Expert Tips On Planting A Lush Vivarium

Expert Tips On Planting A Lush Vivarium

The considered a lushly planted terrarium, brimming with life, has nice enchantment. Actually, the vivid greens of tropical ferns and shiny colours of unique flowers can add a wholly new dimension to your pet herp’s habitat. Lots of the herps I maintain and breed are well-suited to planted vivaria, however others might not be one of the best species to maintain on this approach. This text will give attention to serving to you make one of the best landscaping decisions for the pets you want to maintain.

The Good thing about Pure Magnificence

There are a number of advantages to a landscaped terrarium. The additional cowl helps present extra safety to your herp, which can lead to extra pure conduct. Some animals will even incorporate the landscaping into their breeding cycles. And, in fact, there’s the apparent aesthetic profit, however there are some things to take into accounts earlier than you start.


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Richard Revis

The vivid greens of tropical ferns and shiny colours of unique flowers can add a wholly new dimension to your pet’s habitat.

The very first thing to contemplate is that if your herp is even an acceptable candidate for a planted tank. Typically talking, species that don’t require excessive temperatures, sizzling or chilly, or nice seasonal fluctuations, are one of the best candidates for planted terrariums. Terrariums are, by nature, a really steady setting, and it could be unattainable to offer a variety of seasons like these present in nature. In reality, even temperate plant species don’t make good decisions for terrariums. Tropical counterparts are significantly better decisions, and by chance, there are a lot of substitutions accessible.

Select the Proper Herp Inhabitants

Take into account the quantity of site visitors the animal(s) will create, and their habits. Giant, clumsy species can simply trample delicate foliage, and people who burrow or dig extensively will create landscaping issues.  Keep away from such animals.

Typically, smaller herps are finest, and some examples of low-impact animals that make good planted terrarium inhabitants embrace dart frogs and tropical gecko species, such because the crested gecko (Correlophus [Rhacodactylus] ciliatus), Uroplatus geckos, day geckos and others. Small agamid lizards and Anolis species are additionally appropriate, and a few chameleons, (although remember that omnivorous species, such because the veiled chameleon, might feed on some crops).

Vegetation For Reptiles And Amphibians

Dart Frog Vivarium Vegetation

Faux Vegetation In Vivaria


vivarium plants

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As soon as you identify that your animal is an efficient candidate for a planted tank, then choose the suitable substrate.

Set Up For Success

When selecting, choose crops which were grown with out the usage of dangerous pesticides, herbicides or growth-regulating hormones. Sadly, these are widespread in mass-produced foliage and almost unattainable to keep away from when buying from normal stores that promote dwell crops. And since many of those chemical compounds are systemic, that means they grow to be a part of the plant itself, it’s unattainable to scrub them away.

Thankfully, extra firms are providing terrarium-suitable crops, however it’s nonetheless essential to question them about their cultural practices. Whereas some firms develop their very own supplies, others nonetheless promote younger crops grown by the identical suppliers that use chemical compounds which might be unsafe for terrarium use.

As soon as you identify that your animal is an efficient candidate for a planted tank, then choose the suitable substrate. Naturally, substrate is essential to success, and selecting the best kind by which to develop the crops is simply as essential as selecting the crops themselves.
There are lots of myths surrounding substrate decisions circulating on the Web, and it may be tough to make sense of all of it. The first function of a terrarium substrate is to offer a moisture-retentive, but well-draining, matrix for the crops by which to develop. It have to be long-lasting, as it could possibly take many months for the crops to ascertain, and if the soil breaks down prematurely, then the entire system will crash.
Peat-based potting soils should not a great substrate selection, as they decompose rapidly and won’t help plant development for very lengthy in a closed setting. Coir merchandise, comparable to CoCo Bedding, Eco Earth and Forest Bedding are higher decisions, as these don’t break down almost as rapidly and can present good drainage whereas nonetheless holding moisture. Keep away from soil components comparable to fir bark and chopped leaf litter, as they decompose rapidly and minimize off air circulation to plant roots.



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Aroids are a various group of crops that embrace Philodendron species.

When are Dwell Vegetation NOT a Good Concept?

There are some situations when a planted terrarium is simply not a good suggestion. Environmental circumstances might not enable for the usage of dwell crops with some species, whereas dietary necessities preclude their use with others.

  1. Some herps, comparable to bearded dragons and uromastyx, require temperatures which might be far too excessive for crops to outlive for any size of time. Basking lights or different warmth sources can dry the air severely and the comparatively small measurement of a typical tank doesn’t enable for an incredible sufficient thermal or moisture gradient to all the time enable for the “secure” placement of residing crops.
  2. Giant herbivores, comparable to iguanas, water dragons and basilisks, all can wreak havoc in a planted tank. The cellular nature of those animals within the wild prevents them from feeding to closely on anyone plant, thus spreading out the injury to a large space. There isn’t a such luxurious within the residence terrarium, and dwell crops can rapidly be diminished right down to lunch.
  3. Even when the animal doesn’t eat the plant, it might simply be far too damaging resulting from its measurement and weight. It doesn’t matter what the explanation, it merely could also be impractical to have a dwell planted tank.

