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“Actually Kel,” Ril mentioned, “I believe that reference was weak. Certain, the HAS is the swallow, and the stones are the coconuts, but it surely’s nonetheless a little bit of a stretch.”

“Duh, that’s why I obtained you to say it.”

“You absolute bastard!” She punched his shoulder, this time together with her fight gloved hand.

“Bliksem, once more?! Each of you women have to cease this behavior of hitting me. You realise I’m, bodily, the weakest World-side.” He massaged and rubbed the spot.

Rilian and Kay paused for the briefest of moments and, in solidarity, gave him essentially the most uncompelled clean stares they may handle.

Kel nervously glanced between the 2 of them realising his folly. Greedy desperately for one more subject he managed. “Don’t dally staff, get your gear on. We transfer in 5!”

Ah sure! Her new toys had been preemptively gathered within the Rift Room; she felt the joy rising. First had been the weapons holstered on the small of her again, two wonderful .50 Desert Eagles in eye-catching chrome steel.

“You positive your wrists can deal with these?” Kel posed his concern as she belted them on.

“My wrists deal with you simply advantageous.” She winked, after which extra significantly, “Actually, I’d have taken Glocks. Sure, I’m sturdy sufficient regardless, however dealing with is a sensible consideration. That mentioned, my magic simply soaks into these unhealthy boys like your bedsheets.”

“You’ll be able to fokken say that once more. My room completely smells like vanilla raspberry now. Thanks for that, shit ain’t by no means washing out.” Kel was rechecking his AK-103. Everybody was already armoured since morning. Kel was moving into his harness, and Kay may float herself straight, the fortunate cunt.

“Anyway plastic simply doesn’t really feel as good, and imbuing curbs the kick, amongst different issues.”

“Did you shoot fucking Deagles on my HAS?!”

“Solely blanks, I swear! I’ll make it as much as you later Gamma Boy.”

“Please don’t.” He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nostril.

Ril continued, “Very slim armour by the best way, although a lot for letting my boobies be free.” She made an irritated grunt. “I’ll get some customized made myself, I assume. Kay, pricey, you need a set too?” It was for the rankings; Ril would make preparations.

The lovable elf gave an absentminded nod her approach earlier than returning her focus. “Grasp, you name this armour, but it surely appears quite… inconsequential.”

“Ballistic Stage 3A, Spike Stage 2, and Stab Stage 2. It’ll cease a 320 Joule Earth Arrow perhaps even one in all yours, however don’t rely on it. Use the ballistic shields for canopy.”

He slapped one in all three black, barely curved, rectangular shields leaning on a close-by wall. They had been a few metre tall and sported bigger than normal polycarbonate viewports.

“These are NIJ IIIA compliant too. Sorry Ril, you’re gonna have to hold your personal. I laid on metal mesh and an anchor level for one in all your belt spools. Use your magic girls and boys, Or simply women on this case, or simply lady. I’m holding yours, Kay.”

Ril’s protect was trivial to inform aside with the overlaid metallic mesh. She squirmed, simply desirous about it.

“And what of the fabric-only limbs?” inquired Kay.

“Principally non-lethal, sacrificing mobility is just too excessive a value. I customized ordered mild Kevlar gambeson. Equal to conventional gambeson simply lighter.”

Kay nodded and relented inserting on her black helmet then turning to test her compound bow.

Ril appraised her new harness modified for fight.

“Kel Expensive, you wanna inform me what you selected?” Given Ril’s limitations of conducting by way of solids, she had taken to channelling by way of ever slimmer and extra versatile pipes and is derived. That was till Kel, in one in all their morning classes, retrieved some metal cable for her to play with. The revelation and implications virtually made her dry hump him proper there on the HAS, viewers be damned. She managed to carry out till lunchtime earlier than leaping him within the hall and dragging him off to their room. Or was is Medical? Maintaining observe was getting troublesome; she tapped her jaw with a finger.

“Certain.” He ambled over. “Your belt has obtained two spools out entrance. One for the protect and the opposite is your selection.” He indicated two hip-positioned spindles with coiled metal cable on them.


“Eight metres on the lot, we would scale as much as extra industrial options afterward.”

“My lips quaketh.”

