Corylus avellana Common Hazel, Common filbert, European Filbert, Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, Corkscrew Hazel, Hazel PFAF Plant Database

Corylus avellana Common Hazel, Common filbert, European Filbert, Harry Lauder Corylus avellana Common Hazel, Common filbert, European Filbert, Harry Lauder

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Bloom Colour: Brown.
Fundamental Bloom Time: Early spring, Late spring, Mid spring. May additionally be referred to as: Aveleira, Avelinier, Avellana, Avellano, Coudrier, European Filbert, European Hazel, Haselnuss, Haselstrauch, Hazel, Hazel Nut, Noisetier, Noisetier Commun, Noisetier du Japon, Noisette, Noisettes. Kind: Rounded.

Bodily Traits

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Corylus avellana is a deciduous Tree rising to six m (19ft) by Three m (9ft) at a medium charge.
It’s hardy to zone (UK) Four and isn’t frost tender. It’s in flower from January to April, and the seeds ripen from September to October. The species is monoecious (particular person flowers are both male or feminine, however each sexes might be discovered on the identical plant) and is pollinated by Wind. The plant isn’t self-fertile.
It’s famous for attracting wildlife.
Appropriate for: gentle (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. Appropriate pH: acid, impartial and fundamental (alkaline) soils and can develop in very acid and really alkaline soils.
It might develop in semi-shade (gentle woodland) or no shade. It prefers moist soil. The plant can tolerates sturdy winds however not maritime publicity.

UK Hardiness Map
US Hardiness Map



Woodland Backyard Secondary; Sunny Edge; Dappled Shade; Hedge;

Edible Makes use of

Edible Components: Oil  Oil  Seed
Edible Makes use of: Milk  Oil  Oil

Seed – uncooked or roasted and utilized in breads, truffles, biscuits, sweets and so forth[2, 5, 9, 12, 13, 34, 183]. A superb nut for uncooked consuming[K]. They may also be liquidized and used as a plant milk[183]. Wealthy in oil. The seed ripens in mid to late autumn and can most likely should be protected against squirrels[K]. When saved in a cool place, and never shelled, the seed ought to retailer for at the very least 12 months[K]. A transparent yellow edible oil is obtained from the seed[7, 9, 183]. It’s utilized in salad dressings, baking and so forth.


Figures in grams (g) or miligrams (mg) per 100g of meals.

Seed (Dry weight)
  • 650 Energy per 100g
  • Water : 0%
  • Protein: 16g; Fats: 60g; Carbohydrate: 20g; Fibre: 4g; Ash: 2.8g;
  • Minerals – Calcium: 250mg; Phosphorus: 400mg; Iron: 4mg; Magnesium: 0mg; Sodium: 2.1mg; Potassium: 900mg; Zinc: 0mg;
  • Nutritional vitamins – A: 0mg; Thiamine (B1): 0.3mg; Riboflavin (B2): 0.5mg; Niacin: 5.3mg; B6: 0mg; C: 6mg;
  • Reference: [ ]
  • Notes:

Medicinal Makes use of

Crops For A Future cannot take any accountability for any antagonistic results from the usage of crops. All the time search recommendation from an expert earlier than utilizing a plant medicinally.
Anthelmintic  Astringent  Diaphoretic  Febrifuge  Miscellany  Nutritive  Stomachic  Tonic

The bark, leaves, catkins and fruits are generally used medicinally[7]. They’re astringent, diaphoretic, febrifuge, nutritive and odontalgic[7]. The seed is stomachic and tonic[240]. The oil has a really mild however fixed and efficient motion in instances of an infection with threadworm or pinworm in infants and younger youngsters[7].


