Episode 7 - "The Royal Ball" [POLL] : XtinasDragRace

Episode 7 – “The Royal Ball” [POLL] : XtinasDragRace

The queens return to the werkroom after the non-elimination.

“Properly then…” laughs /u/flushedawayegg.

“I’m NOT comfortable about that!” says /u/sharris2475.

🏁 sharris2475 I slayed that stage and will have received the lipsync… double loss, what the hell was that about?

“Xtina’s a crackpot, we been knew!” laughs /u/flushedawayegg.

“Properly I for one am glad that I bought to return,” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

“Yeah, you deserved it lady!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

The queens collect across the sofas.

“So… I suppose we should always discover out whose lipsticks you each selected then!” laughs /u/thesharialaw.

“Okay so… I made a decision to ship dwelling /u/lilac_candy as a result of I simply felt like /u/flushedawayegg is a more in-depth good friend and he or she actually slayed more durable tonight,” says /u/sharris2475.

“Thanks lady,” says /u/flushedawayegg, “I actually admire that.”

“Urgh…” says /u/lilac_candy.

🏁 lilac_candy What the hell?

“So that you picked your good friend mainly,” says /u/lilac_candy, “Though this was solely my first time within the backside?”

I… nicely… uh… yeah?” says /u/sharris2475.

“Alright c’mon /u/haze_vocaloid17, your flip to tear the band assist off!” says /u/thesharialaw.

“I made a decision to… have this push pop as a result of I’m hungry,” says /u/haze_vocaloid17, “No however I additionally selected you, /u/lilac_candy.”

The digital camera cuts to /u/lilac_candy, shocked.

“Proper…” says /u/lilac_candy.

“It was a very powerful choice,” says /u/haze_vocaloid17, “And I’m sorry however you understand, that is the sport I suppose!”

“Yeah that’s the sport, but it surely’s as much as you guys to play it pretty, however okay no matter…” says /u/lilac_candy.

“This drama is every part lady,” says /u/thesharialaw.

The queens begin to de-drag.

🎶 dramatic music

/u/thesharialaw and /u/SoshiWoshi kiki within the nook.

“We’ve not been within the backside but…” says /u/thesharialaw.

“Let’s fucking hold it that manner!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

The digital camera cuts to /u/lilac_candy.

🏁 lilac_candy Get me my In The Zone clutch bag, I am leaving!

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 7 -

The winner of Xtina’s Drag Race: All Stars receives a sickening provide of Elizabeth Arden fragrances and a money prize of $100,000!

The queens enter the werkroom.

“Prime 6!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

🏁 SoshiWoshi It is a new day within the werkroom and… by some means we’ve got another queen than we should always have! Hmm! How that work?

“Query, do you suppose we can have a double elimination this week?” asks /u/sharris2475.

“We higher do,” says /u/flushedawayegg, “There’s some severe lifeless weight right here…”

“You staring within the mirror whenever you say that?” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

V.O. COUGHING? Throughout my interview? Hahaha… shoot him!

The queens cheer and race to see Xtina on the monitor.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 7 -

Xtina: “We’re all queens… however just one will snatch the crown! Haha!”

“I am prepared for this,” says /u/thesharialaw.

Xtina enters the werkroom.

Xtina: “My ALL STARS! Now for this week’s maxi-challenge, we’re throwing a ball!”

“Sure gawd!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

Xtina: “Now you’ll every must current two appears on the runway. First up, class is… Who’s Your Queen? Every of you will want to showcase a glance paying homage to one in all your favorite queens! And secondly, class is… Jewel In The Crown Eleganza Extravaganza! Every of you could showcase a glance primarily based on a valuable stone.”

“I’m so prepared!” says /u/thesharialaw.

Xtina: “Now to make issues truthful, I’ve assigned every of you a stone at random. /u/sharris2475, you get sapphire; /u/haze_vocaloid17, you’ll get pearl-“

“Is there one thing on my face?” says /u/haze_vocaloid17, dryly.

Xtina: “Haha, /u/SoshiWoshi – you may be assigned amethyst; /u/thesharialaw, you’ll get topaz; /u/flushedawayegg – you’ll get emerald and lastly, /u/lilac_candy, you get crystal!”

“Methyd or the UK one?” says /u/lilac_candy.

Xtina: “Now bear in mind, that is the final problem earlier than the finale subsequent week. So good luck and do not fuck it up! Byesies!”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 7 -



/u/micronesiarain struts down the runway in her look. /u/SquazieSoupe struts down the runway in her look. /u/turbocool02 struts down the runway in her look. All three queens pose collectively earlier than going to the judges’ desk.

