiny daylight in the course of the day, nevertheless it shouldn’t be in full solar all day lengthy.
  • The optimum temperature vary is between 65 and 75 levels Fahrenheit.
  • Don’t place the plant subsequent to heaters, vents or home windows that may create broadly assorted temperatures.

Watering and Humidity

Since ficus bushes are native to extra humid climates, they require cautious watering and humidity management for the very best development.

  • The soil needs to be saved moist however not moist.
  • Place a saucer underneath the pot to supply further drainage which can assist forestall root rot.
  • The tree needs to be watered after the highest inch or two of soil has dried.
  • Mist the tree gently a couple of times every day, significantly whereas it’s younger or whether it is adjusting to a brand new location. This may also help it preserve its humidity.
  • In extraordinarily dry houses, including a room humidifier may also help modify the humidity degree to match the ficus tree’s wants.

Leaf Loss

Leaf loss is usually the primary signal of stress a ficus tree displays, however correct care may also help reduce any issues. It isn’t unusual for a tree to lose one-quarter of its leaves even after a easy environmental change equivalent to switching rooms, however correct watering and temperature regulation may also help mitigate extra stress. If the leaves flip yellow simply previous to dropping off, it’s a signal of over-watering, whereas uninteresting leaves could point out an absence of important vitamins.


Your ficus will must be fed usually to maintain it wholesome.

  • Use a assured evaluation 10-10-10 sluggish launch fertilizer.
  • Apply it at half the power of the common advisable dosage to scale back the prospect of burning your plant.
  • Apply it as soon as a month throughout energetic development, which is usually from spring by fall.

Seasonal Care

Ficus bushes are seasonal crops and have totally different rising cycles for various instances of the yr.

  • Throughout spring and summer season, the bushes develop extra rapidly and require extra water, fertilizer and daylight to remain wholesome.
  • When nighttime outside temperatures stay above 50 levels Fahrenheit, these bushes could also be positioned outdoor for the summer season in a shiny, sunny space the place they’ll make the most of pure humidity and rainwater.
  • In late autumn and winter, as the times develop colder, the expansion slows down. Much less water and fertilizer are required throughout cooler seasons.

Hessian Wrap and When to Use

The time period Hessian wrap is without doubt one of the names used for US burlap. This coarsely woven material is usually constituted of jute and typically sisal. It can be discovered as a mix with different varieties of vegetable fibers. The time period was coined to explain the tough coarse burlap uniforms worn by Hessian troopers. Burlap, jute and Hessian wrap are interchangeable phrases.

Root Balls

Many root balls are wrapped in Hessian wrap (burlap) to make sure the filth surrounding the roots stays intact. You will need to take away this while you plant your tree both within the floor or in a pot or planter. The wrap will confine the basis system and stop the ficus from rising.

Wrapped Trunks

Some nurseries wrap the trunks in Hessian wrap when transport, particularly throughout chilly winter months. You need to take away this wrap earlier than you pot the tree. In the event you’re planting outdoors, chances are you’ll want to go away the wrap if the temperatures are freezing or in any other case colder than your tree tolerates. In such an occasion, chances are you’ll need to pot the tree and wait to transplant outdoors within the spring.

Planting Ficus Timber Exterior

planting a ficus outside

In the event you determined to plant your ficus tree within the yard, then it is best to take away the Hessian wrap across the root ball. If this proves too cumbersome, you may make a number of cuts by the burlap to show the basis system and permit it develop past the burlap.

  • By no means plant your tree with the basis ball fully certain up within the burlap.
  • Whereas the material is biodegradable, it would not decompose rapidly, and your tree’s root system will probably be stunted or broken from the confinement of the wrap.
  • In the event you decide to take away your entire wrap, put it aside and lower into strips to unfold across the base of the tree for a superb mulch.

When to Wrap Your Ficus Tree

In the event you plant your tree outdoors, you need to first ensure it could possibly survive the temperatures of your area by verifying its hardiness zone ranking. If the climate is unseasonable too chilly in your Ficus tree, it must be wrapped for cover. This can be finished to guard your tree from extreme winds. In case your tree is taller than eight to 9 toes, you may have to assemble a protect to cowl your entire tree.

  1. To guard your tree from chilly and/or wind, you’ll be able to wrap the trunk with Hessian wrap, working your means from the underside up.
  2. You may tie some twine across the wrap to higher safe it towards the wind.
  3. Water your tree while you’re completed earlier than the freeze.
  4. Make sure you add mulch across the base of the tree, leaving a few inches across the trunk clear.
  5. As soon as the hazard of chilly climate or windy climate has handed, you’ll be able to unwrap the tree, first by chopping the twine after which unwrapping the burlap by beginning on the prime and dealing your means down the trunk.

Further Ficus Care Recommendation

Ficus bonsai

For the healthiest, most lovely ficus bushes, keep in mind these extra suggestions:

  • Prune and form the bushes in early spring simply because the rising season begins.
  • Ficus bushes might be groomed into bonsai if desired, utilizing each buried and uncovered root designs.
  • Wipe the mud off the tree’s leaves usually to maintain the pores clear to allow them to soak up humidity extra simply.
  • Don’t use wax-based cleaners on the leaves as a result of it clogs the pores.

Your Care Pays Off

Do not draw back from bringing dwelling a ficus tree simply because the plant is a bit temperamental. Following these care suggestions will preserve your tree wholesome and vibrant all year long and convey a little bit of the outside into any room you select.

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