“I’m guessing not those I’m ?” he quirked a humourless eyebrow. Anyway, the wire then feeds by way of cam cleats and a wire cutter: some closing shit I did final night time. The cam cleats—, these rope and cable clamps they use on sailboats—will grip the wire for pulling. Disengage and interact them with magic. Ought to it’s essential to reduce free, have interaction the cutter mechanism.” Then he muttered below his breath, shaking his head. “By no means thought I’d be the one saying ‘simply use magic’. How the mighty fall.”

“Mmmmm, and the again?”

“Six sheaths that six spools feed into, all have cleats and cutters. The shoulder-mounted ones home cylindrical weights: good for concussive assaults. Down the again we’ve got stiletto spikes just under the armpits; these ought to pierce by way of chain-mail. They’re your lightest weapons to allow them to pull essentially the most Gs. Near eight together with your present magic draw by my reckoning, extra when you channel only one. Then, simply above the kidneys, are claw blades. These will handle all of your slicing and slashing associated wants. Double-edged Karambit knives principally.”

The six spools had been all bilaterally mounted on the backbone feeding into their respective sheathes.

He had sidestepped the chain subject with metal cables. Chains, regardless of their tensile superiority, massively disrupted Aura Conduction at any time when she tried shifting the hyperlinks. Ropes and different twine labored higher, however Ril felt decidedly much less comfy manipulating them, and her efficiency was markedly weaker. Additionally they sported inferior sturdiness and tensile energy.

“So Manriki ninja weights on cables as a substitute of chains, shivs, and lacerating claws. Are you making an attempt to inform me one thing, Kel?”

“Ja, when you kill, please do it as rapidly and as painlessly as potential.”

“You give a lady such good presents that.” She kissed him briefly.

Kel wordlessly grumbled and helped her into the brand new harness. Since her masks remained with the previous one, she swiped up a fight helmet.

Expeditiously, armed and armoured, they waited.

Jon glanced round one final time to verify everybody was geared. “Lee, ETA on the drop-rift?”

“Thirty seconds. The HAS is reducing elevation, however we received’t be capable of present air assist for some time longer.”

“Arigato, Lee-san. Alright, everybody, rule one: don’t die.”

“There may be already a ‘Rule One’ Grasp.”

“Rule Three?”

“I have to seek the advice of my diary.”

He turned to Ril.

“A lot as I’d like a reprint, carrying it in can be a trouble.” It was a half-lie, the perfect type!

“Nice! Positions folks!”

Kay and Kel had been on one aspect of the Rift whereas Ril took the opposite. They weren’t straight in entrance however off to the aspect. The Drop Rift and sensor pack from the HAS landed, and their feeds switched to acoustic and thermal overlays. Our bodies had been bestrewn in regards to the place, and she or he noticed extra troopers gathering on the rubbled entrance. The Rift switched on.

“Smoke grenades out!”

Ril pulled and tossed hers as Kel did his. The Rift shut as they allowed the gray cloud to obscure the LZ. A minute extra and the Rift reengaged.

Kel introduced. “That is the Multiverse Dive Core. On the authority of Sepha Shalen and the Elgelcian Council, you might be to put down your arms and give up!”

You inform ’em, boy! I simply hope they don’t hear. Ril felt her elevated arousal as she stepped forth into the smoke, protect in a single hand and a Deagle within the different.

Getting into Epsilon 30-10 was tantalisingly scrumptious as her magic suffused all her metals simply as quickly as she fully broke from the occasion horizon. She felt the protect lighten as her mana ran by way of the tether from her belt. Letting go, it floated forward of her; that was by no means getting previous.

She retrieved the opposite Deagle; the heft was diminished to wood toy replicas they turned intimately acquainted extensions of her fingers. The sense of their minutest particulars and elements scintillated in her thoughts as she soaked by way of them. The one barrel had some minor build-up she was beforehand unaware of, cleansing must come later. The safeties flipped off by magic alone, as did the twin cocking. Akimbo by no means felt this straightforward.

Her goal was the doorway. She was to carry the forces coming into the corridor and rout them if potential. By the heavy smoke a shadow quickly approached, she noticed him on IR lengthy earlier than that.

“Halt or die,” she introduced.

He selected to die, and her Deagle went off with out even lifting or pulling a literal finger. She felt the slug exit the bore geared toward centre mass. The monstrous mechanism barely kicked in her fingers as if mounted to the bottom. That was definitely value smiling about, and she or he did, there was a hearty chuckle too.