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 7 -

Xtina: “WELCOOOOOOME to the principle stage of Xtina’s Drag Race: All Stars! Tonight, my queens had been tasked with presenting two appears in our Royal Ball! Firstly, class is Who’s Your Queen? And secondly, class is… Jewel In The Crown Eleganza Extravaganza! So All Stars, begin your engines and should one of the best queen… win!”

🎶 She’s a SUPER QUEEN…

“I selected to do the queen of nature as a result of I used to be impressed by the sensation I had seeing all of the inexperienced as a substitute of desert once I traveled overseas for the primary time. I do know I look ethereal, sorry I simply discovered that phrase right this moment…”

“Representing the topaz jewel, I’m showcasing it in my traditional drag look as a result of there’s nothing flawed with displaying the judges consistency in perfection.”

“After we got the prospect to do a Queen runway I couldn’t cross up the chance to symbolize the Queen and Princess of Pop. Madonna and Britney are each popular culture royalty and private heroes of mine. My runway idea relies on the enduring Me Towards the Music video. I’m strolling down the runway in my queen of pop Madonna fantasy with my white swimsuit with and cane, then on the finish of the runway I toss apart the cane and rip off the swimsuit, to disclose into Britney’s black look. I take off my wig to disclose an extended wig beneath. I’m gagging the youngsters with this reference.”

“This look is made fully out of crystals, from the headpiece to the cage skirt. I’m strolling down the runway en pointe and the sunshine is hitting these crystals good, I really feel costly and distinctive.”

“My queen is Girl Gaga! I enter the principle stage hidden inside an enormous alien egg, carried on a picket body led by my servants. The judges are gagged, misplaced for phrases over my 2011 Grammy’s impressed look. I then emerge from the hatch, similar to the offspring of a creature and reveal a sky blue tentacle insanity. I seem like the mix between extraterrestrial and octopus, with white polka dots emphasising the kookiness and campiness of my outfit. I twirl the prepare of the outfit and the ends of my headpiece, giving the judges a SHOW. #westangaga”

“Oh she did NOT come to play this problem, my jewel runway tonight is influenced by sapphire! My robe is encrusted with the fantastic gems and this piece is mouthwatering. My synched waist emphasises the impact of pageant queen and fingers crossed it is a second win below my belt for the finale.”

“So for the “Who’s Your Queen” class I made a decision to do a full 360 from my amethyst runway and resolve to take it again to the olden occasions with Marie Antoinette as my queen. Fuck Sederginne’s racist ass! I did this higher than her. I’m glad that I may give cohesiveness with my appears beginning with one thing out of this world, alïêń aćtrêēßs tækèń œvàh, into the out of the world excessive previous with the style icon of Marie Antoinette… however is it trend? burps”

“For my gemstone runway, I had Amethyst. I needed to actually examine this crystal a bit extra with a purpose to grasp the look and take it to the place it ought to be. This gem’s literal which means is therapeutic, and rising and evolving into one thing higher from the therapeutic. Which is why I advanced into one thing greater and higher for this weeks runway, tapping into my internal third eye and being a fucking alien or sumn.”

“Impressed by each the Britney Spears album ‘Glory’ and the music video for ‘Damaged Glass’ by Kygo ft. Kim Petras, my outfit is a singular tackle queen of pop the place I am not afraid to get a bit bit intimate. My hand stoned sheer lace robe flows freely like waves of emotion.”

“I selected to take a little bit of a danger with my pearl runway and base it not off the pearl itself however the place it’s discovered. My jacket represents the oyster shell the place pearls are discovered and I’m the pearl inside. The skirt of my outfit is fabricated from a mixture of pearls and low-cost diamonds to present it some form.”

“On this outfit, I’m serving my look because the queen of the deserted toys in your childhood. I’m serving the judges ghost, toy and knitted couture and I’m feeling nice. I could also be forgotten, however I am by no means gone…”

“The gemstone I used to be assigned was the emerald so I made a decision to do a water lily impressed look in emerald inexperienced material. The emerald gemstone represents unity and one thing that actually represents that’s that’s the relationship between the water lily and the water itself. I am wanting completely regal as I stomp this runway nymphaeaceae model!”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 7 -


Xtina: “Welcome All Stars! Let’s start with the judges’ critiques… beginning with /u/thesharialaw!”

Turbo: “Sharia, this week was fascinating for you… I really feel that this nature look was secure, for nature, and it may’ve been pushed rather a lot additional, particularly for All Stars. Equally, this topaz look… it is beautiful, however actually? A yellow costume? It wants a bit extra effort, that is All Stars.”

“It price $5,000 from Tony Bowls,” says /u/thesharialaw.

Micro: “Sharia, your queen look was my absolute favourite of the evening. You took a danger and created your individual type of queen. It positively paid off. And the story with it was simply lovely. Your topaz robe is fairly. I believe you may’ve achieved higher with this class, however you continue to look beautiful.”

Xtina: “Shifting on right down to /u/lilac_candy!”