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Different Makes use of

Basketry  Charcoal  Beauty  Hedge  Hedge  Miscellany  Oil  Oil  Plant help  Polish  Tannin  Wooden

The seed incorporates as much as 65% of a non-drying oil, utilized in paints, cosmetics and so forth[13, 46, 57, 132]. The entire seed can be utilized to shine and oil wooden[6]. It is extremely straightforward to use and produces a pleasant end[K]. The finely floor seeds are used as an ingredient of face masks in cosmetics[7]. Crops might be grown as a tall hedge[29]. They should be left untrimmed or solely evenly trimmed if seed is required[29]. The bark and leaves are a supply of tannin[7]. Wooden – tender, straightforward to separate, not very sturdy, superbly veined. Used for inlay work, small gadgets of furnishings, hurdles, wattles, basketry, pea sticks and so forth[7, 13, 23, 46, 61, 63, 66, 125]. The twigs are used as dowsing rods by water diviners[11]. The wooden additionally yields a very good high quality charcoal, utilized by artists[63, 101].

Particular Makes use of

Attracts Wildlife  Carbon Farming  Meals Forest  Hedge  Hedge


Cultivation particulars

World Crop  Industrial Crop: Biomass  Administration: Coppice  Administration: Commonplace  Staple Crop: Protein-oil

Panorama Makes use of:Container, Commonplace, Specimen. An simply grown plant, it succeeds in most soils, however is normally extra productive of seeds when grown on soils of reasonable fertility[11, 200]. It does much less nicely in wealthy heavy soils or poor ones[11, 63]. Does nicely in a loamy soil[11]. Very appropriate for an alkaline soil[11], nevertheless it dislikes very acid soils[17]. Succeeds in a pH vary 4.5 to eight.5, however prefers a variety of 5 to 7[200]. Crops are pretty wind tolerant[1, 11]. A really hardy plant, succeeding in all areas of Britain[200]. The flowers, nevertheless, are produced in late winter and early spring and might be broken by heavy frosts at the moment[200]. A mother or father, along with C. maxima, of many cultivated types of filberts and cob nuts. There are various named varieties[11]. Crops are self-fertile however a extra sure crop is obtained if a couple of cultivar is grown[200]. The primary distinction between cob nuts and filberts is that the husk of a filbert is longer than the seed and infrequently fully encloses it, while the husk on a cob nut is shorter than the seed[200]. Squirrels are a serious pest of this plant, usually decimating the crop of nuts[200]. Typically grown as a coppiced shrub in woodlands, the stems have a wide range of makes use of[23, 67, 186]. Members of this genus bear transplanting nicely and might be simply moved even when comparatively giant[11]. A meals plant for the caterpillars of many lepidoptera species[30]. Particular Options:Not North American native, Engaging flowers or blooms. The plant is warmth tolerant in zones 9 by 1. (Plant Hardiness Zones present how nicely crops stand up to chilly winter temperatures.
Plant Warmth Zones present when crops would begin affected by the warmth.
The Plant Warmth Zone map relies on the variety of “warmth days” skilled in a given space the place the temperature climbs to over 86 levels F (30°C).
At this temperature, many crops start to undergo physiological harm. Warmth Zones vary from 1 (no warmth days) to 12 (210 or extra warmth days).
For instance Warmth Zone. 11-1 signifies that the plant is warmth tolerant in zones 11 by 1.) For polyculture design in addition to the above-ground structure (type – tree, shrub and so forth. and dimension proven above) data on the behavior and root sample can also be helpful and given right here if accessible. A clumping plant, forming a colony from shoots away from the crown however with a restricted unfold [1-2]. The foundation sample is suckering with new crops from underground runners away from the plant [1-2].

Carbon Farming

  • World Crop 
    These crops are already grown or traded world wide. The annual worth of every is greater than $1 billion US Examples embody coconuts, almonds, and bananas.
  • Industrial Crop: Biomass 
    Three broad classes: bamboos, resprouting woody crops, and big grasses. makes use of embody: protein, supplies (paper, constructing supplies, fibers, biochar and so forth.), chemical substances (biobased chemical substances), power – biofuels
  • Administration: Coppice 
    Reduce to the bottom repeatedly – resprouting vigorously. Non-destructive administration techniques sustaining the soil natural carbon.
  • Administration: Commonplace 
    Crops develop to their customary top. Harvest fruit, seeds, or different merchandise. Non-Harmful administration techniques.
  • Staple Crop: Protein-oil 
    (16+ % protein, 16+ % oil). Annuals embody soybeans, peanuts, sunflower seeds. Perennials embody seeds, beans, nuts, and fruits corresponding to almond, Brazil nut, pistachio, walnut, hazel, and safou.