The bellow of the barrel blasted by way of the corridor’s shattered structure heightening her sonar view for a second. The soldier stumbled a bit after which flopped ahead. Two extra thermal shadows approached, and the hellish barks of every firearm flared within the half-light. Extra troopers discovered handy spots to ‘lie down’.

Then arrows began clattering and crunching in opposition to her protect, she holstered a gun and braced the bulwark so it might not divert with collisions. The motion additionally decreased publicity, and she or he sighted a huddled warmth mass on the razed entrance. The projectiles pathed from that bearing.

Rilian reluctantly pulled her magical aura from her weapons, nonetheless sensing them nicely sufficient however not actively or intimately. It was time to attempt the remainder of her suite of magical instruments, and she or he couldn’t reliably manipulate greater than two at a time, at the least for now.

Protect below bombardment, she trudged obstinately ahead. The primary of her metallic limbs, two over-the-shoulder concussive weights floated free. Making an attempt to intentionally management every skinny cable was a idiot’s errand. Such a flawed focus made initially deploying her helmet unnecessarily tough. The wires had been merely conduits since her aura attenuated severely by way of the air.

The important thing got here from observing Kel follow. In any case, watching him carefully, actual shut, was why she was right here within the first place. He required no tethers for his plasma lugs since his aura didn’t attenuate by way of air like hers. He manipulated the housed plasma straight; his point of interest was nowhere else. Simply so, her focus ought to be on the ends: the weapons and instruments she needed to maneuver, not the wiring that obtained her there.

A couple of days trying this, and her mind rapidly obtained the grasp of it. Wonderful how yea previous clump of neurons tailored with enter and sleep. The cables had been subconsciously taken care of, essentially imbued and forgotten in the identical approach her arm was when reaching together with her hand.

Annoyed effort culminating in ecstatic reward. Rilian quivered on the experiences this physique had accrued in its temporary time since beginning. One of many greatest errors she’d made within the final thousand years, perhaps extra.

The Manriki weights prolonged above her on metallic tendrils, and she or he launched them towards the suspected unsuspecting archers. Listening to and feeling the clang of metal on helmets two figures staggered again and collapsed, the twang of dropped bows echoed within the din.

Exiting the thinning smoke, she noticed the doorway.

A bunch of 5 phalanx troops took up the vanguard with 4 archers taking pictures over them. It might have been six moments in the past, the 2 bowmen with dented helms and bleeding scalps sat limp in opposition to the rubbled wall. Lastly seeing her widened the eyes on the vast majority of the elven troopers.

Black helmet and protect with unique reflective eyes, she puzzled simply how they parsed what they noticed.

“three warnings and also you persist,” she declared.

“Archers fireplace!” It was in Elven, however the related by-product Latin linguistics had been compiled for this thoughts. The accent was off, however comprehension was nigh on native. The barrage continued, and one hit the viewport divoting the fabric on impression. Earthbow projectiles had been no joke.

“Billions of sentients die every day within the multiverse. Do you wish to be part of them?”

“Draw…” Repeated an archer. “…free!” One other volley hit her and rang off the protect. Out the nook of her eye, a thermal signature peeked out from a pillar, she noticed the arrow free however couldn’t react quickly sufficient. It hit her aspect squarely and knocked the wind from her. If solely he hit my arm! Such a misplaced scarring alternative, what a disappointment!

The offending archer ducked again behind the pillar.

“Oh no, you don’t.” She prolonged a shiv from her again, it slivered like a viper by way of the air and stabbed blindly across the bend till she heard the best sounds. Specifically cries of ache. Then she retracted the shiv. Dashing to the aspect, she stored the doorway troops shielded and maintained a circumspect method across the pillar—no sense in being caught in shut.

The person was there, left higher arm bleeding a brief sword unsheathed within the different. “Stand the fuck down, you fool.” The defiance in his eyes was admirable; it was additionally silly. She shot a leg together with her Deagle and knocked him out with a Manriki earlier than the moaning would begin.

Controlling a number of metallic tethers was a little bit of a pressure. Had Rilian thought to want multitasking, she might need made some changes. The impotence was so… intoxicating. No, no, she needed to stay calm, now was not the time for pleasure.

Persevering with her flank, she sped across the aspect and caught the group making an attempt to reposition. This time she centered and allowed each spikes to slither free, they bobbed by way of the air and dove for the archers. There have been many locations to stab, and after two metres, the shivs had been exhausting to see, however she may really feel them. Stainless-steel fangs, lengthy as knitting needles, she knew the place she despatched them simply as if flailing a limb.