With out a correct drainage layer beneath the substrate, dwell crops won’t final lengthy. Historically, gravel was used, however this can be very heavy with little area between the items and doesn’t enable a lot moisture to empty away from the substrate.  Feather-Lite is a far superior product that’s extraordinarily light-weight and porous. It could maintain eight instances its weight in water, and huge air areas are shaped between the items, permitting for optimum drainage. It could even be disinfected and reused indefinitely.

A barrier of some type have to be positioned between the substrate and drainage layers, to stop the substrate from settling down into the drainage layer. If this occurs, moisture can be depraved up into the soil and the advantages of the drainage layer can be eradicated. The following essential consideration is an appropriate gentle supply. Terrarium crops won’t survive for lengthy below warmth lamps or different comparable, intense warmth sources. Brilliant, fluorescent lighting is a should, and might be simply offered through the use of compact fluorescent bulbs, which emit a a lot larger high quality of sunshine than older, tube-style bulbs. Cool white or full-spectrum bulbs are finest, as they supply a clear, crisp white colour to the enclosure, illuminating the crops with out skewing the colours.  A number of gentle hoods are commercially accessible that make the most of compact fluorescent bulbs.



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Bromelaids are some of the widespread crops grown in dart frog terrariums.

There’s a false impression that crops make the most of ultraviolet (UV) gentle for photosynthesis. This isn’t true, and UV-type bulbs, whereas not dangerous, want solely be used if the herp occupants require them. A typical 12-hours-on/12-hours-off cycle will work for almost all of crops.

Many sorts of crops can work properly in terrariums, and far of the choice on what to make use of will finally rely on what appeals to you. Hardly ever are particular species of crops most popular by herps, and there are normally many choices to select from. Let’s look at among the easier-to-grow plant teams.


This extraordinarily various group contains acquainted crops comparable to Philodendron, Monstera, Spathiphyllum (peace lily), Pothos and Scindapsus. Some have a vining behavior, others are extra upright. They are often as small as a couple of inches tall, or they could climb dozens of ft into the rain forest cover. Most of them are present in heat, moist forests, within the shade of the cover. This makes them ultimate terrarium crops, as even among the bigger species have a lot smaller juvenile kinds that can by no means mature below terrarium circumstances.
The widely clean leaves of many aroids present ultimate climbing and resting areas for tree frogs, dart frogs and small geckos. These of the Anthurium genus, broadly recognized for his or her berries, flowers and putting foliage, are additionally good decisions. Aroids are additionally among the many finest decisions for low-light circumstances or terrariums with a high-moisture degree. Some species may even be grown below semi-aquatic circumstances.


Vegetation of the Begonia genus are glorious if you wish to add a splash of colour. Many species and hybrids have very strikingly patterned leaves, usually that includes shiny, contrasting colours. Some even have pubescent, or furry, leaves.
Though their foliage is what normally attracts essentially the most consideration, the flowers of many Begonia species aren’t any much less spectacular. Among the smaller African species have shiny orange-yellow flowers, whereas many others have flowers starting from white to pink. Below terrarium circumstances, begonias take pleasure in excessive humidity and moist soil, however they don’t like water standing on their leaves for prolonged intervals. Begonias usually do properly below lower-light ranges, however some might require a brighter place with a view to thrive. There are additionally some epiphytic species that do properly when mounted onto moist wooden or pure terrarium backgrounds.


An outdated favourite for terrariums, ferns have lengthy been used resulting from their affinity for decrease gentle and better humidity. Nonetheless, there are some varieties that do favor a drier setting and shiny gentle, making them a very various group of crops. The dimensions and form of ferns can range tremendously, relying on the species. Among the smallest and most putting are the less-common epiphytic species. Many of the epiphytes have small, easy, undivided leaves that develop from a creeping stem or rhizome that’s usually lined in silver or brown, furry scales. These varieties are perfect for rising on moist wooden or connected to pure terrarium backgrounds. They, too, do properly when maintained below the standard fern circumstances, however they like to be saved moist all the time and recognize larger humidity.


vivarium with crested gecko

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Vegetation present the crested geckos on this enclosure with locations to climb and conceal, and so they add a contact of character, too —as if this enclosure wanted any extra!


Selaginella species are shut relations to the ferns and in addition reproduce by spores. They’ve tiny, scale-like leaves organized alongside wiry stems. Some are low-growing crops and unfold; others are extra vining and may climb greater than 30 ft. Selaginella exhibit a real tropical look, but surprisingly, some species, comparable to S. kraussiana, develop significantly better below drier and more-ventilated circumstances. Many sorts make ultimate floor covers, whereas different, taller-growing species are good background crops. Typically, Selaginella species do properly in heat, moist circumstances below average to low gentle. Though they’re principally various shades of inexperienced, some species show a blue iridescence, and a pair species which might be fairly uncommon exhibit a deep, blood-red colour to the undersides of their leaves. Most may even propagate fairly simply from leaf cuttings.