Squazie: “Lilac, your appears are good. your queen look was very fundamental, though I appreciated the Madonna and Britney tribute. It simply did not actually stand out. Your crystal look may be very intricate and beautiful, nevertheless. Good job tonight.”

“Thanks, I suppose?” says /u/lilac_candy.

Turbo: “Lilac, your crystal look BLEW me away! It appears so delicate and pristine, but additionally has a variety of motion in the easiest way. The queen look can also be enjoyable, and the reveal was tastefully achieved, which I admire. Nice week, Lilac.”

Xtina: “And now let’s transfer on right down to /u/sharris2475!”

Micro: “Sharris, your appears this week had been nice! Since that is the semifinals of All Stars, I do have to begin nitpicking the small issues. Whereas I believe you executed a Gaga tribute the easiest way you may have, the selection feels uninspired. Sadly, others had extra modern takes on the class. Your sapphire look is beautiful, however I might’ve cherished to see you showcase extra of the development. This goes to indicate how shut this prime 6 is. We have now to choose aside the tiniest particulars.”

Xtina: “I believe your Gaga look was nice, nevertheless in comparison with what the opposite queens selected as their queens… it felt very upstaged. As to your jewel look… it was only a costume. We wanted extra from you.”

“I imply you are actually carrying a fucking satin shirt and leggings, like…” says /u/sharris2475.

Xtina: “Alright, transferring on right down to /u/SoshiWoshi!”

Squazie: “Soshi, week after week you’ve gotten confirmed to us that you’re right here to battle! Your appears are so unique and distinctive, and I can inform that you simply put a variety of thought into them. Good job lady.”

“Thanks!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

Turbo: “Soshi, this primary look is unimaginable! It is historic, but additionally modern, and I like the persona proven on this look. on a whole 180, your amethyst look blew me the fuck away! Being a crystal nerd, I admire the analysis given, and I like the combo of futuristic fierceness met with a sense of peace and nurturing. Superb week, miss Soshi!”

Xtina: “Subsequent up, /u/haze_vocaloid17!”

Squazie: “Haze, your appears should not actually my favourite tonight. your queen look does not actually give me the class in any respect, and why would you inform us that you simply put low-cost diamonds in your second robe, allow us to dwell your wealthy fantasy! Total, not my favourite efficiency tonight.”

“I used to be giving… Britney fantasy realness,” says /u/haze_vocaloid17.

Micro: “Haze, I actually was excited so that you can return and showcase your distinctive POV on this ball. However I’ve to be sincere, it fell flat for me. “Queen of Pop” is extremely obscure, particularly up in opposition to Sharris and Lilac who went for very particular references. Had you gone for a rising star kind of look, referencing the longer term queen of pop, I believe that may’ve gone over rather a lot higher. Your pearl look… don’t hate it. It’s a enjoyable tackle the class. However whenever you break down the person items, it’s fairly fundamental.”

Xtina: “Final however not least, let’s transfer on right down to /u/flushedawayegg! I actually cherished your emerald look, it was excessive trend and really imposing on the runway. I believe you actually introduced out the large weapons. When it comes to your queen look, I actually don’t know what or who that is however I’m dwelling for the spooky kookyness of it.”

“Sure queen!” says /u/flushedawayegg.

Micro: “Egg, these final two weeks within the backside have given you a get up name. You began this competitors so robust, and this week you managed to finish in your highest notice but. Each of your appears tonight had been beautiful. Your queen look was essentially the most modern of the evening. The creativity you dropped at that idea was insane. After which we’ve got the emerald look. Critiquing it appears considerably pointless. I imply you look flawless. It’s polished, referential, and has that aspect of a personality that you simply achieve this nicely. You actually scrambled the competitors this week. Get it? Egg joke? Okay I’ll go away.”

“Please do,” says /u/flushedawayegg.

Xtina: “Thanks queens. Now, primarily based on the judges’ critiques, we’ve got made some choices…

For the primary time in All Stars herstory, /u/flushedawayegg, /u/SoshiWoshi and /u/thesharialaw… you’re the prime three All Stars of the week! Condragulations.”

/u/thesharialaw gasps and begins clapping.

“I… what?” says /u/flushedawayegg.

“That is sickening!” says /u/SoshiWoshi.

Xtina: “Thanks.

/u/lilac_candy nicely achieved – you’re secure. Meaning /u/haze_vocaloid17 and /u/sharris2475 – you’re within the backside two.

Now, /u/flushedawayegg, /u/SoshiWoshi and /u/thesharialaw, every of you will want to resolve which of the underside queens you’ll get rid of if you happen to win the lipsync. So, whilst you queens deliberate within the werkroom, the judges and I might be… ordering the floral preparations for the finale.”

r/XtinasDragRace - Episode 7 -


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