Elven legs and arms had been focused. These males had been merely loyal idiots; Rilian wouldn’t be wasteful. Cries of horrified shock and ache erupted from the unit as she maimed the archers first. The spikes withdrew, leaving the backline with bleeding legs and arms. The archers desperately routed, stumbling and limping out the damaged corridor. Fearful screams adopted their retreat.

The phalanx remained frozen, their eyes large in disbelief. What good was a defensive formation in case your enemy may assault behind you on a whim.

“Do you wanna be part of the ocean of cut up blood? Now’s your likelihood.” Ril gave a broad smile; her spikes casually retracted dripping pink. It reminded her of the struggle machines she piloted in battles previous. What technological recollections to recall in such a medieval world.

Apparently too petrified to maneuver, she superior on them and interchanged the shivs together with her claws. Not as speedy because the spikes however way more utilitarian, the Karambits clasped the highest of two shields and tried to yank them free, one rapidly got here free, the wooden and metallic panel clattered on the stones. The opposite struggled a bit, so she clawed additional and additional behind. There was an arm someplace again there. Horrified the soldier threw the protect off and scrambled backwards, pole-arm forgotten. The shield-less males scampered away, as did one other who misplaced his nerve. That left a lone soldier who refused yield. He dropped his pole-arm and retrieved a sword.

Longsword huh? Someone’s overcompensating. “Are you positive?”

“Sure I’m, beguiling witch. You fall by my sword in the present day.” She clawed for his protect, but it surely didn’t come free. As an alternative, she felt a well-recognized pressure push again. It was related, however the style was a shade completely different.

“A melee Earth Mage? You good little boy!” Tilting her head, “Let’s see how good.” She swiped from left and proper with the claws like pincers, the protect blocked one, and his sword expertly parried the opposite. As they linked his energy briefly fought with hers for dominion over the metal, the resultant blows turned flaccid.

Her metallic limbs pulled away lethargically. “It’s my first time feeling that. Oh, god, please shock me extra!”

Swinging at a claw along with his sword, he as a substitute caught the cable behind it. The wire rope wrapped round his sword, and as Ril tried to tear the blade from his hand. With a huff, he channelled magic by way of the sword and into her cable pushing her from it totally. The assertive ploy caught her breath a bit. The person then yanked with all his may.

Every cable normally fed above a cam cleat on her again so it might not have interaction on a regular basis. As such, the person simply reeled extra of the spooled cable out; she had a meter or two to spare. Ought to she need it, Ril may have interaction the cleat and begin a tugging match, however now was not the time. If the person needed the toy a lot he may have it; Ril was not above sharing. She engaged the cutter simply after the cleat on her decrease left tether.

The blustering boy had braced anticipating some valiant battle, as a substitute, dropping all resistance as he pulled threw him backwards, arms flailing comically.

This was a lot enjoyable! Killing him can be a waste. “Do you’ve any extra methods? Please say ‘sure’!”

One other wayward soldier ran from the smoke, spear in hand. She offhandedly shield-parried the thrust and spiked each his thighs as he ran previous. The hapless idiot face-planted and slid on the ground, the occasional free stone pinging off his helmet as he floor to a halt.

“My title is Ril, by the best way.” She idly concussed the susceptible soldier as she spoke.

The sword-bearer cautiously discovered his ft. “I’m Dain Kelris. Your mercy was foolhardy, fanciful instruments apart you magical grasp is weak.”

“Train me a lesson then; I’ve been a naughty lady.” A Manriki flew from her again towards his protect. The gap was a great 4 metres away and by the point he braced the strong metal crunched into the strengthened wooden.

Grunting below the blow, he slid a metre again. The opposite Manriki flew in to discover a softer goal. Deftly dodging the fighter spun and clipped the cable shearing the clump of metal free. The reduce weight and cable continued previous clattering and rolling on the stone. Ril was down two limbs: one hook blade and a concussive weight.

“Excellent!” mentioned Ril.

Within the act of defending the primary Manriki, he had pelted it to the aspect after which turned to chop the second. This left his again open as Ril spooled the primary weight again towards her. Benefiting from this, she swung the weapon out in a whipping arc as she pulled it in. She heard the cable whistle by way of the air because the Manriki thunked the again of his head.