The Gesneriaceae household of crops is big, with distribution all through the tropical world, making the gesneriads an immensely various group of crops of just about limitless variation in regard to measurement and foliage/flower mixture. Essentially the most acquainted consultant is the favored African violet.


vivarium plants


Gesneriads are an immensely various group of crops of just about limitless variation in regard to measurement and foliage/flower mixture.

Many gesneriads are widespread resulting from fascinating flowers in most each colour of the rainbow, however some species do have superbly patterned leaves. The feel of the foliage also can attain spectacular ranges, with deep quilting, puckering and pubescence seeming to be the norm. Many species are ideally suited to terrariums, the place they may get the excessive humidity and heat temperatures they need.

Among the higher varieties to incorporate in a tropical terrarium embrace Episcia, Sinningia, Columnia and Alsobia, however there are a lot of different genera which might be equally deserving. Typically, they like medium gentle together with a moist substrate. Gesneriads don’t like water sitting on their leaves, as it could possibly trigger discoloration or rot.

Aquatics and Marginals

A number of sorts of crops are ideally suited to rising aquatically or as marginals on the water’s edge. These might be significantly helpful in aquatic setups for newts, salamanders and different semi-aquatic herps. Many sorts of crops which might be generally grown in aquariums are, actually, emergent species by nature, throughout at the least a part of the 12 months, and so they develop higher and extra naturally when organized this manner within the terrarium.

Good terrarium crops would come with Bacopa, a superb floor cowl; Acorus, a pleasant grassy trying plant; and numerous species of aroids, comparable to Ananas, Anubias and Cryptocoryne. Whereas some do properly below low gentle circumstances, others require pretty intense lighting. That is very true for floating crops comparable to Salvinia, Azolla and Riccia. Failure to offer correct gentle ranges will end in these crops not thriving.



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An outdated favourite for terrariums, ferns have lengthy been used resulting from their affinity for decrease gentle and better humidity.


No dialogue of terrarium crops could be full with out mentioning crops from the household Bromeliaceae, in any other case referred to as the bromeliads. These are among the hottest sorts of crops individuals prefer to develop of their dart frog terrariums.
Each stunning and practical, bromeliads present hiding and breeding locations for a lot of herp species. Sadly, they’re additionally among the most difficult crops to develop just because their most popular habitat may be very “un-terrarium” like. Nearly all of bromeliads are discovered rising excessive up within the cover of the rain forest, the place daylight is intense and air circulation is ample. They’ll additionally dry out for prolonged intervals of time earlier than being drenched and flushed by heavy rains. These are tough circumstances to recreate in terrariums.

Bromeliads within the genus Neoregelia are the commonest as a result of they’re essentially the most mass-produced group. They’re additionally the least appropriate for terrariums resulting from their want for intense gentle and air circulate. Guzmania and Vriesea species are higher suited to terrarium rising, as they’ll face up to comparatively decrease gentle and better moisture ranges with out struggling as a lot because the more-demanding Neoregelia. That stated, brighter gentle will deliver out one of the best colour and development type of these genera.


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Along with dwell crops, there are a large number of synthetic crops accessible with which you’ll enhance enclosures.

All the time Analysis First

The crops featured on this article are generally utilized in herp terrariums and recognized to thrive below the correct circumstances. There are different decisions, and some firms work to offer them to herpetoculturists, so verify them out, too. Not all tropical crops make good additions to terrariums, though they could be marketed as such.

Perform some research, speak to the growers and ask questions! A superb vendor ought to be capable of make particular ideas to your explicit habitat and information you on what’s going to develop properly for you, and extra importantly, what it’s best to keep away from.

Fortunately, there are a lot of choices accessible with which to create a pleasant setting. By no means earlier than have there been so many decisions of synthetic crops, rock work and even driftwood. These synthetic items enable for lush landscaping, even in environments which might be too sizzling for precise crops to develop. Desert landscapes, historically some of the tough to panorama, can now be made to look pure due to the supply of cacti and succulent replicas which might be very life-like in look. The choice of numerous synthetic tropical crops, together with orchids, bromeliads, vines and even bushes, is even higher. There are even synthetic crops that may operate as both breeding websites or as water founts for droplet-lapping herps. As we speak, there are a lot of choices for these eager to create a naturalistic and wholesome setting. 

Richard Revis has saved and bred unique herps for greater than 30 years and is co-owner of Black Jungle Terrarium Provide, presently celebrating their 20th 12 months in enterprise. Considered one of his passions is the creation of naturally planted habitats for a lot of species, with explicit emphasis on dendrobatid frogs. Richard additionally serves as a information for Rainforest Journey Excursions in Central America, which permits him to expertise tropical habitats first-hand. His various background has allowed him to advise and seek the advice of with zoos, museums and personal people for greater than 20 years. Go to his web site at

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