Temperature Converter

Sort a price within the Celsius subject to transform the worth to Fahrenheit:



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Seed – finest sown as quickly as it’s harvested in autumn in a chilly body[164]. Germinates in late winter or spring. Saved seed ought to be pre-soaked in heat water for 48 hours after which given 2 weeks heat adopted by 3 – Four months chilly stratification[164]. Germinates in 1 – 6 months at 20°c[164]. When giant sufficient to deal with, prick the seedlings out into particular person pots and develop them on in a chilly body or sheltered place open air for his or her first winter. Plant them out into their everlasting positions in late spring or early summer time[K]. Layering in autumn. Simple, it takes about 6 months[78, 200]. Division of suckers in early spring. Very straightforward, they are often planted out straight into their everlasting positions.

Different Names

If accessible different names are talked about right here

Discovered In

Nations the place the plant has been discovered are listed right here if the knowledge is obtainable

Weed Potential

Proper plant fallacious place. We’re presently updating this part.
Please be aware {that a} plant could also be invasive in a single space however might not in your space so it’s value checking.

Conservation Standing

IUCN Crimson Record of Threatened Crops Standing :

Associated Crops
Latin Identify Widespread Identify Behavior Peak Hardiness Progress Soil Shade Moisture Edible Medicinal Different
Corylus americana American Hazel Tree 3.0 4-8   LMH SN M 3 1 2
Corylus avellana pontica   Tree 0.0   LMH SN M 4 0  
Corylus chinensis Chinese language Hazel Tree 24.0 5-9   LMH SN M 2 0  
Corylus colurna Turkish Hazel, Chinese language hazelnut, Turkish Filbert, Turkish Hazel Tree 20.0 4-7 S LMH SN M 3 1 3
Corylus cornuta Beaked Hazel, California hazelnut, Turkish Filbert, Turkish Hazel Shrub 3.0 4-7   LMH SN M 3 1 3
Corylus cornuta californica California Hazel Shrub 8.0 4-8   LMH SN M 3 0 4
Corylus fargesii   Tree 15.0   LMH SN M 2 0  
Corylus ferox Himalayan Hazel, Tibetan hazelnut Tree 10.0 7-10   LMH SN M 2 0  
Corylus heterophylla Siberian Filbert Tree 7.0 4-8   LMH SN M 3 1 4
Corylus hybrids & neohybrids Hybrid & Neohybrids, Hazel, Filbert Shrub 25.0 4-9 M LMH SN M 5 2 5
Corylus jacquemontii Indian Tree Hazel Tree 25.0 6-9   LMH SN M 3 0  
Corylus maxima Filbert, Large filbert Shrub 6.0 4-8   LMH SN M 5 0 5
Corylus sieboldiana Japanese Hazel, Manchurian hazel Shrub 5.0 5-9   LMH SN M 3 0 1
Corylus sieboldiana mandschurica Furry hazel, Japanese hazelnut, Shrub 4.5 5-9   LMH SN M 3 0 1
Corylus tibetica   Tree 15.0 6-9   LMH SN M 2 0  
Corylus x colurnoides Trazel Tree 15.0 0-0   LMH SN M 3 0 0
Corylus x vilmorinii Chinese language Trazel Tree 25.0 4-8   LMH SN M 2 0  

Progress: S = sluggish M = medium F = quick. Soil: L = gentle (sandy) M = medium H = heavy (clay). pH: A = acid N = impartial B = fundamental (alkaline). Shade: F = full shade S = semi-shade N = no shade. Moisture: D = dry M = Moist We = moist Wa = water.


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