Staggering ahead, Dain used his sword as a crutch; the defiant dolt was solely dazed as a substitute of out chilly. Maybe he imbued the helmet.

“Quit, please. I kinda such as you.”

“By no means!” Dain shakily discovered his ft. It was very ‘final stand’. Nonetheless, killing folks with a loss of life want was boring, and Ril wanted extra Earthmage buddies. Her pals circle was quite small in the mean time.

“Uh, Huh.” Whereas he was recovering her spikes had wormed a circuitous route low to the bottom and behind him.

The soldier’s eyes lastly caught sight of her trailing cables, but it surely was too late.

They darted from behind and speared each his legs, simply to make certain she rapidly speared his sword arm too.

The person fell ahead in a holler of disbelieving ache.

“Don’t fear, the injuries are actually clear, you’ll make a full restoration.”

She cautiously approached simply exterior two metres of the soldier who was flailing fruitlessly on the bottom.

“You… won’t ever escape Elgelica, human.”

“I’m not human, foolish! Ah! I simply had a superb thought!” She fidgeted together with her belt hung rift pouch and retrieved a syringe with Common anaesthetic. Tying a severed cable round it, she discovered she may imbue the plastic, however her grasp was a bit of ‘slippery’. In distinction, the needle was advantageous. Weaving it swiftly by way of the air she struck Dain within the neck and squeezed the contents out.

“AH! You witc…” And the swordsman dozed off.
“Great!” There have been an entire host of issues she needed to placed on the tip of wires now. Scanning in regards to the entrance, it was largely abandoned or housing the unconscious and useless.

Ril gave her report. “The doorway is neutralised and below our management, over.”

Dain had virtually obtained her off; he was no Kel although, her tampon was nonetheless completely serviceable.

“Higher luck subsequent time, Dain.” She sauntered off to comb the realm.


Feedback & Calculations

Take a look at that, consecutive calculation chapters!

Alright, Ril has improved some but it surely’s solely been per week or two.
Her readiness will not be so good since her physique is basically unlived in, muscle reminiscence, nerves and the like are nonetheless acclimating. So, utilizing my backend method:

Ril’s Max Draw = 244.34W ~ Poor impotent Ril 🙁

Kel was gonna give her massive fuck-off delicate metal slab swords, floor from flat-bar. However we solely obtained 244.34 Joules per second to play with. These swords will speed up and decelerate at a granny’s tempo; gotta go together with knives. Bear in mind she should divide her energy amongst no matter she is concurrently utilizing. She additionally makes use of a bit to curb the kick on the Deagles and different sundries (Say 10%). Let’s go together with solely two knives.

Ek = (half).m.v^2

So change in kinetic vitality over 1 second per blade or device is:
Delta Ek = (244.34 – 24.434)/2 = 109.953J

Assume a blade of 250g

v = (2.Ek/m)^0.5 = (2*109.953/0.25)^0.5 = 29.65m/s = 106.77km/h
So zero to 106.77km in a single second. This may appear quick but it surely’s solely three gravity.(g) (i.e. acceleration of 30m/s^2)

Discovered a analysis paper on punches:

Hand Pace Measurements in Boxing
Dennis Kimma,b, David V. Thielb,*
Procedia Engineering 112 ( 2015 ) 502 – 506 (pg. 504-505)

Over 6g on ahead acceleration for 0.148s. Common of 8.1 m/s Jab Out.

We will see that mass performs a big function. The blades are channelled by way of a slim metal wire since strong mages are contact mages. Chains disconnect between hyperlinks, this interferes closely with strong mage channelling of their auras which is why this methodology has not been used earlier than. Sustaining cable rigidity like with Kay’s pores and skin is pretty vitality environment friendly. Transferring the cable will price vitality. I’ll assume half of the cable’s weight may be supported by Ril herself as she strikes. The opposite half, nevertheless, can be supported and moved by her magic that means it contributes to the mass. A consequence of that is that the additional Ril reaches the slower her tentacles can be.

She’s going to use metallic cable for 3 causes :

  1. Her fine-tuned resonance is metallic and metal specifically. Don’t inform Phil I advised you. Ssh, it’s a discovery for a later ebook! Kel has inklings about it although. That’s additionally why she chooses Deagles over Glocks, extra metallic.

  2. Metal is tougher to chop.

  3. Good tensile energy for hauling, hanging and entangling.

Thicker cable is a trade-off between toughness and pace, appropriately.
So a chrome steel cable (cleansing blood to stop rust is a bitch) as skinny as virtually potential:
7×19 Grade 316 Stainless Metal rope at 1.5mm,
150kg Break Restrict hundreds (Ril weighs 70kg so security issue of two per cable she makes use of.)
Weight is 0.009kg per metre (So added weight = 0.5xReachx0.009 Eg. 9g for two metres, 18g for Four and many others.)

Now for the blades and instruments, the first design constraint is the lighter the higher. This implies she may conceivably wield them rapidly and preserve extra in play at one time. The human thoughts’s potential to multitask additionally has its limits. Ril ain’t obtained no multitasking OS on this mannequin, follow alone will make wielding rather a lot simpler and extra voluntary.
She may use titanium, however as talked about she likes metal. Additionally, titanium is a bitch to work with and weld. It does not preserve an edge very nicely, and its put on and tear properties are inferior to metal. Labored with lots Ti, until in a extremely corrosive atmosphere it isn’t value it. I’d experiment with unique supplies like Nitain for some shit at a later date, perhaps. Additionally mixing metals with welding is a no go. If the cable is metal and I wish to weld then I can solely use extra metal. Stainless-steel can also be fairly powerful to weld, so some bolting might be what Kel will do: retains elements interchangeable and replaceable.
With all that mentioned we have to skeleton the fuck out of any blade or preserve it slim. No tangs wanted, magic can leverage the blade straight. Ril may conceivably imbue skinny sheet metallic and provides it dilatant properties like Kay. Nonetheless deformation on metallic is plastic not elastic, it might boring bend and break quickly even with Ril’s full consideration. Relying on and abusing the properties of well-made metal is a no brainer.

Proposed weapons and instruments:
-Skeleton blade
-Stiletto dagger
-Slashing claws (Karambit)
-Metal Balls/cylinder (concussive and tangling weapons)(Manriki)
-Black blade reduce from sheet metallic
-Piercing spike
-Climbing hook
-Friction pads (Along with her magic two strong surfaces may be briefly bonded by way of floor utilized physique forces, e.g. her boots)
-Articulating digital camera
-Axe heads (heavy momentum right here, might be good with a protracted wind up)

Keep in mind whereas punches do certainly have sooner acceleration the wind-up distance is brief. The longer vary and area to speed up will make the blades lethal in the event that they strike. Ril needs to go symmetrical, she has six holsters with spools on her again harness. Cam cleats to bear hundreds(pulling) and wire cutters ought to she wish to launch a limb. Order is: spool feeds cam cleat, then wire cutter, then cable feeds right into a sheath that homes the respective weapon.

The three weapons chosen in the mean time:
Metal cylinders (Kusari-Fundo, with wire as a substitute of a series so Harigane-Fundo :), AKA Manriki) (Mounted over the shoulders(Twin-purpose, can climb and hit) (112g, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kusari-fundo)
Piercing Spike (for chain mail and the like) (Slim and lengthy ~20g)
Slashing claws (Double-edged Karambit)(~50g, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karambit)

Now for acceleration calcs:
I’ll assume Ril’s preliminary engagement vary of 4m for these calculations to get a worst-case. Longer vary will even equate to longer wind up on strikes. She may construct up some strong momentum if she simply needed to pummel one thing or somebody.

Manriki: v = (2.Ek/m)^0.5 = (2*109.953/(0.112+0.018)^0.5 = 41.12m/s (4.19g) = 148.03km/h
So Manriki are average-speed punches however with distance they’ll construct up hefty momentum.

Spike: v = (2.Ek/m)^0.5 = (2*109.953/(0.02+0.018)^0.5 = 76.072m/s (7.75g) = 273.86.72km/h
These are the quick buggers, they are going to be very exhausting to anticipate and dodge shivs. Chain mail piercing too.

Karambit: v = (2.Ek/m)^0.5 = (2*109.953/(0.05+0.018)^0.5 = 56.867m/s (5.80g) = 204.72km/h
So Karambit can attain slightly below punch acceleration. Very good she will be able to primarily do knife slashes from Four metres away.

P.S. Ril will even use metal spiked boots as earlier than and metal mesh lined gloves with metal fingertips.

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